7 Best Dishwasher In India With Prices & Reviews

Best Dishwasher In India

When it comes to installing appliances in your home, you’ve got to be very careful. A good appliance can make your everyday life easier, while a wrong pick can do the exact opposite. In our initiative to help your wedding day and life after easier, we are listing the best appliances in many sections, and here’s a list of the best dishwasher in India to help you cut down the utensils cleaning time, save resources (yes, a dishwasher – good one – uses less soap and water than manual dishwashing operation), and protect your hands from the rough experience. 

Best Dishwasher In India With Prices List:

  1. Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher: Rs.40,500/- (Buy Here)
  2. Godrej Eon Dishwasher: Rs.20,990/- (Buy Here)
  3. Samsung Freestanding Dishwasher: Rs.27,990/- (Buy Here)
  4. Bosch Dishwasher With Eco Silence Drive: Rs.43,998/- (Buy Here)
  5. Voltas Table Top Dishwasher: Rs.20,860/- (Buy Here)
  6. LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher With Wi-Fi: Rs.51,309/- (Buy Here)
  7. Faber Dishwasher: Rs.25,360/- (Buy Here)

#1 Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher In India

Bosch was founded over 135 years ago by Robert Bosch, who transferred the majority stake of his company to a charitable institution after his death. The institution conducts and finances social, cultural, and scientific projects, and owns 92% of the company. Bosch entered India in 1922 when they set up a sales office in Calcutta. Although, they didn’t start selling consumer goods until 1953. With steady growth, the German-based company has a turnover of $3 billion in India with 31,000 employees spread across 10 locations and 7 application development centers. Their household appliances are one of the best in the market and are touted worldwide for their reliability and durability. Their free-standing Bosch dishwasher in India is stunning and rated as one of the best dishwasher in India 2022. Find a full review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Bosch 13 place settings dishwasher comes in a beautiful white color and is a free-standing appliance. Included components with the packaging include 1 dishwasher, 1 inlet pipe, 1 outlet pipe, 1 electrical wire with plug, 1 user manual, and 1 detergent sample. The dimensions of the product are 60 X 60 X 84.5 centimeters and the weight of the product is 43.5 kg. It has a total of 13 place settings and a noise level of 44 dB, which is quite low compared to the other best dishwasher in India. You receive a warranty of 2 years with the product and the price of the appliance at the time of upload of this article is Rs.40,500/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Bosch dishwasher in India comes with 13 place settings and is perfect for a family of 4 to 5. It can accommodate everything from kadhais, and plates to spoons and forks. For the greasy kadhais that are a common by-product of Indian cooking, the appliance comes with an “Intensive Kadhai Programme” which gives 70 degrees Celsius hot water and cleans all the greasy residue off the utensil to give you a cleaner output without any need for re-washing. Other impressive cleaning programs include the “express sparkle” which not only cleans the dishes but also dries them completely within 60 minutes. But if you still feel like they aren’t completely dried, there’s an option for “extra dry” to do the job further. 

It’s generally recommended to run the dishwasher at full-loading, this one of the best dishwasher in India 2022 comes with the half-load feature wherein you can save water, energy, and time when you want to wash fewer loads of utensils. The quick feature allows you to save time when you want to wash sparsely unclean dishes in a lower amount of time. It also has an additional cutlery drawer to put all your spoons and forks for a hassle-free wash every single time.

Technologically, the dishwasher also comes with an eco-silence drive motor. The powerful and durable motor ensures low power consumption, and high cleaning efficiency, and works without friction to reduce noise and enhance durability. It also has smart sensors involved to detect the number of food particles on the dishes and automatically adjust both water and detergent for a cleaner rinse. And yes, lastly, the appliance comes with a glass protection feature to protect your glassware against any damage whilst it sparkles like never before. 

