Twin Flames: What It Means & 11 Signs You’ve Found Your Match

Twin Flames

Chances are that somewhere while scrolling through the Internet, you’d have stumbled across the word ‘twin flames’ and thinking oh, that might be a new woke term for ‘soulmates’. Well, it’s really not! Contrary to popular belief, you can have many soulmates and only one ‘twin flame’. Some souls are reincarnated into two separate bodies. When these two halves of the same soul – twin flames – reunite, the entire divine energy of the universe shifts to something bigger. Sounds dramatic, but this is what twin flames really are. They’re your other half, literally – a term that we usually assign to a soulmate is actually your twin flame. 

Twin Flames Are Meant To Serve A Higher Purpose, Above Self

As soon as you meet your twin flame, there will be a sense of belonging and wholeness. You won’t just feel connected on a physical or emotional level, but also on a spiritual or soulful level. In fact, the latter is the basis of the twin flames relationship. It’s to awaken the spiritual growth of both parties so they can achieve awakening and fulfill a purpose that benefits the whole planet. 

One of the main characteristics of a twin flames relationship is to bring out your deepest insecurities, imbalances, and shadows. This can be a challenging part because facing your fears is never easy. Although, eventually it lets you go of superficial independence and egoism. It pushes you to engage with divine power, creates higher consciousness levels, and makes you a better, soulful human being. 

The basis of the relationship is unconditional love and acceptance. It will touch the unknown depths of your soul and heart. Also, some people feel that a twin flames partnership can create a sense of dependency. When in reality, it’s just the opposite. Your twin flame doesn’t complete you but rather encourages you to be complete in your own right. When your other half crosses your path, your life will never be the same. 

Also, even though the twin flames relationship is tumultuous, they aren’t toxic in nature. Your partner won’t bring out any insecurities that aren’t already there, and won’t be gaslighting to create any blame. Plus, it will be a two-way street. One person won’t be manipulating or abusing the other person. There will be no form of abuse in a twin flames relationship. Just uncomfortable and challenging arguments. 

Your twin flame doesn’t necessarily have to be your partner (although it often is since you connect on so many levels). They can be platonic friends, mentors, or even a student. 

Here are 11 signs you’ve found your twin flame: 

#1 Instant Recognition & Instant Connection

When you meet your twin flame, you’ll feel an intense, inexplicable sense of attraction, recognition, and longing. It feels like you’ve known this person forever or have a deja vu experience, eventually having a gut feeling that you’re somehow meant to be together forever. 

#2 You Feel Like You Can Be Your Authentic Self From Early On In The Relationship

After the instant recognition sign, the massive signal that you’ve found your twin flame is you can be authentically yourself around them. You don’t feel any need to pretend or hide anything – and they’d be feeling the same way. 

#3 You’re in sync with them 

In whatever areas you & your twin flame won’t be similar, it will feel like you complement each other. It can be anything. Say you’re a foodie and he doesn’t care much about what his meals are – so in a way, you’d be completing him. Or you might be good with financial investments, and he isn’t. In these small and big ways, you’ll be fitting into each other’s life perfectly. Just like the yin to the yang, or your shadows fitting into their light and vice-versa. 

#4 Your Insecurities & Doubts Are Heightened 

Remember that your twin flame is here to support your spiritual growth and connect you with your higher self. In order for that to happen, the things that are holding you back – insecurities, fears, and doubts – need to come to the surface so they can be mended. Once you realize how to overcome this part, the relationship will feel extremely liberating and validating. 

#5 You Feel A Deep Energetic Connection With Them

Apart from emotional and physical, you’ll feel an energetic, psychic, and soulful connection with your twin flame. There will be a sense of inexplicable familiarity. In essence, your twin flame will feel like home to you. Moreover, you might be able to exchange emotions and thoughts with just a glance.  

