7 Best Electric Kettles In India 2023 || Honest Reviews & Buying Guide

Electric Kettles In India

Some of the best electric kettles in India can boil water within a span of a few seconds, can make instant noodles in 2 minutes (like it says on the packet), and prepare instant coffee instantly. But it’s a crowded market and finding the best among the rest isn’t always easy. That’s why we have done the work for you. Listed below are the best electric kettles in India, with their complete reviews to help you make a sound decision. 

Price Comparison List For Best Electric Kettle In India

  1. Prestige Electric Kettle 1.5 Liters: Rs.799/- (Buy here)
  2. Havells Double Wall Kettle: Rs.1499/- (Buy here)
  3. Philips Electric Kettle: Rs.2390/- (Buy here)
  4. Kent Electric Glass Kettle: Rs.1299/- (Buy here)
  5. Butterfly Electric Water Kettle: Rs.850/- (Buy here)
  6. V-Guard Stainless Steel Kettle: Rs.2311/- (Buy here)
  7. SOLARA Premium Kettle: Rs.1849/- (Buy here)

#1 Prestige Electric Kettle 1.5 liters

best electric kettle in India

Established in 1955 in Chennai, Prestige has been one of the prominent brands in kitchen appliances in India. They are best known for its pressure cookers, which were also its first product to be created and marketed. The pressure cookers were way ahead of technology during that time and were created in collaboration with a London company. Since then, Prestige has been known to infuse the best technology in its appliances. Many households have had the same Prestige appliance for years, resulting in strong word-of-mouth for the company. Naturally, this is one of the best electric kettles in the company, and also affordable! 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Prestige Electric Kettle has a capacity of 1.5 liters and a wattage of 1500 Watts. It comes in an elegant silver and black color, which is the common color combination in many electric kettles in India. The base and wire are black while the middle portion is silver. There’s a red button on the bottom which indicates when the kettle is ON. The dimensions of the kettle are 19 X 19 X 24 centimeters and the weight of the product is 0.4 kgs. Besides the black color, the kettle is also available in red, where the black portions are covered in red instead.  The kettle is priced at Rs.799/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Prestige Electric Kettle in India is great to boil hot water quickly. You can also use it to prepare instant coffee (without milk) and noodles. For your convenience, there’s a concealed element inside the appliance which makes it easier for cleaning. The ergonomic handle also has an on-off button on the top for your convenience. The power indicator on the bottom is also a convenient option so you can see from a distance when the kettle is on! With 1500 Watts of power, the kettle boils water and makes noodles very quickly. With a detachable swivel base, which rotates completely 360 degrees, by the way, the kettle is easily portable and is a must-have if you’re traveling to a destination that will have lower temperatures than usual. 

What’s more, is the trust and durability associated with the Prestige brand. Their service centers are located all across India, and while the quality product doesn’t need any servicing, any small tweaks can be easily fixed by their representatives. Another interesting feature is the automatic switch-off once the water reaches boiling temperature. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is amazing because warranties are seldom given with small kitchen appliances. Prestige also runs many offers if you purchase more than 1 of their product, so don’t forget to check that before purchasing. 

“This is my first kettle and I absolutely love it! I’ve only heard about how fast kettles are at doing simple jobs like boiling water but now that I am experiencing it first-hand, it’s quite impressive. I am someone generally prone to cold and like to have warm water, so this one will be used almost daily. I love that it automatically switches after boiling temperature so there’s no damage. There’s nothing I don’t like about this electric kettle in India under 1000. Such a fantastic product!” writes one of the reviewers. 

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#2 Havells Double-Wall Kettle

best electric kettle in India

Established in 1958 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Havells is a homegrown company known for it’s air-coolers, fans, modular switches, and electric water heaters. The company has over 6000 workers in over 50 countries. It’s known for some of the acquisitions of brands in the same vertical and has brands like Crabtree, Lloyd, Standard Electric, and Reo under its radar. The conglomerate is ranked 125th among 1200 of India’s most trusted brands, according to a study conducted by Trust Research Advisory. Their double-wall electric kettle is one of the most popular and highly-rated electric kettle in India. Find a review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

Havells electric kettle in India is made of a dual-body which has stainless steel inside and a cool-touch outer body for the convenience of the users. The color of the appliance is black with slight accents of silver on the outside. It weighs 1.7 kg and has dimensions of 22.6 X 21.4 X 19.5 centimeters. This electric kettle under 1500 only comes in one shade, and also has 2 years of warranty. The On & Off switch is located below the handle and also has a light indicator that shows if the appliance is working or not. This product is priced at Rs.1499/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Havells Aqua Plus double wall kettle comes in a sleek and elegant design – perfect for someone looking for a modern touch to their contemporary kitchen interiors. The interiors are made of 304 stainless steel, the most common form of steel used because of its excellent corrosion resistance and value. This ensures the durability of the product. Further, the exterior of the product is a cool touch plastic body which prevents any scalding hazard and also saves energy. This feature gives a quick heating characteristic to the kettle and boils water or cooks instant noodles in no time! A wider mouth also gives ease to put in the noodles and take them out as well. It also helps in easier cleaning. 

