A Sunny Delhi Wedding With A Bollywood Love Story

Passenger’s song “Let Her Go” famously said, “Only know you love her when you let her go” and there was meaning in those words considering the relatability spiraled the raging fame of the song till date. Such is the story of Akansha and Nishant who met in college and had a spiraling love story until they broke up for a while only for Nishant to realize how much he loved her and eventually won her back. “We are college-time lovers. When we first met I couldn’t stop talking and I still remember he hardly said anything except look at me. It started with friendship and after a month, I knew he is the one I would like to spend my life with. It sounds stupid but those were my real feelings when I first met him,” says Akansha. 

“Like a typical Indian girl, I wanted to get married at 23 and Nishant wasn’t ready for marriage so I gave him time. In a way, I was glad that we didn’t get married that young. After 6 years though and countless wonderful memories, I thought it was time for us to settle down. So I asked Nishant to get married but he wasn’t ready then as well. I thought of breaking up with him and starting my life all over again. That was the turning point for our relationship and it wasn’t easy at all. Like a Bollywood movie, Nishant came back to me and agreed to spend the rest of our lives together. He couldn’t stand staying away from them. Then it took us 4 more years to build that rock-solid foundation for marriage. After 11 years together, here we are, culminating our beautiful girlfriend-boyfriend journey to start the marital bliss,” she adds. 

Find the pictures from Nishant & Akansha’s dreamy wedding below:




Couple – @himalayan.girl & @j_737 || Wedding outfit – @labelby__jagriti || Jewelry- @aabhushan_jewellery1 || Photography – @thewedmakers

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