45 White Henna Designs To Elevate Your Look

White Henna Designs

White henna is a modern and fancy alternative to the usual green henna which gives a gorgeous red stain after drying. Unlike the usual henna though, the white henna doesn’t stain and is actually an adhesive that dries as soon as it’s applied. This saves time and also helps to add a unique, modern look to your style. If you’re fascinated just yet, here are 45 white henna designs (simple to elaborate) for ideas and inspiration. 

#1 Minimalism At Its Best 

White henna Designs

If you aren’t someone who likes henna at all but wants to adorn it just because of the traditions, here’s a minimal design to inspire. A lotus signifies divinity, purity, and devotion, and it’s symbolic importance makes it all the more sought-after in wedding elements. 

#2 Dotted Designs

White henna Designs

With the use of careful dots, this one of the white henna designs creates a unique pattern and we love how it’s simple and elegant with a dash of ingenuity – all at the same time. A great white henna tattoo for bridesmaids to adorn their hands!  

#3 Elevated By Rings 

White henna Designs

When you have white henna on your hands, many elements can elevate the design. Here, it’s bedecked with silver rings and bracelets for an eye-catching look. Another type of jewelry that will go amazingly with a white henna tattoo is diamond jewelry! Both bracelets and rings will accentuate its beauty. 

#4 Strategic Use Of Spaces 

White henna Designs

Adore how this mehndi design uses spaces in the middle so the design looks bharwa and yet leaves space to breathe at the same time. This one of the white henna designs can be easily replicated in a brown henna too! 

#5 Gracing The Elbow 

White henna Designs

It’s said that white henna stays more on the elbows and arms than on the palm, unlike brown henna which first leaves forearms and the palm of the hands last. A flower motif on the elbow will last for about a week or more, depending on the material of the white henna. 

#6 Floral Beauty

 White henna Designs

A pattern that can be easily created using white henna cones. All you need to do is replicate the swirls and draw the leaves on the sides. Fill them carefully, taking utmost care not to extend the paste beyond the boundary, and voila! you have a striking white henna stain ready. 

#7 Simple & Gorgeous White Henna On Dark Skin

White henna Designs

This geometric henna design is love at first sight! However, what we love more about this design is the apt addition of nail art which adds to the beauty of the henna without taking away the attention from it. 

#8 A Bit Accentuated 

White henna Designs

This accentuated henna design is all about protruded lines, and just like the thicker lines in the brown henna, the protrusion adds to the 3-D effect and in turn, the striking look of this pattern. Doesn’t it? 

#9 Stunning White Henna Designs 

White Henna Tattoo

The jaal mehndi design is a sought-after pattern for brides and wedding guests alike. The design looks amazing after it stains and it’s often applied to the back of the hand because that’s what is more visible in the pictures. Taking the beauty of the jaal pattern brown henna to white henna tattoo is the next one of the pattern inspirations! 

#10 Lavish Design

White Henna Tattoo

We are in awe of this white mehndi design! It involves florals, jaal, and striking finger mehndi design to create a beauteous pattern, which is pleasing to the eye and looks amazing in the pictures. A win-win for brides and bridesmaids alike. 

#11 Beauteous Concentric Circles 

White Henna Tattoo

This one of the white henna designs starts with concentric circles on the top and uses the same pattern to create a chain-type look for a ravishing appearance. The wristband elevates the design and can be replicated on the other hand for a cohesive pattern. 

#12 A Full Pattern

White Henna Tattoo

A gorgeous mehndi design that uses a mix of different mehndi elements for an incredible look. For brides or wedding guests, this white henna pattern can be a great pick for all. 

#13 A Stunning White Henna Tattoo 

Black & White Henna Tattoo Designs

Starting from a pattern on the wrist and connecting to the finger henna with a decorative line for an unmistakable cohesive pattern that catches the eye! Instead of the line, you can also add a swirly pattern enhanced by leaves and it will still look as striking as this one. 