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#2 Godrej Eon Dishwasher 

Best Dishwasher Brands In India

One of the well-known brands in India is Godrej. Formed in 1897 in British India by brothers Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej, the company operates in various sectors like chemicals, real estate, consumer products, appliances, industrial engineering, furniture, security, and agricultural products. It employs more than 28,000 people in India and is operated and owned majorly by the Godrej family to date. Their consumer goods and appliances have become popular majorly owing to the quality and economical prices which appeals to the larger middle-class Indian crowd. They have one of the best dishwasher in India that’s economical and yet promises superior products to the consumer. Find a complete review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Godrej dishwasher machine in India comes in black & grey colors, with the former occupying only the display and feature button part of the appliance. It comes with a 2-year warranty and an Open-Box inspection wherein you can check the appliance on delivery and refuse the delivery for a full refund in case there’s any damage or any missing parts. Inside the packaging, you will find 1 dishwashing machine, 1 inlet hose, 1 drain hose, and 1 user manual. The weight of the product is 26 kg and has dimensions of 55 X 52.4 X 59.5 centimeters. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.20,990/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Godrej Eon Dishwasher is best for smaller families and contains 8 place settings with one place setting accommodating 8 to 12 pieces of utensils and cutlery respectively. It comes with many settings to give you an all-around cleaning depending on your needs. For instance, there are an intensive 70 degrees Celsius setting where the high temperature cleans heavily soiled and oily dishes for a hygienic and germ-free wash. But you also have an option for a quick 35 minutes when your dishes are just mildly soiled. 

To give you a germ-free washing experience, the appliance has an anti-bacterial filter that prevents any bacterial growth on the surface and keeps the cabinet germ-free. An in-built heater also prevents any germ growth on the dishes. When you want to save both water and energy, there’s an option for eco-wash to use for lighter loads or normally soiled utensils. Another impressive option is the self-cleaning program so the dishwasher cleans itself without you having to do any manual work. Because of its compactness, you can fit this one of the best dishwasher in India on your countertop as well.

“I am absolutely in love with this one of the best-rated dishwasher in India 2022,” writes one customer on Amazon. “It came well-packaged with everything you need to operate in one box. The set-up is easy and it’s just the ideal size to put on the countertop. I loaded my first set of dishes after careful installation and they came out perfectly clean. The cooking pans weren’t cleaning well and I later realized there was another option for those greasy dishes. The program worked nicely for them. 1 month and multiple uses later I can safely say it’s a great deal economically when you see other best dishwasher prices in India. Go for it!” they add. 

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#3 Samsung Freestanding Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher In India 2022

Samsung is a name synonymous with home appliances in India. Their home appliances market share is fairly large and their reliable products have continued to hold their position in the market. Samsung has a strong foot all around the world though, and not just in India. It is the largest South Korean chaebol (business conglomerate) and has the eighth highest global brand value in the world. Samsung Electronics is currently the world’s largest information technology company, consumer electronics maker, and chipmaker in the world. Naturally when you’re wondering which is the best dishwasher brand in India? Samsung does come to mind. Find a full review of their 13-place setting freestanding dishwasher below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Samsung dishwasher comes in a grey color and has an ergonomic handle. Instead of buttons for different programs, it has a LED display to select the programs, giving you the ability to see them from a distance. It has a 52 dB noise level, which is considered the noise of a running refrigerator. Inside the packaging, you will find 1 dishwashing machine, 1 warranty card, 1 user manual, 1 inlet hose, and 1 outlet hose. You receive a 1-year warranty with the product and there’s also another color available for the device: White. The price of the appliance at the time of upload of this article is Rs.27,990/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Samsung freestanding best dishwasher in India comes with 13 place settings and a fingerprint-resistant body – a common feature in most Samsung home appliances. It has a big LED display on top where you can select the program you’d want to use for the utensils and see what it is from far away as well. Its intensive wash program is made for Indian cooking – a byproduct of which can often be greasy utensils. In the program, the water runs at 70 degrees Celsius to remove all the grease, leftover oil, and food particles to get everything sparkling clean. But there are also other programs where the temperature reaches 70 degrees at the time of rinsing so everything comes out bacteria-free and hygienic for your family. 

One distinguishing feature of the product is the convenience to move the racks by 5 cm so you can put larger-sized dishes into the rack with ease. This Samsung product, like many other appliances from the brand, is made from stainless steel that is durable, cleaner, and quieter than some of the other best dishwasher machines in India. Further, you will receive a free installation with the product and access to any other support service via Samsung’s 3300 service center touchpoints available in India. 

