25+ Trending Foot Mehendi Designs For 2021 Brides

foot mehendi design

Over the years, mehndi designs have taken a whole another level of creativity and charm. The artists have gone out of their way to impress brides and give them a memorable henna design for their big day. Whether it’s a foot mehendi design or hand mehendi, the artistic and personalised feature entails them both. But with plenty of options comes the dilemma of choice. Brides are often flooded with so many beautiful henna designs, it’s confusing to pick the one meant to be a part of their D-Day. Word of advice: Pick the one that suits your bridal style the best.

All your other choices were based on the same ideology, and so should be a mehendi design. As a bride, you should feel happy about your picks – no matter if it’s a conventional one or a modern one. The same goes for a mehendi design. If you want a traditional touch, go for design replete with paisleys or flowers, modernism calls for pinjaras and jaals while a mix of them would be lotuses, peacocks and lace detailing. No matter what you pick though, we have got a foot mehendi design in this list for all kinds of brides out there. So, scroll through and bookmark the ones that speak to your heart the most.

#1 If your personal style veers towards fast fashion, then this creative foot mehndi design is for you. We love how the artist weaved the magic of heart-shaped hand henna to create a mesmerising design on feet.

Foot Mehndi Design Arabic

Via Aman Gupta

#2 Do you consider a less-is-more approach? If yes, a minimal yet beautiful feet mehendi replete with florals and netting will have you floored. Just make sure the strokes are thin, otherwise, this pretty henna will turn into a messy one.

Foot Mehndi Design Simple and Easy

Via Aman Gupta

#3 The bridal feet mehendi that went viral on the Internet as soon as it was published. Well, just look at the sheer beauty of it though, we don’t blame the netizens. Bookmark this design to your mehendi mood board brides, it’s a perfect pick.

Foot Mehndi Design

Via Aman Gupta

#4 Featured here is not-so-traditional henna etched with a net, floral, and swirl motifs, among other intricate detailing. A bharwa foot mehendi design that’s on the stylish side and also speaks to the millennial bride in you.

Foot Mehndi Design Arabic

Via Aman Gupta

#5 A mandala foot mehendi design, whether it graces your hands or feet, always lends a graceful edge to your henna. Not to miss is the noteworthy detailing; different finger mehndi design on all toes. Artistic and absolutely gorgeous.

Foot Mehndi Design latest simple

Via Aman Gupta

#6 Brides often opt for personalisation in their big day look that’s symbolic of her own personality and journey. And there is plenty of inspiration to add this personalised touch to your bridal look. Here’s one that we’re adoring at the moment.

Feet Bridal Mehendi

Via Khyati Shah Mehendi Artist

#7 Check out this latest foot mehndi design where the bride opted for a pleasing symmetrical design to grace her legs. With a smart mix of bold and thin strokes, the henna is stunning in every sense.

Bridal Foot Mehendi Designs

Via Henna By Divya

#8 Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid or just someone looking for references for your next ‘handy artwork’, this spacious, neat, and simple mehendi design is a versatile one all women can sport. Moreover, it’s easy henna even beginners can replicate easily.

Foot Mehndi Design latest

Via Monita Bijoriya

#9 Get inspired by this charming bridal feet mehendi which will also look amazing in your bridal portraits, clearly. Accentuated with elaborate lotus motifs and neat jaal strokes, this voguish feet mehendi will complement your wedding look well.

Foot Mehndi Design bridal simple

Via The Wedding Story

#10 Minimal and elegant brides, where you at? This simple and easy foot mehndi design should make it to your screenshot list right away. It’s making our hearts flutter for sure.

Foot Mehendi Design simple and easy photo

Via Anil Bridal Mehendi Artist

#11 A neat jaal mehendi design accentuated with traditional henna motifs like leaves, concentric semi-circle, dots, and florals is a perfect pick for our 2021 brides. It’s conventional yet modish, intricate yet quick to etch for an experienced artist, and subtle yet eye-catching.

