17 Wedding Day Tips For Grooms

Tips For Grooms

As a groom, you might not need to plan as extensively as a bride for your clothes, beauty routine, or makeup choices, but there are still some pointers to help you live your wedding day to the fullest! After all, you’re marrying the love of your life too. So, it’s as special a day for you as the bride. Take a look at these best wedding day tips for grooms to help you look and feel your best!

#1 Complement, Don’t Color-Coordinate The Bride

You don’t have to exactly match the color of the lehenga your bride is wearing! Instead, try to smartly contrast the color. Generally, softer, neutral-toned colors like ivory, beige, and light gray go with all the brighter or pastel hues trending for lehengas. You don’t have to compromise your favorite color just to match with the bride. If you’re worried about clashing, have someone who has a good idea of color coordination help you. The stylists at the designer store are also pros at doing this! 

#2 Tie The Safa On Your Head, Avoid Pre-Tied Ones

The pre-tied safa doesn’t have the personal touch, fit, and adjustment as the one that’s tied according to the measurements of your head. You can get the pre-tied safa on your head beforehand. Moreover, pre-tied safas are also generally considered less authentic and lack the personal touch and significance that come with the act of tying the turban ceremonially. Opting for pre-tied safas may diminish the cultural and spiritual meanings associated with the traditional practice of turban tying. Some cultures also have a safa-tying ceremony wherein the groom’s close friends and family members tie it on his head!  

#3 Invest In Kundan-Polki Pieces

Kundan, polki jewelery pieces are made in either 18K gold or 24K gold and both of them are investable heirloom pieces. The polki jewelry also comes with uncut diamonds, which further enhances their value. The groom’s jewelry is cheaper for the same material as compared to the bride’s. (Pink tax is real!) Groom’s jewelry entails a sarpech, a ring, a necklace, a kantha, cufflinks, and bracelets, all of which come in real versions as well. To make sure you’re buying real jewelry, ask for the certification of diamond and check the hallmark logo for the gold. Purchasing from a family jeweler also ensures there’s real metal in the jewelry. 

#4 Choose Comfortable, Quality Ethnic Bottoms

You need to choose ethnic bottoms that are made of good material and are catered to your size. Indian weddings often require brides and grooms to sit down on the ground in a cross-legged position. Even though pheras are conducted on chairs now, other rituals like the groom’s welcome ceremony are done on the ground in a cross-legged position. Besides you’d have to sit down and get up throughout. A comfortable bottom will help you with moving around and also reduce the chances of ripping. Check for these elements when you’re making the purchase. Move around in the bottoms to assure yourself of their quality. 

#5 Keep Alcohol To A Minimum

Your family and friends (especially the groomsmen group) will all want to say cheers with you, but you have got to count the number of shots in the process. It’s important to set some limits. If you feel, you don’t have the willpower, delegate. Have someone who keeps your alcohol in check. Not only does alcohol add unnecessary calories, but it also leads to bloating and the hangover the next day leads to headaches which can spoil the next day. A rule of thumb is to drink alcohol to the count below your tolerable level and if there’s any social pressure, politely say no. 

#6 Schedule Grooming Sessions 

It’s not just the brides who need some extra TLC before their D-Day, the grooms are increasingly getting consultations for their skin and getting procedures like hydra facials and fillers too! However, scheduling them well in advance is important so the results are stark on the D-Day. Start your skincare regimen 6 months before the wedding and get only brightening facials and trims in the week leading up to the big day. Stick to the routine that has worked for you and don’t try anything new – no matter how tempting that sounds. Besides the beard, hair, and skin, also take care of your teeth and brows as they will affect your entire look too!  

#7 Ditch Digital Watches 

Digital watches might go with your everyday attire, but with something as formal as Indian ethnic wear, a traditional watch will complement the ensemble better. Maybe you can add the digital watch to your formal engagement dress for men, but for traditional Indian wear, a metal watch is a better choice. One of the superb choices you can purchase online instantly is this Maserati Silver Dial Watch with a silver dial and a leather belt. For a complete metal option, this Casio Edifice watch works amazingly with any color or pattern of men’s ethnic wear. Check the warranty of the product before purchasing, and extend it if you can! 

Tips For Grooms

#8 Make Time For Portraits 

Ideally, photographers need around 30 minutes for solo portraits. This can be done before you get ready for the ceremony or just after you’re done with it. To make sure the 30 minutes you get are used wisely, there are a few things you need to get sorted first. The first is letting your wedding planner know so the time doesn’t clash with any other events. Secondly, scouting the perfect location at the venue beforehand that’s endowed with a good backdrop and lighting. Lastly, have a shot list so you know what types of portraits you want to get in advance. Share a wedding mood board with the photographer so he has an idea of your desired portraits as well. 

