Most Compatible Zodiac Pairs For Marriage, According To An Astrologer

Zodiac Pairs For Marriage

For someone who believes in astrology, finding if their partner’s and their compatibility also fits the spot for best zodiac pairs in marriage is important. But even if astrology doesn’t interest you, it’s definitely fun or curious to know what are the best zodiac couples out there. 

To delve deeper into the topic, Wedbook spoke to astrologer, numerologist, and Vastu consultant Kritikka Mathurr

“It is said in astrology that the person you get married to is the one to whom you pay the maximum amount of Karma. Through many lifetimes, souls search for the “Perfect Match” and thus take rebirths for either growth or change. For example, if you were husband and wife in a past life, there are high chances that your soul will choose to relive the same experience or reverse it for growth,” says Kritikka. “There is not much room to decide who one wants to get married to, however, the free will allows us to respond to the situations by understanding the frequency of universal waves and messages,” she adds. 

“Zodiac signs are based on Ascendant/ Sun sign/ Moon sign that reveals the personality and thinking outline of the individual. Therefore, marrying someone who has similar goals and behavioral patterns always helps in leading a happier life,” Kritikka tells us. Find below the best zodiac pairs for marriage. 

Aries & Libra 

“Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Those who have their ascendant/ Sun/ Moon sign in Aries are bold and independent. Libra, on the other hand, is ruled by the planet Venus. They are beautiful, dependent, and supportive of their partners. In fact, Librans are known to bring peace and oodles of romance in the otherwise dynamic lives of Aries. Aries being a “receiver” enjoys the “giving” nature of Libra. So this bold & beautiful combo makes for one of the best zodiac pairs for marriage,” says Kritikka. 

About Aries:

Aries is bold, ambitious, fearless, and strong. They’re always up for challenges and dives headfirst into whatever life has to offer! Given their relentless determination and zest for life, you can always see them leading the situations and people. However, this invigorated spirit can sometimes make them selfish and inconsiderate. These fire signs are also known to have an explosive temper and it’s best to let them cool down before having any conversation with them. 

About Libra:

Guided by relationship-oriented Venus, Libras reflect love, beauty, balance, harmony, and connection. These signs are driven by harmonious relationships in life and are often attracted to someone who’s good-looking and smart. Because of their inability to maintain boundaries, Libra often deals with indecision and FOMO. The key for these signs to stay sane is to balance their people-pleasing attitude and self-worth correctly. 

Taurus and Scorpio 

“Taurians are stable, helpful, and practical, and are attracted by Scorpion’s needy, possessive, and emotional nature. As a Taurian, you will always be attracted to the mysterious Scorpion. And as a Scorpion, you will always find the constant and sturdy nature of a Tauriain appealing since you have gone through a transformation yourself. They are the “Passionate Lovers”,” says Krritika

About Taurus:

Taurus is an Earth sign and governed by planet Venus, making them practical, well-grounded, trustworthy, hard-working, and sensual (especially to taste and touch). Their pleasure-loving personalities find solace in materialistic pleasures and close relationships. They’re also resilient, stable, and consistent, so you know their words & actions match. These signs are loyal in their relationships and prone to guilt, stir it up with their stubbornness and you can often see them as a part of a toxic environment more often than they should be! Taureans have to define their perspective of happiness frequently to lead a happy, balanced life.

About Scorpio:

Intensely emotional, highly sensitive, very secretive, and fiercely magnetic – Scorpios are the least understood sign of all. This is mainly because of their combination of emotional and secretive nature. These signs are also intuitive, investigative, and run high on energy, which also makes them pessimistic from time to time. The key for them is to balance their emotional side with a good dose of pragmatism. In relationships, once you break their trust, there are no second chances in their book. For them, once it’s done, it’s DONE. 

Gemini and Sagittarius

“Funny, confused, child-like, and fickle-minded are the best words to describe a Gemini. They seek the mature, accepting, and advising nature of a Sagittarian. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini finds it hard to stick to one task. If you’re a Gemini, you’d find yourself involved in more than one task/ work/ relationship. Sagittarian, being the calm one, completes a Gemini,” Krritika tells us. 

About Gemini:

Gemini signs are interested in so many ideas, people, and things at the same time that their sign had to literally split into two. The personality that switches in the flick of a button, oftentimes because they’re bored and distracted, is usually misconstrued as two-faced. Geminis are intellectually curious, adventurous, quick-witted, and fearless thinkers. Their stimulating nature, however, can make them rude, cold, and come across as aloof. They can highly benefit from meditation, breathwork, and staying present in the moment. 

About Sagittarius:

With a wanderlust mind, Sagittarians move from place to place, job to job, belief to belief. They’re open-minded, enthusiastic, and full of life, and you can often see them going on an expedition from time to time. Guided by the planet of abundance and growth, Jupiter, Sagittarius are excellent storytellers and infuse any conversation with blatant honesty, wit, and laughter. Although, they should be mindful of what they say – because your opinion or story isn’t always the correct one! Keep people’s emotions in mind before you dismiss them, and you’re good to go with your zest of life. 

