15 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts For Sister Or BFF From Their Forever Bridesmaid

Wedding Gifts For Sister

A wedding gift for your sister or BFF should be thoughtful, meaningful and something she’ll love as soon as she rips off the wrapping paper. You’re not alone if the pressure of finding a gift with all these attributes leaves you with a worrisome frenzy, especially when it’s for someone who means the world to you. The answer for what makes for a perfect gift, in this case, is simple – it’s determined by how much it’s valued by the recipient. And no, it’s not the monetary value but what matters to that person.

Think massage vouchers for brides whose anxiety and stress have taken over (thank you wedding planning), a journal of childhood memories for those who are emotional at heart, or perhaps a honeymoon dress for the ones who love to flaunt their look on the gram. Depending on her personality, you can find an ideal wedding gift for your sister on this curated list. Scroll down to see our edit.

#1 Pick A Traditional Gift

As a bride-to-be, and a newlywed later, your sister would want a piece of statement jewelry in her collection. Something she can add to her ensemble for an instant charm. Our suggestion would be a maang tikka for a quick, wearable addition to any Indian wear – from sharara sets to lehengas and sarees. As an alternative, you can also give her a statement silver payals. They have been trending and we bet she’s looking to add one to her D-Day look. Another pick would be a set of kundan kadas or a choker. Both are a go-to accessory for her wedding function lineup. A luxury, limited-edition watch can make for a winning choice too.

#2 Massage Vouchers

You know who we’re talking about. The bridezillas. While wedding planning can throw anyone into stress and anxiety, there are some who are more prone to it. And if your sister is one of them, a massage voucher is the perfect way to help her relax while she experiences her rollercoaster journey to the wedding day. ‘Nearbuy’ offers some amazing discounts on massage therapies at respected salons in your city. Plus the discount codes for the next purchase on the app are an added bonus.

Or, you can go to a massage spa near you and ask them for a discount on bulk massage bookings. See if she’s into a particular type of massage therapy like Abhyangya, Swedish, acupressure, etc. So you can contact establishments specializing in the same.

#3 An All-inclusive Paid Trip

For the travel junkie, look no further than an all-inclusive paid trip to her favorite destination. It can be a 3-day trek to Himalayas with yoga and meditation so she can unwind before starting her next adventure or a fun solo trip with her bridesmaids. You can all pool in the expenses for the bride-to-be. Further, an obvious option, which can serve as a perfect gift for your sister and husband can be a romantic getaway. You can also offer to add monetarily to their honeymoon expenses. For this gift option, you need to speak with her and find where her mind is at. Choose what fits her needs at the moment the most.

#4 An Experience

If a trip feels like too much, a valuable experience would work instead. You can give her a paid pre-bridal treatment or better, sign up for Zumba or Pilates class. All brides want to physically look their best on their big day, and this will motivate her to stay on track for her fitness routine. Want to add some fun factor to her gift? Enroll her into a class she’d always wanted to attend but never did. Probably a pole-dancing class or a foreign language course. And if you’d like to include your dear ‘jiju’ too, book them for a romantic dinner date or a hot air balloon ride.

#5 Luxe Makeup Addition

If she’s a makeup lover already, this seems like the perfect pick for your sister’s wedding gift. But even if she’s a makeup novice, all brides-to-be are on the lookout to add some quality makeup products to their trousseau. More often than not, it’s a foundation, lipstick, and smudge-proof liners. To give you a kickstart, choose high-end products like Estee Lauder foundation, Smashbox Mini Lipstick set, or MAC Technakohl eyeliner. All are priced between Rs.1500 to Rs.2500. Club them all to create an expensive wedding gift for a sister. Or you can also give her a beautiful fragrance. For ideas, check out these wedding day perfume suggestions.

#6 Kitchen Essentials

For the perfect wedding gift for sister and husband, a valuable addition to their kitchen can be a good choice. But you need to put some thought into what they already have and what they need. To a couple moving into a furnished family home, options are limited. But if they are getting a new place, there’s plenty that can be added to your list of gifts. We suggest you ask them before purchasing or buy something that’s exchangeable. You don’t want to get anything that unnecessarily takes up their space. Some good options are a coffee-machine, mixer-grinder, microwave, crockery set, personalised champagne flutes, etc. Knowing their personal needs and preferences is elementary before proceeding with this gift option.

