21 Real Brides To Inspire Your Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup

Your bridal eye makeup is a big deal. It’s the essence of your whole bridal makeup and can make or break your wedding look. One of the most trending eye makeup looks that brides are opting for currently is the smokey eye bridal smokey eye makeup. And as you will see in this blog, their charm is certainly quite appealing.

Bridal eye makeup is all about redefining the complete beauty of the bride. Smokey eyes have always been a fad among girls and now, brides are embracing this rage with open arms too. From glitter smokey eyes to slightly faded ones – brides are experimenting with them all.

The best part about a smokey eye is that they go with all kinds of makeup looks – matte, shimmery, natural, or bold – whichever one you are comfortable with, there is a smokey eye to go with. They are so scintillating and lit that after seeing these real brides sporting them – we are sure you will be choosing them for one of your wedding functions too!

#1 Deepika Padukone’s Smokey Eyes

Deepika Padukone’s bridal looks became the one for the books! When the actress tied the knot with Ranveer Singh in 2018 in the scenic Lake Como, the couple hosted two wedding ceremonies as a nod to both cultures. For both the Sindhi & Konkani wedding ceremony, she chose a bridal makeup smokey eye look with nude base makeup and lips!

#2 Blackest of Black Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup

This matte black smokey eye bridal makeup is what dreams are made of! It features matte black throughout the lid omitting the highlights and taking the color all the way to the brows. Recreating requires both patience and expertise, so choose the MUA wisely if this is something on your wedding wishlist.

#3 Wedding Smokey Eye Look With Strategic Highlights

This matte black bridal smokey eye makeup is also done wiht pigmented black shades throughout the lid but leaves room to highlight just below the brow line and the inner corner of the eyes. A gentle cat-eye elevates the eye makeup further for a ravishing aesthetic.

#4 A Stunning Bridal Eye Makeup

The next one of the wedding smokey eye makeup is done in the similar style as above, but instead of a smooth liner to create the cat eye, it extends the entire pigmented lid to the sides for a more dramatic look. We also adore the bride’s look and portrait which flaunts not just the eye makeup, but also her jewelry!

#5 Lashes To Mesmerise

This bride’s golden lehenga look was smartly coordinated with gorgeous lashes and a matte makeup base with neutral tones. The dramatic eyes were balanced with a simple makeup look for a gorgeous yet elegant wedding aesthetic – just perfect for her Anand Karaj. 

#6 A Deep-Kohled Wedding Smokey Eye Look!

We love how this bride took a step forward with her gorgeous Indian bridal makeup smokey eyes and smoked out the lower lash line with the upper for a beautiful doe-eye look. No matter what eye shape you have, with the right products and the right technique, the right MUA can elevate the eyes, making them look bigger and better!

#7 Purple Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup

This purple bridal smokey eye makeup consists of a cat-eye look which is done so precisely and neatly by ace MUA Amrit Kaur that it’s hard to not be smitten by it over & over again! She also added hints of colors to the smokey eyes, which only complemented the bride’s lehenga beautifully and gave her a look she will remember for years.

#8 Bridal Brown Smokey Eyes With A Tinge Of Purple

These bridal brown smokey eyes also come with a tinge of purple on the upper side of the pigmented lid for a captivating look. Besides the best bridal smokey eye makeup, we are also eyeing other romantic attributes of this bride. From tendrils on the sides to a beautiful highlight on the cheek and a beautiful smile to capture her grace, this portrait seals in time all of it!

#9 Pink Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup

This pink smokey eye bridal makeup starts with dusty tones of pink on the top of the lid, followed by smoked-out eyes on the sides for a dazzling look. The top bridal MUA Jasmeet Kapany also included rose shades in other elements of her bridal makeup to align everything and help them synergize together.

#10 Blue Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup

This blue smokey eye bridal makeup comes with fluttered lashes and a light pink highlight just below the brows for a captivating look. The bride paired the bridal makeup smokey eye with a red lip for a stunning aesthetic. Her blue lehenga with zari work also matches the pigmented eyelids, and you can recreate this beautiful look with any outfit color you choose.

#11 Glittery & Gorgeous

From a smoked-out eye makeup on both the lashlines to thick lashes which elevates everything, this bride’s makeup is all things dramatic and OTT, and she didn’t shy away from all maximalist elements in her wedding look. Right from a winsome heavy dress by Manish Malhotra to jewelry from Hazoorilal, she went all the way for her special day!

#12 Smokey Eyes With Flutter Lashes

The smokey eye look with flutter lashes included glitter to elevate the look and we love how this smokey eye is shown with eyes open so the brides get an idea of how this type of eye makeup will look throughout the function. The eye look is coordinated with pinkish-nude cheeks and lips for a striking appearance.

#13 A Warm Blend!

Bride Bhavna Nanda wore a smokey-eye makeup look with her neon yellow lehenga and matched it well kundan bridal jewelry for a wedding aesthetic that was appreciated over the years. Her brown smokey eye bridal makeup was complemented with soft pink for a neutral, rosy makeup look.

#14 Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

This gold smokey eye bridal makeup starts with gold pigmentation on the lids followed by a smoked-out lashline on the sides and a smooth eyeliner to bring everything together. The thick lashes, stone bindi, and deep red lip gave this bride a classic Indian makeup look.

#15 Smokey On The Outside

The golden smokey eye bridal makeup is popular because it includes one of the favorite, timeless shades of eyelids with something that’s modern for a perfect balance between contemporary and conventional. The red lip gives a look of the quintessential Indian bride!

#16 Drama – Just On The Lids

The next one of the bridal smokey eye makeup features smoked-out lids and a red-toned crease for a spectacular look. We love how the colors complement the bride’s attire and the dewy base enhances her beauty to make her look (and feel) like a Queen on her wedding.

#17 A Cut-Crease Smokey Eye Look For The Win

This cut-crease smokey eye makeup look starts with a hydrated lid followed by a smokey-eye which will look as good in real life as it does in the pictures. The matte eyes were aligned with other matte elements in the base makeup, lips, and highlight.

#18 Flawless Base With Winged Smokey Eyes

Simran Takkar aced this bridal makeup look with thick, fluttered lashes, glitter in the middle of the eyes, and smoked-out eyes above and beneath the lashes. She further paired her gorgeous eyes with a highlighted blush and a pink lip to complement her perfectly. A perfect bridal eye makeup for a day wedding – or night wedding.

#19 Simplicity At Its Best

When you opt for a simple yet elegant aesthetic for the wedding and want the smokey eyes to be a part of it, this is the way to achieve both! This bride’s blush-pink minimal aesthetic was elevated with a soft smoked-out eye on the corner of the eye for a wonderful look. 

Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup

#20 Halo Bridal Smokey Eye Makeup

This bride wore smokey eye bridal makeup with a halo effect for modern, contemporary makeup which blended with her saree reception look. Elevating your conventional wedding aesthetic is clearly just one decision away! 

Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup

#21 Charming & Gorgeous

At the bride’s request for the blackest of black smokey eyes for the wedding, makeup artist Varsha Gidwani gave completed her wish with her strategic use of products and immense detailing for a makeup look that the bride will cherish forever and serve as an inspiration for years to come!

Smokey Eye Bridal Makeup

Clearly, you can never go wrong with a beautiful smokey eye makeup look for wedding day or any other of your functions. Add this article to your bridal makeup inspiration folder ASAP, you will need it on the big day!

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