25+ Birthday Poems For Wife || Romantic, Funny, & Short

Birthday Poems For Wife

Make your sweetheart’s special day even more special by dedicating a poem just for her! Find 25+ birthday poems for wife below:

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#1 Beautiful Birthday Poems For Wife 

My gorgeous, caring wife,

You forever have been and always will be,

The sole love of my life.

On your special day, 

I wish from my heart,

God’s best blessing for my sweetheart,

Please do put kids to bed early today, 

And make sure they sleep tight right away,

For I have made plans for my girl,

To surprise her with a night she will always remember. 

#2 Birthday Verses For Wife

My angel descended on a fortunate day like this, 

The heavens cried for what they’d miss,

For your angelic spirit is like no other, 

And I’m so glad to have found before someone other,

I was lucky you chose me, 

And we both knew what we had was meant to be.

You’ve made me the happiest man on Earth, 

And I promise to keep you happy today, tomorrow, and henceforth.

Happy Birthday to the best and sweetest wife,

Just want you to know – without you, there’s no “life” in my life. 

#3 Birthday Poems For Wife From Husband

Happy birthday to my darling wife

Who has become the center of my life

I always love when this day is here

Coz it’s another reason to hold you closer

Another chance to remind you are most special

Another occasion to reminisce our special memories together

Another day to love you more

Another day to thank God for all that you are

I love you more than words could ever express, my one and only. 

#4 Perfect Love

Love is a blissful feeling, 

For it is you, giving it.

My heart is never reeling,

For it is you, holding it.

Every day has become wonderful,

For they are spent in the presence of you, my love. 

But today is especially colorful,

For it is the birthday of my dove.

Happy Birthday!

#5 Happy Birthday Poems For Wife

Happy Birthday to the bestest wife, 

Who has filled my life with bliss, 

And makes my heart smile with her sweet kisses.

Still, my soul feels warm in your sweet embrace,

Still, I can never thank God enough for his grace. 

May this day be filled with an abundance of happiness,

For it’s the day my sweetheart was born & I was blessed with richness. 

#6 30th Birthday Poems For Wife

Happy Birthday to my passionate 

And gorgeous looking soulmate

You have stolen my heart, 

On the very first day

Was it your melodic voice

That makes me alive and whole?

Or was it your enchanting eyes

Which made me connect to your soul?

Perhaps it’s everything about you

Which makes me feel the way I do! 

Happy birthday once again my sweetheart!

#7 My Best Gift

On this day, I got the best gift of my life, my beloved, 

Who is the reason behind my every smile, 

You are more valuable than a diamond,

And you make every moment of my life worthwhile.

Meeting you was the best thing,

That has ever happened to me.

You were my princess, and now the queen

And forever will be!

I will cherish you throughout this life, 

And any after this one too!

Happy Birthday! 

#8 Forever

In this life, we are forever together, 

The moments between us always get sweeter,

The love we have for each other will always grow stronger.

I adore you today, and I will adore you forever.

A very happy birthday to my darling wife!

#9 Funny Birthday Poems For Wife 

You are the Jerry to my Tom,

You are sometimes Tweety to my Sylvester, 

You are my life partner and there’s nothing I could have wanted more,

You will always be the Nala to my Simba, 

Happy Birthday my love! You’re my everything. 

#10 My Special Someone

The World was graced with your presence on this very special day,

Thank you for being so amazingly great with the vibrant personality you portray,

Your elegance can’t be matched as it’s unique in every way,

Your beauty goes beyond the physical appeal anyway,

What I wish for you is that all your dream come true, 

What I pray for you is success in all walks of life and whatever you pursue,

Happy Birthday to you from someone who truly cherishes you, 

Happy Birthday to you from someone who can’t thank you enough for all that you do.

#11 My Wife, My Strength

You have been the strength behind my dreams, 

I value all your precious gleams,

The partnership we share will always be strong,

You are more right than anything that is wrong,

Love you forever, my sweet wife.

Thank you for coming into my life. 

Happy Birthday!

#12 A Match Made In Heaven

Two halves of one fabulous whole, 

Two halves of one soul, 

My sweet wife, you have made me feel complete, 

With you, every part of my life is replete, 

Today is a day filled with pleasure, 

For today, I got my invaluable treasure,


You make me the happiest I can ever be,

Let’s celebrate this day to the tee.

Happy Birthday! 

#13 You’re My Everything

Words could never demonstrate, 

The way you make me feel.

Your love is my forever, 

That is absolutely real. 

You’re my cool breeze in the summer, 

And my blanket in the fall.

You’re the spice in every season, 

I am blessed to taste it all. 

Each day we’re given choices, 

As we walk a narrow path.

And at the end of every day, 

We know this love will last.

You’re the shoulder that I cry on. 

You’re my partner and my friend. 

You’re the one I chose forever, 

And the one I’d choose again. 