#6 You Come Closer To Your Life’s Purpose

The basis of a twin flames relationship is to make each partner feel closer to their life’s purpose on this planet so they can fulfill the same together. As the relationship unfolds, twin flames realize their shared morals, values, and interests. 

#7 The Relationship Is Very Intense

Because of the strong energetic connection from the start and an urge to be emotionally vulnerable, a relationship between twin flames is quite intense and overwhelmingly emotional. Everything you feel – from good to bad – will be heightened and stronger. 

#8 Your Childhoods & Traumatic Experiences Are Opposite  

Your twin flame will have childhood & life wounds different from you – so they can take them out and mend them with you. They’ll be your mirror – which means they’ll reflect your deepest fears and insecurities, but also your inner beauty & strength! 

#9 You Argue A Lot For A While

After the honeymoon phase where you both are blown away by the deep connection is over, the arguments begin to seep in. Due to the heightened emotions, insecurities, and fears, there will be a feeling of anxiety that might rock the relationship. The deeper evaluations and deeper emotions open the part of your heart which you’d rather not want to see. And this will happen on both sides. Arguments you’ve never encountered will ensue making them part ways or rethink the relationship frequently. 

#10 You’re On-Again, Off-Again 

The twin-flame relationships are tumultuous and the partners can drift apart with time until they’re ready to be back together. Sometimes, you might not end up with your twin flame partner at all. Because of the challenges in this relationship, you will feel more comfortable being with your soulmate or life partner instead. 

#11 You Feel A Deep Transformation 

The purpose of a twin flame relationship is to push you towards your better self. They’ll awaken your untapped potential and transform you deeply. A twin flame love is meant to increase the spiritual growth in both partners so they can raise the vibrational frequency of the entire planet. You’ll be taught important life lessons of peace, happiness, gratitude, and forgiveness by them and with them. 

8 Twin Flames Stages

Stage 1: Yearning

Meeting your twin flame requires preparation, and with the alignment of the universe, you’ll be doing just that right before you meet the other half of your soul. You’ll realize that there’s a perfect match for you and this will create deep longing. Although, that won’t lead to brooding over but rather a realization to do some inner work – emotional, spiritual, and psychological. Often, a certain sense of individuality, self-esteem, and confidence is needed before the universe blessed you with your twin flame connection.  

Stage 2: Meeting

Meeting your twin flame will be like an existential earthquake; you’ll feel an instant connection, sparks, and comfort. They’ll become an indispensable part of your life – and you’ll become theirs. Sometimes, you won’t be together for a long time and awakening will be reached in that short period. Twin flames togetherness requires work over various lifetimes, so it’s okay if you aren’t with them in this life. Probably, for this brief existence on Earth, a soulmate would be a better partner for you!  

Stage 3: Hopeless Love

In just a few meetings, you’ll fall in love with your twin flame. It’s not like you have a choice anyways. The instant attraction and deep connection will fascinate you with the relationship. And you’d love to explore all the ways you complement each other. It will be bliss like no other. 

Stage 4: Dream Relationship

This stage is what’s often referred to as the honeymoon period. Yes, twin flames have a honeymoon period too! In this phase, you’ll be loving the spiritual, personal growth your other-half is helping you reach. Plus, you are thriving in the magnetic energy of life and the new perspectives they’re making you see.  

Stage 5: Tumultuous Period

As traumas, issues, fears, insecurities begin to arise, the already heightened emotions bring anxiety, ego, and self-doubt into play. This can lead to arguments and fights which seem to just stretch out with time. Remember that these conflicts are only meant to put you on the path of healing and growth. How you resolve them will be the key in deciding whether you’ll have a relationship in the future. Experts recommend establishing boundaries, developing self-love, and seeing things as facts, not perceptions to deal with this situation. 

P.S.: Violence or abuse of any kind isn’t a part of any twin flames relationship. If this happens, they aren’t your other half of the soul, and walk away immediately, please!

