How To Hide Belly Fat In Lehenga? Our Top 10 Tips!

How To Hide Belly Fat In Lehenga

Want to know how to hide belly fat in lehenga? Our guide to looking slimmer in this traditional Indian wear will help. With the right techniques and styling, you can look and feel your best when you don this gorgeous attire. Below, find some easy tips to look attractive and thin in a lehenga. 

#1 Pick Flowy Materials

Hide Belly Fat In Lehenga

Lighter, flowy fabrics like georgette, satin, and crepes work for most of the seasons and are superb choices to look slimmer in a lehenga. Tissue silk and organza tend to give an inflated look and will work the opposite when you’re looking for how to hide belly fat in a lehenga. Having said that, it’s okay to not know what fabrics are what and be completely oblivious to the knowledge of the fabric world! If that’s the case, we’d surely advise you to take someone with you who can guide you through the materials and help you pick what works best. 

Trial and error also works. There are many varieties in each fabric. Though satin is preferred for those who want to hide tummy fat in lehenga, not all satin fabrics will be able to achieve that. Many lehenga owners sell cheap-quality satin to cut costs which only sticks to the body and makes you look fatter! The same goes for silk. Tissue silk and banarasi silk may end up looking boxy, but crepe silk accentuates the curves while hiding the fat. Don’t take the word of the seller, in this case, and try out the attire to see if it’s slimmer and fatter in appearance. 

#2 Go For Darker Colors

Hide Belly Fat In Lehenga

There’s a reason why black is the preferred color in the little black dress. It makes you look slimmer, elevates the curves, and hides fat in all the right places. Black is the darkest color and is the best option for when you want to hide belly fat in lehenga. Though, black is not considered auspicious in many Indian wedding cultures and therefore, you can go for other colors like dark blue, emerald green, dark pink, and maroon for your wedding revelries. When you’re shopping, mindfully pick outfits that boast a deeper shade of any hue. For example, picking canary yellow, gold, honey, and ochre in the yellow palette over shades such as bumblebee, pineapple, and daffodil. 

On the wedding day too, you can mindfully pick a lehenga which is a deep red or maroon than a brighter red color! We know the latter is what the bridal lehenga market is replete with at the moment, but most of the sellers are open to customization and will be able to give you the desired colored outfit if you give them an ample amount of time. In the winter wedding season, velvet lehengas are also a good option to look slim in a lehenga. 

#3 Ditch Heavy Embroideries

Hide Belly Fat In Lehenga

Heavy embroideries look royal and elegant, but they aren’t the right choice for those looking to hide tummy fat in lehenga. Heavy embroideries tend to carry a lot of weight and add to the inches rather than reduce them. Intricate embroideries, on the other hand, add more breezy and flowiness to the outfit so as to make the lehenga give you a slimmer appearance. However, if you do want to opt for heavy embroidery in some parts of the lehenga then opt for a design that has work on parts that don’t include the tummy area, so let’s say the periphery of the bottom side of the skirt. 

Remember, that not picking heavy embroidery doesn’t mean that you have to pick a lehenga that’s on the lighter side of the spectrum. Heavy embroidery is more what’s used to embroider the lehenga. Pearl work, aari-tari, chikankari, zardozi, etc. come under heavier work and therefore, heavy embroidery as they use several threads to create the intricate design. Similarly, gota-patti, phulkari, and applique comprise lighter embroideries but give a heavier look to the lehenga. You will know the difference when you wear the outfit to pick ones able to hide belly fat in lehenga! 

#4 Wear Longer Blouses

Hide Belly Fat In Lehenga

A lehenga blouse design can take your attire from fab to drab. With several design ideas available online, a longer blouse that extends to the top periphery of the lehenga or more is best for brides or bridesmaids who are looking to hide belly fat in a lehenga. Please don’t conceive of an image where the longer blouse gives you an archaic look, but with the right design and good stitching, it can, accentuate the entire attire and make you drip gorgeousness from every frame. 

You can also choose blouses with A-line silhouettes. A-lines flare outward from the waist, creating a flowy and flattering shape that doesn’t cling to the midsection. Don’t opt for an empire waist as it will cling to the waist, only drawing attention to the part where you least want it. Instead opt for flowy materials like georgette, chiffon, or silk which creates a more forgiving silhouette and distracts from the belly area. 

#5 Consider A Tummy Tucker

Look Slim In A Lehenga

Tummy tuckers or shapewear are an amazing addition to almost any girl’s wardrobe. We all suffer from days when we are bloated or when we didn’t get enough time to exercise and gained some extra pounds, but that’s no excuse for an important celebration coming up that demands you look your best. What shapewear does is move fat into places where the muscles are compressed to give you a more toned look. The right kind of shapewear minimizes bulges, accentuates the curves, and is the best way to hide belly fat in lehenga. You can get help from the store saleswoman to help you get the best shapewear so you feel comfortable. Otherwise, consider these best shapewear for lehenga. 