#7 A Useful Fun Gadget

There’s no dearth of gadgets in the markets. And while it’s generally boys who like to have fun with gadgets, women are finding a true companion in them too. Whether the bride is a fitness junkie, book-lover, or a designer – there’s a gadget out there that fits her needs. Like a smartwatch, kindle device, and apple pencils respectively for inclinations mentioned above. A beauty-buy like a heated straightener brush or a multi-style curler can work too. And if you can’t think of any particular trait to align her gadget with, get her a trusty virtual assistant device like Amazon Alexa.

#8 A Personalised Gift Set

In the realm of gifting, a customized gift option will always reign. There are plenty of Instagram shops that do personalisation specifically for the brides and bridesmaids. From quirky earrings and juttis that say brides or dulhaniya to ‘his and hers’ set of towels, there’s a broad array of options to choose from. Instead of bride and groom, you can also have their name printed so they can use it beyond their courtship period.

#9 Polaroid Camera

For those who like to move with the current trend, a polaroid camera suffices well. Instagramming polaroids is the new hot trend on social media. And there’s something about those authentic, unedited, in-the-moment snaps, it’s hard not to be curious about them. Maybe it’s just the special moment getting developed instantly or it’s an old-school nostalgia. Whatever the reason, newlyweds love capturing every moment of their married lids and this makes for a great surprise wedding gift for your sister.

#10 Wedding Night Lingerie

You have shared countless secrets and embarrassing moments with her, so this one might seem awkward to give her but it’s a must-have in every bride’s trousseau. And you know her size too, so don’t hesitate to pick up a lace babydoll with a matching thing for her wedding night. She might act all shy but secretly, she will love the present. And that’s the whole point of buying her something, isn’t it?

#11 Her Favorite Wedding Vendor

A photographer who is a pro at capturing candid romantic couple moments or an MUA who specialises in a flawless, impeccable makeup look, your sister might have eyes on vendors that will help bring her dream wedding to fruition. Book some of her favorite vendors as a wedding gift. You can either pay for the booking amount or ask family members to pool in the money for the full amount. Bringing her one step closer to the wedding she’s been fantasizing about could be the best wedding gift out of all. And also the one she’ll cherish forever through her wedding album.

#12 A Kurta Set

There are a few ensembles that always make for a great addition to your wardrobe, no matter how many you already have. In Indian wear, that’s our humble kurta set. With so many varieties in the market, sharara, palazzo, anarkali suit, etc. you can find the one(s) that matches her style and needs well. For a bride-to-be, a vivid hue like red or purple could make for great occasion wear on the wedding revelries as a newlywed. That’s the best part about kurtas, you can re-wear them multiple times, unlike lehengas that rake the dust in your wardrobe.

While picking a kurta set as a gift for a married sister, keep her style in mind. If it’s effortless, elegant, go for a printed, pastel hue, if it’s bold and statements, pick luxe fabrics and floral prints. No matter what you present her with, it will make for a great accruement to her wardrobe.

#13 A Journal Of Childhood Memories

If your sister is the one who loves handmade efforts in a gift, a journal of her childhood memories will touch her heart. You can only include the family life, or get in her friends to add some memorable moments from her college as well. For those who aren’t as creative, you can get it from someone online. Just search for #handmadegifts and many Instagram shops will show up to create a perfect handmade gift for you.

#14 Honeymoon Experience Upgrade

Being the bride’s sister, you must be privy to her honeymoon plans and itinerary. Your wedding gift can be anything from a room upgrade in the resort, an adventurous excursion, or an intimate meal at the restaurant. You could also book them a couple’s massage session on the first day of their honeymoon so they can unwind all the wedding fatigue. To make it more special, you can book a small picnic at a nearby exotic resort. Something out of the blue and special that they might not be expecting. It would be a special pleasant surprise for your sister and jiju.

#15 Go The Traditional Route

Cash might seem like an elderly gift, especially if you’re the younger siblings. But it does make for a great wedding present. Taking this route, the bride can pick a gift as per her needs at a time appropriate for her. This works well for the Indian wedding industry where the idea of a wedding registry is yet to pick up. For a bride relocating to a different country, you can give her the currency of the country she is moving to. As an alternative, you can wrap the money in the form of precious metal, like a silver coin or a gold ginni.

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