Stage 6: Runner & Chaser 

This is an inevitable phase and will often be a result of frequent fights. One of the twin flames will run away because of the intensity of the partnership and the other one will chase after them. The roles can keep interchanging too! This push-pull period can easily last for a few months or years – longer when both parties are immature and selfish. 

Stage 7: Surrender

During the chase, both of you will have enough time to work on the healings and develop personally. After a while, you’ll realize how much the other person has changed you and you’ll only feel gratitude & appreciation for their presence in your life. And while the flaws are still present, there’s a sense of acceptance from both sides and a willingness to look at the bigger picture. 

Stage 8: Homecoming 

This stage will be the blissful paradise twin flames are supposed to create. You will finally reach a sense of balance and restoration in your relationship. The arguments will be healthy, and both parties will support the growth of the other. After this, you’ll never be separated again. 

Twin Flames vs Soulmates

Twin flames are two halves of the same soul, while a soulmate can be considered someone who is made from the same energetic cloth as you. There can be many soulmates, but there’s only one twin flame. When you meet any one of them, it can be hard to distinguish between the two. Because in both cases you’ll feel the same energetic connection and familiarity. You’ll feel like you’re home and that you’ve known this person your whole life. 

Some differences do exist though (obviously!). A soulmate partnership is meant to raise the consciousness of your own, whereas a twin flame one is meant to raise the consciousness of the whole planet. The connection in the latter is deeply spiritual and soulful, while with your soulmate, you’ll be creating a loving, strong partnership. Soulmate relationships are often more stable than twin flames. Often, the latter can become unhealthy for the partners as it brings out their imbalances to reach spiritual awakenings. 

P.S.: Please don’t confuse these unhealthy partnerships as the generally defined toxic ones though – where physical, emotional abuse is involved, and one person takes control & manipulates the other. A twin flame relationship isn’t anything like that. In this, you both will equally be the part of the problem – and the solution, and there will be no abuse at all! 

Some people consider twin flames to be the most intense form of soulmates. Yes, there are different types of soulmates, and no matter what kind of relationship you share, they’ll bring an unmatchable meaning and a lasting impact on your life. 

FAQ’s About Twin Flames

Can Twin Flames Be together?

Twin flames are destined to be together. Although, it can happen over multiple lifetimes. If you feel the twin flame connection with someone and it doesn’t last, that’s okay. Maybe this life’s purpose is to stay with your soulmate until you are both ready to be together. Sometimes that can happen in a single lifetime too; when you reconnect with an earlier partner, acquaintance or friend. A twin flames relationship, whether it lasts or not, will leave a lasting impression on you and your partner. It will change you for the better. 

Do Twin Flames Argue A Lot?

Twin flame relationships are intense. Since they mirror each other and bring out the deeper desires, needs, and insecurities, the fight can feel like a personal attack. This brings chaotic and hypersensitive emotions into play. What we mean when we say that your twin flame is your mirror or shadow-self is that in a few things, they’re completely opposite to you. For instance, if you’re quite stubborn, they might be confused and easy-going, and if you’re emotionally expressive, they can be quiet and bottle up their feelings. In this way, they challenge each other and rile up insecurities. The arguments happen the most during Stage 5 of a twin flame relationship and mirror exercise is often recommended to get through this tumultuous stage. 

Can You Be Happy Without Your Twin Flame?

That’s a trick question. A twin flame does help you form a spiritual connection with yourself, explore & reach your purpose in life, and gives you a sense of being. But at the same time, they don’t necessarily have to be a part of your life. Many twin flames relationships don’t last, and in some cases, the partners just fall out of love. The reasons can be spiritual immaturity, lack of self-love, and low emotional intelligence. Besides all these things, not all twin flames need to be together. The universe wants them to fulfill a higher purpose and if that happens without them being together, then you’re probably not going to be in a lasting relationship with them. In other cases, twin flames could have probably met before but rekindled their partnership only later in life – when they are ready. For instance, being together with someone you knew in high school or developing a romantic relationship with someone you’ve been friends with for years. So, you can be happy without your twin flame too! 

