45 Mehndi Songs For An Epic Start To Your Nuptials

Mehendi Songs

Mehndi is one of the first events of the three-day Indian wedding ceremony and is often filled with excitement, fun, and laughter. It’s the day that doesn’t require much planning and isn’t brimming with ceremonial obligations. So, the bride, groom, and all the wedding guests can immerse themselves in fun to the tee. Is there anything that sets the mood better than a cheery & meaningful track list? If you’re looking for a mehndi songs list just right for this joy-filled occasion, find one below, divided on the basis of your preferences. 

Mehendi Songs

#1 O Mehndi Rang Layee – Chal Mere Bhai

“O Mehndi Rang Laayi, Aaj Laadi Teri Sagai,” – With lyrics starting from a mehendi-related event and eventually turning into a fun banter between the bride, groom, and groomsmen, this song is just the one you need to reminisce about the good old 90s days. If you’re looking for old mehndi songs from the 90s, this is a gem that is often missed but should be included in every tracklist. We bet you have forgotten about it too, and that’s why we included it first on the list, so you don’t miss out on thoughtful and relatable songs like this at your event. 

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#2 Likh Ke Mehendi Se Sajna Ka Naam – Anuradha Paudwal

Anuradha Paudwal is one of the most successful singers of the 80s and 90s era, so there are chances if you’re looking for songs from that generation, you will find some soulful melodies sung by her. “Likh Ke Mehndi Se Sajna Ka Naam” is one such hit and a must-have mehndi song to download for your playlist. The lyrics just ooze pure romance and unconditional love for your other half. Dedicate this to your groom-to-be and make him feel uber special on your special day. 

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#3 Mehendi Hai Rachnewali – Zubeidaa

This is a song that needs no introduction. Think about mehndi songs and immediately mehndi hay Rachnewali comes to mind. We wouldn’t recommend watching the original video as it’s not a happy one (Karisma Kapoor gets married against her will in the movie as the song plays in the background), but the relevant lyrics and heartfelt music are just apt for the event. Because it’s a slow song, the elders of your family can easily perform this. 

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#4 Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Yet another OG song of the mehndi function is “Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna” from “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” – an OG romantic comedy movie itself. The lyrics are amazing and relevant to mouth during a dance performance. You can choreograph a fun dance with your cousins on this and the groom can be seated right at the forefront of the performance. It’s a special song that can be played as one of the mehndi songs – but also at any other event of the wedding. 

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#5 Mehendi – Dhvani Bhanushali

This is one of the new mehndi songs launched just about a year ago and features Dhvani Bhanushali as the lead singer and actor in the video. It’s a Gujarati song, just perfect for some Garba on the mehndi night. Garba is a traditional Gujarati dance, and the steps and movements are really fun to enact. We performed Garba on Chogada at my brother’s wedding and had a great time. So, if you are looking for the latest mehndi songs to do the Garba, this is the one. 

#6 Mehndi Rachan Lagi – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hay

This is a Marwari song, but the lyrics are a mix of Hindi & Marwari and can be easily understood by anyone. Besides, the lyrics are just beautiful. This is the ideal song for your elderly guests as it’s traditional, slow, and dedicated to the bride and her family – just like sangeet songs should be. 

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90s Mehendi Songs

#7 Maye Ni Maye – Hum Aapke Hai Koun

Maye Ni Maye is one of Lata Mangeshkar’s greatest hits and a Bollywood classic song. Not just for the mehndi songs list, this can be added to any of your events for a relatable, emotional, and classic touch to your wedding playlist. You can perform this song with your mother but prepare for tears if you & your mom are both the sentimental kinds. Nevertheless, it will be a memorable performance you will love looking back at through the years.

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#8 Tunak Tunak Tun – Daler Mehndi 

Yes, this gem was released more than two decades ago and is one of the best 90s mehndi songs to include in your playlist. It will surely get everyone on the dance stage because the beats are such and the familiarity of the song is far-fetched. When the guests at your mehndi feel a little bored, this is the song to play. Even those who are sitting will be dancing with their shoulders to this song. 

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#9 Wah Wah Ramji

Besides Maye Ne Maye, the romantic classic movie blessed us with another hit wedding song called Wah Wah Ramji. It’s just the best song for sisters & brothers of the bride & groom to perform at the wedding. The lyrics are beautiful and the music is toe-tapping – just what you want a wedding song to be like. 

