Aquarius Man In Love || Signs, Traits, Best & Worst Matches

Aquarius Man In Love

An Aquarius man in love will give you a life full of adventure and honesty. They are creative, unique, and authentic individuals who like to live their life on their own terms. Free-spirited, way to an Aquarius man’s heart is to not pull him down and make him feel smothered by the relationship. He is someone who loves his independence (not because he is into other girls or considers their partners less important) and would want to explore and keep other parts of his life thriving as well, besides the relationship. 

One of the things that pull away an Aquarius man in love is a needy woman. But one thing that should be duly noted is that an Aquarius man is the least likely to cheat of all zodiacs. These men love honesty and transparency in their relationships. If you’re already nodding in agreement with your Aquarius man’s traits. We are including in detail the Aquarius’ man’s body language in love, his best & worst zodiac sign matches, and other common FAQs you might have when you’re dating an Aquarius man. 

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About Aquarius:

An Aquarius man is known to be intellectual, charismatic, fun, weirdly attractive, a thoughtful communicator, and rather stubborn, rebellious, and can seem detached at times. The eleventh sign of the zodiac and born between dates January 21 and February 18, it’s the last air sign after Gemini and Libra. It’s air-related attributes are different in the macro perspective from Gemini & Libra because of the mystical healer personality, also represented by its symbol – the water bearer (we will come to the meaning of Aquarius representation in the next paragraph). They are deeply intellectual, curious, and creative, and are able to visualize larger-than-life ideas better than anyone else. The Aquarius always has the tendency to make the world a better place and their actions are aligned with this kind notion. They also succeed in doing their part within their lifetime. 

Aquarius’ representation as a man pouring a stream of water out of the jug is said to have originated in ancient times because the rising of Aquarius coincided with the Nile River’s flooding and extreme rains. Their constellation is also associated with God Ea, who is shown carrying an overflowing vase of water. The symbol, which is generally called the Water Bearer, means giving life and healing to the world. This coincides with the Aquarius’ inherent forward-looking and growth-oriented traits meant for the “greater good”. Rooted in its deep sense of community, collaboration, and teamwork, Aquarius’ search for knowledge and truth combined with action often makes a powerful difference in the world.

Aquarius Man In Love: Good Traits

Aquarius Man In Love

#1 Unique & Authentic

An Aquarius man is quite authentic, genuine, and good-hearted people. They never pretend or fake things, and will be the first ones to come forward and accept the truth. Men under these zodiac signs never lead you on or play you. They will always be genuine towards their feelings and will express them openly. They are that beautiful combination of being true to themselves whilst being able to blend into different crowds. Their unapologetically themselves attitude makes them a charmer and many people love how there’s no sense of fakeness in them – no matter if they have met for the first time. 

#2 Intellectual & Expert Communicator

An Aquarius man is naturally curious and has a childlike inquisitiveness towards anyone and everything. They know the right way to approach people and how to hold a conversation. An Aquarius man in love is quite curious about their partner and wants to know everything about them. This can make the other person feel very special. Aquarians are also kind-hearted soul and sees the best in people. Their acceptance and kindness make them a favorite among many groups and people often come to them for advice or when they just need someone to listen to their problems. 

#3 Adventurous

Your life with an Aquarius man will be anything but boring. These free-spirited, spontaneous, and impulsive individuals love to go on many adventurous outings. It can be as simple as hiking to an untouched trail or planning an impulsive road trip. An Aquarian is also quite adaptable and can fit into any group of people or situation easily. So they are a part of planned trips or outings in many of their friend circles too. When you’re dating an Aquarius man, a surefire way to his heart is to plan many surprise trips and adventures together. He’d love the effort and it can definitely lead to better emotional bonding between you two. 

Aquarius Man In Love: Bad Traits

Aquarius Man In Love Signs

#1 They Are Stubborn

Aquarius men are quite intelligent and have a lot of knowledge about everything. Their intelligence does backfire on them because they assume they’re always right. Their cockiness can come off as cold and condescending, making other people feel dumb when they’re having a conversation with them. They also act stubborn and cold when dealing with authority. These zodiacs don’t like anyone coercing them to do something. They resent being given instructions and often dislike their superiors. Though good listeners, these hard-headed zodiacs can get stuck in their thoughts and decisions and refuses to get down from them. 