Happy Birthday, Love!

#14 Love At First Sight

One glance is all it took, 

For my heart to miss a beat

I knew you were the one, 

I knew we were meant to meet. 

Your laughter is contagious,

Your smile lights up the moon, 

Your eyes draw me to you, 

Across a crowded room. 

Today I want to tell you

Just how much I care

For your birthday is a happiness beyond compare

I received my best gift on this day

A gift that I cherish every day

You’ve been a dream come true since the very start

And I love you with all my heart. 

#15 Love Is All You Need

I love the look in your eyes

When you tell me you love me, 

I love how you accept me with full heart, 

Even when I am at my worst. 

I love how you push me to be myself,

And help me overcome my insecurities. 

I love you for many reasons, 

But the main reason is because you’re you and you let me be me!

Let’s celebrate you today, on your birthday

As I always want you to stay that way!

#16 Short Birthday Poems For Wife

Sweetheart, here’s something, especially for you

Each day of my life is blissful all because of you

I thank God for giving me the gift of you

For there’s no one as special as you

Happy Birthday, my darling!

#17 You’re Special

In all our time together, 

You’ve come to mean so much to me,

You’re my best friend, 

My life and all my dreams. 

You give me hope when I’m all out, 

You’re my pick-me-up, 

When I am feeling down, 

You make me feel good about myself, 

There will never be anyone else, 

For the rest of time, 

To love me like you do, 

And for me to love too the way I love you 

You mean the world to me

You are my soul, my spirit, my everything. 

Happy Birthday to the best wife in the whole world! 

#18 Birthday Poems For Her

My darling wife, I remember.

I remember clearly 

The day we met

The words that were spoken

The emotions left unsaid

I remember clearly 

The excitement that was felt

The way you made me smile

The way my heart would melt

I remember clearly

The wonder, the anticipation

The way I was alive

With joy and pure elation

I remember clearly

All the ways you made me feel

As if it were yesterday

Cause after all this time

I feel that way still.

I love you. Happy Birthday my everything. 

#19 Birthday Poems For Wife From Husband

From the very first day, I did know 

That your presence is something I can’t ignore. 

You were borne to be my wife,

And to make precious memories through this walk of life. 

With unlimited happiness and laughter, 

Let’s say together, in this life and hereafter.

So on your birthday, all I wanna say,

Is that, I won’t let anyone whisk you away!

Happy Birthday Love!

#20 Short & Sweet Birthday Poems

You’re like a ray of sunshine

That gives life a warmer touch

And that’s the special reason

Why you’re loved so very much

Have a wonderful birthday! 

#21 Forever Together

Observing the stars, 

You came into mind. 

I thought about your love for me, 

It’s so fine. 

Whenever you hug me, 

Whenever you’re there,

I feel so secure, 

I know you really care. 

At times we’re together,

Not knowing what to say,

All we do is hold hands, 

Then our love lights the way.

There are instances we argue, 

But time’s granted to ponder, 

Then we work things out, 

It makes our love stronger. 

I’ve nothing to worry about, 

For I have someone as amazing as you,

Let’s make your birthday super special,

Because days like these are meant to cherish you. 

#22 Always There For You

If you are alone, I will be your shadow. 

If you want to cry, I will be your shoulder.

If you’re not happy, I will be your smile. 

Whenever you need me, I will always be there!

Happy Birthday Gorgeous! 

#23 Perfect Birthday

Hope today’s the kind of day

Where everything goes right…

Hope you have lots of fun

From morning until night..

Hope it’s one of those birthdays that stands out from the rest..

Hope this birthday celebration is truly the best!

Happy Birthday! 

#24 Forever & Ever

Happy Birthday to you, my love, 

On your special day, 

I love you now, and always will, 

In every possible way.

You’re the calm that drains my rage, 

You are the person I care about most, 

You are the Sun that brightens my storm, 

And I hope we can forever be this close. 

I cannot find words to tell you, 

How much you mean to me, 

For words are but an insult,

To this love I feel so intensely.

So be my love for all our lives, 

And I will be your love too, 

Each birthday is another chance,

To say “I love just you.” 

#25 Our Bond

You are my love story, and I 

Write you into everything I do, 

Everything I see, 

Everything I touch, and

Everything I dream, 

You are the words that fill my pages. 

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Let’s make a day of your birthday. 

#26 The Perfect Words

Happy Birthday Wifey! I am so in love with you. 

I didn’t just fall in love with the best of you like

The way your eyes light up the room

The way your laugh makes me smile

The way your hand fits in mine

The way your personality stands out

The way your smile gives me butterflies

Or the way your body moves

I fell in love with all of you

I fell in love with your scars

The way you make sarcastic remarks

The way you feel helpless at 2 AM

The way you cry about something from years ago

The way you can sometimes get angry

Or the way you sometimes want to be alone

I fell in love with all of you

I fell in love with the great in you 

And I fell in love with “bad” you see in yourself

But the bad you see is the great that I see

Because I love every part of you

Every bit

I keep falling in love with all of you – a bit more each and every day. 

