30 Bridal Entry Songs To Mark Your Fairytale Moment

Bridal Entry Songs

With all eyes on you, making your way to the “Happily Ever After” marks a significant moment in your wedding celebrations. Having the perfect bridal entry songs selection ensures you have the ideal melody to go with your chosen bridal entry idea. We ensure this list of bridal entry songs will help you select the best for your fairytale entry. Scroll to see: 

#1 Din Shaghna Da

The OG and one of the traditional bridal entry songs is Din Shaghna Da. While many brides are bored of the track through & through, others can’t get enough of how timeless and classic it is and will be when you look back at this moment after years. And if you have seen that viral video where Anushka Sharma is making her entry on her wedding day, you know which song she chose – Din Shaghna Da – from her own production, Philauri. Besides the Philauri version, there are many renditions of Din Shaghna Da available online and we’d suggest you pick one that matches your envisioned version of the bridal entrance most. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#2 A Thousand Years – Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Think about an English bridal entry song and A Thousand Years comes to mind instantly, doesn’t it? Played during Bella’s walk down the aisle, A Thousand Years can be one of the ideal bridal entry songs in the Hollywood genre to be played at your bridal entrance as well. It creates the ideal dreamy atmosphere you’d want to create on your fairytale moment, so don’t think twice if you love this song and want a lovey-dovey, slow track for your entrance. 

Listen To This Song Here.

#3 Shagna Di Sham

Shagna Di Sham is an exclusive song created by Neeti Mohan for her own wedding video. Owing to the lovely music and wedding-relevant lyrics, it caught word-of-mouth quickly and became a part of many wedding videos and reels. Know that it’s a short song and only works when you’re also planning for a small bridal entry or play it with another one of your favorite music. FYI, it’s an emotional song and if you & your parents are already emotional about your vidai, stay prepared for some tears when you pick this track as one of your bridal entry songs. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#4 Nachdi Phira (Slow Version) – Secret Superstar

Whilst the original version of Nachdi Phira from Secret Superstar is beautiful in itself, its slower, reverbed version can also be considered for your bridal entry as it retains the magic of the original song whilst adding a calming, romantic touch. While there are many versions available on the Internet, we have included our favorite one. If you’re having LIVE music at your wedding, this can be a great song to pick as well. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#5 Madhanaya

There’s just something inherently touching about Punjabi folk music. The warming lyrics and soothing music make them one of the best wedding songs in your playlist. One of the best Punjabi bridal entry songs is Madhanya. Originally sung by Neha Bhasin, a Hindi version with some Punjabi lyrics was sung by Asees Kaur and Rahul Vaidya recently, featuring the latter with his wife Disha Parmar. Pick anyone for your entrance, both are equally fitting for your grand entry.

Listen To This Song Here.
#6 Matthe Te Chamkan

Yet another one of Punjabi folk wedding songs for your bridal entry, the song narrates the love between two souls, talks about the beautiful institution of marriage, and the feelings of the bride on your wedding day. We hardly have to make a case for it to be on your bridal entry songs playlist, it does so itself.  

Listen To This Song Here

#7 Peer Vi Tu

Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli’s wedding video gave us some inside glimpses into their magical wedding in Italy and also a soulful song for your own wedding day. Pee Vi Tu is an original composition by TWF and has everything you need to express love to your other half. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#8 Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Just search for Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein bridal entry and you will find many videos where the bride makes a grooving, dancing entry to her wedding with her family members on this track. For those wanting a dancing bridal entrance as well, this can be a fitting song for your envisioned moment on D-Day. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#10 Perfect by Ed Sheeran

We’re sure your man has already dedicated this song to you and you fell in love with it completely. Play it on your bridal entrance to feel those lovey-dovey vibes and create the romance in the air for your dream moment. Other songs to bank on for your magical entrance are Photograph and Thinking Out Loud. You can create an instrumental mashup of these songs to curate a playlist you will love to be played for your entry and listen to it after to evoke the memories of your special day. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#11 Kithe Reh Gaya

An apt bridal entry song for engagement is Kithe Reh Gaya since its lyrics also nod to the ring ceremony with playful words and upbeat music. 

Listen To This Song Here.