Here are some of the best tummy tuckers you can purchase online:

  1. Triumph Shape Sensation Tummy & Thigh Control (Buy Here)
  2. HSR High-Waisted Body Shaper Shorts (Buy Here)
  3. Clovia Women’s Tummy Tucker (Buy Here)
  4. FIT PICK Tummy Tucker (Buy Here)

#6 Opt For Smart Draping

Look Slim In A Lehenga

To conceal belly fat, there are many smart draping ways wherein the fat can be covered with a dupatta giving you a slimmer appearance. One effective method is the “Saree-style” drape, where the dupatta is pleated and draped across the midsection, creating a sleek look. Alternatively, you can also try the “Side-Sling” drape where the dupatta hangs loosely on the front – either diagonally or straight, concealing the belly and diverting attention from the waistline as well. 

Other draping options include ditching the dupatta completely and opting for a jacket instead. However, there’s a catch. You need to opt for a jacket that ties in the front and doesn’t flow on the back as that will draw attention to the waistline. A simple hook or dori in the middle works well in hiding the bulges and tummy fat in a lehenga. As we speak about the draping styles to try, let’s also talk about a common style that should be avoided: “Belted Dupatta”. This kind of drape involves a belt that holds the dupatta in place on the waist and only draws attention to the waistline. It can make you look bulky and definitely not recommended for brides conscious of their weight in lehenga! 

#7 Settle On Kali Lehengas 

Look Slim In A Lehenga

Kali Lehengas are paneled lehengas where the lehenga skirt is draped in panels so as to add a graceful appeal. These types of lehengas require more work and intricacy in craftsmanship, and you will see less of them in many of the lehenga stores. Each kali has to come in an equal size and that requires attention to detail, which adds to the cost and therefore, is preferred less in production. Therefore, you might have to shell out a bit more to purchase this type of lehenga. 

Nonetheless, a kali lehenga can be an excellent choice for those looking to conceal belly fat while still embracing traditional elegance. The distinctive feature of kali lehengas lies in the voluminous layers that cascade down the garment. These layers create a natural flare and movement, diverting attention from the midsection. The flares of the Kali panels effectively camouflage any concerns about the belly area, providing a flattering and forgiving silhouette. Opting for a kali lehenga with a higher waistline allows the panels to gracefully flow from the waist, minimizing emphasis on the midriff and creating an elongated appearance. Furthermore, the intricate designs and embellishments on each kali add a touch of glamor to the overall look, helping you hide belly fat in the lehenga.

#8 Fall In Love With Monochromes

How To Hide Stomach Fat In Lehenga

Opting for a monochrome lehenga, where the entire ensemble is in one color or varying shades of the same color, can be a strategic choice to create a slimming effect. Monochrome outfits, especially in darker hues like navy, deep green, or burgundy, have a visually elongating and streamlining impact. This cohesive color palette minimizes the appearance of contrasting sections, resulting in a continuous vertical line that gives the illusion of a longer and leaner silhouette. The absence of color breaks or patterns reduces visual distractions, making the outfit look more seamless and sophisticated. 

Additionally, monochrome ensembles exude a timeless elegance and appeal that can be harnessed in the many patterns available in the market. To enhance the slimming impact, choose a lehenga with minimal embellishments and vertical details. Pair it with a well-fitted blouse and dupatta in the same color family. Thankfully, bridal looks are monochrome only with the b By embracing the monochrome trend, you can effortlessly achieve a flattering and slimmer appearance while exuding a sense of sophistication and style. 

#9 Add Statement-Worthy Elements

Best Shapewear For Lehenga

How to draw attention away from the belly? By drawing attention to other elements of the look. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Try some statement-worthy jewelry pieces. Recently we saw a bride wearing a half-matha patti and it looked unique but not odd. Try to add pieces like this in your bridal trousseau so the guests admire the styling and you have to worry less about if your waistline is noticeable.  
  2. Opt for a glamorous makeup look. Consider going for smokey or a bright lip or contoured cheeks with highlights for a beautiful look that captures the attention of the guests and doesn’t make you wonder if people are noticing the belly fat! 
  3. Adding statement hand accessories like over-the-top kaleerein adorned with personalized details that matter to the couple or a diamond hathphool that shines brightest in your attire. An extraordinary chooda design can also add to the striking nature of the outfit and drive attention away from the waistline. 
  4. Picking a unique and striking varmala design like one bedecked in lilies or orchids, or one that’s replete with foliage rather than just flowers also helps hide belly fat in a lehenga. 

