10 Types Of Kisses & What They Essentially Mean

Types Of Kisses & Their Meaning

Kissing is one of the most common expressions of love. Since childhood, mothers show their love to their child with a kiss and they reciprocate it back with the same. We greet our loved ones with a soft kiss on the cheeks and land one on our BFFs/ siblings/ parents when there’s an affectionate moment. When it comes to relationships though, the expression of a kiss demonstrates more expressions than words ever could! From a sweet forehead kiss to a hot french kiss, each moment in a relationship is defined by a different kiss and each has its own meaning. Below, we are defining 10 types of kisses and what each of them essentially means. 

#1 Cheek Kisses

Cheek Kiss Meaning

Cheek kisses are the most common type of kiss and are often shared in many close relationships like the one with parents, siblings, friends, and partners. They’re platonic in all cases, except one with the partners. Air kisses, the one where you purse the lips just like how you form when you give the kiss but just brush the face past the cheeks is also categorized under cheek kisses and is often used as a form of greeting in many countries. Air kisses are common in many cultures. How many times the kiss happens – on a single cheek, on both cheeks, or three times, depends on the country and culture though.

Platonic cheek kisses often happen with your partners, siblings, and best friends. This can be a small peck on the cheek to show some quick love like when you’re going out or a moment of celebration or when you meet each other after some time. But they can be strong kisses as well which generally happen when you’re emotional or meeting the other one after a long time. 

In terms of partnership though, cheek kisses can mean different things at different times. Small, soft kisses can sometimes happen as a sign of support – let’s say when the other one is going to an important meeting when you want to show them that they can count on you. A romantic, passionate cheek kiss can happen when you’re in the mood for…you know, but also after you’ve had get the point! 

A kiss on the cheek between partners can also happen as a sign of adoration and affection, let’s say when you’re with your family or when there’s a photo shoot or you’re outside and suddenly are filled with appreciation for your partner and show it by giving them a tight kiss on the cheeks. This kiss is not sexual and is just an outpouring of love for your special someone. 

#2 Kiss On The Hand

Hand Kiss Meaning

Hand kisses as a form of non-platonic greetings are not practiced as widely as it was during the 17th and 18th century. During that time, these kisses were popular among noblemen and women, more in Europe and UK side than in America. These non-ritual hand kisses now are only practiced by upper-class society and in diplomatic contexts, again primarily on the Europe side. One example is when Melania Trump was greeted by Emmanuel Macron when the latter visited the US in 2018. These hand kisses are a way to show courtesy, respect, politeness, devotion, and even admiration. Many times we can see Kate Middleton receiving hand kisses from the general public. These hand kisses are light and soft and usually last for a second – informal cases, the lips don’t even touch the hand, only the nose lightly touches the knuckles before the face is withdrawn. The gesture involves the gentleman holding his right hand out with palm facing upward or the lady extending the hand with hand facing upward. 

While these are the formal kind of hand kisses, the informal ones like when you kiss your mother’s hand in appreciation or when a mother kisses her child’s hand to show her love don’t have any code rules attached to them. Hand kisses are also common for babies, because, of course, who doesn’t want to kiss the baby’s soft hands. In a few countries like Brunei, Turkey, Somalia, Malaysia, and Indonesia, hand-kissing is a common way to greet elders and teachers. 

In terms of relationships though, things take a different road because well, they aren’t platonic, and more so, relationships are complicated (just putting it out there!). When you go out on a first date and the man kisses your hand, this can be a sign of chivalry and respect. Although, if you aren’t comfortable just yet, let them know so things can continue smoothly. When you’re in a relationship, hand kisses can be a sweet and caring way to express your love. You can do it in the public just to show admiration to your partner or you can do it on a date when your significant other is sitting right across from you and you just won’t show them some adoration.