#2 They Are Perfectionists

An Aquarius man is a perfectionist and they have very high standards of themselves. They have trouble wrapping their mind around failure and can get frustrated easily. An Aquarius man in love can get lost in their perfectionism making their partner feel detached and lonely. These people are also quite obsessed with conversations that interest them. So, if you’re talking to them about something they don’t find exciting, expect them to not listen or not pay attention. These zodiacs have a hard time feigning interest in things and people they don’t like. 

#3 They Can Be Too Cold

Aquarius are very secretive about their emotions and when they feel weak emotionally, they tend to remove themselves from any company and become aloof. Their attitude can come off as cold during these times and their bad temper during these heightened emotional phases hurts those around them. Because of their strong desire to be independent, these signs can also become too hard to help. During these times, the best thing an Aquarius can do is to let people into their closed shells and let them help with their advice and action. They do find it hard to ask for help so people around them will have to put in a lot of effort before they open up about their issues.

7 Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love With You

Aquarius Man In Love Behavior

#1 He ONLY Flirts With You

An Aquarius man is a natural flirt. In fact, his charming nature and communication skills might be the first things that attracted you to him. Sometimes these zodiacs flirt even without knowing! But when an Aquarius man falls in love, he will consciously make an effort to stop flirting with other women and will direct all his charm to the only woman he cares for now – you! Expect to be at the receiving end of tons of flirting, cheesy comments, and constant cheery teasing from an Aquarius man in love. 

#2 He Makes Time For You In His Schedule 

An Aquarius doesn’t value anything more than his independence and freedom. But an Aquarius man’s behavior in love wants to accommodate his partner more into his schedule. When these zodiacs fall for a partner, they will give up a part of their private life so they can make more space for them. They will also try to include their significant other in their friends and family gatherings. All in all, an Aquarius man in love will try to make more plans so you can spend some time together. 

#3 He Shares His Deepest, Darkest Secrets

While an Aquarius man comes off as unemotional in the start, as he becomes more comfortable around you, he will start showing more of his vulnerable side. Apart from sharing his dreams, passions, and inhibitions, he will also tell you what hurts him, any past trauma, or anything that scares him without any hesitations. Don’t be surprised to see a whole new emotional side of an Aquarius man in love! If you’re wondering how to make an Aquarius man fall for you, try to bring the conversations to the level where he opens up more. 

#4 He Becomes Overly Romantic

An Aquarius man in love is nothing if not romantic. While an Aquarius isn’t big on PDA, he is surely going to show you his affection in private. Craving some Chinese? Chances are the Aquarius will get it delivered to your home the minute you divulge your cravings to him. Feeling alone? He will drop at your place with no questions asked. He will also do romantic things – from little to big ones, like cooking your favorite dinner, planning an exciting date, or getting you a small gift just because he’s thinking of you. Return the favor and plan some spontaneous activities for him too!   

#5 He Trusts You (A Lot!)

The Aquarius zodiac doesn’t trust easily. They love connecting with other people, but they trust only a few. An Aquarius man in love behavior will be too trusting. He will trust anything and everything you will say. If someone else told them otherwise, they wouldn’t care. They only believe your side of the story. One of the ways how to make an Aquarius man fall in love is to start building a strong friendship and trust. From there, it won’t take much time for them to become hooked on you and commit to you forever. These men are also trustworthy partners and will be very loyal to you throughout the relationship span. 

#6 He Is Very Attentive Toward You

A classic Aquarius man’s behavior in love is to ask many questions about her partner’s day, opinions, and general perspectives towards many things in life. He might not be as curious about you before, but as he starts falling in love, he will want to know more about you. And isn’t that so special to have someone who wants to know everything about you? He will also consult with you before making any important decision and respect your feedback. 

#7 He Indirectly Admits Feelings With Sweet Gestures & Remarks

When an Aquarius man calls you baby, know that you have become very special to him. It might be hard to get those three special words out of his mouth, but he will tell you them indirectly. He can tell you how much he enjoys your company, how he sees a future together, and care for you through small gestures like dropping you home, pampering you when you’re sick, or walking your dog when you’re busy. One situation where an Aquarius man pulls away in love is when you force him to commit. Instead, have some patience and let things flow freely. He is very honest and loyal and won’t go anywhere just because he hasn’t committed yet. 

Best Zodiac Sign Matches For An Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man In Love With Gemini Woman

Aquarius Man In Love With Gemini Woman

Aquarius man in love with a Gemini woman is one of the most effortless relationships to exist. Both are air signs, which means they both share the same curiosity about the world, loves intellectual conversations, and adores spontaneity in their life. Everything comes naturally to them from the first meeting. They tend to have a strong mental connection with each other and sexual attraction follows. These zodiac signs become best friends before they become partners and this strong bond is what paves the way to a healthy, long-term relationship. These two just understand each other and there’s seldom any jealousy, neediness, or smothering – which both signs hate in their partner, btw. 

