75 Wedding Songs For Every Sangeet Performance & Celebration

Sangeet Songs

Sangeet night is the official party night in Indian weddings. The bride & groom along with their families gear up for epic staged performance and a party thereafter. While the performance between the bride & groom’s side calls for a competition, hooting, and tonnes of hearty trash talk, the couple dance and the emotional parents’ performance brings everyone closer together in awe and sometimes, tears. Although, we all know that the fun of a sangeet party starts way before the finale day when the choreography starts. To the mama who makes every step cute, to the bua who just can’t get enough attention, and the cousin bonding that makes everything convulsed into laughter – sangeet night is surely the best of the wedding events! And to make that event further cheery for you, we are including a list of 85 wedding songs below, sectioned as per the performance, to make your wedding planning easier. 

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Wedding Songs For Bridal Solo Performance

#1 Gucci 

A Punjabi wedding song just ideal for brides looking to express their love for their other half but with a lively tone. Gucci has a romantic touch but manages to pick up the vibrancy between the slow lines. This song has become a bridal favorite in recent times, and you’d surely want to consider it for your sangeet night. 

#2 Saiyaan Superstar 

If romantic and slow melodies aren’t your thing, or you’re just looking to add an enthusiastic and mischievous number to your bridal solo wedding songs – Saiyaan Superstar might be your pick! Sunny Leon’s allure and flawless dance certainly inspire to perform the same way. Although, it’s not as much about the dance as the emotions and expressions. So keep them on a good level, and the performance will automatically fall into place. 

#3 Makhna || Drive

The one song that’s appearing on every bride’s playlist is Makhna. It’s a cheery number with romantic lyrics, a unique combination surely. 

#4 Dheeme Dheeme Gaun

While brides often want to stick to the latest tracks, if you’re someone looking for a distinctive song choice for your performance, Dheeme Dheeme Gau is an excellent choice. Here’s a bride dancing gracefully and impeccably on it to make the case for us. 

#5 Kithe Reh Gaya

Another one of the popular songs in sangeet function right now is Kithe Reh Gaya. Even though the guests would be expecting this to be played at the event, they’d be still thrilled to see the choreography. The affectionate and fun lyrics surely bring on your best dance moves yet! 

#6 Main Teri Ho Gayi || Sardar Ka Grandson

This latest 2021 Bollywood track for your sangeet will bring tonnes of emotions on surface. And might make your groom/ husband-to-be gush a bit, which makes it totally worth it. Remember to keep the dance steps impeccably flowing into one another and expressions strong for a hearty performance. 

#7 Nachdi Phira

Another expressive song for brides to perform on and dedicate to their other half is Nachdi Phira. You can either start off with this song to set the tone right or end with it for an impactful exit. Whatever the choice, guests would be left mesmerized by the performance. 

#8 Ghoomar

Exude the royalty and grace of Deepika Padukone with this lovely track. While you don’t actually have to learn the Ghoomar’s steps, infusing them into the performance in a neo-traditional will just make it look authentic and alluring. You will surely enjoy the practice sessions and grooving on the finale day to this track too! 

#9 Dil Diyan Gallan (Female Version)

While this song is often a favored one for the couple’s dance performance, it can make for a great choice for the solo performance too! Here’s a beautiful choreography on the same. 

#10 Sau Asmaan

Let’s admit it. You might have already danced to this song in the comforts of your room – making memories of performing it on this special day for the special someone. Now he’s here, so what are you waiting for? Whirl & twirl on this song and mesmerize him completely. 

#11 Lagan Lagi

A deeply expressive track for brides to shake a leg on their sangeet. We suggest you mix with a hearty track right after to balance the vibrancy of your performance. 

#12 Gulabi Aankhein

If you’re looking for a track that focuses just on YOU because you’re the bride (Duh!), so shake a leg on this “Student Of The Year” track. Dance with the same confidence as Shanaya and leave everyone hooting “Once More”. 

#14 Saajan Ke Ghar Jana Hay

We all know a girl who has been just crazy about getting married since her childhood. This song is for her, or you, if you’re reading this at the moment. Definitely, a track that will leave everyone grinning and watching in awe, especially your in-laws. 

#15 Dil Deewana || Maine Pyar Kiya 

Looking for a Bollywood retro song for your sangeet performance? We have found the one for you! Surely, edit it out to make it more groove-worthy. See how bride Payal did the same in her sangeet performance video. 