#14 Enhanced With Colors 

Black & White Henna Tattoo Designs

This one of the white henna designs is enhanced by pink shade – a hue that’s found in Indian weddings in abundance. Besides the pink shade, you can also add stones to elevate the appearance of your white henna tattoo. A visual representation of the same can be found in the next set of designs. 

#15 Smart Play With Nail Art 

Black & White Henna Tattoo Designs

A wedding nail art design can enhance the appearance of your henna among other things. Below, we admire how the smart choice of nail art elevates the look of the white henna without doing much. You can opt for the same manicure inspiration with brown henna designs. 

#16 Blending With The White Attire 

Black & White Henna Tattoo Designs

All-white, everything! White is popular in weddings around the world and is slowly making its way into Indian weddings as well. Here, the next one of the white henna designs is proof that this henna color blends well with white for a dreamy, monochromatic bridal look. Pair it with colored nails to add some color to the wedding look. 

#17 Leg White Henna Designs 

Easy White Henna Designs

If you want the normal brown henna for your hands but want to try white henna still, get it on your legs instead! Here’s a design that extends up to the knees, but you can also break it to the edge of the feet for a minimal bridal foot henna pattern.  

#18 A Remarkable White Henna Stain

Easy White Henna Designs

Another leg mehndi design in white henna for inspiration. It’s a bit more elaborate than the last one and perfect for brides or women who just want to try a white henna tattoo. As you can see, it gives a modern look and can go with everyday wear as well! 

#19 Personalised Chains 

Easy White Henna Designs

The dotted patterns connect the henna elements in the fingers, wrists, and the middle of the palm for a cohesive look. We love the 3-D lift pattern but you can also get it done in simple lines if you don’t like the appearance of this henna. 

#20 Love Of Lines

Easy White Henna Designs

For a novice trying their hands on a white henna tattoo, this beginner-friendly mehndi pattern is just perfect to recreate. Simple lines and leafy patterns with ample spaces make sure the result comes out neat even if there are a few glitches while drawing. We love how those curves break the straight lines and add to the creative element of this one white henna pattern. 

#21 Circular White Henna Tattoo 

Easy White Henna Designs

A circular mehndi design is coveted for many reasons. One of them is the neat and refined look they give! Even in the brown henna, they are loved by brides, wedding guests, bridesmaids, and even the mother of the bride/ groom! Here’s a circular white henna tattoo idea to try! 

#22 An Elaborate One 

Henna Designs Black & White

Henna with thin strokes looks gorgeous, but it isn’t as easy to make as the ones with thick strokes. It also takes more time. If you have a professional and also have some time on hand, a thin-stroke henna pattern is a must-try for its winsome and immaculate look. 

#23 Zoomed Out! 

Henna Designs Black & White

This zoomed-out pattern just goes on to show how easy it is to try your hands on henna! Even the basic patterns can look gracious, but you have to pick the right one though. The free-hand design paves the way for even a novice to recreate this one of the white henna designs.  

#24 Work Of Creativity! 

Henna Designs Black & White

An expert henna artist will create neat and mesmerizing white henna designs, one you can’t get enough of! Here, the expert artist creates magnificent florals in the middle and extends them with foliage and usual henna elements. But it’s not the elements but rather their placement that makes this one of the white henna designs mesmerizing. 

#25 Such Charm 

Henna Designs Black & White

We are in awe of this crisp shaded white henna pattern. However, this kind of design is easy to recreate with the brown henna because it doesn’t dry as quickly. With white henna, it takes a bit more professionalism and expertise. And so, a recreation of this white henna tattoo requires a creative artist. 

#26 A Variation of the Above 

26. White Henna Tattoo Designs

The shaded patterns can be executed with another gorgeous design, which is portrayed below. It’s a bit more full than the above and exudes the same charm. This back hand white henna can be complemented with a similar pattern on the front for a cohesive look in your mehndi. 

