The Ultimate Maang Tikka Hack So It Doesn’t Budge At All!

Maang Tikkas have become an essential part of bridal trousseau. They are a good alternative to mathapatti, which can look a little overdone at times! Maang tikka’s simplicity and charm remain unmatched. Furthermore, they come in so many styles and colors that it’s impossible to ignore them as a jewelry option! However, like all good things, they have a little weak spot as well. No matter how much you love and care for them, you know keeping them in place is a task! And only pro-makeup artists can do it right. Or probably not!

To solve your maang tikka woe, we came across this perfect hack that will make sure your pretty piece of jewelry doesn’t dangle around at all! Have a look!

Popular UK-based Indian blogger, Kaushal Beauty, posted this hack on her Instagram account and it was a life-saver hack for all brides and bridesmaids out there! She posts a lot of amazing makeup videos that can come in handy if you are planning to do your makeup at some of your wedding functions. Here’s a link to your YT account:  


Adding to this, also add a double-sided tape below the main head of maang tikka. This will give some extra edge to no-swaying. The double side tape is a savior for the necklaces as well. If you have got a necklace that has drops then just put some double-sided tape on it. It will make sure that the right side is always up!

Now, dance, move and pose for those Instagram-worthy pictures without worrying about your maang tikka swaying along with you!

Do you have any other jewelry hacks that you believe are life-savers for brides and bridesmaids? Let us know in the comment section below and help your other fellow readers with your valuable suggestion as well.

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