Why Do Indian Brides Wear Red?

Why Do Indian Brides Wear Red?

As far as we can remember, red has always been the color for Indian brides. From the attire’s shade to the choora, and the newly-wed elements sindoor and bindi, everything comes in a gorgeous red hue for Indian brides. Even with the contemporaries toying with the tradition and infusing other shades into the customary ensemble, the red stance stays strong. But, if you’re wondering why the color holds such weighted significance in our culture, there’s no one significant point that can justify the centuries-old custom. The reasons are multifold, and we’ll decipher them all in this article. 

#1 Astrology 

According to astrology, the planet in charge of marriage is Mars, which has a red color. Therefore, astrologically, the color is considered to bring good luck, happiness, understanding, and a strong bond between the couple after marriage. Since a marriage brings significant changes in life of a man rather than a woman, hence, it’s considered appropriate that she wears this color on the wedding day. 

#2 Connection To Goddess Durga

Another view of wearing red is that the color red represents Hindu Goddess Durga, a warrior Goddess who symbolizes commitment, strength, and bravery. The powerful deity kills Mahishasura and brings peace & harmony to the world. Similarly, it’s believed that the newly married woman will bring calm, quiet, and stability to her new home. 

#3 Symbolic Connection

Symbolically, red is considered to be the most sacred color by Hindus. It is used as dresses of deities, decoration on any special occasion, and worn by Indian women on festivals like Karva Chauth and Teej. Red signifies auspiciousness in India and signifies prosperity, good luck, and new beginnings. Also, the fertile soil has a slight reddish tone before cultivation. Earth is considered sacred and we cater to her as a mother. Similarly, only a woman can sustain life, and therefore, wearing red also denotes new life, well-being, and good fortune. 

#4 Appeal

Lastly, Indian brides wear red simply because of the appeal and allure of the color. Red is a bright, vibrant color and instantly draws the attention of everyone around you. It has a long wavelength and is one of the most visible colors on the spectrum, following right after is yellow, another popular customary color in Indian weddings. Red also triggers passionate emotions of love, excitement, and warmth. 


In what other cultures do brides wear red? 

Chinese brides wear red as well! In Chinese culture too red symbolizes good luck, prosperity, fertility, love, success, and happiness. The Chinese also believe that red drives evil spirits away and protects the bride & groom from any evil eye. Their wedding dress is called Qipao, or Cheongsam, which is a type of body-hugging dress with elaborate gold or silver designs. Just like India, black & white are considered inauspicious and should be avoided at Chinese weddings. 

Do I have to wear red on my wedding day? 

Most certainly not! Brides are picking the shades they want and love for their wedding day and we’re loving their newly explored fashion choices. From pastel palettes, ivory, gold, to multicolor, and oranges, brides are seen in many hues with unique embroidery on their wedding day. And you can totally rock any color you feel like! Brides are more about expressing individualism than portraying customs. It’s best that way too! Because you can feel more like yourself and enjoy the best day of your life to the fullest. 

What color should you not wear to an Indian wedding?

White & Black are often considered inauspicious in Indian weddings. While a white palette often embroidered with golden work has made an entry into the wedding world profusely, black is yet to make an entry and is seldom spotted in Indian weddings. Red is also something that’s avoided by wedding guests, as a respect to the bride and save yourself from awkwardness by wearing the “bride’s color” at the wedding. Although the bride’s mother or any other elderly can be spotted in a red saree, hardly anyone will wear a red lehenga to the Indian wedding. 

What are some alternatives to a red wedding look?

Indian brides are exploring other color options besides red for their bridal look. With personal preference and individuality taking a front seat, brides are picking choices aligning with their personality, and that can be wearing a red palette too. Given the plethora of choices in the market, designers are heeding to this originality precedence and curating outfits that can appeal to the bride’s mindset. Here are other colors to wear on D-Day if you’re wanting to stray away from the tradition: 

  • Pastels

Pastel colors are soft, warm, and a millennial favorite. When Anushka Sharma wore a pastel pink ensemble on her big day with Virat Kohli complementing her in shades of ivory + pastel pink, the wedding trends took a giant leap. The pastel color has been in raging demand since then and so has Sharma’s embroidered attire. Her lehenga replica has been created, bought, and worn by Indian brides scores of times, and still remains in strong demand. Needless to say, a pastel bridal look will be a superb choice for your wedding, and the one that suits the minimalistic elegance in you. 

  • Golden

Gold signifies opulence, grandeur, and riches, but is also dazzling, illuminating, and a center of attraction. That’s why red lehengas are often bedecked with a golden zari work, threadwork, or gota patti. Not just red, gold embellishments are a common occurrence in many lehenga colors. Although, if you plan on wearing an all-gold lehenga, that’s a superb choice too. Pair it with diamond jewelry, or a polki set for a whimsical look. The color would make for an ideal wedding day option, but also when you want to glisten on the sangeet stage or strut like a diva at your engagement function. 

  • Multicolor Embroidery

Lately, lehengas from Rimple & Harpreet have gained momentum, and so have Chandni Chowk stores like Payal Keyal, Sudhir Bhai, etc. They’ve curated some beautiful bridal attire with unique embroidery and distinctive color combinations. For brides looking for something standalone & eye-catching for their wedding day, we’d suggest picking a lehenga from their offerings. Else, go for a lehenga with a base color and elaborate, noteworthy embroidery from your favorite store to explore this trend. 

  • Yellow

Besides red, yellow is yet another color considered auspicious for Indian brides. It represents vitality, freshness, and prosperity. It is believed that wearing this color will bring luck, wealth, and happiness to the bride’s life after marriage. That’s why a whole ceremony – Haldi – is surrounded around this refreshing color. And if you’re in the mood to ditch red on the wedding day, and take the vibrancy of yellow a step ahead, you can definitely wear a yellow lehenga on the wedding day. Alternatively, include at least one yellow lehenga in your wardrobe – it’s beautiful and timeless, and will not fail you! 

  • Pink

Lately, brides are looking to strike a balance between the vibrant red and pastel palette, and meet mid-way to explore the beautiful shades of pink. From hot pink to baby pink and pastel pink, Indian women are loving it all! The hue isn’t just a perfect one for the bride, but also for bridesmaids and sisters of the bride & groom to explore. If you don’t want to stray too far away from the customary color red, opt for Fuschia pink and style it with gold/ kundan jewelry for a dramatic look. 

  • Ivory

Typically, whites are avoided by Indian brides because it’s a color of mourning. But with Western influence and brides wanting to pick choices that speak highly of their personalities and less about the ongoing customs, ivory has become a popular choice among Indian brides. Often bedecked with golden embellishments and threadwork, the ensemble radiates the maximalist style of Indian brides combined alongside the serenity of white. If you want to explore the palette, pick styling that speaks of your style too, to create a bridal look that you can be proud of when you look back at it!

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