Latest 2024 Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices So You Can Plan Your Bridal Budget Accordingly! (Updated!)

Sabyasachi Lehenga Price

That Sabyasachi lehenga is a dream of many brides is a given. The designer’s cemented position in the wedding market blended with his vision to bring the deep-rooted Indian “traditions” back to the bridal trousseau has leveled him above par with any designer in the market. Whether it’s the “Sabyasachi red” or the plunging necklines in the bridal blouses, he is setting the trend in bridal wear and the numerous Sabyasachi replicas available just go on to show that brides are approving it all. But, with his astounding popularity comes a hefty price tag. To help with your budget planning, we have included Sabyasachi lehenga prices of the most popular lehengas below.

How much does a Sabyasachi lehenga cost?

The prices of Sabyasachi lehengas start from around 4 lakh, they are simple lehengas with minimal work. The next price range can be around 8 to 10 lakhs, which are heavy lehengas with intricate work & heavy blouse pieces. The upper limit of a Sabyasachi lehenga can be anywhere around 15 lakhs. And some like Priyanka Chopra’s wedding lehenga can cost around Rs. 18 lakhs.

That’s just a small gist of Sabyasachi lehenga prices. To make it easier for brides, we have got prices of some of the most trending and latest Sabyasachi lehengas. Trust us, you must have spotted these lehengas on Instagram and wondered what their cost is. We have got the answers for you!

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DISCLAIMER: Some of the prices may vary. We have sourced these prices from many references, which can make them fluctuate over time. Also, Sabyasachi increases its prices every season. Moreover, customizations can fluctuate the price too. Please note that any difference in prices will not be a huge one. Just around 50k or so.

Latest Sabyasachi Lehenga Prices!

Latest Sabyasachi 2024 Bridal Lehenga Price: Rs.7,95,000/- 

Sabyasachi Lehenga Price

Blue Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga Price: ~ Rs.6,00,000/-

Sabyasachi Lehenga Cost

Red Sabyasachi Lehenga Cost: Rs.8,95,000/-

Sabyasachi Red Lehenga

Sabyasachi Red Lehenga

Ivory Lehenga by Sabyasachi Estimation: Rs.6,95,000/- 

Ivory Sabayasachi Lehenga

Coffee Lehenga Price: Rs.4,95,000/- (Without Dupatta)

Coffee Sabyasachi Lehenga Cost

Katrina’s Wedding Lehenga Cost: Rs.15,95,000/- 

Katrina Wedding Lehenga Cost

(Not sure if the Katrina Kaif Sabyasachi Lehenga price includes the second dupatta)

Sabyasachi Wedding Lehenga Price: Rs.5,95,000/-

Sabyasachi Wedding Lehenga Price

Sabyasachi Bridal Collection Price: Rs.9,85,000/-

Sabyasachi Wedding Lehenga Price

Sabyasachi Velvet Lehenga Cost: Rs.7,50,000/-

Sabyasachi Lehenga Price Online


Summer Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga: Rs. 3,95,000

Recent brides who wore this lehenga:

Basic Sabyasachi Red Bridal Lehenga Price: Rs. 5,00,000

Brides who were seen wearing this lehenga:

Sabyasachi Lime Green Lehenga Price: Rs. 2,50,000

Here are some real brides who this lime green lehenga after being popularised by Alia Bhatt:

Sabyasachi Red Bridal Polka Dot Lehenga Price: Rs.4,00,000

Real Sabyasachi bride in this lehenga:

Sabyasachi Printed Blue Lehenga: Rs.13,00,000

Sabyasachi Printed Ivory Lehenga: Rs.12,00,000

Recent Sabyasachi Bridal Lehenga Price: Rs. 4,50,000

Green Benarasi Silk Lehenga: Rs. 3,95,000

2019 Collection Sabyasachi Lehenga Price: Rs. 8,95,000

Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga Price: Rs. 6,95,000

Real Brides in this lehenga:

Anushka Sharma was also spotted in the same Sabyasachi lehenga a while back:

Anushka Sharma Mehendi Sabyasachi Lehenga Price: Rs. 2,95,000

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Bride who wore a similar lehenga at her mehendi:

Bronze Golden Sabyasachi Lehenga Price: Rs. 4,95,000

Sabyasachi Velvet Bridal Lehenga: Rs.3,25,000/-

Sabyasachi Velvet Bridal Lehenga

Sabyasachi Embroidered Lehenga Cost: Rs.3,95,000/-

Sabyasachi Yellow Lehenga
Sabyasachi Yellow Lehenga

Updating this list with 2 more trending lehengas:

P.S. We got these prices from brides themselves, so they’re accurate. 😇 . Also, the brides have said that the price tags generally don’t include the second dupatta price, which can cost you 50k more easily, depending on how elaborate you get it done.

Sabyasachi Golden Multi shade Lehenga Price: Rs.6,00,000/-

Sabyasachi 2021 Mutishaded Lehenga Price

Sabyasachi 2021 Mutishaded Lehenga Price

Sabyasachi 2021 Mutishaded Lehenga Price

2024 Bridal Lehenga by Sabyasachi Prices: Rs.5,95,000/-

Sabyasachi 2021 Bridal Lehenga Price

Sabyasachi 2021 Bridal Lehenga Price

It’s the same one Aditi Rao Hydari wore in her latest collab with Sabyasachi X Khush Magazine

Aditi Rao Hydari Sabyasachi Lehenga

Things to know before you visit a Sabyasachi store, as told by real brides:

“It’s always helpful to call the store first and make sure they have the lehengas you have shortlisted in store so you can try them all at once.”, said real Sabyasachi bride Swati Mishra Walia! She also added, “It’s also quite dark in the Sabya stores so if you’re having a day wedding as I did, it’s a good idea to ask them to take you outside and take a photo so you get a feel for what it looks like in natural light.”

Sabyasachi does take 3 to 4 months to deliver so plan your shopping accordingly.

Furthermore, you can’t customize a lot. But can change your blouse and second dupatta. This might incur some additional charges, so be prepared.

Another Sabyasachi bride, @flyingparatha said Sabyasachi is quite expensive and no matter what outfit you choose, it’s always important to choose to be stress-free on your big day! Pratha didn’t wear a lehenga on her big day, she went for a Sabya saree instead. She wanted to copy her mother’s bridal as precisely as she could! Her mom wore her grandmother’s saree. She wanted to wear it too, but it was quite old to be revived. So she went for a gorgeous benarasi saree for her big day!

To know the price of this saree and other Sabyasachi sarees, visit this blog: The Ultimate Guide To Sabyasachi Saree Prices

Simar Kukreja Sachdeva, our recent Sabya bride, advised to not assume similar designs will be priced the same. Sometimes, comparable designs can have different price range, so have a look properly.

That’s all for the tips, if you are a Sabyasachi bride and would like to add your own recommendations here, please email us at & we would be more than happy to add you here!

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