Cancer and Capricorn

“The beauty of this one zodiac pair for marriage is the difference between them. No wonder it’s said that “Opposites Attract.” Cancerians are emotional, moody, and confused while making decisions. Capricorns are stable, materialistic, and realistic in nature and thus, they help each in balancing the emotional vs practical quotient within them,” Krritika tells us of this sweet bond. “For example, if you’re a Cancerian you may say “Yes” if they like the color of your dress. That’s how “emotionally driven” you are! Capricorn is not an “on-the-go” person so he likes the impulsivity in the spouse,” she adds. 

About Cancer:

Highly intuitive and deeply emotional – these signs are known to pick up energies in the room and hence, protect themselves from unwanted energies quite often, making them feel cold and distant. These signs are compassionate, empathetic, and can make you feel comfortable in their presence. The traits that help them attract lovers and friends with ease. It’s important to match the sign’s love and care to build a long-lasting bond. For Cancerians, our advice is to manage their emotions, because it’s easy to get off track when you’re only guided by feelings. 

About Capricorn:

The most ambitious sign ever, and the one that puts career over anything else. However, they just don’t only do it with their words, but actions as well. Hard work, determination, and unwavering focus help them tread the path to their long-term goals without being distracted. They criticize themselves and are utterly serious about personal growth. The qualities that also make it hard for them to forego differences, past hurt, and mistakes of other people. Capricorns are overachievers and have a hard time balancing life and fun. These signs should remember that not every honed quality needs to be on their resume; compassion and empathy go a long way too! 

Leo and Aquarius

“Leos are power-hungry and egoistic. Aquarians have out-of-the-box thinking and a unique approach towards life, they do also work for the benefit of the masses though. Hence, being eccentric and futuristic themselves, they understand the needy nature of a Leo. Leo, being independent and understanding, finds Aquarius to be a fun mate. These two compatible zodiac signs for marriage bond to make a crazy couple who will never witness a single dull moment together,” says Krritika. 

About Leo:

As a fire sign who likes to be the center of everything, it should be no surprise that the Leo sign is ruled by the Sun. With their glamorous, passionate, and vivacious personalities, these signs like attention, opulence, and celebrity status more than anything. In their romantic relationships, they are stable, loyal, and put their heart into their partner. They love when people around them have the importance they crave, but only till time, it doesn’t surpass their own spotlight. This is where Leos need to be careful. You can have your own spotlight, and others can have theirs. Being fierce, courageous, and optimistic, these Lions-represented signs are all about giving and receiving energy. 

About Aquarius:

Aquarius is known for its non-traditional streak, zero commitment to rules, and rebellious streaks. They’re often the ones who’d be focusing on the collective good and wanting to create an egalitarian society. You can identify them as someone challenging traditions, thriving in the non-conformist attitude, and possessing a set of unusual styles & hobbies. They love working or being with people who are like-minded and serve the same values & purpose as them. With their strong conviction comes the stubborn streak and unleashing a biting remark that’s sure to sting! 

Virgo and Pisces 

“Virgos are the most logical, analytical, and helpful people. Pisces are peace-loving, lost in their own world, and spiritual people who have a hard time focusing. With the realistic approach of Virgo, the cope with the world, whereas, the subtleness and laid back attitude relax the “on-the-go” Virgo. The dreamy nature of Pisces evokes Virgos to believe and achieve their dreams while the practicality of Virgos ensures that their Piscean partner is sane in the real world and not lost in his/ her imaginary good world. If you’re a Virgo, you’d run behind settled people but end up with an abstract mind. As a Pisces, you’re often attracted to people who help others by going out of their way. That’s why these two make one of the best compatible zodiac pairs for marriage,” says Krritika. 

About Virgo:

Virgos are loyal, honest, kind, pays attention to details, and have a practical, and logical approach to life. These signs are known to process even in the smallest of details and make sense of them in no time. They are open to change, adjusting, and have no problem gelling with any kind of people. However, their detail-oriented nature can lead to a love for perfection and the inability to tolerate anything less than perfect. Virgos need to accept flaws in themselves and other people. Sometimes, these signs should take a break, slow down, and just chill. 

About Pisces:

The Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming back-to-back denoting their personality trait of switching between fantasy and reality. These signs are the last of the zodiac and also, the most empathetic ones on the list. They consider people’s hurt, experiences to be their own and are incorrigible romantics. Leading by emotions, they can often be found to be living in their own illusion world and have a reputation of being delusional. Pisces have a hard time receiving the same sympathy and care from others. Drawing love and empathy for yourself is important for these signs to stay balanced in their lifeward experience. 

Ending the conversation, Krritika tells us that horoscopes only represent a general analysis, and deeper analysis into Kundali is needed to provide proper guidance related to marriage and life afterward. “How “Kundali” unfolds karmic patterns and details on an individual can never be underestimated. How each planet and zodiac works in the horoscope is more important than generic zodiac glance,” she concludes before signing off. 


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