This electric kettle in India is also designed ergonomically. From the handle to the on/ off switch at the bottom and a good material design, there are so many aspects that amp up the convenience of the consumer. The on-off switch also has a light indicator that lets you know when the appliance is on or off. There’s also an auto shut-off function that shuts down the instrument automatically when there’s a problem of overheating to prevent the kettle from getting damaged. 

“I was looking for a good kettle as I wanted warm water for my toddler on a regular basis. I am in love with this one! It’s so classy and functional. The water heats up quickly and there have been no problems in the last 3 months. I love the design and convenience. Plus there’s a 2-year warranty which shows how much Havells trust their product. It’s a good investment though! And best for people looking to purchase a quality electric kettle,” writes one of the reviewers. 

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#3 Philips Electric Kettle

Philips electric kettle India

It’s hard to write an article on any category of best electrical appliances in India, and not include Philips. It’s there on our best microwave oven in India blog, best OTG oven in India blog, followed by best air fryers in India, and best sandwich makers in India. And now it’s on the best electric kettles in India as well. This 130-year-old company established its strong roots in India in 1938 and is ranked 12th among India’s most trusted brands which include a list of 1200 brands. Their commitment to innovation, durable products, and affordable pricing has made them popular in over 100 countries in the world (and counting!). Here, we review their Philips Electric Kettle. 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

Philips Electric Kettle weighs around 800 grams and has dimensions of 22 X 16 X 19 centimeters. Inside the box you will find a kettle, user manual, and warranty card. The product comes with 2 years of warranty, which is quite good for small electrical appliances. It’s color is black and silver, with silver occupying the major portion of the appliance and black lining the handle, lid, handling bar, and pirouette base. There’s a LED light indicator on the base itself and the on-off button is located on the top of the handle. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.2390/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Philips Electric Kettle consists of food-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and ensures safety. The number one concern when buying an electric kettle or any other appliance is the quality of the steel as a low-grade one can cause overheating, damage to the appliance, and corrode much faster than the high-grade one, which compromises the durability of the product. This product has a good capacity of 1.2 liters so you can boil a good amount of water or make at least 4 packets of Maggi in one go! 

A wisely designed product, there’s a wide opening on the top for easy pouring and cleaning. There’s also a concealed heating element for easier cleaning and usage; plus, there’s a cord winder for easier storage and portability. Other features include a steam sensor, dry boiling, and overheating protection so as to protect the product from any damage and maintain its durability of the product. The cordless pirouette base moves a complete 360 degrees for further functionality of the product. With 1800 Watts of power, the cooking is ultra-quick and faster than other mentioned electric kettles in India. 

“Such a quality product from Philips! I heard their brand is compromising quality, but it’s not true. This product is on par with their fame and name. I mainly use for coffee and Maggi, and these two are done in no time at all! The product was delivered in a good condition by Amazon and there was no damage found after arrival. I also bought another one for my sister as she likes to drink warm water daily in the morning. She is loving it as well. :)” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#4 Kent Electric Glass Kettle

best electric kettle brands in India

We hear the name Kent and our mind automatically goes to Kent RO. It’s obvious though as it makes up for 40% market share for water purifiers and their purifiers are one of the most highly-rated in India. They also export their products, besides purifiers, to SAARC countries, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The company is also known for inventing products that prevent environmental degradation and has also received awards for the same. Over the years, the company has diversified into other products like vacuum cleaners, water softeners, and electric kettles. Find the review of the last one below. 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Kent electric kettle consists of a glass exterior as opposed to a metal or plastic exterior, common in other electric kettles in India. It’s make-up is unique and elegant, and different from other electric kettles in India. It has a LED light inside which lights up when you’re cooking inside. On the outside, there’s also a marking of the amount of water you’re adding so you have an idea of much to put for your water bottle or glass – which is generally a specific size. The handle and lid are black while the lower part along with the base is gray. The weight of the product is 1.2 kilograms and it has dimensions of 18 X 17 X 20 centimeters. Inside, you will find a kettle, a user manual, and a warranty card with a 1-year warranty. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.1299/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The refined and distinctive design aspect of the Kent electric kettle is one impressive aspect of the product. However, if you’re skeptical of the glass body, we should tell you that it’s made of borosilicate – a type of glass that has very low coefficients of thermal expansion, making it resistant to thermal shock and high temperatures. It’s most commonly used in microwave ovens and cookware. This type of glass is more expensive than other glasses, which says a lot about the brand who’s using it and assuring customers of only the highest quality of components in their product. It has a capacity of 1.8 liters which is more than other electric kettles in India, and wattage of 2000 Watts, making it quite quick in boiling water or any other job you want it to accomplish. 

