21 Silver Payal Designs For The 2022 Bride! (Simple To Fancy Ones!)

Everything is all packed in your bridal trunk – lehenga, neckpiece, bangles, bindi, earrings, bangles – and yet, there is one more key item you might have forgotten about – Payal (or Pajeb). Well, you will realize it but not until the very end or till someone elder pokes you. By then it will be already too late to pick out your favorite silver Payal design and give it to the jeweler for making.

We have said it before – when it comes to the bridal look, no details are too small to ignore, like your wedding nail art or the kind of eye makeup you want. Yes, the detail can be teeny but it’s significance isn’t.

A gorgeous Payal adorning your beautiful mehndi laden feet just amps up your whole bridal avatar. And makes you feel like your perfect self on the big day. Moreover, the wedding album will include photos of your feet. Make them super pretty with a charming payal! To make your payal shopping easy, we have included 21 silver Payal designs that are perfect for brides-to-be!

Latest Silver Payal Designs For Bride

1. A modish Silver Payal Design with Jaal Work!

Silver Payal Design
Via @weddingtwinkles


It has been trending on Instagram for years & we fall more and more in love with it each time we see it!

2. A chunky anklet with lots of ghungroos in the end!

Silver Payal Design
Via @facestoriesbyleenabhushan


For brides who like to go for an oversized payal, this is the option to go for!

3. Another chunky silver payal design that looks so damn gorgeous with bridal mehndi!

Silver Payal Design
Via @alankritaabyrashi

A unique and modish payal that’s perfect for our millennial brides.

4. A simplistic silver Payal with a rather blingy finish

Silver Payal Design
Via @beginnings_for_you

Just how pretty is this shiny anklet made to perfection.

5. Vintage Goodness!

Silver Payal Design
Via @pannasmakeuppvtltd, @ishanachengappa

This bride wore a 100-year old vintage Payal being passed onto her by her elders! We are stunned.

6. A statement silver Payal design with peacock motif

Silver Payal Design
Via @shutterdownphotography, @ritu.k

For contemporary brides, this design sure is something modish to carry. Those little silver beads with an exquisite peacock motif on the side is a perfect choice.

7. A simple one with pearls and stonework

Silver Payal Design
Via @shutterstoriesbyanujsaini

A unique and graceful Payal design with intricate stonework and pearls.

8. An anklet you can wear daily!

Silver Payal Design
Via @shotwithmeraki

For brides who like to invest in something that can be put to daily use, this is the one to go for!

9. Another one that can be put to regular use!

Silver Payal Design
Via @morviimages

A dainty multichain simple silver Payal for brides who would like to wear an anklet on a regular basis.

10. Traditional style Silver Payal Design that is still chic! 

Silver Payal Design
Via @mansi_siddhpura_photography

All traditional styles have their own charm. Including any bit of it will surely add an oomph factor to your bridal avatar!

11. A stylish and chunky matte finish silver anklet!

Silver Payal Design
Via Instagram

A captivating Payal that will garner the best of compliments

12. One of the most modish silver Payal designs we’ve seen

Silver Payal Design
Via @morviimages

Incorporating the charm of kundan-polki work in Payal, this design takes it to the next level with silver beads, kundan work, and pearls etched to perfection.

13. Blingy & OTT One!

Silver Payal Design
Via @mpsinghphotography

Take your anklet game a level up with this blingy and oversized silver anklet!

14. An edgy Payal design with suspended beads

Silver Payal Design
Via @aanalsavaliya

A traditional oxidized silver Payal design that’s as pretty as a picture.

15. All that glitters is sometimes Silver… 

Silver Payal Design
Via @thedewdropproject

 For brides who love bling, this shiny Payal will match your bridal personal perfectly!

16. A breathtakingly beautiful meenakari Payal design!

Silver Payal Design
Via @morviimages, @purabpaschim

Striking a perfect balance between modern and traditional, this meenakari Payal is sure one of a kind.

17. The ones that will make you a trendsetter!

Silver Payal Design
Via @weddingmojito

Yet another charming design that will sure gather some attention and compliments.

18. Chunky ones just never fail to impress!

Silver Payal Design
Via @artcapture_prod

Another chunky silver Payal design that does justice to your mehndi-laden feet.

19. An edgy Silver Payal design

Silver Payal Design
Via @mansi_siddhpura_photography

One of a kind Payal that we just can’t keep our eyes off!

20. An antique anklet studded with emeralds!

Silver Payal Design
Via @mansi_siddhpura_photography

A trendsetting modern Payal design that incorporates traditional elements like emeralds and oxidized touch superbly!

21. A broad Payal with card symbols & ghungroos!

Silver Payal Design
Via Instagram

After all, who doesn’t like the melodious chime of Payal ghungroos!

Adding to this list, this chunky Silver Payal and Bichiya design we just found on the Internet 

Silver Payal Design 2020 Bride

Do you know why silver jewellery is important for brides?

While we might snort with disbelief at a lot of ‘gyaan’ that elders give us on why brides should wear something or do something, there is a logic behind most of the traditions. The sad part is they have somehow also forgotten the reasoning behind it. Well, just like henna helps in calming down the bride & helps with any stress and anxiety, silver jewellery has its own benefits.

Silver creates a positive charge inside the body, so it balances energy levels and mood swings. The metal is known for its antibacterial and sterilization properties and thus, helps in keeping off any infections or viruses/ bacteria. It also keeps away toxins and directly helps in building immunity.

And we just thought it was a normal piece of jewellery!

If you have been wanting to wear a pretty silver Payal for your wedding, we have given you all the reasons to opt for it. Which one are you bookmarking? Let us know in the comments section below.

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