25 Romantic Songs For Couples To Dance On Their Sangeet

Romantic Songs For Couples Dance

The best part about Indian weddings is that the celebration of love and togetherness is done over a period of 3 to 4 days, really giving the couple & their families time to soak up the special moment that joins them together forever. Just before the big day, the sangeet event full of choreographed dance performances and a DJ party later that night helps the families to gel up and loosen their stress to fun dance moves. And among the most awaited performance is the one of the bride and the groom. To live up to the expectations of the people and your own imagined version of the performance, picking the right soundtrack is important. We have already done the work for you. Find below 25 romantic songs for couples perfect for their sangeet night or first dance. Some of them are cheesy, others are fun, but all convey the feelings of your budding romance beautifully. 

P.S.: Along with a few songs, we have also included some popular couple sangeet dance choreography too on the same track. Just to make your wedding planning a bit easier! 🙂 

#1 Dil Diyan Gallan, Tiger Zinda Hay

A soulful number featuring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, Dil Diyan Gallan became a fan favorite as soon as it was released. The song was dedicated to lovers in huge numbers and became the anthem in wedding sangeet performances of couples. The lyrics are beautiful and the soothing tone will surely draw all eyes to your couple’s sangeet dance. Find below a winsome couple dance on Dil Diyan Gallan performed by celebrities and TV actors Gautam Rode and Pankhuri Sharma at their wedding. 

#2 Mere Liye Tum Kaafi Ho, Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan

“Teri meri aysi jud gayi kahani, ke jud jata jese do nadiyon ka pani, mujhe aage tere sath behna hay” does anyone write romantic wordings better than Ayushman Khurana? That was a rhetorical question, by the way. His latest number from Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhaan is a sweet song to dance away with your other half on the sangeet night, Also, it makes for a beautiful couple entry song too. Any list of romantic songs for couples will be incomplete without the mention of this soothing track from now on. 

#3 Mere Sohneya, Kabir Singh

While Kabir Singh gained a ton of controversy (for all the right reasons), if there’s one good thing about the movie – it’s surely the amazing soundtrack replete with romantic numbers that touch your heart straight. One of them is Mere Sohneya Ve. Set with the backdrop when Kabir & Preeti finally reunite, the heart-melting song with meaningful lyrics will automatically set a lovely vibe for your performance. Groove to the soothing beats and spark the air with love with this latest couple dance song. 

#4 Paaniyon Sa, Satyamev Jayate

Share your strong bond and love with the world on this heart-warming number with creative lyrics and charming composition. Because of the balanced toned, it will be an easier song to choreograph as the steps won’t have to be changed so frequently. So, basically the ideal choice for couples who aren’t dancing fanatics but still want to do good on stage. You know you can’t go wrong with a soothing soundtrack like that of Paaniyon Sa. 

#5 Mere Naam Tu, Zero

One of the latest Bollywood romantic songs for couples that start with a slow, soothing melody and ultimately bind together to create a reverberant, melodious tone. An amazing track for couples who want to leave a mark with their dance performance among the spectators. If nothing else, it would be so fun to practice and perform on this deep and eloquent number. You know your love has no boundaries, and so a song that reflects the free-spirited nature of love is a superb pick. 

#6 Afreen Afreen, Coke Studio

Dance to this tuneful number on the sangeet night and let them know your strong partnership with the beautiful dance. This will definitely leave your guests saying, “they are just so into each other! It’s lovely!”. You can create major love goals and include slow, romantic dance steps to make them hoot *one more time* after the show is done. A hit couple sangeet performance is assured with ‘Afreen Afreen’. 

#7 Jeene Laga Hoon, Ramaiya Vastamaiya

Atif Aslam’s melodious voice adds the much-needed love affair into the romance of the songs, which will reflect in your sangeet couple performance too! ‘Jeene Laga Hoon’ is full of eloquent, deep lyrics that will make the dance with your significant other so special. Imagine looking into each other’s eyes while the expressive words are playing in the background. Magical, right? That’s what this couple dance song will make your performance and will be the cherry on the top to the start of your married life. 