#27 Soft & Graceful

For a feminine and graceful henna pattern, this one of the designs is a perfect pick. When it comes to radiating a charm from your look, every element counts. From the attire to the makeup and even the henna design, the next one is ideal for women who want to radiate soft grace with their looks. 

#28 An Arabic White Henna Tattoo

26. White Henna Tattoo Designs

Arabic mehndi has its roots in Persia and is known for its free-flowing nature and leafy patterns. It’s feminine, elegant, and aesthetic nature has wowed brides and wedding guests alike. Here’s how you can bring this art into white henna designs. 

#29 Flowers On Both Sides 

26. White Henna Tattoo Designs

The next one of the henna designs is characterized by trails of florals on both sides of the hands, leaving space in the middle. This makes for a bharwa bridal mehndi design and yet paves the way for a minimalistic approach, something that brides of today want to balance with their look. 

#30 Big Chunks Of Florals 

White Henna Tattoo Designs

Flowers and henna patterns go hand-in-hand! The flower designs have taken their creative journey in henna, with lotuses and oversized blooms becoming popular lately. Here, the white henna tattoo is characterized by a big bloom in the middle and leaves on the fingers for a charming design.  

#31 Beauty Of Foliage 

White Henna Wedding Designs

With leaves dominating this henna in white, it’s a lovely pattern to try. Dotted with flowers in some parts, we love how the foliage adds to the beauty of the entire design. You can also emit the florals if you want it to be a leafy pattern in whole! 

#32 Gardenia!

White Henna Wedding Designs

Bringing the beautiful blossoming garden to your henna, we love how this henna portrays floral blooms and leaves, but the highlight is obviously the butterfly motif. We love how the motif is drawn with such ingenuity and precision that anyone who lays eyes on it will be mesmerized! 

#33 A Bharwa Design For Brides

White Henna Wedding Designs

Brides wanting to don white henna for their wedding, then a bharwa design like this can be an apt choice. Since ivory has become a popular color for Indian brides, a white henna tattoo can be a befitting and relevant addition to their wedding look. 

#34 Popular One From The Internet

White Henna Wedding Designs

When the RCB girl, aka Deepika Ghose, got married, it broke the Internet (besides the hearts). For her white wedding in Bangalore, Ghose chose an all-white lehenga and included a white henna tattoo to style it. You can see her entire wedding look here

#35 Chunky Florals 

White Henna Wedding Designs

This white henna tattoo is replete with oversized blooms. For weddings, and otherwise, there’s nothing that adds a touch of whimsy more than florals. We also love how the henna’s hue is perfectly coordinated with a classic French tip nail design

#36 Leaves In Abundance 

White Henna

We love how the strings of leaves are used to create this minimal white henna design. It’s a pattern that will look on all complexions. So whether you’re looking for a white henna design for dark skin, light skin, or even a medium skin tone, this works for all. 

#37 Embellished With Stones

White Henna

This bride took the maximalist style up a notch and bedecked her white henna with an abundance of stones. If you’re wondering how to add stones to your skin, you will have to use skin-safe adhesive (something like this). You can tone down the look as per your preference. 

#38 White Henna Designs With Mandala 

White Henna

A mandala henna design involves a small pattern in the middle which is extended in a circular direction on all sides. It’s significance extends beyond its appeal. The circular design on the skin connects us spiritually with the Universe to bring stability, peace, and tranquility to our lives. 

#39 Infused With Modernism

White Henna

A pro of getting white henna is that it doesn’t just go with traditional clothes, but it also blends well with Western wear and adds a touch of eccentricity to the look. We adore how the thin strokes create an ingenious geometric pattern for a notable design.  

#40 Finger Henna!  

White Henna

Many times, the henna is only applied to the finger for a minimalistic approach to a charming henna pattern. This one extends to the middle finger, but you can also choose the pinky finger for a more elaborate design than others for an artistic element to the design. 

#41 Perfection At Its Best

White Henna Tattoo

It’s as perfect as it gives an illusion of an AI-generated image. But some henna artists have magic in their hands and their precision is as good as an edited image. Another white henna design which is as modern as it’s traditional. 