#9 Plan A First Look Moment

A first-look moment is when the couple decides to see each other before the ceremony, all decked up as bride & groom. A moment they get to spend with each other, in raw emotions before the actual rituals start. The captures are often the best candids of the whole wedding. Having a first look also calms some of the wedding jitters and can ease the wedding timeline. One of the best wedding day tips for grooms is to plan a first look moment. It will be special for both you and your bride! 

#10 Remember To Eat

Weddings are tiring and consuming. You will need energy to enjoy this day. Something that will only happen if you remember to eat healthy, nutritious foods throughout the events. We suggest plan ahead of time and start the day on a good note. Have a filling breakfast as soon as you wake up, don’t just stop on coffee. Oatmeal, pancakes, poha, idli, etc. all count as high-fiber, wholesome foods that will keep you full and energized for a long time. For the rest of the day, have snacks packed or have a groomsman who makes sure you eat on time. 

#11 Manage Stress 

Wedding brings with it a mix of emotions. Besides the butterflies and utter happiness, it can also cause stress and fuel anxiety. To manage these negative (yet normal) emotions, journal, meditate, spend some time with your friends, talk to a trusted professional – basically do whatever makes it easier for you to amplify the positive emotional spiral and reduce the pessimistic one. You can also feel anxious when you are just about to enter the ceremony. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and imagine how beautiful everything has turned out to be! This will help you be more present during the ceremony and embrace this special day with your loved ones as it comes. 

#12 Write A Note To Your Spouse-To-Be

Though it’s not a tradition, it’s definitely the most beautiful thing that has come out of the social media trends. Penning letters to your partner on the morning of the big day, expressing your feelings for them, and ranting over their delightful presence in this journey of life is a heart-warming gesture. You can write this letter in advance or take a few moments at the beginning of the wedding day to curate it. If you’re lost on ideas, here are some prompts: Why do you love them? What do you see in your life together? How did you first fall in love? Any promises for the future? and How Do They Keep Inspiring You?

#13 Be Mindful Of The Bride’s Choices

If you’ve seen those videos where the groom puts the cake on the bride’s face or where he doesn’t pose for the pictures the bride-to-be is so excited about, then you already know what we are talking about. The bride has planned a few things for both of you and she is keenly looking forward to these moments. Even if you don’t feel as excited about a few things, play along. That’s all she wants anyway. Also, during the entire ceremony, she will drop cues of what she loves and what she doesn’t particularly like, pick them up and you will start your marriage on the right note.  

#14 Pack A Small Emergency Kit

Grooms also need a survival kit for their wedding day. Purchase a small pouch that can gather all these things so you have access to them whenever you need them. The emergency kit items can include safety pins, a small steamer, wrinkle remover, blotting sheets, tissues, lip balm, safety charger, OTC meds (tablets for headache, fever, and pain relief are a must!), snacks, mouthwash, floss, and nail clipper. You can add or remove the items as per your choice. Keep this survival kit in your bag or hand it over to any trusted groomsmen. 

#15 Choose Footwear That’s Comfortable 

Grooms spend their fair share amount of time standing up during the big day. For comfortable footwear, consider options like well-fitted leather dress shoes or loafers with cushioned insoles. Opt for designs that offer support and stability, such as oxfords or brogues with rubber soles to prevent slipping. Loafers with arch support and padded footbeds can provide all-day comfort without sacrificing style. Additionally, breathable materials like suede or mesh linings can keep feet cool and dry throughout the festivities. Prioritize trying on and breaking in the shoes beforehand to ensure a snug fit and maximum comfort on the big day. Remember, comfortable footwear will allow you to enjoy every moment of your wedding celebration.

#16 Coordinate With Your Point Person

On the day of your wedding, make the most trustable person amongst your groomsmen your point of contact. They will have a slew of responsibilities on the D-Day like checking the arrangement and coordinating between the vendors, but their most important one will be updating you with anything & everything so your wedding timeline isn’t disrupted. Have someone empathetic do these duties so they pick up on the emotions running and act accordingly. You will need a master organizer, but an understanding friend will help you through the range of emotions that surface on the wedding day. 

Tips For Grooms

#17 Make A Separate Kit For Each Outfit

An Indian wedding entails several revelries. Starting from the main ones like mehndi, haldi, sangeet, and pheras, some weddings also have a cocktail party, dhol night, and reception. This means there are separate outfits and accessories for each of them. A separate kit for each function will keep things sorted and won’t create any last-minute hassle. Don’t just put clothes in the kit, also include accessories like shoes or a necklace so there’s no confusion at the end. You can also label them so it becomes easier for anyone who is in charge of retrieving your outfits. After the event, put the used attire in a separate bag. 


We hope these tips help you plan better for the wedding, and make the big day a bit more easier and a lot more happier. For more wedding-related ideas, inspiration, and advice, keep visiting our website, and follow our socials:



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