#8 Lehanga, Jass Manak

A cute teasing dance performance on Lehanga with your partner is definitely fun to create and perform. Perhaps, it will also get him to buy all those things mentioned in the song too! Besides, a couple sangeet song, lehenga can also be a part of a bridal solo performance. If you’re not up for all the other cheesy numbers mentioned on the list and want your dance to be romantic but in a subtle kind of way, ‘lehanga’ might be a top choice for a sangeet song for you! 

#9 Badan Par Sitare Par Lapete Huye

Old is gold. There’s no beating the tone, lyrics, and soulful melodies of song tracks from old Bollywood songs. If you’re looking to add an old Hindi song to your couple dance performance list, Badan Par Sitare Lapete Hue is a peppy and feet-tapping number to groove to! Your audience will be surprised as well. One of the most popular songs from our parent’s time that will attract the guests and create a scintillating performance on your special night. 

#10 Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye

Another old Hindi song for a couple sangeet performance is Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye! The meaningful lyrics that basically serve as a promise to remain strong through the ups and downs of married life is an impressive way to embark on your married life journey. Strike the cupid’s arrow on the sangeet night by adding this melodic song to your sangeet playlist. Perform a slow medley of couple dances on this track and make all the hearts at your party sync in with your pure love bond as well. 

#11 Chod Do Aanchal, Bombay Vikings

In the world where every new Remix has practically ruined our good dear songs, if there’s one that’s probably added a subtle enhancement and did pure justice to the original is Chod Do Aanchal by Bombay Vikings. If you want an old, quirky yet romantic Bollywood number to shake a leg on your sangeet with your beau, this song is a perfect pick. The best part is you can make the steps slow and fast as per your wishes. You can also add amazing props to this track like a dupatta and some unique setups portraying your relationship timeline. 

#12 Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran

If you’re on the lookout for English romantic songs for couples dance, then Thinking Out Loud is a great track to groove to with your other half. The lyrics are great, so is the tune and composition. For those who want to waltz or do any other slow romantic dances, this song can serve as a perfect backdrop for you. The beautiful wordings express your forever love flawlessly and would be amazing to look back through the years passing down in your relationship. 

#13 Nazm Nazm, Bareilly Ki Barfi

Ayushman Khurana isn’t only a great actor, but an amazing singer, musician, and lyricist as well. Within the past few years, he has blessed us with so many tuneful romantic numbers which are just perfect to dedicate to your special someone, revel in their memory of them, and of course, dance with them on the sangeet night. His song ‘Nazm Nazm’ is a superb way to express your cherub feelings for each other and show it off to the world on the sangeet night. 

#14 You’re A Sky Full Of Stars, Coldplay

For your starry sangeet night, a song that narrates the emotions of love and romance perfectly doesn’t get better than this. Beginning with a relaxed easy note and catching to the beats, you can easily match the steps to the tone and still have time to change them. What else? If you’re in the mood to groove on an English romantic song on sangeet, then this can be a beautiful track to dance to. And if you aren’t picking it for your sangeet, then insert it in your wedding movie – it will look amazing! 

#15 Tum Se Hi, Jab We Met

Jab We Met is one of the most revered romantic movies of all time, and it’s playlist tops the romanticism soundtrack too! While for a bridal solo performance, you can choose *Yeh Ishq Hai*, for your couple dance performance, *Tum Se Hi* is as perfect as it gets. Start with this beautiful track to fill the evening’s vibe with love and then, add a few other melodious tracks to finish off your rendition. This song flawlessly lays out the concept of pure love towards your partner, and it will give you butterflies dancing on the song with your other half. 

#16 Tere Sang Yaara, Rustom

Romantic ballroom dance on your mind? Tere Sang Yaara is one of the best romantic songs for couples to do exactly that. This song is all about how everything just feels better when you’re with that one person who makes your heart & soul happy! And it’s an ideal number to express your feelings towards your spouse-to-be in front of your family and friends. Spread the vibe of love with this lovely couple’s dance song and your idyllic performance. 

