10 Best Solo Sangeet Songs For 2020/2021 Brides!

A solo sangeet song for brides needs to be something that expresses a lot of emotions. Because let’s face it, dancing in that heavy outfit or an elaborate updo isn’t a viable option. Let the song do all the talking, so you can include easy & slow steps into your performance. With the list of meaningful songs mentioned below, you’ll be able to verbalize the love for your partner while enjoying on the stage. Moreover, most of the guests are quite keen to see the bride’s performance and are eagerly waiting for the same. This does put a slight pressure on you. Don’t worry though! With these 10 perfect songs, you’ll have an epic performance ready and all guests will be left awestruck. 

Solo Sangeet Songs For 2020/2021 Brides

#1 Makhna:

The groovy and peppy song that has topped all the charts recently. We’ve spotted brides dancing to this epic song multiple times and it makes such a great choice for anyone who wants to shake their leg on stage. It will get the guests humming and hooting to your performance as well. 

#2 Sau Asmaan:

Another super number for brides. It starts on a tender & sweet tone with slowly picking up an upbeat note. Owing to all the western and hip-hop steps you can include in this song, it sure makes for a great number for brides who love Bollywood dancing anyways. 


#3 Dheeme Dheeme:

A sweet and mellow song that will melt everyone’s heart in the audience. If you are a 90’s kid, you know what a gem this song is! You would have probably danced on it when you were young, and now you’ve someone you can dedicate this song to. (Woohoo!) Embedding our real bride Isha’s performance for some inspiration. 


#4 Dil Diyan Gallan:

Female version of Dil Diyan Gallan is another cute song for brides to dance on. Every version of this song is adorable actually. It also makes for a perfect song for your couple dance. Although, if your couple playlist is all set, duly consider it for your solo bridal performance.



#5 Mahi Mainu Chatiyo Na:

A soothing song from Akshay Kumar’s and Parineeti Chopra’s latest movie, Kesari. With it’s soulful music and lyrics, you surely can’t skip dancing to a part of this song on your sangeet night.  


#6 Maahi Mera Kithe Reh Gaya:

A new and outstanding entry to the Sangeet playlist, this song is perfect for your solo Mehndi performance as well. It’s such a lively and high-spirited song, and ideal for brides who don’t want their song choice to be all mushy.  

Real Bride’s Performance: 


#7 Nachdi Phira:

The lyrics and tune of this song are so calming. You’ll have all your guests gawking at your performance as soon as the song plays. That’s how charming and endearing it is. Profess all your love for him by dancing on this beautiful number.  


#8 Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai:

Another extra lovey-dovey song for our romantic brides. It’s such a sentimental track for your solo sangeet performance. We’re also embedding a mesmerising performance by Payal Kadakia Pujji along with the track.  


#9 Lagan Lagi:

We love the easy-going and steady tune of this song. This song is pretty much included in all bridal solo Sangeet dances lately and you should definitely consider it.  

Here’s a medley bridal solo performance starting with Lagan Lagi:


#10 Dhadak (Female Version):

With it’s intoxicating music and soulful lyrics, it’s such a magical number for your bedazzling performance.  


Without a doubt, sangeet nights are one of the most fun events of your wedding. Apart from all the performances by the dance connoisseurs, there are also cute performances by elders, it’s just so adorable to watch them on the stage. And not to forget the trash talk between ladke wali and ladke walas, which starts way before the Sangeet event. As a bride, focus more on cherishing this beautiful time than perfecting each & every detail. We hope this curated list of solo sangeet songs for brides eased one of your decisions. Let us know which song you loved the most? 

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