“This thing is WITHOUT a doubt my best purchase for the house in the last 3 years. I live with my husband and we both have full-time jobs. Our maid wasn’t punctual and we struggled to find one that would match our schedule. We decided to buy a dishwasher to solve this problem once & for all! We already had a Samsung fully automatic washing machine that was working great in our first year of purchase, so we trusted another product for our home from the same brand. We couldn’t be happier with the decision. It has made our life so much easier. It’s the perfect size to wash the dishes for the couple every alternate day. It’s also water-efficient and resource-efficient as compared to manual cleaning. Honestly, it has paid more for itself with convenience alone,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#4 Bosch Dishwasher With Eco Silence Drive

Best Dishwasher Machine In India

Given Bosch’s ultimate performance in the dishwasher realm – not just in India, but all over the world – one other of its appliance had to become a part of this list of best dishwasher in India. The German company is currently Europe’s largest auto-parts manufacturer and one of the leading makers of auto ignition, fuel injection, and antilock braking systems. Their slogan is “invented for life” and their products are designed on the same philosophy – durable, convenient, and make consumers’ life easier. Their 13-place setting dishwasher is no different. Despite being priced on the higher end for the Indian market, it has the highest reviews and ratings of them all. Find a complete review of this amazing product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Bosch freestanding dishwasher comes in a sleek gray finish with a top section displaying the programs clearly so you can easily select the one as per your needs. The appliance comes with a 2-year warranty but there’s a 10-year rust-through warranty – one-of-a-kind in this section of home appliances. Bosch uses special surface treatments and production processes that are precisely tailored for dishwashers to prevent rust inside out. Included in the packaging are 1 dishwashing machine, 1 inlet pipe, 1 outlet pipe, 1 electrical wire with plug, 1 user manual, and 1 detergent sample. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.44,000/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

Bosch 13-place setting dishwasher is suitable for family members of 4 to 5 and has an adjustable cutlery box which you can choose to put depending on your needs for space or what kind of utensils you’re washing at the moment. It has bigger dimensions (60 X 60 X 84.5 centimeters) so you can also accommodate bigger utensils which are generally a part of Indian cooking. Talking about Indian cooking, the device has several programs that make it a hit among the Indian audience. It has intensive wash to wash the utensils at higher temperatures so any greasy oils or ghee can be removed from kadhais or plates. It also has smart sensors so it adjusts the water, detergent, and rinse aid depending on the dirt and grime on your utensils. 

With a bosch dishwasher in India, you can wash not just steel/aluminum utensils but even glassware without any hassle. It has unique glass protection technology to give you sparkling dishes without causing any damage. And when you want to wash just fewer utensils, this one of the best dishwasher for Indian kitchens comes with half-load technology to save water and energy on a fewer load of dishes. Powered by an eco-silence drive motor, Bosch dishwashers are known to have the least noise and power consumption in the market. 

If you’ve set your mind on this one of the best dishwasher in India but feel skeptical to buy it online, we’d want to let you know that the product comes with an “Open Box Inspection” service. In this particular service available for selected home appliance brands in India, you can open the box and inspect the product. In case you find any items missing or any damage to the product, you can choose to return the product on point for a full refund. This is a great initiative for when you want to buy bigger appliances from the comfort of your home. Bosch service center also provides you with free installation and demo services when you purchase the product from Amazon. 

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#5 Voltas Table Top Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher Machine In India

If you’re looking for a homegrown brand to buy your best dishwasher in India, Voltas can be your top pick. Formed in 1954 through an association of Tata Sons and Volkart Brothers, Voltas is structured into many projects and product businesses. The latter is further divided into categories like air conditioners, air coolers, commercial refrigerators, water coolers, and more. Their air conditioners are the largest air conditioning brand in India and the company’s other products are equipped with the latest technology and sold in economical prices for the Indian market. Despite being ranked the best dishwasher in India in 2022, their appliance is lower in price than others listed in the market. Find a complete review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Voltas 8 place settings tabletop dishwasher comes in a light gray color and has a LED screen on the top to select the programs with a display of the time when the appliance is running. The appliance comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor. It has dimensions of 50 X 55 X 59.5 centimeters and a weight of 25.5 kg. The noise level is 49 dB, which is considered a quieter sound on the decibel level. Inside the product packaging, you will receive 1 dishwashing machine, 1 inlet hose, 1 drain hose, 1 user manual, and 1 power cable. The price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.21,050/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

This one of the best dishwasher in India fits up to 96 vessels with settings consisting of many different variations like dinner plates, dessert plates, soup bowls, knives, spoons, and forks. It has an ergonomic design wherein the upper basket holds the small utensils and the lower baskets hold the larger ones. It has an intensive 70 degrees wash and an in-built heater which you can use for greasy utensils, but it can also be a great option for when you want a hygienic cleaning. There’s also the ECO mode where you can save water and electricity when you wash dishes that are minimally soiled, helping you save more on dishwasher washing than manual washing which is anyways more resource-efficient. 