Wedding Songs For Groom Solo

#16 Dilliwali Girlfriend

There is no other song on this list that matches the tashan and fun of this song. It just amps up the entire mood of the ceremony and will have eyes on you. We’d recommend opening up with this track and slowly transforming it into a romantic number for a beautiful medley of groom sangeet songs. 

#17 Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani

Is there any better song for your Queen? We don’t think so! Whilst on the journey to build your own kingdom, start with this cheery number and let her love grow for you even more! 

#18 Main Tera Boyfriend

This hit number by Arijit Singh and Neha Kakkar is still playing at all the parties for a reason! It’s flirty, foot-tapping, and full of joviality.  A song that everyone loves to enjoy and you will have fun practicing and performing on! 

#19 Nashe Si Chad Gayi

Add that mischievous fun into your sangeet with Nashe Si Chadi Gayi. Not just you, everyone in the crows will groove to this song, such is the vivacity. Picking this will ensure your performance gets the exciting beginning it deserves. 

#20 Tan Tana Tan Tara

Judwaa-2 made some zesty remixes to the earlier version of the songs. Tan Tana Tan Tara will result in such a blast-off performance at your big fat Indian wedding. 

#21 Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai || Main Tera Hero

We can always trust Varun Dhawan to give us at least one energetic song from his movies. From Main Tera Hero, it’s Tera Dhyan Kidhar Hai. Adding this song to your groom’s medley track can certainly electrify the mood of your performance and infuse a cheeriness in the crowds.  

#22 Badri Ki Dulhaniya

If you’re looking for a latest Bollywood track for your sangeet solo groom performance, Badri Ki Dulhaniya is an epic one to add! And this song has surely become a crowd’s favorite too, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them, do you?

#23 Tenu Leke 

Have you ever been to a wedding where Tenu Leke isn’t played? This is the most favored song by grom for sangeet and the lyrics surely do justice to the popularity. 

#24 Churaake Dil Mera

A superhit song for the one that actually stole your heart! All the guests, and your special someone, will be hooting on this track, and you’ll single-handedly up the points of the groom’s side dance – just make sure the expressions are on-point, even if the dance is not! 

#25 Woh Ladki Jo || Baadshah

Shahrukh Khan’s era gave us some pretty good songs to look back and reminisce about this wonderful cinematic time vividly. One of them is Woh Ladki Jo! The lyrics are ideal to impress your bride and the cheery melody just paves the way for a superb performance. You can also ask your wedding planner to display your bride’s pictures in the background to add a special touch to the dance. 

#26 Saajan Ji Ghar Aaye 

One of the best 90’s sangeet songs that’s played at every wedding – sometimes not once, but multiple times. We absolutely love the energetic tunes and relatable lyrics of this song! The groom can dance alone or get his family to join him for the performance. 

#27 Wakhra Swag

A great sangeet deserves the best song ever! As a groom, you’re looking for a song that gets all eye on you/ Wakhra Swag is that song. Upbeat tone, lyrics that drip with attitude & self-confidence yet woos your bride, and easy melody to give way to simple steps, Wakhra Swag fits it all. You can also get your cousin’s brothers/friends to join in on this track! 

#28 Dekha Tumko Jabse 

Kareena Kapoor as Poo is a complete vibe! And she became so popular because all girls could relate to her fashion visionary, utter self-confidence, and golden heart. If you want to make your lady love feel special, dance on this track for sure, and you can also call her on stage and do an impromptu performance with her. 

Wedding Songs For Couple Sangeet Performance

#29 Dil Diyan Gallan

The song that will always make the list of most romantic songs EVER is Dil Diyan Gallan. A lovely track and a soothing tune, this song creates a lovey-dovey atmosphere from the first note itself. You can open with this amazing song and then, move over to other tracks for a whimsical impact. 

#30 Mere Liye Tum Kafi Ho 

This latest popular song by Ayushman Khurana has become a couple favorite for sangeet dance. It’s a part of almost every wedding songs’ playlist and rightfully so! The lyrics are sweetest, standalone, and the peppy tone makes it perfect to dance on! More so, your lady love will be so impressed if you choose this song, and the next one too! 