#12 Piya Ghar Aaavenge 

Remember the bride who refused to enter her wedding until the perfect bridal entry song for the wedding was played! We don’t blame her – you’ve dreamt of this moment since you were little and it has to be just as you imagined. The song was Piya Ghar Aayenge sung in the melodious voice of Kailash Kher who has also given us many other romantic hits like Saiyaan & Teri Deewani. The beautiful lyrics (“rango se rang mile, naye naye dhang khile, khushi aaj dwaar mere daaley hay dera”) adds further meaning to your significant moment. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#13 Lae Dooba (Aiyaary)

There are some movies that fail to touch our heart but gives us a song that keeps us in the memories forever. One of those movies and songs is Lae Dooba from the movie Aiyaary released in 2018. We bet you’d have already dedicated this song to your partner if you were in a relationship, and if that was a pivotal period in your relationship – say you just started dating or got serious, then playing this song will celebrate that milestone in this relationship whilst setting the way for another one of the milestones. You can create a mashup of this song with other romantic tracks that have played a notable role in your relationship yet. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#14 Tu Hai Wohi

One of the old Hindi songs for the bridal entrance, Tu Tu Hai Wohi has had many renditions recently. From a slow, reverbed version to a faster yet soothing pace of the music, there are many versions of the song you can find online. Or, you can have this traditional bridal entry song play LIVE as you make way to the love of your life and forever. No matter how you choose to play this song on your special, because of its timeless appeal, you can be assured it will attract both young and old people alike and draw everyone’s eyes to your entry instantly. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#15 Mere Humsafar 

“Mere Humsafar” is an OG Bollywood 90’s song and another one of the hit old Indian songs for bridal entrance in 2023. The song’s modern version was sung by Mithoon for the 2015 film All Is Well starring Abhishek Bachan and Asin. This version might attract your attention for the occasion more than the older one because of its soothing and slow music, which can be perfect for your bridal entrance. The lyrics are nonetheless the same and you don’t have to worry about the newer version being less meaningful than others. It’s a well-made version and that’s why it’s also well-received by the netizens, who are generally quite averse to remakes of their favorite old songs. 

Listen To This Song Here
#16 Sajna Tere Liye Sajna

Badshah’s songs’ lyrics are meaningful somewhere, weird somewhere, and at times, make no sense whatsoever. But his music is always on-point and can be credited for his mind-blowing success through the years in the industry. In his recent song, Sajna Tere Liye Sajna, the female version became a hit instantly because of the beautiful lyrics and its relevance to the wedding. Many brides have performed on the song, either on their sangeet or during their entry. Like Karishma Tanna. She also included an instrumental bridal entry song version of Kinna Sona before dancing to the tunes of Sajna Tere Liye Sajna. Including a video of her bridal entry below.  

#17 Tere Jiyah Hor Disdah

Kivein Mukhade or Tere Jiyah Hor Disdah is one of the best Punjabi bridal entry songs to consider for your meaningful moment. There are many versions of this song online and we’re including three of them that are well-received online and can make for the soothing music you want in the background as you make your way to your happily ever laughter. One of them is from the wedding of Aditya Seal & Anushka Ranjan where the former sang the song as a surprise to his bride. Anushka cried tears of joy as she entered the venue, and listened to her favorite song sung by the love of her life. The rest are instrumental versions of the song. 

Listen To The Song Here: 1 (Aditya Seal-Anushka Ranjan Wedding), 2, 3
#18 Ek Dil Ek Jaan – Padmaavat

Besides being one of the best Bollywood movies, Padmaavat’s songs have also been one of the best in recent years. From Ghoomar to Khalibali and Ek Dil Ek Jaan, there are many songs in the movie that can be added to your wedding playlist. Ghoomar can also serve as an ideal bridal entrance song for when you want to dance to your wedding stage. But when you want a romantic number for your entry, pick Ek Dil Ek Jaan from the album. With its crowd-pleasing music and attractive lyrics, you’d feel all the butterflies and good vibes as you enter your wedding venue. 

Listen To This Song Here.
Ghoomar Dance Bridal Entry: 1/ 2/ 3
#19 Chogada  – Loveyatri

Chogada is one of the unique songs for bridal entry, and it’s really when you want a vibrant number for your entrance and your family is ready to accompany you with some easy dance moves as you move towards your wedding stage. There’s actually a video where the bride makes the entrance with her family on the song and you can feel the happy energy of the entrance as you see the video. Honestly, if you have family members who’re all in to give you your perfect moment without the drama, we don’t see why Chogada can’t make the best bridal entry songs for your 2023 wedding. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#20 Kala Chashma – Baar Baar Dekho

Kala Chashma is yet another one of the dancing numbers to enter your wedding venue. If you’re someone who wants to ditch the traditional bridal entry under phoolon ki chaadar, then opt for this energetic track, fitting for when you’re planning to make your entry on an open jeep or a scooter like a sassy bride. Or you can also wear sunglasses and make your entry under the traditional phoolon ki chaadar anyways. Get some of your family members or bridesmaids involved in the dance. Even kids would look cute dancing with you. When you pick a song like this, you can explore the entrance in a number of creative ways. It’s all up to you. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#21 Jalte Diye – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

While Prem Ratan Dhan Payo didn’t touch our hearts in a similar manner as other creations of Sooraj Barjatya like Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Vivah, or Hum Saath Saath Hain, it left us with this beautiful soundtrack that defines romance in a subtle and dynamic way. You can design a lovely entrance with this song with women (either from your family or ones hired by your wedding planner for the day) carrying diyes around you as you enter the venue. It can serve as a gorgeous literal manifestation of the song whilst giving you a memorable entry you’d love to look back after years. 

