Bridal Shower Questions For “How Well Do You Know The Bride”, “Groom” & More

Bridal Shower Questions

The bridal shower is one of the first pre-wedding events to celebrate the bride formally with her closest friends & family members. The event revolves around pampering the bride with some gifts, enjoying some snacks & cocktails, and playing some bridal shower games (to play those games we’re including the bridal shower questions below). This time-honored tradition also has a sweet backstory behind it. By learning the history, you can appreciate this beautiful event more. 

So, where to begin? Tracing its history back to 16th century Holland, there was a young, beautiful, high-society girl who fell in love with the village miller, who was so kind and generous that he failed to amass any wealth. The girl’s father, however, disproved of the union and threatened the girl to not give any dowry if she still marries by her own choice and not her father’s choice, a wealthy pig farmer. Like angels, her dear friends then got together and showered her with gifts to help her start her married life without any financial constraints. This also included whom the miller has helped. Thus, leading to the start of the beautiful tradition of bridal showers.  

Rumor has it that the bride’s father was so touched by the gesture that he eventually agreed to bless the union. (We don’t know if this is true but we’d like to believe it because we’re huge suckers for happy endings!) 

Below, find some of the most popular bridal shower games and bridal shower game questions: 

#1 “How Well Do You Know The Bride” Bridal Shower Questions

Bridal Shower Question For How Well Do You Know The Bride

One of the most popular bridal shower games is “How Well Do You Know The Bride?”. It’s really easy to play, it’s fun, and it’s always a great way to get the center of attention – the bride – to feel important. Here’s how to play the game. 

Step 1: Prepare A Set Of 20 To 25 Questions

First, you need to pick some sample questions about the bride. You can also include some questions about the bride & groom’s relationship. We’d recommend picking a mix of questions from different genres like personal preferences, future, relationship-related bridal shower questions, etc. 

Step 2: Print The Quiz

You’d need plenty of copies of the quiz. Say you have invited 35 guests, print 40 copies just to be safe. Also, make sure you have an equal number of pens or pencils handy to distribute with the copies of the quiz. 

Step 3: Distribute The Sheets & Pens To Guests 

When everyone has arrived and exchanged the initial pleasantries, it’s time to play this popular bridal shower game. Ask the guests to gather around and explain the game. Pass on the sheets and give around 5 to 10 minutes to fill the quiz sheet. You can also ask the bride to fill out the sheet at the same time. 

Step 4: Grade The Sheets 

After the guests have filled in the answers, ask them to exchange the sheets randomly amongst each other so no one has their own sheet. The best part of this game is that you don’t need to carefully select the host who can add energy to the game. The game itself is so fun that anyone who is comfortable reading the questions and answers in front of the crowd can be the presenter for the game. Ask the guests to give 1 point for each correct answer and no points for wrong ones. Once the grading is complete, the organizer collects the sheets and sees who has the highest points. The one who does is declared the winner. 

35 How Well Do You Know The Bride Questions

#1 What is the bride’s dream honeymoon destination? 

#2 What was the bride’s first job?

#3 Where did the groom propose? 

#4 What is her favorite TV series?

#5 Does she prefer her eggs sunny side up or down? 

#6 What’s the one skincare product she can’t do without?

#7 Who is her celebrity crush?

#8 What is her favorite ice cream flavor?

#9 Where did she first meet her other half?

#10 How does she like her coffee?

#11 She is invited to a buffet, which section does she go to first?

#12 What was the bride’s major in college?

#13 How many countries has she traveled to?

#14 Who’d she like to have as a pet?

#15 How many wedding dresses did she try on? 

#16 What’s her comfort food?

#17 On an adventurous weekend, what will you find her doing?

#18 What is her zodiac sign?

#19 What is her shoe size?

#20 Tell us her go-to karaoke song?

#21 Is she a cat person or a dog person?

#22 What’s her favorite childhood toy?

#23 How many languages can she speak?

#24 What is the bride’s biggest fear?

#25 If the bride had a free pass, which celebrity does she sleep with?