#31 Perfect by Ed Sheeran

If you’re looking for an English song for your couple’s dance, Perfect by Ed Sheeran will be a superb choice! 

#32 Dekha Hazaro Dafa

For those wanting to do a couple of Rumba or Waltz, there are no Bollywood sangeet songs that fit the preference like Dekha Hazaro Dafa. Here’s Rahul Vaidya & Disha Parmar dancing on this track for their reception to convince you to choose this song as well! 

#32 Pehli Baar || Dil Dhadakne Do 

Not all romantic songs have to be cheesy! Pehli Baar by Dil Dhadakne Do has wonderful lyrics – written by Javed Akhtar, that’s a given, and takes a livelier note with time. It will be something new and fresh on your sangeet, and guests will be entertained for sure! 

#33 Nazm Nazm 

Ayushman Khurana does romantic songs the best! The original lyrics, soulful voice, melodious tunes – what’s not to love! This is a great choice for your couple dance and one not to be missed for your special day. 

#34 Gazab Ka Hai Din

This absolutely whimsical song is a must-have for your wedding! If not in the couple’s performance, then as background music for special moments like ring ceremony, bridal entry, etc. The perfect number to play at this remarkable time. 

#35 Kya Baat Ay

It can be hard to woo your other half with words sometimes, let the song Kya Baat Ay do that for you instead. The impressive lyrics and hearty tones will make for a memorable dance performance. 

#36 GOAT by Diljit Dosanjh

If you’re looking for a peppy number for your couple Sangeet performance, then GOAT by Diljit Dosanjh surely fits your preferences. This Punjabi Sangeet song will make up the cheeriness of your party and add a flair of fun to your performance. 

#37 Main Agar Kahoon/ Bol Do Na Zara – T-Series Mixtape

If you’ve heard T-Series mixtape songs, you know they’re some of the best medleys. One of their songs includes a combination of Main Agar Kahoon/ Bol Do Na Zara – a tender-hearted track to dance on Sangeet with your beloved! 

#38 Mere Sohneya

Kabir Singh definitely stirred controversies with the misogynistic, abusive behaviors in the film, but undeniably blessed us with the most soulful soundtracks of all time! All the songs of the movie are a super-duper hit. But the one that’s best as a sangeet song for bride & groom is Mere Sohneya. Find an inspirational choreography right here! 

#39 Raabta

One of the romantic anthems of Bollywood is Raabta. You can perform a lot of couple steps for this song and add a ton of variety. In the end, it will only be about the emotions this song represents and less about the steps – so immersed in the beauty of it!

#40 Ainvayi Ainvayi

What better movie to take your wedding songs from than the one that’s based on wedding planning? This will be a non-cheesy number to add to your romantic sangeet songs playlist and a fun one to practice and perform on! 

#41 Ladki Badi Anjani Hay

If you’re a fan of the 2000’s Bollywood songs, Ladki Badi Anjani is an ideal track for you as a couple. With fun lyrics and upbeat tunes, there’s an unmatchable cheeriness in this song that will pleasantly enthrall the audience. Looking back, you’d be just smiling from ear-to-ear having danced on this endearing song. 

#42 Mere Naam Tu || Zero 

The Zero movie might not have impressed the audience, but the song “Mere Naam Tu” sure did! The meaningful lyrics, deep lyrics, and melodic tones make this song a must-have in your couple’s dance performance. The romantic number will invoke the feelings of love in you for the partner, which will make the dance even more special. 

#43 Ghungroo || War

Don’t worry, you don’t have to match the impeccable dance steps of Hrithik Roshan’s if you decide to dance to this song. But if you don’t want to make the complete wedding songs medley for bride & groom romantic, this can be a unique addition. Picking a great choreographer will pay off here. Because she/ he can give you some easy yet fast steps to match the tunes of this song. 

#44 Tere Bina || Guru

Guru has blessed us with some epic songs – Maiya Maiya, Barso Re, and Tere Bina. One of the romantic couple dance songs, you just can’t fail to express your love with this epic number. You can also go for the remix version if you need some peppy tunes with soulful lyrics. 

Sangeet Songs For Bride’s Side

#45 Tamma Tamma Again

A fun remix song of an old song, this party track, and wedding theme song would make the night livelier than it earlier was! 