#27 Our Bond

Darling, Happy Birthday. 

On this day, and every day to come,

I want you to know that I love you, 

Not only for what you are, 

But for what I am

When I am with you. 

I love you, 

Not only for what you have of yourself, 

But for what you are making of me. 

I love you 

For the part of me that you bring out. 

#28 40th Birthday Poems For Wife


You have changed my life 

From a blink of the eye, 

The feeling in this heart 

Of mine I cannot deny.

You have made each day one 

I will never forget, 

Everything we go through 

I will never regret.

You have touched my heart

In such a short time, 

All I want to say I will love you, 

For a whole lifetime. 

Happy Birthday my everything! 

#29 Birthday Limerick For Wife

If I had to explain the reason

Why I find you so

Pretty and sweet

I would explain it by saying 

That you are my heart’s beat

If I had to describe you

In a few words

I wouldn’t say sexy

Or amazing

I would describe you 

With the phrase

You’re my reason for being

I love you baby. Happy Birthday. 

#30 Happy Birthday Love Poems For Wife

My love for you is uncontrollable. 

My feelings for you are unstoppable. 

Can’t go a day without thinking about you. 

Without you I am not complete.

With you my heart finds it’s beat. 

My heart is filled with joy because of your love. 

You are my strength, and without you I am weak.

Before you came into my life, I was

Hopeless, lonely, sad.

When you showed up, I knew that you were sent to me. 

You are always here to cheer me up. 

Your smile makes me shy, 

And sometimes I wonder where you have been all this while, 

But I am just glad that I managed to get you in my life. 

Happy Birthday Sweetie. You make my life worth living. 

#31 Romantic Birthday Poem For Wife

I never saw the world beyond you, 

I never needed the world without you, 

Be with me forever love, 

Happy Birthday! 

#32 Happy Birthday Love Poems For Wife

Happy Birthday to my wife, 

Who is the reason behind my smile, 

You are more precious than a diamond, 

And you make my life worthwhile. 

Meeting you was the best thing 

That has ever happened to me.

You were my princess, 

And now the queen,

And forever will be!

I will love you 

Throughout my life, 

And hereafter too!

#33 Romantic Birthday Poems For Wife

Heaven is about tasting 

The berry of your lips.

Heaven is about sleeping,

Grinding our hips.

Heaven is about loving you, 

All day and night. 

Heaven is about cuddling

With you tight. 

Heaven is about being married

To you, all my life. 

And I am wishing you, 

A very Happy Birthday my wife! 

#34 Short Birthday Poems For Wife

You are what I crave, 

You are what I adore, 

You are what I need, 

I couldn’t ask for more. 

I love you crazier than ever, 

I’m yours to take, keep or lose, 

I can’t get near enough of you, 

My sweet treat I cannot refuse. 

Happy Birthday! 

#35 Just You 

I am not a poet,

I have never been, 

But when I think of you, 

The words flow from within. 

You taught me the meaning of love,

My wife, my angel. 

Every moment with you is beautiful, 

Every day memorable. 

You completely accepted all of me;

And loved me despite my eccentricities

However busy you might be, 

You happily fulfilled all my necessities,

You have done so much for me,

Today I want to do my part, 

And make you feel like a Queen

On your special day, my sweetheart!

Happy Birthday my love!

#36 The Birthday Love

Seeing you smile warms my heart, 

Embracing you in my arms ignites my soul,

Make a promise, to never depart, 

Coz I rely on you to make me whole, 

Another wonderful year, and another amazing birthday, 

An additional candle lights up the cake.

Need not count those candles today, 

Just appreciate the radiance they make!

Love you baby, Happy Birthday! 

#37 I Love You

She is the apple of my eye, 

The reason that I breathe, 

She is everything I have ever wished for,

My heart to her I give.

It is for that special woman in my life, 

These words which I pen, 

To thank her for always being, 

My wife and best friend, 

Happy Birthday! 

#38 Short Birthday Poems For Her

My most favorite day is here, 

A birthday of someone so dear, 

My gorgeous wife, my life partner, 

May our bond stay strong forever

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday! 

#39 Love Birthday Poems For Her 

Your birthday gives me an ideal chance, 

To admire and appreciate you all day long,

Spoil you with love and gifts, 

And sing you a romantic love song, 

Today is your special day, my darling, 

And I am at your service

Come close, let’s start this amazing day, 

With your sweet kiss,

Happy Birthday to the best wife! 

#40 Short Birthday Poems For Wife

I never expected you to be flawless,

I only wanted you to give me happiness,

But you have done both things so beautifully,

Thanks, darling for being such an amazing wife.

Happy Birthday, Love!  

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