Another factor that contributes to the lasting relationship of an Aquarius man with a Gemini woman is that they both want a separate life apart from the personal relationship. They are able to give each other freedom and respect each other’s personal space. Coming to their sex life, both Aquarius and Gemini are adventurous in bed and their sex life will be quite exciting and far from boring. All in all, their quick-witted nature, inherent understanding, and “live and let live” ideology make them amazing partners. 

Aquarius Man In Love With Aries Woman

An aquarius man in love with an aries woman is another fruitful match. The free-spirited Aquarius is naturally attracted to the lively energy of an Aries woman, which is a fire sign. Owing to the blend of complementary elements, these zodiacs are able to establish a thriving relationship and support each other in their ambitions and goals. Aries woman also has lively energy, so she is able to pick up an Aquarius man when he is becoming anxious or depressed (which can often happen with an Aquarius zodiac). Plus, both the signs believe in honesty and authenticity, making them have an open conversation right from the start. 

Aries women are also very smart, independent, and very proud of their individuality: an Aquarius adores these qualities in a woman. A hiccup they can face at the start of the relationship is that while an Aries is quick to show vulnerabilities and commit, an Aquarius will take their own sweet time. If the former can show patience during this period, she can be assured of having a loyal, understanding, and trusting man by her side forever. 

Aquarius Man In Love With Sagittarius Woman

An Aquarius man in love with a Sagittarius woman is not unlikely. These air signs blend quite fellow with the fire signs, mainly Aries and Sagittarius. Both of these signs have a beaming passion for life and are both intellectual-driven. An Aquarius man seeks adventure and spontaneity in his life. While a Sagittarius woman being her wild self also loves to explore new things. This can be a connecting factor in the very early stages of their relationship. The match of both signs also has an amazing sex life because Aquarius loves imaginative, quirky things, that complement a Sagittarius woman’s passionate nature well. 

One of the key factors which makes these zodiacs a thriving pair is they are both independent, respect each other’s boundaries, and are laser-focused on personal development. Both maintain individuality and freedom in the relationship helps them become less clingy and needy, and more self-assured so they can come together to add to the relationship rather than just taking away from it! 

Worst Zodiac Sign Matches For An Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man Weakness In Love

Aquarius Man In Love With Pisces Woman

Pisces is the most emotional of all zodiac signs and Aquarius is the least emotional of all, this itself makes them both pull away from each other. Yes, the duo will feel attracted to each other in the first place because they’re both passionate and creative individuals, but as soon as they start going on more dates, they will realize how incompatible they are and if they do want to move forward with the relationship, it will require a lot of work. 

Both of them see their emotions differently – and there’s no wrong way to approach them. An Aquarian sees their emotions with practicality and tends to dissolve them with a pragmatic approach, while a Piscean expresses those emotions in full throttle. The former can come off as unemotional hurting the latter, while the latter can come off as needy, pulling away the Aquarius man from the relationship. Since the communication styles don’t match, counseling is a good approach if an Aquarius man has fallen for a Pisces woman, or vice-versa. 

Aquarius Man In Love With Cancer Woman

Just like with the Pisces, Cancers tend to be very emotional and that can be off-putting to the Aquarians. Cancerians are emotional and seek constant support from their partner. Aquarians, on the other hand, love their solitude and space and don’t want their significant other encroaching on their space. These opposite desires can become a cause of conflict very early on and it can lead to problems with communication and understanding. Aquarius men are also dominating and a Cancerian woman doesn’t appreciate that in their partners. 

An Aquarius man is also spontaneous and loves to meet new people. Cancerians, however, are not sociable and love to maintain just a close-knit group of friends or family. She wants to have an idea of where she is going and who she is going to meet. She doesn’t like erratic plans, and an Aquarius man, however, loves these sudden plans. Aquarius man with a Cancer woman will not be a happy story, and a deep relationship requires a ton of understanding and work. 

Aquarius Man In Love With Scorpio Woman

An Aquarius man doesn’t make a good combination with a Scorpio woman. The latter has many bold qualities which an Aquarius man can’t tolerate in a relationship. One of them is extreme possessiveness when they’re in love. Aquarius tends to be social and loves to interact with new people. They’re also great communicators and loved to learn new things & perspectives from every conversation. Connecting with new people doesn’t sit well with a Scorpio woman who’d always be afraid of someone stealing her man. This can be a threat to the free-spirited nature of an Aquarius man and drive them away from Scorpios. 