#26 How many kids does the bride want?

#27 What’s the bride’s physical feature she is most proud of?

#28 What does the bride love most about the groom?

#29 What’s her favorite kind of music?

#30 Where was the bride worn?

#31 What’s her favorite cocktail drink?

#32 Is she an early bird or a night owl?

#33 Is she going to take the groom’s last name?

#34 What is the bride’s favorite cuisine?

#35 Ideally, where would the bride want to live? 

#2 Bridal Shower Questions For The Card/ What Did The Groom Say Game

Bridal Shower Game Questions

This game involves questions for the groom for the bridal shower, which he has answered prior to the event, and the bride will answer now. These can be questions related to the bride’s choices, the groom’s choices, or about their relationship.  There are other names for this game as well like ‘Guess What The Groom Said’, ‘Newlywed Game’, etc. Regardless, the bridal shower game questions for this one stay the same, and 35 of them are listed below. You can find the gist of how to play this game below: 

The first step of playing this game is getting the bridal shower questions for the groom answered by him prior to the event and noting his answers. At the event, you ask the bride the same questions and see if her answer matches what the groom said. You can decide on the prize and punishment, the bride gets for each question right or wrong respectively. Or, it can be for two questions right or wrong in a row. For example, for every answer that matches with the groom, you can give her a piece of candy or another small prize, and for each wrong answer, she has to chew one more gum or drink a shot, etc. 

A good way to make this game more playful and interactive for guests is to ask the groom to send a recording of his answers. He can be as romantic or as playful as he wants; nevertheless, both the bride and the guests will love to see the video and it will surely make for an unforgettable experience. 

Also, pick an arbiter for this bridal shower game, or someone who keeps fair scoring for all games. She will be responsible to score fairly and decide the points when there’s a dispute. For example, there will be many answers which will be similar but not exactly the same. The arbiter has the authority to decide if the answer is close enough, and thus deserving of points. 

Another Version Of “What Did The Groom Say” Game

Besides the bride, you can also ask the audience to participate in the game. They can shout the answers randomly or raise their hands and you pick one or two people whose answer you will consider for the question. You can collect the scores of whosoever is right most time. You can surely also do the negative marking. It all depends on your score system. In the end, whoever has the highest points will be considered the winner and will be awarded a small gift. 

35 Bridal Shower Questions For The Groom

#1 What did you notice about the bride first? 

#2 What was the first thing you noticed about her? 

#3 What does the bride call you most? 

#4 Who approached who? 

#5 What’s your favorite meal that the bride prepares? 

#6 On a sad day, what’s the one thing that cheers her up? 

#7 Where does she go when she is seeking some comfort? 

#8 What song is she listening to on a loop these days? 

#9 If the bride is arrested, what’s she most likely arrested for?

#10 Name three wishes the bride will ask if given a magic genie lamp?

#11 What is the bride’s go-to coffee order? 

#12 What country does she want to visit next? 

#14 What was a turning point in your relationship?

#15 Who plans more romantic activities to do together? 

#16 What’s the bride’s favorite part of her body? 

#17 What’s the last book she read that she loved? 

#18 What’s the bride’s biggest pet peeve? 

#19 Who does the bride love the most in your family? 

#20 What’s the one thing you’d never change about the bride? 

#21 What nickname does the bride hate being called? 

(Questions About The Groom For The Bridal Shower)

#22 What is your favorite hobby?

#23 What’s your favorite kind of music?

#24 Are you a morning person or a night person? 

#25 Who is your celebrity crush? 

#26 What’s your dream vacation spot? 

#27 What’s your most annoying habit? 

#28 What’s his signature cocktail?

#29 What’s the first thing you do as soon as you wake up? 

#30 When did you know you wanted to marry her? 

#31 What do you call the bride “the most”?

#32 What date did you propose?

#33 How many children do you want? 

#34 What’s your irrational fear? 

#35 What household chores do you & the bride fight about the most? 