This glass kettle comes with a 1-year warranty assuring you of the quality of the product. The LED illumination is beautiful but also ensures better visibility when the water starts boiling. There’s also an auto shut-off feature that automatically cuts the power supply for protection against overheating, in turn, preventing damage to the product in the long term. It’s refined look and salient features make it convenient for larger families as well as bachelors living alone. 

“It’s so lovely to look at and easy to use! We were looking for an electric kettle because all our family members need hot water in winter. Gas takes a lot of time, so the kettle seemed like a better option and a good investment. The Kent electric kettle brand in India is just amazing! The heating is quick and the pot is so beautiful, we leave it on the countertop itself,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon.

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#5 Butterfly Electric Water Kettle

With over 4 decades in the Indian market, Butterfly is the first kitchen appliances brand in India to use stainless steel in pressure cookers and vacuum flasks and soon after acquired the ISO 9002 certification. They hold several patents under their radar in the section of home appliances and have also received “Green Label” certification for high thermal efficient LPG stoves. Besides holding a strong market in India, the company exports the products to other countries as well like USA, UK, Mauritius, Australia, and Japan. They have many renowned products in the market, like their electric water kettle. Find a full review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Butterfly electric water kettle has a capacity of 1.8 liters and a wattage of 1500 Watts. It has dimensions of 18 X 14 X 20 centimeters and has a weight of 800 grams, which makes it one of the best travel electric kettles in India. The cord length is 1.6 meters which gives convenience for usage. Inside the package, you will find an electric kettle, a user manual, and a warranty card. It has a sleek silver and black color with a detachable power base. You get a warranty of 1 year with the product. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.899/-, further fitting into the category of best electric kettle in India under Rs.1000/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Butterfly electric water kettle comes in an elegant design with ergonomic elements for user convenience during usage. The handle has an on-off button and there’s a LED button on the bottom of the kettle to signify when the kettle is working. There’s a concealed heating element for hygienic operations and easier cleaning. This coupled with a wider mouth also caters to the easier cleaning experience of the appliance. The wide mouth also allows for better pouring and taking out of water or any other food products from the appliance. A swivel power base available with the appliance allows for the desired position of the jug, plus the detachability allows for easier portability. 

This multipurpose electric kettle in India also includes many safety features. Like the ergonomically designed handles which allow for a good grip with an accessible lid button. There’s also an automatic cut-off feature where the power supply is automatically cut off when the temperature inside exceeds the desired levels, which in turn, improves the lifespan of the appliance as well. There’s also a lockable lid that prevents any accidental spill when you’re pouring. 

“Beautiful & functional! No complaints so far after using it for around a week. The water heats up quickly and it stays warm for a while. I have mostly used it for boiling water for teas and for cleaning bottles for my baby. We have also used it for noodles once or twice. It has worked amazingly well at all times. It was also packaged nicely and arrived in perfect condition. The appliance looks beautiful on our kitchen counter as well,” says one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#6 V-Guard Stainless Steel Kettle

Headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, V-Guard is a homegrown brand of Indian electrical and kitchen appliances and is the largest in the state of Kerala with an annual turnover of US $340 million dollars. With over 500 distributors, 40,000 retailers, and 31 branches across India, V-Guard is known for its premium-quality products, durability, and ergonomic designs. Over the years, they have come up with many appliances and products, and one of the most popular ones among them is their stainless steel kettle, which is considered to be one of the best electric kettles in India in 2023. Find a full review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The V-Guard kettle comes in a unique bronze color, a distinctive hue, and a beautiful contrast from the usual black & silver kettle design. The dimensions of the product are 15.7 X 22 X 24.5 centimeters and it weighs 1.1 kg. At 1900 Watts, this electric kettle in India has a very good wattage as compared to others on the list. Inside the product packaging, you will find one electric kettle, one user manual, and one warranty card for the product. The appliance comes with a warranty of 2 years for manufacturing defects. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.2311/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The V-Guard Stainless Steel Kettle comes in an exquisite copper and black look, which is a refreshing hue for an electric kettle. It’s contemporary design is a perfect addition to your modern kitchen. While the copper looks elegant, there’s also an inner working feature that caters to this design. The kettle has a double-layered cool touch body which makes it safe to touch the outer body during functioning making it safe to operate and preventing any risk of scalding. Inside, there’s a rust-free stainless steel body adding to the durability of the product. A concealed heating element with higher wattage allows you to boil 1.7 liters of water in a matter of 5 minutes and 17 seconds. 