#46 Chaudhary

The performances on the bride’s side are often more emotional, deep, and meaningful. Therefore, Chaudhary – a Rajasthani folk song would make for a beautiful sangeet song for the bride’s side performance. Take cues from this viral bridesmaid’s performance on how to nail it! 

#47 Banno || Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Not only was Tanu Weds Manu Returns an amazing movie, but the song “Banno” became the wedding anthem for a long time. The track is still in demand and can make for a beautiful addition to your hindi wedding songs playlist. 

#48 Nachde Ne Saare

A peppy track to add to the sangeet songs list is “Nachde Ne Saare”. Watching the video of the song with Katrina dancing with so much energy itself puts you into a dancing mood. And of course, a dance from the bride’s side should be a mix of emotional and impeccable moves, something that makes the groom’s side worried about losing just by seeing it. 

#49 Jaani Teri Naa

Some tracks are must-have Punjabi wedding songs and Jaani Teri Naa is one of them! The goofy lyrics with the Punjabi liveliness can put into the mood of some busting great moves. Play this song and expect people from the audience to tap their legs, shrug their shoulders, and move their heads to the tunes of this epic number!  

#50 Nai Jana (Along With Bride)

This Punjabi folk song came back with some melodious tones as it was revamped by Neha Bhasin. The slow yet meaningful number can be performed by the bride and her parents/ siblings on the sangeet night! However, if you’re too emotional about the vidaai, we’d suggest skipping this song. 

#51 Taaron Ka Chamakta

One of the most beautiful & meaningful 90’s sangeet songs for your playlist is Taaron Ka Chamakta. Best done with the bride’s parents, close ones, and brother – this performance will be special and the one you will look back with love after years. 

Sangeet Songs For Groom’s Side

#52 Gallan Goodiyan

A perfect family sangeet songs for the groom’s side is Gallan Goodiyan. As the track starts, you can assign a few family members to dance while the others just stand, and then another group performs, and so on, till the refrain comes and the full group dances. It will be really fun to watch and perform! 

#53 Chote Chote Bhaiyon Ke Bade Bhaiya

Another classic 90’s sangeet song for the groom’s side is Chote Chote Bhaiyon Ke Bade Bhaiya. This super fun track just puts the right mood for the wedding and also welcomes the newest family member with love & gratefulness! While it’s more of a boy’s song, the girls can definitely join in and make it merrier. 

#54 Lo Chali Main

Another melodious 90’s sangeet song for bhabhi to perform for the newlyweds is Lo Chali Main. A typical crowd-pleaser and the one that makes your relationship with the blushing new couple clear! Don’t worry a lot about sticking to the steps on this one, just perform with love and loads of expressions. The song is special in itself. 

#55 Ek Kunwara Phir Gaya Mara 

Best done by the groom’s friends or cousins – this is a vibrant teasing song that will make the dance fun! Although, this might put you in the bad books of the bride for a while, so just plan ways to make her feel better afterward. Girls are often easily convinced by surprise gifts! 

#56 Sauda Khara Khara 

The movie “Good Newz” didn’t just give us belly aches from laughing, but also the next must-have track in the sangeet songs list. Sauda Khara Khara is a whimsical family sangeet song that can be played as the finale song for the sangeet night and everyone else can join for a dance party on the stage later. No matter how this song does deserve a place on the sangeet playlist. 

#57 Lamberghini

The Punjabi sangeet song is a trending Bollywood song for sangeet night! The typo in the name is deliberate and the storyline is that of a typical Punjabi song, where a materialistic possession unites the man and woman. Regardless, the high-spirited tone and peppy beats instantly make you want to dance to the song and will add a cheery vibe to the whole ceremony. 

#58 Aankh Marey

Just one of the few remixes that do justice to the original soundtrack is Aankh Marey. If you choose this song and match the vibrancy with the steps, there hardly will be a question of who wins the dance battle. 

Sangeet Songs For Parents

#59 Dilbaro 

Alia Bhatt gained quite a popularity as a versatile actor & a strong protagonist with Raazi and while the movie garnered the most attention, one of the songs Dilbaro also received much praise. It’s a sweet song to play on the Sangeet night, perfectly depicting the feelings of the bride & her parents. All three can dance to the song for a memorable performance. 

#60 Pyari Bahurani 

Pyari Bahurani is a beautiful song for the mother of the groom and aunts to welcome the newest addition to the family. Because of the traditional tune, easy steps can be added so they can dance with ease! 