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#10 Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye 

While there are many songs for brides & couples, for grooms, the options are minimal. This is where the gem Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye comes in. It’s a wonderful one of the 90s mehndi songs that the groom can dedicate to his bride. Besides mehndi day, the song can be played for the groom’s entry as well. Or even better, plan a surprise entry for the bride at her mehndi event and make your wife-to-be feel special and loved at the most important event of your life. 

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#11 Chal Pyaar Karegi – Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hay

Yet another of the 90s mehendi songs, Chal Pyaar Karegi is another classic Bollywood song to include in your wedding. It can be a fun banter and a romantic one too for the bride & groom’s performance. 

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#12 Taron Ka Chamakta Gehna Ho – Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam

One of the best wedding songs to perform on mehndi or any other day and can involve a number of family members. It’s dedicated to the bride and is such a lovely song to perform for her. The brother’s version in the song is also lovely and is ideal as a brother-of-the-bride wedding song. With over 370 million+ views on Youtube, the popularity of this song is obvious, and the presence of the 3 biggest superstars also amps up the fame of the video version of the song. 

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#13 Palki Me Hoke Sawaar – Khal Nayak 

Madhuri Dixit really was the Bollywood Queen in the 90s, so it’s a given that most of the songs on this 90s mehndi songs sub-section consist of her movies. The next one is the Palki Me Hoke Sawaar Chali Re, Mei To Apne Saajan Ke Dwaar Chali Re. It’s a lovely, romantic song and portrays the happiness and excitement of the bride perfectly. An ideal mehndi song for the bride indeed. 

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#14 Kisi Disco Me Jaye – Bade Miyan Chote Miyan

This famed 90s song is yet another perfect one for your mehndi playlist or for any other wedding function for that matter. It can be used as a couple’s song for any couple of your family – bhaiya-bhabhi, didi-jiju, or even mausi-mausaji. It’s a fun song to reminisce about the old memories and also let the younger generation know of the good old gems that came before their generation. The lyrics are also very fun so it looks cheery when you perform. 

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Mehendi Songs For Bridesmaids

#15 Chaudhary – Amit Trivedi 

The folksong that has taken the wedding world by storm. Sung by Rajasthan-based folk singer Mame Khan in collaboration with Amit Trivedi, the song received numerous awards and praises for its lyrics, singing, and music. This has also become a hit track for bridesmaids’ Indian wedding performances and a splendid song for bridal solo performances. Even though it was released in 2012, the music just recently gained traction because of some fantastic choreographies done by brides on the song going viral. 

#16 Chhalka Chhalka Re – Saathiyan 

Chhalka Chhalka Re is yet another masterpiece to download for your mehndi songs. It’s the perfect bridesmaid song which has soulful lyrics and amazing music for girls to dance on!  And while most bridesmaids stick to just the first part of the song, we’d recommend you listen to the second part as it narrates the bride’s life after the wedding beautifully. If you’re planning to do just one song for your BFF’s wedding, then this is the one. 

#17 Chitta Kukkad – Neha Bhasin

My bhabhi’s sisters performed this song for the roka ceremony and it looked really lovely. The lyrics basically say, “Hathan Utte Mehndi Lag Gayi, Ik Qismat Wali Nu” which basically points toward the bride being lucky for finding a man like a groom in her life. When picking songs for bridesmaids’ performances, it’s always nice to pick a few which can make the bride & groom, like this one. Although, know that there are many versions of Chitta Kukkad and we have included the one we’re talking about below. 

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#18 Navrai Majhi 

There’s something about the traditional languages of India, they just make the music feel more soulful and traditional. Another such example is Navrai Majhi, a Marathi song with some Hindi lyrics to cater to the general audience, performed by Sridevi. It was literally enacted on a mehendi day, and what makes a song more fitting for the mehendi?

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#19 Jaani Tere Naa

Yet another song that has become a favored option for bridesmaids for their dance at BFF’s wedding. Besides mehendi night, you can also use this song for the sangeet. For mehendi, surprise the bride with dance and make her feel like the special girl she is! 