A Scorpio woman is also the most intensely emotional sign among the female zodiacs and can be manipulative too! An Aquarius is generally very honest and wants a partner he can blindly trust. These qualities will not match. Aquarius is also very witty and sarcastic in arguments, which doesn’t sit well with a tender and emotional Scorpio. All in all, this is most certainly not a match made in heaven and it’s better for both these individuals to stay away from each other.

FAQs For Aquarius Man In Love

 how to know if an aquarius man is serious about you

What Does An Aquarius Man Want In A Woman?

What Aquarius man wants in a woman is someone who is intelligent, not afraid to speak her heart, unapologetically herself, self-assured, and witty. What an Aquarius man doesn’t like in a woman is emotional immaturity and neediness. They’re also quite picky in who they date or get serious with and spend a while jotting down their negatives and positives before committing. Here are 5 traits an Aquarius man needs in a woman. 

#1 Independent & Self-Assured

One thing that pulls away an Aquarius man in love is the neediness, emotional maturity, and lack of self-worth in a woman. These men love an independent and self-assured woman. An Aquarius man thrives on freedom and they want someone who can appreciate their freedom and independence while also building an independent life for themselves. These men are like a self-reliant woman who knows what they want in their life and is not afraid to get it. Aquarius man wants a lot of time to work on their own goals so it’s nice to have a partner who is also as committed to their career as them. 

#2 Intelligent Yet Quirky 

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius tends to be innovative and likes to think out of the box and delve into new modes of thinking. Their smartness and wisdom have given them the name of the Philosopher of the Zodiac. That’s why when an Aquarius man wants to date, he’d look for women who’re intelligent, logical, and practical. These men have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and love mentally stimulating conversations. They don’t date women solely based on their looks, they also need deep and meaningful conversations to pursue them further. 

#3 Upbeat Nature

Aquarius men are prone to anxiety and depression because of their ever-raging thoughts and they need someone bubbly and full of energy who can help them when their thoughts take over their mood. An Aquarius also wants his woman to have a sharp sense of humor who is good at witty comebacks and is as nerdy as him. These zodiac signs take their sweet time before committing to a relationship only because they need to judge whether their potential partner can support them and can maintain a positive attitude in life’s ups and downs. 

#4 Adventurous

Another attribute an Aquarius man needs in a woman is an adventurous streak and impulsive nature at times. An Aquarius man is always looking for new things to pursue, loves to grow, and has a rebellious streak. He doesn’t like conforming to the ordinary and loves a woman who has a rebellious streak as well. When you’re with an Aquarius man, he’d want to do things like going to a different city for lunch or can suddenly suggest a spontaneous road trip. When you’re trying to impress an Aquarius man, it’s a good idea to take such on-spot initiatives, but only do that if you have that in you because an Aquarius man will see right through the mask if there’s one. You can expect your relationship with an Aquarius man to be thrilling and adventurous. 

#5 Challenging

Since Aquarius men tend to be strong-headed about their decisions and opinions, they need someone who can challenge them intellectually so they’re able to see a new perspective. Just because an Aquarius man is quite stuck in their ways and thinking doesn’t mean they want someone who agrees with everything they say! Instead, what they’re looking for is a woman who can debate them and spark strong intellectual conversations. They want someone who has a strong character so they can change and improve their ideas and perspectives for the better. 

What Is An Aquarius Man’s Love Language?

An Aquarius man’s behavior in love is quite easy to spot. His love language is all about authenticity, adventure, and independence. When an Aquarius man is serious about you, he will engage in more and more conversations on a daily basis. He will also be telling you his deepest and darkest secrets, and he wants you to all about him – both good and bad – before things move forward. Another one of the Aquarius man’s love languages is including you in his endless adventures. These zodiac signs are rebellious and spontaneous. So if he constantly asks you to be a part of his impromptu plans that means he wants to take the relationship forward. 

Another one of the classic Aquarius man’s behaviors in love is wanting to make time for you in his schedule. In general, Aquarius is quite oriented towards their work and this can make their friends & family feel neglected. But when these zodiacs are serious about someone, they make time for them and consistently want to schedule some quality time. This doesn’t mean they will not be focused on their work. One thing to know about an Aquarius man in love is that he will always want independence and relationship are just a part of their life, not their life. And he wants you to enjoy and retain your independence as well. 

How To Know If An Aquarius Man Is Serious About You?