#3 Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss Meaning

When you will search for Angel kiss on Google, you will probably see that it’s kind of a birthmark on babies that sometimes carries on into their adulthood. However, an angel kiss means one other thing as well. An angel kiss is a kiss shared between partners. It’s when your partner kisses your closed eye. This kiss is rare and often occurs when a relationship turns serious and you’ve actually started connecting with the other person. An angel kiss happens between partners only, but sometimes a mother can kiss the closed eyes of her small baby out of fondness, love, and adoration. 

Women, more than men, are most often the recipient of these kisses. And they seem to enjoy these gentle, sweet gestures by their other half which means a soul connection rather than body, which is also quite important in a partnership. 

#4 Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss Meaning

A forehead kiss is a kiss that represents love and is an act of comforting someone or letting them know you’re always there for them. Before we come to what a forehead kiss means for partners, let’s explore what they mean in families. While a forehead kiss is rare among friends, it’s a common gesture in family situations, especially when a parent softly plants a forehead kiss on their child’s head or when someone kisses an elderly to show them support. Forehead kisses in the family often show the love but it’s also a way of offering them comfort and moral support. They can also be shared during moments of celebration like when someone is getting married or celebrating a milestone birthday. 

Forehead kisses in a relationship have other layers to their significance. Besides landing soft forehead kisses on your partner’s head to show you’re there for them and offer support in times of need like when they’re going through a personal struggle or having a hard day, there can be other layers to the meaning of kisses on the forehead. They can be used to indicate the emotional closeness of the relationship and that’s why it’s quite important for partners looking for a committed relationship. Frequent forehead kisses just show that both of them are emotionally attracted to their partner as well, and it’s not just about the hot body. 

Plus, there’s actually the biological reason why we feel all warm and loved inside when our partner kisses us on the forehead. It’s said that a forehead kiss stimulates the pineal gland in our brain. Some of the pineal gland’s primary functions include regulating mood, secreting the hormone melatonin which controls your circadian rhythm, and stabilizing hormones. Activating this gland instantly releases chemicals that promote wellness and well-being. That’s why forehead kisses act as such a salve to bad times. It feels like you don’t need any other gesture and moral support to surpass a tumultuous time or a bad day when you receive a sweet forehead kiss from your special someone. 

#5 Kiss On The Top Of The Head

Top Of Head Kiss Meaning

A kiss on the top of the head is different from a forehead kiss. The latter is between your brows or a little above it, while the former is extended to the crown of the head. However, this can be a sweet gesture as well, just like the forehead kiss. A kiss on the top of the head means the other person is protective of you and indicates a close emotional bond between the two partners. However, a few body language experts suggest that too many top-of-the-head kisses can mean the other person is losing physical attraction to you. So while this gesture is fine once in a while; too many top-of-the-head kisses mean there are things to talk about in your relationship. 

#6 Shoulder Kiss

SHoulder Kiss Meaning

Shoulder kisses are intimate, sultry, and during moments of sexual attraction an indication that things might be heating up. Shoulder kisses are often shared by couples who are quite close or have already formed quite a committed relationship. At the start of the relationship, shoulder kisses aren’t common, but if you do receive them early on in the relationship, do know that the other person is already feeling quite close and bonded with you. Women are often the receivers of the shoulder kisses, but since in most cases, they are shorter, a woman might express some quick affection to their other half by giving them a quick kiss on their shoulders. 

When a man gives a shoulder kiss to a woman in public, it shows how much respect, devotion, and admiration he has for his lady love. Ranveer Singh, who has never backed down from expressing his emotions, was seen giving a shoulder kiss to Deepika on a chat show to which she shyly gestured! 

#7 Neck Kiss

Neck Kiss Meaning

Neck kisses, 99% of the time, are sensual and are a great way to steam things up in the bedroom. Almost all girls will agree that neck kisses near the nape, or anywhere for that matter, feel amazingly good and are a great way to build the mood. Guys if you’re reading this, take note. The neck is a really sensitive area and is a great way to get really intimate very quickly. That’s why neck kisses are rare at the very start of the relationship when you’re just getting to know each other and building those comfort levels. 