Listen To This Song Here.

#22 Shubhaarambh – Kai Po Che

One of the best wedding songs to include in your playlist – from the Mehendi to sangeet to your bridal entry – the song can be a fitting number anywhere & everywhere. The track has good vibes and feels written all over the lyrics and the high-spirited music. You can also have some of your family members or guests dance to the song before your make your grand appearance. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#23 Ek Din Aap Yun Humko Mil Jaayenge

For those who can’t let go of the irresistible charm of the old Bollywood songs, this is one of the heartfelt tracks to play on your wedding day. The lyrics are lovely (jagmagati chandani raat hay, raat hay ya sitaaro ki baraat hay, ek din dil ki raho me apne liye, jal uthenge mohabbat ke itne diye maine socha tha na) and so is the music. You can have the instrumental version of this play live for your entrance as well so you’re able to control the length of the music as you enter. With its old-world charm, it will surely attract the older crowd as well as the younger crowd for the entrance. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#24 Turning Page

One of the lesser-known songs from Twilight is the Turning Page. It’s one of the best instrumental bridal entry songs and English bridal entry songs for your pivotal moment. Just listen to the lyrics and the soulful music and you’ll definitely be considering the song for your wedding entrance. I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it in the movie. With my mind always running towards wedding ideas and planning (life of a wedding blogger, you see!), I couldn’t help but think how perfect music it would make for the bridal entrance. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#25 Saiyaan Superstar – Ek Paheli Leela

There are more reasons than one so as to why Saiyaan Superstar adds a perfect bride song for many of her moments during the wedding. From her solo sangeet performance where she can add the song as the sassy number amongst the romantic list of tracks she already has available to be the ideal song for her cheeky & playful bridal entrance, this track sure makes one of the best bride songs. Adding it to your entrance surely does mean that you also need to show some cheekiness as you enter – that can be by wearing glasses and throwing in some dance moves. Nonetheless, it would make for a lively and head-turning bridal entrance. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#26 Raabta – Agent Vinod

Saifeena’s hit jodi serves as the backdrop for this lovey-dovey song, both it’s male and female versions can be played on your entrance and a slow, reverbed version can also serve as the ideal track for your entrance. Truly, the expressive lyrics are just beautiful to be played when you see each other for the first time all decked up to become each other. Romantic songs anyways are always a great choice to be played at your bridal entrance – no matter which one you pick. 

Listen To This Song Here.

#27 Aaj Sajeya

Aaj Sajeya became THE wedding song as soon as it hit the market. It’s one of the best Punjabi bridal entry songs to play as you enter your best self on the wedding day. The lyrics (Akhiyan chon digde hanju khushiyan de, teri ban jaana ajj ton sajna ve, khushiyan da chadheya ajj vela ve, Saareyan ne nachna saareyan ne gauna ve) just puts you in the fun and happy mood instantly, don’t they? Just listen to the song and you would definitely be playing it multiple times throughout your wedding festivities. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#28 Rasiya/ Rasiya Reprise – Brahmastra 

We thought Kesariya was the romantic hit from Brahmastra and best romantic number Bollywood has given this year, and then the movie was released and we heard the magic that was Rasiya. And then its Reprise version sung in the melodious voice of Arijit Singh further added to the beauty of the song. You can choose any of these versions as your bridal entry songs. Mix it with Kesariya in the middle for a beautiful romantic mashup to play on your majestic moment. 

Listen To This Song Here/ Reprise Version.
#29 Teri Hogaiyaan

You’re all his – heart, soul, everything. Putting your feelings into words is this lovely track sung by Harleen Sethi. While the original song is a male version and you can play that too, the female version, in our opinion, is a little more soothing and soulful to have as the background track on your entrance. This song, however, is more of a slower romantic song and if you want an upbeat number as well, you can add that later on as you have reached closer to your other half. When it comes to your entrance, there are so many ways to curate one that’s all about you by picking a song that puts forward your preferences through its music and lyrics. 

Listen To This Song Here.
#30 Moh Moh Ke Dhaage (Dum Laga Ke Haisha)

A song filled with love and soulful music. It’s already the slow, soothing version like the 90’s bridal entry songs you’d want on your wedding day. It’s also one of the unique bridal entry songs that aren’t just the first of the choices that come to your mind for the moment but still make for a fitting pick. 

Listen To This Song Here.

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