Another interesting feature of the appliance is the water-level marking inside the appliance. This is convenient because our water bottles are designed to hold a certain quantity of water and now, you can pour that quantity directly into the kettle without having to first measure it in the bottle. Because of the detachable base, you can easily remove the cord to pour the water or noodles into your plate easily. Thoughtful product features combined with an ergonomic design make this one of the best cordless electric kettles in India. 

Here’s what one of the reviewers wrote, “I got inspired to buy an electric kettle because of a friend who quickly heats water in hers and serves assorted teas to guests. I decided to buy a sturdy one for myself and this one looked amazing – both in terms of feature and design. It’s amazing and I use it frequently. I have teenagers so they are always using boiling water for soups and noodles, and it works very well for that. We also have other products from V-Guard at our home and it has never given us any problems as well. Go for it!”  

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#7 SOLARA Premium Kettle

SOLARA is a new electrical appliances company in the market (growing fast though) that is based out of Silicon Valley but has deep roots in India. It is founded by a group of Amazon alumni to bring quality products to the Indian market. We loved some of their products and they’re included in our appliances blog as well, like the best air fryers in India. Another product that has salient features and is reviewed well on Amazon is its premium kettle. You can find a complete review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The SOLARA premium kettle has a unique elongated design and comes in many stylish shades like metallic blue, metallic gold, metallic red, and an all-white color. It has an easy-access kettle spout, an on-off button on the handle, and a LED light that turns on when the kettle is working on the bottom. It has a weight of 1.7 kgs and dimensions of 29.7 X 21.8 X 22 centimeters. Inside the package, you will find an electric kettle, a user manual, a warranty card, and an extra long power cord. The price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.1849/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

This one of the electric kettles in India has a double wall for extra safety. The interiors are made of 100% food-grade stainless steel to ensure safety and durability. The exterior is made of BPA-free plastic furthering the safety of the appliance. A cool-touch handle also prevents any scalding risk and makes it safer for kids to use. The on-off button is located right on the top of the handle to maintain good functionality of the appliance. Another interesting feature is the swivel base, which is common among many electric water heaters in India and allows for ease of use during the usage of the product. 

Other impressive elements of the product are built-in cord storage which makes it easier for portability and an automatic shut-off feature which shuts off the device when the temperature exceeds the safety value and prevents any internal damage to the appliance. Higher power of 1500 Watts allows for faster boiling and boils around 5 to 7 liters of water in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes. With amazing reviews and salient features, there’s no reason to not give the Solara Premium electric kettle in India a chance. 

“What a great kettle! So far no complaints. Heats water much faster than a stove. It’s also very easy to wash. The portability is good too! We recently went to Switzerland and I need hot water in a cold environment and it worked well there too. It also doesn’t get very warm, even though I advise my kids not to touch it, I am not terrified if they do. I use it almost daily and am very happy with it,” writes one reviewer on Amazon. 

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What To Look For In An Electric Kettle?

Everyone can have different preferences when it comes to an electric kettle. But a few features to look for are wattage, capacity (depending on what you need it for, this is a feature to consider if you want to use the electric kettle for traveling), cleaning, and design (can make usage and handling easier). 

Does Electric Kettle Use A Lot Of Energy?

Yes, it does use a lot of energy. The minimum wattage of an electric kettle in India is 1200 Watts. But it’s generally if you boil a lot of water in it. For teas or coffees, we only boil one cup which doesn’t consume that much energy though. 

Can You Boil Milk In An Electric Kettle?

No, not all electric kettles in India can be used to boil milk. Some can be used. But you should know that kettles are meant to heat things quickly and milk has a higher density so it doesn’t circulate that well and can burn in the process. Even if you get the perfect milk on the top, there are chances some milk can stay burnt in the bottom, making cleaning a hassle. Milk can probably overflow quickly too, making a mess. 

How Much Time Does A Kettle Take To Boil Water?

Different kettle brands in India can take different times to boil water. But it’s generally very quick and much faster than stove heating. An average time is 3 to 7 minutes for 1 to 2 liters of water. The time varies depending on the wattage of the device and the quality of the heating element installed. 

Conclusion & Winner: 

Clearly, an electric kettle in India can give you many cooking advantages in the kitchen. It can be used to boil water for your tea, and coffee almost instantly and prepare noodles in a short span of time. If you live in a chilly area, you can quickly use it to boil water, and for a family, this can prove a worthwhile investment, especially if you have kids at home and want them to use something safer than a gas stove. We have listed some of the best electric kettles in India in 2023, but the winner is surely the V-Guard stainless steel kettle. With hardly any negative reviews, amazing features, and elegant design, the appliance surely makes a useful addition to your kitchen.

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