#10 Stick To Debloating Drinks

Best Shapewear For Lehenga

Bloating can add an extra three to four inches to the waist. No kidding! De-bloating is a must for brides who tend to add fat to their waistline before anywhere else. Below, find 7 foods that trigger bloating and 7 others that will help you de-bloat. 

7 Foods That Trigger Bloating
  1. Beans, lentils, and chickpeas as they contain complex carbohydrates that may ferment in the gut, leading to gas and bloating. 
  2. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products as they are difficult to digest. 
  3. Foods with artificial sweeteners like sorbitol, mannitol, and xylitol are not fully absorbed in the gut. 
  4. High-sodium foods lead to water retention which causes bloating. 
  5. Beer, because it contains grains and gluten. Plus, alcohol interrupts the digestive process. 
  6. Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and brussel sprouts contain fiber and raffinose that can produce gas in the gut. 
  7. Highly processed foods also lead to water retention and bloating. 
7 De-bloating Foods To Include 
  1. Apples contain potassium, which helps your body maintain a healthy fluid balance. 
  2. Peppermint tea or peppermint oil capsules may help relieve bloating and gas.
  3. Papaya contains enzymes like papain that aid in the digestion of proteins.
  4. Fennel has anti-inflammatory and carminative properties that can help relax the digestive tract and reduce bloating.
  5. Cucumbers have a high water content and can act as a natural diuretic, helping to flush out excess sodium and reduce water retention.
  6. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and may help soothe the digestive tract.
  7. Kiwi contains actinidin, an enzyme that improves gut health and reduces gas. 


Hide Stomach In Lehenga

How To Look Attractive In A Lehenga?

Looking attractive in a lehenga involves a combination of choosing the right outfit, styling, and carrying yourself with confidence. Here are five tips to help you look attractive in a lehenga. 

Tip #1 Choose The Right Fit & Style 

Ensure that the lehenga fits you well and enhances your body shape. There are many lehenga styles like flared, A-line, mermaid, etc. Try on different styles and pick the one that suits you the best. Also, pay attention to the colors and embroideries that elevate your features. 

Tip #2 Accessorize Thoughtfully

Select appropriate accessories with a lehenga. If you’re confused, hire a stylist or take your lehenga with you to the jewelry store so you can match it with accessories that look the best. You can also take inspiration from Pinterest of how existing brides have styled their jewelry and make a purchase decision based on what aligns with your vision the most. 

Tip #3 Pick A Flattering Hairstyle 

Choose a hairstyle that complements the neckline and overall style of your lehenga. Traditional hairstyles like braids, buns, or curls often work well with ethnic outfits. Also, consider using hair accessories that match your lehenga to add an extra touch of elegance. 

Tip #4 Makeup That Enhances

Beauty looks to make a striking difference. Pick makeup that complements your attire, skin tone, and personality. Bold lips or dramatic eyes can add a glamorous touch, but balance is key – choose one feature to highlight. 

Tip #5 Confidence Is Key

Confidence can make any outfit look attractive. Smile and maintain good posture. Stand tall and own your look. Further, feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, as it will reflect in your overall demeanor.

What Makes Lehenga Look Fluffy?

A can-can! Can-can is a net material made of hard fabrics which makes the lehenga look fluffy and increases its circumference so it gives you the princess look without much effort. For brides who want to look slim in lehenga, it’s recommended to not add many layers of can-can and even if you do, only go for the attachment below the knees so it gives you the required fluff without making you look bulky. 

Does Kali Lehenga Reduce Belly Fat In Lehenga?

Absolutely! Kalis are the panels in a lehenga and the more the panels, the more the defined structure of the lehenga skirt wherein it doesn’t adhere to the body, but rather stands on its own. Kali lehengas require intricate stitching skills to look coherent and flawless, and therefore, you might need to pay some extra bucks to buy this pattern. Though, it’s completely worth the price as the grace it lends is unparalleled. Some high-end designers (like Tarun Tahiliani) also add an alluring design to each panel to give it a ravishing look, and you can consider their collection for your lehenga shopping too! Here are some examples of kali lehengas. 

Should Lehenga Be Worn Above or Below Belly Button? 

It’s all about personal preference. Girls with flat tummy often wear it below the belly button to flaunt their waistline. Some are conscious, so no matter the inches on their waistline, they always wear it above the waistline. Those who want to hide stomach fat in a lehenga prefer to wear it above the belly on top of a tummy tucker. No matter where you choose to wear the lehenga, it’s recommended to get the length adjusted so it doesn’t get caught up in your feet and you have a comfortable experience wearing it throughout the celebration! 

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