But why do neck kisses feel so good? That’s simple to answer. The neck is a place where many nerve endings are located (just like the clitoris) and any stimulation can lead to intense pleasure. Further, the nape of the neck is a beautiful curve of the body and can play a role in physical attraction when exposed. To rightly stimulate the area, start with some slow kissing, slowly incorporating the tongue, and then, if it feels right, some gentle biting can be the right way to go! However, notice how your partner is reacting to the kisses. Some women might prefer gentle and others a little rough, they can also like one or the other depending on the mood. Just keep that in mind so you use this sensual region to turn her on and not off. 

Just like women though, men like neck kisses as well. The reason is similar. Men also have a lot of nerve endings on their neck and any sort of sensual touch and kisses will feel good. While men are a little shy to express their desire to be kissed on the neck, it’s only right you consider his needs in the bed as well. Next time, surprise him with a sweet neck kiss and turn him on just right. 

#8 Closed Mouth Kiss 

Closed Mouth Kiss Meaning

A closed-mouth kiss can mean many things depending on the timing of your relationship. In the early stages of the relationship, a kiss can tell you a lot about the connection with another person. As Rachel says in FRIENDS, “Everything you need to know is in that first kiss.”. In the start, closed-mouth kisses are delicate and gentle without too much pressure. Our lips are packed with sensitive nerve endings and even this soft kiss sends a cascade of information helping us decide if we want to continue or if this is probably not the moment. 

After a few dates though, this kind of kiss can be a signal toward more physical intimacy. It makes the part of the upcoming foreplay to see if the other partner is as much in the mood as you are. Teasing and delayed gratification are other reasons why closed-mouth kisses are an important precursor to the steaming of things about to come. In a long-term relationship though, a closed-mouth kiss is a sweet way to say goodbye when the other one’s heading out, showing some PDA, or when none of you are in the mood but want to express your love nonetheless.

However, a lot of closed-mouth kisses in a relationship can be a red flag or a sign of trouble. Closed mouth kisses are cute occasionally, but when done frequently can mean that the individuals are losing physical interest in each other. It could also mean they are facing some troubles in their relationship and thus, romantic love is hard to come by! Although, know there’s a difference between a quick closed-mouth kiss and prolonged kissing; the latter signifying romantic involvement. 

#9 French Kiss

French Kiss Meaning

No one is a stranger to a French kiss. It’s a kiss that involves tongue and is usually done when you want the things to steam up with your partner. Yet, many times French kiss is also done between partners when they want to show their love to each other during random moments like when the other one is going out of town or just returned. It’s a lovely way to let them know you miss them and care for them dearly. Plus, the romantic attraction is alive and thriving in the relationship. 

From where does the word French kiss come though? It’s believed that the term French kissing was popularised in the 19th and 20th centuries by Americans and Europeans because the French people were believed to be more adventurous and promiscuous when it came to hooking up. With the help of media, the term “French kiss”, which basically means kissing with the tongue popularised. The word is also used as a verb, where when you share a French kiss with someone, you say you are just “Frenched”. We aren’t kidding. 

While French kiss is common, it’s totally okay to not like the idea of tongue play always. Some individuals like the idea more than others and it has nothing to do with the partner who likes it less or being less attracted to the other one. It’s just a matter of preference. 

#10 Lip Bite

Lip Bite Meaning

Lip biting is usually done in the middle of a passionate kiss and is the last type of kiss of which we’re deciphering the meaning here! Lip biting essentially means that the other is passionate about you and shows how much they desire you! Though, it’s something both partners would like to approach cautiously. Start with gentle nibbling first and see how the other person reacts. If the other partner doesn’t pull back and in turn, is actually moaning, then you know lip biting is really working towards passionate sex. Know that lip biting can leave your lips swollen for a while and it’s recommended to avoid the same if you’ve to go somewhere important or are keeping your relationship private from some people. 

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