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#20 Tareefan

A song that quickly became THE song for the bridesmaids’ performance, and it was the choreography performed by this bride & bridesmaids duo which gained further attention to the swag of this song. The Tareefan choreography starts at 2:50. 

#21 Bole Chudiyan – Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum

Now, who hasn’t danced on this old gem of a song? The amazing lyrics, rocking music, and Kareena’s remarkable facial expressions all made the song a hit as soon as it was released. And it’s still praised as one of the best song videos in Bollywood. And accept it – we have all danced on it multiple times in our childhood, so why not choose it for your BFF’s wedding as well? 

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#22 Nachde Ne Saare 

Yet another song that was performed on the mehndi day itself, making it a perfect fit for the list of mehndi songs for weddings. There are many choreographies available online as well – to prepare you for the performance easily. 

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Mehndi Songs Punjabi 

#23 Morni Banke

Ayushman Khurana is a fabulous actor, and singer, and this song proves he can also dance well. Sung by Guru Randhawa and Neha Kakkar whose voices lend liveliness and vibrancy to the music, this is an ideal song for a couple’s dance performance who like upbeat music for their choreography which also has romance and good vibes. 

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#24 Laung Laachi

This is one of those mehendi songs in Punjabi which gained traction with the Hindi version too. It features popular Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa, who rules the heart with her dancing and expressions. The same should be taken care of when performing this song – make sure the expressions are in line with the dancing. 

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#25 Ishq Tera Tadpave – Sukhbir

You’re “Today” years old when you realized this is actually a breakup song, with such good beats that we failed to realize the meaning of the lyrics of the song. But who cares? It’s still the most toe-tapping song and one of the must-have Punjabi mehndi songs in your playlist. 

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#26 Gucci – Aroob Khan

Gucci is a lovely song for brides to dedicate to their man. But it will also look good on little bridesmaids performing it. They will make any song cuter anyway. It isn’t as popular as the other songs, so if you’re looking for a Punjabi wedding song that is amazing but not the one which is played everywhere, this is the one. 

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#27 Bijlee Bijlee – Harrdy Sandhu

The song whose hook step is more popular than the song itself is Bijlee Bijlee. And it’s also very easy to recreate. Just make sure there’s lots of energy and vibrancy and you can completely nail the choreography of this lively number. Play this as one of the Punjabi mehndi songs and see how many people recreate the step on the dance floor itself. 

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#28 Daru Badnaam

A song that’s about to reach 1 billion views has got to be a track that has won the hearts of many music lovers – no matter their preference. Daru Badnaam is a perfect song for those who believe there’s no celebration without alcohol – including marriage. It also has good beats so it can brighten up the mood during mehendi celebrations. 

#29 Madhanya

A beautiful song featuring lovebirds Disha Parmar & Rahul Vaidya. The video is lovely as well as it takes the journey of a bride from the pheras to her first few days in her new home. If you’re a bride-to-be, you will love the sentiments portrayed in this video. You can dance on this song with your parents or dedicate this performance to them as well. Prepare for some tears though! As that’s the beauty of this song – to bring out emotions well. 

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#30 Kya Baat Ay – Harrdy Sandhu

Harrdy Sandhu’s playlist consists of many vibrant songs which can inspire power-packed performances and get people on the dance stage as well. One such is Kya Baat Ay which is such a romantic number but has live music so you can easily dance to it as well. It’s also good for kids’ dance performances or just adding to the dynamic playlist of mehndi songs. 

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Mehndi Songs New 

#31 Tesher – Jalebi Baby

Yet another song is perfect for the bride’s cousins and bridesmaids to dance to! Alia Bhatt was recently seen dancing to this song at one of her friend’s weddings, and she completely sealed the deal for this new mehndi song. We love the lyrics which hype up the beauty of the girl and what girl doesn’t like some cheesy compliments for herself? 

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#32 Kithe Reh Gaya – Neeti Mohan

“Ring Ceremony Aaj Rakhva Kar, Band Baaja Aaj Party Ch Bula Ke, Mahi Mera Kithe Reh Gaya,” it’s not ideally a romantic song, but rather a fun one to dedicate to your groom. If you’re someone who wants to express their relationship’s love through cheeriness rather than cheesiness, this is the song to dance on! Many brides also choose this track for their roka ceremony as the lyrics are about the ring ceremony rather than the wedding ceremony. 

