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How To Make An Aries Man Fall In Love

Aries men are the first zodiac sign in the chart and are known to be natural leaders. They’re ambitious, upfront, extroverted, hardworking, particularly masculine, and the easiest people to understand. They’re an open book and an Aries man in love will never leave you guessing. They will be able to express their feelings well and are quite adventurous in their life, making it an exciting relationship and each moment fun. If you’re in a relationship or just getting to know an Aries man, here are some of his good traits, bad traits, and best and worst matches to keep in mind – as narrated by astrologist Kritikka Mathurr

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Good Traits

Aries Man In Love


“Whatever an Arian does, he/she does it with absolute interest and drowns themselves in what attracts them at the first sight,” says Kritikka. This means if they’ve told you they have committed to you, they have REALLY committed to you. They will leave no stones unturned in showing their affection – either by words or gifts/ flowers. An Aries man in love will shower you with unconditional love, respect, and admiration. You will often catch him looking at you from the corner of your eyes, holding your hand, or staring at you when you are sleeping. 

These men are also true gentlemen when they’ve truly fallen for a girl. So, expect an Aries man in love to open doors for you, pull a chair out for you, and be utterly respectful towards your family members, especially your parents. Another amazing attribute of an Aries man in love is they’re impatient. Let us explain. When they feel like there’s a connection between both of you, they will likely take the first step and take the relationship to the next level. That can be a possible engagement, having kids, or moving together. An Aries man will make you the happiest woman alive, and you’d feel luckier each and every day you spend with him. 

Active & Energetic: 

Aries men are known to be adventurous, fun-loving, active, and full of life. Rest assured, there will be never a dull day with someone whose Sun sign belongs to Aries. Even on your worst days, the fire of the Aries can perk you up. They will be your cozy bed on a cold night and an espresso when you’re feeling lethargic. “They are full of action and nothing will put them off as a non-constructive day would,” says Kritikka. With Aries, you will have to just relax and chill out as they go out of their way to create fun, playful dates, and adventures that will keep you on your toes. 

Although, if you’re someone who needs your me-time, don’t be afraid of Aries always clinging to you as their partner-in-crime. Aries are independent and will have fun with their friends and family as well. And their activeness isn’t just for outdoor adventures. (Ahem!) Aries is fiery in bed. They are passionate and robust, and will not mind taking the first step. Although, they’re considerate enough and will give due respect to their partner’s feelings and mood to make the sex adventurous for both of you. Besides the physical aspect though, Aries’s energy makes them great conversationalists. They’d want to talk to you for hours. Prepare for some soul-baring conversations where both of you speak your heart out. 


“Aries are initiators,” says Kritikka. “They don’t mind taking risks as they are go-getters and barely think of the consequences of their actions,” she adds. When an Aries man becomes infatuated, they will let you know and the world know. An Aries man in love is quick to take that first step and won’t shy away from letting his friends know too. He will also introduce you to everyone, including his parents. It might seem too early for you, but for a passionate, initiator Aries, it just seems right. He wants to parade around and show you off, all your life. 

Aries is also brutally honest and this means you’ll never be left guessing what goes on in his mind. In any relationship, it’s the unspoken things that can lead to emotional build-up and problems. But with an Aries man in love, you will never have to worry about the unspoken feeling running your relationship. He’s all about honest conversations and sorting it out by talking. Some might feel the forthright attitude is a bit too much, but in the long-term, raw conversations are what build a strong foundation. Having someone who has a natural tendency for the same is a huge green flag. 

Bad Traits

Aries Man In Love

Impulsive Decision-Makers

“Aries go with their gut feeling while taking decisions,” says Krritika. They don’t think of the consequences of their actions or how they will affect everyone around them. This can be annoying or a deal-breaker in a relationship when you’d want your partner to consult and discuss before taking any decisions. Aries are free souls and like to be that way – independent and enthusiastic. They don’t like when someone orders them to go against their impulsive nature. This can become a big reason why Aries men tend to settle down later in their life or only do it when they consciously try to tame this energy. 

Though quite spontaneous (most among all Sun Signs), they are also regrettable and often go into self-doubt after taking decisions. In a relationship, this can cause a lot of hurt on both sides, and sometimes it can feel hard to recover from this cycle of tough indecisiveness and lack of self-love. If you’re an Aries man, work on this shortcoming if you want the love of your life to stay. Taking into account the consequences of your decisions is a good way to start tackling your impulsive decision-making. 


Aries men tend to be stubborn. They are represented by the ram and these sun signs don’t like to make compromises and certainly don’t like it when things don’t go their way. If you’re married to an Aries man, there are chances he’d like the things in the house to run his way as well. Their masculine energy reinforces the idea of being the “head of the household”, which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but sometimes can become too much for their partner and kids to handle. They are assertive and competitive, which makes them a great leader in the workplace, but the same doesn’t apply to relationships – where assertiveness takes over the partnership narrative and equal say in decision-making.  