#3 Bridal Shower Questions For The He Said, She Said Game

Bridal Shower Shoe Game Questions

He said, she said game is one of the lesser-known yet fun games to play at the bridal shower. It’s also one of those games where you don’t need the presence of the groom-to-be despite the game including questions about the groom for the bridal shower as well. We have included bridal shower games questions for this one below and here’s a summary of how you need to play the game. 

Any one of the organizers of the bridal shower should sit down with both bride & groom before the bridal shower a week or 2 before the scheduled date for the event. Record their responses in a sample sheet. This can also be done virtually via a PDF or you can send them a questionnaire which they can respond. Once the couple gives their responses, you have the answer key. If they agree, you choose either the bride or the groom. But if they disagree on the answer, you can mark the answer as both. 

For the event, you will pass printables among guests with options for each question as a bride, groom, or both, along with a pen or pencil so they can mark their answers. This is where the fun begins because the attendees don’t just have to guess who is what but they also have to play the guessing game deciding whether the bride & groom also answered the same as them. They will either circle the bride, groom, or both. 

After the attendees have marked their answers, you can collect the cards and distribute them randomly so everyone gets a random card to score. Now, you will read each question and answer, and for each correct answer, the attendee gets one point. The attendees will total the points and pass their sheets to the organizer of the game who will then announce the winner based on whosoever gets the highest points. 

35 Bridal Shower Questions For The He Said, She Said Game

1) I mentioned marriage first. 

2) I take more selfies. 

3) I am more romantic. 

4) I am the most stubborn. 

5) I am a grumpy morning person. 

6) I want more babies. 

7) I take more time to decide what to wear. 

8) I am a bigger baby when sick. 

9) I am the funnier one. 

10) I am more likely to get a traffic ticket. 

11) I am making more wedding decisions. 

12) I am the early bird. 

13) I take more time in the shower. 

14) I plan more dates. 

15) I have more chances of getting late for the event. 

16) I steal the blanket at night. 

17) I own the most shoes. 

18) I am more likely to cry at the wedding. 

19) I have a better fashion sense. 

20) I have more chances to spend all my salary on clothes. 

21) I am a bigger foodie. 

22) I am a better dancer. 

23) I am a better driver.

24) I am more likely to prepare breakfast in bed for the other one. 

25) I will be the one asking to leave a party early. 

26) I’d rather prefer staying at home on a Saturday night. 

27) I have better taste in music. 

28) I want to have more kids. 

29) I am a better cook. 

30) I have better in-laws.  

31) I am a pickier eater. 

32) I am the biggest flirt. 

33) I snore the loudest. 

34) I take more wardrobe space. 

35) I have a better sense of humor. 

#4 Bridal Shower Shoe Games Questions

Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Questions

The couple’s shoe game questions make for an interesting activity for the reception, but you can surely try it for other wedding-related events as well. Bridal shower shoe game questions are certainly an important aspect to make this game a success. We have included 35 of them below to make the game more playful and interesting. Since you’d already know how to play this game – given its popularity – here’s a small gist of it. 

Start by setting the game setup. Place two chair back-to-back so the bride-to-be and groom-to-be can’t see each other. Have them take one of their shoes off and give it to their partner. This means that each partner will have one of their shoes and another shoe of their partner. Next, assign a fun host, someone who is able to incorporate energy and playfulness into the game while being confident enough to speak in front of a crowd. Now, the fun really starts. The host asks the questions and the couple raises the shoe of the partner they think is the answer to the asked question. We’d recommend keeping the questions to 20 to 30 and preparing the list in the way in which they’re supposed to be asked. 

35 Bridal Shower Shoe Game Questions

1) Which one of you is more likely to check the phone during an important conversation?

2) Who apologizes first after a fight?

3) Who takes long showers? 

4) Who initiates fun activities on a weekend first? 

5) Who is more romantic?

6) Who exercises more?

7) Who is a better bargainer?

8) Who is a bigger foodie?

9) Who is messier? 

10) Who forgets things easily? 

11) Who is more likely to win an argument? 

12) Who is more emotional?

13) Who is moodier? 

14) Who will handle the spider situation at home? 