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#33 Aaj Sajeya – Goldie Sohel 

This song has become the anthem for wedding reels, and we think the attention is all fair. The lyrics state that happiness has come in abundance as the bride is ready to be the groom’s forever, and doesn’t it just state the bride’s emotions so well? The video is also very sweet and will melt your heart. Besides mehendi, you can also play this lovely song for your bridal entry. 

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#34 Kesariya – Brahmastra

The latest love anthem from the most awaited movie at the moment – Brahmastra. From the newly-wed Bollywood Jodi’s chemistry to the romantic lyrics and soulful music, we will see many couples’ performances of this song in the upcoming wedding season. Include this new mehndi song in your playlist and give a magical performance on this lovely number. 

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#35 Rangi Sari – Jug Jugg Jeeyo

Yet another new Bollywood song for weddings. This might not make a good song for dance performances, but to set the mood right and play soulful music at the mehendi event, this can make for a good track to include in your mehndi song list for 2022. 

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#36 Nach Punjaban – Jug Jugg Jeeyo 

Besides Rangi Sari, Jug Jug Jeeyo blessed us with yet another song for weddings, which is fitting for the mehndi songs playlist and is a lovely new mehndi song number. It’s best for family performances as it brings everyone together and has a good beat to it as well. Even for sangeet family choreography, this can make for an amazing track. 

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#37 Sajna Tere Liye Sajna – Baadshah

Many of Baadshah’s soundtracks can make for an amazing addition to your wedding party playlist, but this one has the lyrics which can make a good addition to your bridal solo performance as well. Karishma Tanna actually danced on this song for her bridal entry and we think it’s a lovely track to give a performance on during your bridal entry. The performance starts at 2:05. 

Mehndi Songs List

#38 Gud Naal Ishq Mita – Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

One of the best songs to be played at bride’s events and performed by Ladkiwale, Gud Naal Ishq Mita is just a lovely number that’s both vibrant and has relatable lyrics. Plus, it’s performed during a mehendi ceremony in the movie, which says a lot about how it’s just the perfect fit for your mehendi songs list as well. 

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#39 Kala Chashma – Baar Baar Dekho

Kala Chashma is quite a popular song for dance parties and will make an amazing addition to mehendi songs for weddings as well. Make sure the dance is energetic when performing on this track though because it’s a lively number and the steps should match the vibrancy. 

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#40 Kaun Nachdi – Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety gave us some amazing tracks like Chhote Chhote Peg, Dil Chori, and Tera Yaar Hoon Main, but the one that will impress the bride is Kaun Nachdi. It has endearing lyrics and vibrant beats to make anyone come to the dance floor. 

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#41 Lagdi Hay Thai – Simran

This lively music dedicated to the bride is just what you need to play on the mehndi night. The cousins or bridesmaids can perform this song for the bride on the mehendi day or even sangeet! 

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#42 Gal Mithi Mithi – Aisha

Besides establishing Sonam Kapoor as a serious actress, Aisha gave us an excellent track which is relevant even a decade after its release. It can be performed by the bride & the groom or any other couple as it has endearing lyrics and good beats to it. A family performance with couples can also work quite well on Gal Mithi Mithi. 

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#43 Ghagra – Ye Jawani Hay Deewani

A song featuring Madhuri Dixit’s dance sure will be toe-tapping. This one’s from Yeh Jawaani Hay Deewani, and the movie has many such vibrant tracks like Badtameez Dil and Dilliwali Girlfriend to add to your mehndi songs playlist. 

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#44 Tenu Leke – Salaam-E-Ishq

This is yet another popular Bollywood song played at Indian weddings and is often performed by the groom for the bride. A surprise performance by the groom at the mehendi event for the bride will just win her heart and show her how special she is! Not to forget you will be able to look back on these fond memories together years down memory lane. 

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#45 Shaam Shaandar – Shaandaar

We just danced to this song for my BFF’s wedding and I should say I completely forgot about this song until the choreographer suggested it and remember I loved the beats of this song so much! It’s definitely one of those tracks which are underrated for wedding songs but should be included on many lists including your mehndi songs list. It definitely requires a ton of energy if you’re trying to perform on it, so keep that in mind while choosing for your performance. 

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