The stubborn Aries will not make an easy relationship with him. They don’t like hearing their shortcomings or they aren’t right. Most importantly, they don’t like knowing they won’t be getting their way. This can lead to unavoidable arguments, sudden blowups, and unstoppable tears. Luckily, Aries man in love doesn’t hold grudges. When they’re done with an argument, they are done with it. They forgive and also forget. 

Frank Nature: 

Aries are straightforward, upfront, and say what’s going on in their mind without hesitation. Besides expressing their own feeling, this frank nature can also come out as judgments and baseless conclusions about a scenario or action. “Honestly, this frank nature can be annoying. Aries jumps straight to what’s on their mind without considering what other people are thinking around them. This can be a huge turn-off,” says Kritikka. In relationships, judgments can lead to fights rather than openly expressing feelings. Their perspective of things can also feel like a lack of empathy – which can be considered one of the toxic traits of Aries

Just like other shortcomings though, this one has a good side too. That’s why it’s a part of our good traits section as well. Having a straightforward attitude doesn’t keep your partner in the shadow of what her man is thinking. But overly upfront and judgemental attitude can frisk her away. With Aries, you will sometimes feel like nannying a grown man. But if you can handle the lows, or actually, if the Aries man becomes aware of his negatives and works on them, the relationship can be highly rewarding. 

How To Make An Aries Man Fall In Love With You?

  • You need to be honest and open to conversations when it comes to an Aries man. 
  • Having a passion for adventure and zest for life also attracts an Aries man. 
  • Confidence is also something Aries man love. They need assurance from time to time and that only comes from someone who has confidence and self-love in them. 

Best Matches For An Aries Man

Aries Man In Love
Leo Woman & Aries Man

Aries & Leo are both fire signs, which means a few of their traits are already aligned and they have an instant attraction to each other. “These sun signs have similar temperaments and personalities. An Aries man is naturally infatuated with Leo because of their dynamic personality,” says Kritikka. Aries always like to be in motion. Impulsive and active. Leos are more stable but do crave adventure (they will never take the first step though!). This leads to a very healthy relationship equation between the two. For these partners, there will be an instant attraction. They will communicate, bond, and feel close to each other from the get-go. Since both of them have similar sexual preferences, physical intimacy will take off early in the relationship and the sex will be mind-blowing. Rest assured, the sexual connection between Aries & Leo cannot be interrupted, changed, or faded through time. 

This combination of sun signs also has a very faithful, trusting, and long-term relationship. They’re both confident and excellent at communication. Some places where they need to work on is their ego, leadership (since they both are fire signs they both want to lead; work on sharing the control), and spontaneity vs predictability (aries being the former). 

Sagittarius Woman & Aries Man

An Aries man in love will likely be with a Sagittarius woman. Both these zodiacs are extroverted and are huge fans of life filled with adventures, fun, liveliness, and optimism. It’s this inherent personality trait of both that makes them fall for each other in no time and their relationship will likely move at a quicker pace than expected. Their shared positive outlook will make the tough parts of the relationship easier and the good parts memorable. 

Aries & Sagittarius will understand each other in a way no one else does. They will feel at home with each other. Both of them are generally afraid of commitment and settling down, but that will change when they meet each. Quite the opposite, they’d want to settle down as quickly as each other. Another great attribute of their relationship is both of them put their happiness first. This sounds selfish, but in the long run, only when you work on yourself individually, will you be able to have a sound relationship. This combination of signs needs to work on their temper. They can turn vicious when angry, saying awful things and making things. However, it’s unlikely they will hold a grudge against each other. 

Worst Matches For An Aries Man

Aries Man In Love

Aries & Capricorn

“Aries is child-like and adventurous. While Capricorns are planners and love to lead their life the same way. In their relationship, both can feel like they are being restricted by each other, often leading to frequent turbulences and eventually drifting off from each other,” says Kritikka. Capricorns are also quiet and less judgemental, and Aries is fiery, energetic, and loud. They’re contrasting in places where they can’t complement each other, and similar in places, where a compromise can’t be drawn. Aries have ram’s nature, they like to go headfirst into things – whether it’s emotional or into action. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, a planet of limitations and restrictions, where they hold back feelings. Inherently, these signs can face many challenges in the relationship. 

Aries & Taurus:

“Aries energy and adventure don’t go well with Taurus, who like stability and peace in their life. Financial matters may also come in the way of tuning up. Aries, though hard-working and ambitious, are also very heavy spenders. Taurus, on the other hand, are in no haste of spending money,” says Kritikka. They’re both unwilling to compromise and also quite stubborn. In most cases, this bond won’t work. Even if the two drag their relationship to a certain point, it’s bound to get turbulent. Unless the influences of their birth chart really mesh together and they work hard to succeed in the relationship, it’s close to impossible for these Sun signs to have a healthy bond. 

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