Because of the compact design of the machine, you won’t need help with setting up the appliance. Although, if you still need help with installation and demo, you will receive free installation from the company when you order this product from Amazon. Yet another impressive attribute of this dishwasher brand in India is the glass protection, wherein you can put lightly soiled glassware and premium crockery to have streak-free, watermark-free shine. 

“I am in love with this appliance. If you’re wondering which is the best dishwasher in India? Trust this appliance to be your answer. I was looking for a specific size to fit into a designated spot of my kitchen and this one fit the spot and the bill perfectly. No matter what I put into this dishwasher, it comes out sparkling clean. Obviously, you have to know the right setting, like the intensive wash for greasy cooking pans. It does the washing of around 2 days utensils (2 people) in around 60 minutes which is worth the price and effort. I love this appliance, would recommend it, and would buy again,” writes a customer on Amazon. 

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#6 LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher With Wi-Fi

Top Dishwasher In India

Not one, but two South Korean brands – LG and Samsung – are big in India when it comes to home appliances. LG is the fourth largest chaebol (business conglomerate) in South Korea. It was formed in 1958 in the aftermath of the Korean war when the country aimed to become independent in terms of home appliances and consumer electronics. Its first line of products consisted of radios, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, and air conditioners. The appliances further expanded to other products and also has a best-selling dishwasher in India – the 14-place settings LG dishwasher with silent operation, tough stain removal, and adjustable racks. Find a review of the product below. 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The LG 14 place setting dishwasher is a bigger product in terms of physical dimensions and number of utensils it can accommodate as compared to other best dishwasher in India. The dimensions are 70.3 X 58.0 X 147.5 centimeters and the weight of the product is 49 kg. It has a beautiful gray color with settings clearly mentioned on the top. The noise level is 45 dB, which is one of the lowest on this list of the best dishwasher in India. Inside the packaging, you will find one unit the dishwasher, one user manual, and one warranty card. You receive a warranty of 2 years on the product and 10 years on the motor. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.51,309/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The LG 14 place setting dishwasher is quite an appliance. It’s convenient, luxurious, and offers many programs to support many kinds of cleaning all in one. This dishwasher price in India is higher than others, but given its ability to accommodate so many utensils, a wide range of functions, and durable making, the appliance pays for itself in the long run. It has a 14-place setting, which is higher than the other best dishwasher in India. So you can place various kinds of utensils in one go – perfect for when you host get-togethers and have a sink full of dishes. It can easily support a family of 6 to 8 members. Even when you’re a small family, you can save 2 days’ worth of dishes and do them all in one go! 

Some unique attributes of this machine are steam wash and quad wash. You sometimes have glassware or crockery that you’d want spotless clean with no watermarks or any other stain whatsoever. The steam wash is made exactly for that. The steam reaches the entire surface of every dish to reduce the water spots and give you sparkling dishes. The Quad Wash technology consists of many multi-motion spray arms and high-pressure jets to cover all areas of the utensils and get them clean the very first time. 

Never worry about what you can put into this dishwashing machine in India because it’s suitable for many kinds of utensils available in our kitchens like ceramic, stainless steel, etc. It offers a total of 9 wash programs: True Steam, Quad Wash, Dual Wash, Quite, Turbo, Auto, Eco, Gentle, and Quick so you have a program tailored to your specific needs at any given time. If you feel like this is a bigger investment to purchase, you’d be happy to know that the product is eligible for Open Box Inspection so you can verify the item and damage before accepting the product. 