#61 Laadki 

An emotional number that can be performed by the bride’s parents, siblings, along with the bride. The lyrics narrate the childhood to the adulthood time of the bride in her parent’s home. It can definitely bring tears, so we’d recommend keeping some tissues handy! 

#62 Say Shava Shava

If you’re not in the mood to be emotional on your children’s wedding day, then pick a peppy number like Shava Shava. Make it a family dance by getting more couples involved and let it be a lively affair. Even the practice sessions on this 2000’s Bollywood track will be full of joviality. 

#63 Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche

It’s just endearing to see your parents dance on a romantic song, and pick one that was a hit in their time, and they’d be thrilled to practice and shake a leg on it. Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche is a lovely, cheery song that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces. 

#64 Navrai Majhi 

This lovely Marathi Sangeet song is dedicated to the bride and basically says that our beautiful bride is like an angel, who has been pampered and loved and loves the moon. This just basically is a sweet request to the new family of the bride to take care of her, just like she has been taken care of by her parents. 

#65 Sasural Genda Phool

Best performed by the elderly on either side of the family, Sasural Genda Phool is a quirky, vibrant song bound to make everyone smirk in the audience. The lyrics are poking fun at the groom’s family but not in an insulting way, which makes it enjoyable to perform and play as sangeet songs. 

#66 Ku Aage Peeche Dolte Ho Bhawron Ki Tarah

Another super romantic number for bride’s or groom’s parents to perform on sangeet night! The winsome track calls for tonnes of expressions and less focus on steps – something the parents are more comfortable with. Make it a jovial performance with props and back dancers for an unforgettable dance. 

#67 Humne Suna Hai Tumne Jeevan Saathi Chuna Hai

If reading this song didn’t make you HUM it instantly, are you even a millennial? This offbeat song with fun lyrics will be amazing to perform with the bride herself. A few of her friends and family can accompany her and stage an act on this song for a noteworthy performance. 

#68 Maahi Ve 

Like every early 2000’s song, this number lives in our heads rent-free and is always associated with weddings. One of the best wedding songs for a family dance performance that will make everyone hoot & cheer for you! Make it more special by having the mother-of-the-bride perform on the part when “chanda meri chanda tujhe kese mei ye samjhau” plays! Try not to cry though, please.

#69 Ye Galliyan Ye Chaubara

One of the soulful old wedding songs with the melodious voice of Lata Mangeshkar is yet another one of the most popular sangeet songs. It would make for a good song for bridesmaids’ performance (if you’re looking for a retro number) or even for the group dance of our mothers & aunts. Make sure to point & tease the bride while performing on the song though! 

Wedding Songs For Siblings Sangeet Dance

#70 Tareefan

Get your girl gang and perform on this latest track with them! This upbeat, exuberant track will get the attention on the stage immediately and will be enjoyable to both practices and perform on the final day. You can also make pairs with the brothers/ partners for a more enjoyable choreography. 

#71 Kudi Nu Nachne De (Girls or Bridesmaids Performance)

Another peppy track to add to the cousins’ or bridesmaids’ wedding songs list. The multi-starrer song already gives very groovy vibes – one where you can lose yourself completely and just enjoy the lyrics while the steps follow. 

#72 Deewangi Hay || Om Shanti Om

Om Shanti Om movie has some utterly melodious songs and some of them are just ideal picks for a sangeet songs list. The Deewangi Hay is an ideal family sangeet song. So, get your maasis, mamas, buas, and cousins ready to groove to this track on the sangeet night! 

#73 Waah Waah Ram Ji

An ideal 90’s sangeet song for the groom’s brothers & bride’s sisters to perform on! While the sangeet is mostly about a fun competition between the two sides, collaborating or doing a dance-off on a 

#74 Nadiyon Paar

The hate for spoiling our golden 90s and 2000’s songs by making remixes is real and we support you! But you’ve got to agree that some of them are amazing, like Nadiyon Paar. It immediately puts on a party vibe in the audience and will make everyone groove alongside you!

#75 Sweety Tera Drama

The ideal wedding songs list for the bride’s brothers is Sweety Tere Drama. It’s always fun to see your family dance for you, and brothers’ can add an exuberant vibe to this track. You can also make it a group dance song, by making couple pairings for a light-hearted performance. 

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