We’d like to add that separating from your twin flame will be heart-wrenching. But eventually, it will bring you more inner harmony and balance. 

Can Twin Flames Become Toxic?

No, the twin flames relationship can NEVER be toxic. Please don’t confuse it’s challenges with how generally toxic relationships are defined. What we mean to say is toxic relationships, in general, are caused by only one partner and the other one is the victim. Twin flames work differently. Both of them can be equally challenging to each other in some or another way. Both the partners tend to mirror the insecurities, imbalances, and issues of the other. This can lead to feelings of unworthiness on both sides. At the same time though, these issues aren’t something that the other side created, it’s something that already exists in you. That means, in a way, your other half of the soul is making you a better person so you can fulfill the purpose you both are meant to complete together. 

There surely will be tumultuous times (just like in any other relationship) but there will be no psychological or physical harm. There will be no selfishness or thought of profiting from the relationship and there will be no manipulation or playing with the feelings. 

Another reason why a twin flames relationship can be confused with the toxic one is that there’s a sense of codependency (again, not unhealthy) in your partner. Because of the intense energetic connection, you’ll feel like giving them unconditional love, aka letting a chunk of self-love slide away. 

How Do You Know When You’ve Met Your Twin Flames?

When you meet your twin flame you feel an intense surge of energy & a deep connection with them. Since you’re the same soul, it will be hard to put into words what you’re feeling for them – and they’d be struggling too! It will be like a homecoming experience and it’ll be challenging and healing at the same time. The relationship starts uncovering your deepest insecurities and unresolved issues early on – don’t worry it’s so you can deal & make peace with them. And when all of this begins to happen – you know you’ve met your fellow twin flame. 

What Does 11:11 And Twin Flames Mean?

In numerology and mystical science, 11:11 signifies a chance of new beginnings, motivation to move forward, and a divine presence of something magical about to manifest. While this number could signify a beautiful alignment, one of the things it also means you’ve found or are close to finding your twin flame. 11/11 is considered the most magical day of the year, and even seeing 11’s a lot of time is a sign that your twin flame might be coming closer to you. If your twin flame is close to you, you’ll feel a strong surge of energy flushing through your innermost being. 

Why number 11 though? The number 11 is considered to be quite powerful. It denotes a clear message from the universe that you’re manifesting abundances, connecting to your higher self, and keep doing whatever you’re doing. That’s why many people consider it to be good luck to catch the time 11:11 on their phone. Besides 11, other repetition numbers like 23.23 or 18.18, or 4.44 are also considered angel numbers. But when it comes to finding your twin flame, 11 is considered to be the most powerful. 

11 is a number that signifies individuality (separate numbers but same digits) and togetherness (since two same numbers form one single number). When you turn number 11 to the side it forms an equal, which is not a coincidence, since twin flames are considered to be two parts of the same soul. Mystics recommend manifesting your twin flame in the month of November (11) using the 11/11 ritual (an easy one described here). However, use whatever manifestation ritual you’ve in place. Things that have worked for you are those that connect you to your spiritual energies in the best way, and they’ll bring your twin flame to you for sure!


Twin flame relationships are powerful, intense, and rare. But they should be approached like any other relationship in your life. It’s important that you don’t get caught up in the high energy of emotions and insecurities that surround a twin flame relationship. You both have met to fulfill a purpose higher than yourself and to do that building a conscious, healthy partnership is important. Again, even if your twin flames alliance doesn’t last together, it will leave you with a deeper meaning of life, happiness, and possibly, align you with your life’s purpose. 

Eventually, if the twin flames allow for a shared purpose and vision while keeping the challenges aside, they can enjoy a fruitful life together, full of beautiful experiences, love, and mutual respect.  

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