15) Who is funnier? 

16) Who is an early bird? 

17) Who tends to avoid confrontations? 

18) Who flirts more?

19) Who has more style?

20) Who is more likely to talk to strangers in a bar? 

21) Who got better grades in school?

22) Who forgets things easily? 

23) Who is more stubborn? 

24) Who tends to be a bigger baby when sick?

25) Who says “I love you” more? 

26) Who is a better driver?

27) Who met their in-laws first? 

28) Who is more patient? 

29) Who has the sweet tooth? 

30) Who is more likely to lose their stuff? 

31) Who is a better cook? 

32) Who is better at keeping secrets? 

33) Who has a better equation with their in-laws? 

34) Who hogs the bed during the night? 

35) Who is the clumsiest? 

#5 Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Questions

Bridal Shower Questions For Groom

The Newlywed game is a fun game to play at any of the wedding events. You can play it at the bridal shower, the bachelorette, the engagement party, etc. It’s also a nice ice-breaker and a favored entertainment choice for bridal showers. Here’s how to plan the game.

Step 1: See If The Couple Is On Board

This game involves asking some really personal questions about the relationship, and sometimes the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be might not be okay with sharing those aspects of their life. Ask both individuals if they’re okay playing the game with a substantial gathering in their presence. You can also ask them what kind of questions they will be on board with, and what bridal shower questions are off-limits.  

Step 2: Prepare The Questions & Send Them To The Couple

Once the couple has set clear boundaries, you can start by collecting some interesting questions for the newlywed game. Pick the questions based on your personal experience with the couple. Some questions can draw fun answers from both individuals as you’d know due to personal interactions where they stand on the issue and what possible answers can come from them. Ask them the questions, preferably over e-mail, so they can send in the answers back and you’ve them saved in your mail. 

Step 3: Assign A Host

Next, assign a host who’d explain the rules to the crowd, set up a playful environment, and would be able to take the spontaneity of the game as it goes. The more personality and humor, the host can add to the game, the better. 

Step 4: Keep The Score

The scorekeeping is simple. You ask the questions and one point is given to each member of the couple when they give the answer their partner has also given prior to the game. In the end, the member who has more points wins the game. 

35 Newlywed Game Bridal Shower Questions

1) Describe your first thought of them in one word?

2) Where did you go on your first date? 

3) Does he spend money more or does she spend money more?

4) Who would kill the spider in the house? 

5) What’s your partner’s favorite TV show? 

6) What is your partner’s one thing you’d throw away? 

7) It’s a double-date night, who does your partner pick as your companions?

8) What’s your partner’s dream vacation spot? 

9) What is your spouse’s best feature? 

10) What high school did your spouse go to? 

11) Fill in the blank, my partner is the world’s best  ____?

12) Fill in the blank, my partner is the world’s worst  ____?

13) What’s your partner’s favorite physical feature?

14) If your partner had one celebrity free pass, who would it be? 

15) With money and no constraint, what will your partner buy first? 

16) What’s your partner’s favorite guilty food? 

17) What will your partner’s ideal date night will be like? 

18) What’s your partner’s hidden talent?

19) How many kids does your partner want?

20) What’s your partner’s favorite pizza topping? 

21) How does your partner like their tea or coffee? 

22) Name 3 songs your spouse is addicted to at the moment?

23) if your partner had to choose one superpower, what would it be? 

24) She (He) has to buy your dream gift, what would it be? 

25) What is your partner’s favorite ice cream flavor? 

26) Does your partner prefer pets? If yes, what animal would they like to have as a pet one day? 

27) What does your partner spend the most amount of money on? 

28) Who has had more say in the wedding decisions? 

29) What is a surefire way to get on their nerves? 

30) Name your partner’s favorite clothing brand? 

31) What habit of your partner you don’t like? 

32) Your other half asks you to get their favorite dinner, where do you stop? 

33) What’s your partner’s idea of a lazy Sunday? 

34) Your partner picks a movie to watch on a Saturday night, what will it be? 

35) What’s his/ her favorite childhood memory? 

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