#17. O Saathi, Baaghi 2

There’s just something about Atif Aslam’s voice. His notes can throw magic of love in the air like no other, and the lyrics just sound better when he sings them in his euphonic voice. One of his soulful creations is *O Saathi* from Baaghi 2. The wholesome nature of love drips with every word of this song and nothing will spill magic in the air when this plays on your sangeet night. The upbeat tones will surely attract attention and keep you occupied during the preparations too! 

#18 Do You Know, Diljit Dosanjh

Weave a beautiful story with the wooable lyrics of *Do You Know* with your partner on the sangeet stage. If you’re more of a person with expressions than dancing moves, this song should definitely be included in the soundtrack of your playlist. You can also include your mother in the performance when Diljit says, “Mai mummy mere val kar layi”. All over, it will be sweet, heartfelt choreography on stage, leaving everybody spell-bound. 

#19 Jag Ghoomeya, Sultan

Here’s another of our favorite romantic songs for couples to dance on their sangeet! Salman Khan-Anushka Sharma starrer Sultan was packed with a versatile playlist that can be played on numerous occasions. Jag Ghoomeya is a lovely song to dedicate to your partner and express your love for them. There’s also a female version of the track and you can play a part of both simultaneously to create a magical performance. End your sangeet performance with this one to hit the stage of togetherness with love and passion.

#20 Main Rang Sharbaton Ka, Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Among all Atif Aslam’s romantic songs for couples, Main Rang Sharbaton Ka is an evergreen one to shake your leg on when you’re in a lovey-dovey mood. Not just at your own sangeet, but at someone else’s too as a close family member. It’s also one of the most popular Bollywood couple dance songs suggested by choreographers. Owing to the upbeat, meaningful, and amorous composition of the song, no doubt it’s such a hit and forever will be. 

#21 Gazab Ka Hai Din, Dil Junglee

Starting with slow, beautifully curated lyrics, Gazab Ka Hai Din shapes into a lively tone giving couples a chance to dance at their own comfortable pace. Let your partner know how special they are to you while grooving on this special song, and don’t forget to look in their eyes while doing the same. One of the most romantic Bollywood songs with your beloved in your arms, what more can you ask for? 

#22 Ghungroo Toot Gaye, War

A cheerful, energetic number that isn’t a lovey-dovey one but definitely assures a fun performance. You don’t have to match the likes of Hrithik Roshan’s dance, but if you’re a dancer, give it a go and surprise everyone! Including a peppy number on the list also surprises your audience who’s probably used to romantic numbers for couple’s sangeet dance and this will awe them too! 

#23 Tu Meri, Bang Bang

Chances are, you’d have watched the video of Tu Meri and started tapping your feet and moving shoulders right away! Such is the cheerful and buoyant nature of this song that it will make your guests want to groove with you too. If you’re omitting it from your couple’s sangeet dance performance, then pick it for the groom’s solo dance (pretty please!). Endearing lyrics and upbeat tones make this couple dance song an awe-inspiring one at your wedding celebrations. 

#24 GOAT by Diljit Dosanjh

Looking for a peppy, cheery Punjabi track for your couple’s sangeet performance, then GOAT by Diljit Dosanjh will impress you like no other. Professing the love for your partner in the smug Punjabi way is the uniqueness of this track no other song on this list can challenge. Plus, it will be a good fit if you’re not into cheesy romantic songs. And when you’d be looking back at the video with your kids, they’re gonna think *my parents are so cool* and that feeling would be a proud one on its own. 

#25 Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Me Aana, Yo Yo Honey Singh 

While most of Honey Singh’s songs are suited for a party playlist, this one’s surely an exception. This remix has made a grand entry into romantic songs for couples’ sangeet performances for all the right reasons! The lyrics are certainly magic and portray the love between two partners superbly. This doesn’t even have soulful music but upbeat tunes too, so the melody doesn’t get boring. Splash the ambiance with the love shower while you dance in the arms of your beloved and enthrall everyone with the swooning chemistry. 

Bonus: Medley of Romantic Songs For Couples Dance Performance 

If you’re confused between which songs to picks for your performance, then this amazing mashup with all the hit romantic numbers will be your savior. 

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