Jaat feet mehendi

Via Anil Bridal Mehendi Artist

#12 Ah! The cascading magic of this bharwa feet mehndi design is a vision to stare at. Though be realistic and trust only an experienced mehendi artist to etch this for you. The intricate rose flowers aren’t a beginners cup of tea and the henna will lose its charm if they aren’t right.

Bharwa foot mehandi

Via Monita Bijoriya

#13 If your personal style is more timeless, then a picturesque jaal mehendi is a foolproof pick for your bridal henna. You can literally look back at your wedding pictures 20 years from now and still won’t regret choosing this henna design. That’s the beauty of a jaal mehendi.

Jaal foot mehandi design

Via Himani Henna

#14 A feet henna radiating an amazing fusion of different mehendi styles, from arabic to Rajasthani, we can spot all of them here. No wonder it all blended in so well to lend amazing henna inspiration for brides-to-be.

bridal foot mehendi designs

Via Himani Henna

#15 Looking for a different kind of mehendi design to adorn your feet with? How about only painting the toes and sides with an Arabic trail? And if you are skeptical about the idea, here’s an image that proves how appealing it would look.

easy feet mehendi

Via Henna By Ridma & Yamna

#16 An opulent amalgamation of a mandala mehendi design with netting, swirls and lines has our heart. This will not only make for a great option for your big day, but also for any other celebrations and festivals down the lane.

bridal latest feet mehndi

Via Monita Bijoriya

#17 Drop-dead gorgeous! What came to our mind when we saw this lovely and basic feet mehndi design. The elaborate design features heart-shaped symmetrical henna paired with lovely leaves and floral patterns.

Foot Mehendi Designs

Via Henna by Divya

#18 The new-age traditional henna entails ornate bird illustrations along with pinjaras and bell motifs. And that’s exactly what constitutes this striking mehendi design. For brides-to-be, the inspiration for bridal henna doesn’t get any better than this.

Foot Mehendi Simple design

Via Mayuri Mehendi Artist

#19 Rashi Aggarwal from @alankritaabyrashi is Instagram famous to bless us with mehendi designs that are unique, creative, and as pretty as a picture. While this is the first design on this list from her catalogue, it isn’t the last. Keep scrolling, the best is yet to come.

feet mehendi simple and easy

Via Alankritaa by Rashi

#20 A mesmerizing arabic mehendi for your feet with negative spaces and bold strokes is a perfect one to grace your feet with.

arabic feet mehendi design

Source: Unknown

#21 If experimenting is second nature to you, then a contemporary mehendi design, like the one featured here, is ideal to complement your Indian look. We adore the artistic vision of this stunning foot henna design.

easy foot mehendi design

Via Alankritaa by Rashi

#22 Amidst the artistic leaves, florals, bels, the one henna motif that has gained prevalence lately is a lotus motif. Here’s a mehendi design infused with this auspicious and divine motif and brimming with beauty.

minimal foot mehndi design

Via Mayuri Mehendi Artist

#23 The world is divided into two kinds of people – chai lover and coffee lovers. No matter who you’re though, these quirky feet mehendi depicting both will impress you both. Save it right away.

latest foot mehendi

Via Alankritaa by Rashi

#24 Who said a choodi-style mehndi design is only meant to adorn your hands? For brides wanting their bridal feet henna to go till their knees, going for the bracelet way is a great idea.

foot bridal mehendi

Via White Frog Productions

#25 There’s beauty in simplicity and this henna design is proving the same for us. For an easier version, replace the roses with leaves or a lotus motif. Just remember to keep the strokes thin for the most part.

easy foot mehndi design

Via Monita Bijoriya

#26 A lush brown henna color is something every bride desires. And of course, a pretty picture of the same is a must-have in your wedding album. Here’s one we found on Instagram, also portraying how lovely jaal mehendi will look on your feet after staining.

netting foot henna

Source: Unknown

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