An Aquarius is a superb flirt and they tend to have a very witty sense of humor. They also are great communicators and can spark interesting conversations to woo any woman. Well, that’s not the case when these zodiacs get serious about a person. When they see a strong relationship with someone, they will make it intentional to not flirt with other women so you know they want to take this relationship to the next level. Another surefire sign an Aquarius man wants to marry you is when he wears his heart on his sleeves and tells you each & every detail of his experiences and mindset. These people don’t trust anyone easily but they trust you. They will also believe everything and anything you tell them and won’t believe anyone else who crosses what you told them. This can feel quite reassuring, which is exactly what they want so you see them with the same eyes they’re seeing you with! 

Do Aquarius Men Fall Out Of Love Quickly?

Yes, Aquarius men do fall out of love quickly. They’re also one of the zodiac signs who take some time to fall in love and commit to someone. See for Aquarius, as much as it’s about fun and adventure and spontaneity about someone, they also need a partner who can challenge them intellectually. Ruled by Uranus, these zodiacs are also very pragmatic in their approach and it’s essential to know they aren’t a very emotional sign. They can also seem emotionally aloof many times, even after you’ve developed a deep connection with them. Emotions tend to make them uncomfortable and they are often not good at expressing them unless they feel total comfort and trust in someone. 

Having said that, an Aquarius is an air sign who needs to be constantly stimulated. When they feel like the relationship is getting boring or monotonous, they can think about ending it. Other things that make an Aquarius man fall out of love quickly is the dishonesty and when they see the other person encroaching on their independence. For men under these zodiac signs, their tendency to fall head over heels for someone is a slow process, but falling out of love is quick. They are also known to keep their emotions and attachment at an arm’s length, making you question if they ever really felt the way they showed during the relationship. 

How Is An Aquarius Man In Bed?

An Aquarius man’s sexual attraction is all about mental stimulation. Leading up to sex will often happen after a good conversation. These men also love dirty talk and sultry hints; small role-play games every now & then will be an amazing turn too. In bed, these zodiac signs are often quite sensual and know what to do with their hands (and ladies, we all know how important that is!). They are also quite wild, and uninhibited, and love to try different sex toys and positions. Men under these zodiac signs also tend to be spontaneous and would love to have impromptu sex in many places like in the restaurant’s washroom or in a car. 

When you’re trying to turn on an Aquarius man, be witty & smart during your date, touch him sensually, and drop subtle hints that you want to take this forward. They also prize their manhood, so some compliments for how big it is, how nice it is, etc. is a huge turn-on! Given their manly approach in bed, they are givers in the sack and love to explore the many parts of their partner’s body while showering them with compliments. With an Aquarius man, sex will never be boring. In fact, it will keep on turning more adventurous and exciting as you build a maturing relationship with them. 

What’s The Perfect Gift For An Aquarius Man?

Aquarius Man Weakness In Love

Here are 6 gift ideas your Aquarius man will appreciate:

#1 A Dreamcatcher: Aquarius men are dreamers, believers and can easily visualize larger-than-life ideas. Aligning amazingly well with their personality and their fascination with doing something big is the dreamcatcher which they can easily place anywhere in their area.

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#2 A Polaroid Camera: As much as these zodiacs love their alone time, they also love going on fun outings with their friends and family. For pleasure-filled times like these, they’d love to have a polaroid to capture the amazing moments and savor the memories in the future. 

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#3 A Journal: A journal can make a practical gift for an Aquarius man. He can use it to jot down his ideas, sort his thoughts, and understand his emotions. They are also quite creative, so the journal can also give them a space to doodle. 

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#4 Book Of Everything: To quench their adventure and facilitate their deep sense of learning, the Book Of Everything combines a wealth of information on customs and travel. 

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#5 Perfumes: Aquarius is quite sensual and loves a good fragrance in their wardrobe. Perfumes also make for a great gift because they last a long time, can be used frequently, and remind the wearer of you every time they wear them! 

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#6 A Letter Book: An Aquarius values creativity and thought, and this gift includes them both. These love letters need to be filled out beforehand and you can make them as artistic as you’d like! 

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Which Known Individuals Have An Aquarius Sun Sign?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Ellen De Genres, Jennifer Aniston, Alicia Keys, Elizabeth Olsen, Oprah Winfrey, Harry Styles, Evan Peters, Christian Bale, Justin Timberlake, Neil Diamond, Tom Selleck, Shakira, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Tom Hiddleston, Chloe Grace Moretz, Emma Roberts, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, are all some famous individuals born under the Aquarius sun sign.

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