#42 Strategic Use of Negative Spaces

White Henna Tattoo

Negative spaces in a mehndi pattern – whether it’s a white henna tattoo or a brown one, have to be strategically planned so it enhances the existing patterns and doesn’t make them look crowded or even empty. Here’s a smart use of empty spaces in a henna design! 

#43 Unique White Henna Designs

White Henna Tattoo

What a wonderful blend of colors! Imagine donning a blush pink lehenga and white henna with such addition of pink rhinestones. How gorgeous of a sight is it! 

#44 Swirly Patterns

White Henna On Dark Skin

The next henna design is all about a swirly pattern on the side and just some interesting patterns on the fingers. If you look closely, you will see that this design isn’t as neat, but still looks gorgeous – which is basically your sign that henna doesn’t have to be perfect to look stunning. 

#45 A Hearty Look! 

White Henna On Dark Skin

We love how noteworthy this one of the white henna designs is! It looks gorgeous, and unique, and captures attention in one glance. The heart pattern in the middle is a notable addition, and even though this design is last on the list, it still makes you stop the quick scrolling and take a good look at it.


What Exactly Is White Henna?

White henna is an adhesive paint that doesn’t stain, but rather stays on the body for a few hours or around 3 days depending on what it’s made of! Unlike green henna which is made from leaves of lawsone, a natural dye molecule that stains the skin reddish-brown, white henna is made from body paint, cosmetic-grade adhesives, or other skin-safe materials like mica and glitter. These ingredients dry off immediately once applied and stay on the skin for a while. Some companies even make white henna which lasts for 7 days! White henna is surely a convenient option as you don’t have to wait for it to dry and flake off. 

Why Has White Henna Become So Popular?

White henna has gained popularity for several reasons:

#1 Temporary Nature: 

Unlike traditional henna, which stains the skin for a week or more, white henna provides temporary designs that can easily be washed off. This makes it appealing to people who want to experiment with body art without committing to a long-lasting design.

#2 Variety of Designs:

White henna allows for intricate and detailed designs on the skin, similar to traditional henna. This versatility in design appeals to individuals looking for unique and elaborate patterns for special occasions or everyday adornment.

#3 Accessibility: 

White henna is more readily available in markets where traditional henna might not be as prevalent. It can be found in various forms such as ready-made adhesive stencils, body paints, or DIY kits, making it accessible to a wider audience.

#4 Inclusion: 

Traditional henna might not be suitable for everyone due to allergies or cultural considerations. White henna offers an alternative for those who want to participate in body art practices without using the traditional dye.

#5 Fashion and Trends: 

White henna has been popularized through social media platforms where users share their creative designs, sparking interest and contributing to its popularity as a trendy form of body art.

#6 Special Events and Festivals: 

White henna is often used for special events such as weddings, festivals, or parties where people want to adorn themselves with intricate designs but may not want the long-lasting stain of traditional henna.

Overall, the popularity of white henna can be attributed to its temporary nature, versatility in design, accessibility, inclusivity, influence of social media, and its use in various special events and occasions.

Can White People Apply Henna?

Yes, anyone can apply henna, no matter what type. Henna has cultural and religious significance in Hindu & Muslim weddings, but both religions don’t dictate that anyone else can’t apply. Similarly, Christianity and other religions also don’t disapprove of henna application. When you go to a Hindu or Muslim wedding, it’s considered fitting that you also get your hands painted with henna. It shows that you are accepting of their traditions and want to blend in with the culture. 

Where do you get white henna from? 

Generally, henna artists have both types of henna available to them. However, they can assume that you and your guests are going to get the red henna and might not carry it with them to the location. If you are keen on trying white henna, then do inform them the same beforehand. Alternatively, you can also buy white henna tattoos online:

White Henna Tattoos: Option 1 || Option 2 || Option 3 || Option 4

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