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#7 Faber Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher Price In India

Faber is a 60-year-old Italian brand and one of the leading producers of chimneys in Europe. Even today, 1 out of every two hoods sold in Italy is a Faber chimney. The global chain entered in India in 1997 and has both a company branch and a manufacturing facility in India. While their chimneys and induction cooktops are one of the best-selling products in India, their dishwashers have performed quite well and have garnered over 600+ positive reviews and ratings on just Amazon. Find below a complete review of their 12 place settings dishwasher below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Faber 12 place setting dishwasher comes in black color, but it also has an option of silver color which is priced higher than the former one. Inside the packaging, you will find one dishwasher machine, one user manual, and one warranty card. You will receive a warranty of 2 years on the product and 5 years rust-through warranty. It has dimensions of 60 X 60 X 85 centimeters and a weight of 12 kg. The noise level is 49 dB, equivalent to the sound of a running refrigerator. The price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.25,360/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Faber 12 place settings dishwasher comes with 6 washing programs: intensive, self-clean, eco, 90 minimum, glass, and rapid. It also has 12 place settings to accommodate everything from forks, plates, knives, spoons, plates, and bowls. Because of the variety of programs and settings, you can choose a program that suits your preferences the best. The intensive care uses hot water and more detergent to clean greasy dishes, rapidly cleans the dishes in lesser time when they’re not that dirty, and you also have a half-load option where you can complete the dishwashing cycle even when the dish load is not complete with fewer resources. 

Faber dishwashers in India are specifically designed for the Indian kitchen and is one of the best dishwasher for Indian cooking. It can remove anything from burnt stains to grease and masala marks. This one of the appliances also has “Open Box Inspection” available when you purchase it so you can check the product for any damage before accepting it. When you purchase online, you also receive free installation for the product. You will have to request the installation though as dishwashers are generally straightforward to install and some people don’t need any further services. You can also receive a demo for the product along with the installation. 

“This dishwasher blew me away. Nice construction. Good product. 1 month of usage and no problems yet. It was easy to install and use. You can find all the instructions in their manual and you will get a hang of everything pretty quickly. For a family of 5, we do have to use it frequently and it has cleaned the dishes well every time. It dries them well too. Both water and detergent consumption is lower than manual cleaning, which is a great sigh of relief. I really have no complaints so far and I feel like it will last for a good amount of time. Very pleased with the purchase!” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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What is the best dishwasher liquid in India?

After purchasing any of the best dishwasher in India, you might be wondering if you need a separate dishwashing liquid from the manual one to wash the utensils in your dishwasher. Turns out, yes, you will need a separate dishwashing liquid for the dishwasher, and here’s why. Normal dishwashing liquids make more suds than the ones meant for dishwashers. If you use the same liquid, then a lot of suds will be formed inside your dishwasher and there are chances the liquid comes out of the appliance. The dishwashing liquid for the dishwasher, however, is designed to form fewer suds and give you a cleaner set of utensils in one wash. Using a manual dishwashing liquid for the dishwasher can also give you unclean dishes in the first go, making you run a wash cycle again. 

If you’re looking for the best dishwasher liquid in India, try Vim Matic Dishwasher Rinse Aid Liquid designed to give you spotless utensils and no watermarks. You also have the option to purchase the Bosch dishwashing detergent or Bosch dishwashing tablets, which is rated highly as the best dishwashing liquid in India. You can also buy their combo pack here.

Are Bosch dishwashers really that good?

Yes, Bosch dishwashers do rank better and perform better than other best dishwasher brands in India. That’s why not just one, but two of their products are listed on this blog “7 Best Dishwasher In India”. Bosch is a German brand and has been operational for 135 years. Their high-quality, high-end dishwashers are more expensive than others, but they are also quieter and clean better than other brands on the list. They also have quite capacious and versatile racks, and they also last longer and are more reliable than other brands. Due to Bosch’s strong presence in the Indian market, they also have good services available in the majority of urban and upper rural areas. 

How long does a dishwasher last?

Dishwashers last anywhere between 8 to 12 years, with an average lifespan of 10 years. However, good maintenance can make the appliance last for a longer time. The length of the dishwasher also depends upon the brand. Bosch, Samsung, and LG dishwashers often fare better in the length of the appliance than others. 

Is it cheaper to use a dishwasher or wash it by hand?

If you’re running your dishwasher only when it’s full, then you’re probably saving more energy and water than washing by hand. How much energy your dishwasher saves also depends on the energy efficiency of your machine though and it’s best to check for it when you’re buying the appliance itself. According to a combination of some research work, a dishwashing appliance can save about 25% on your water and energy bills. It can be more depending on the kind of dishwasher you prefer. 

What are the best maintenance tips for dishwashers?

Here are 8 maintenance tips for dishwasher:

#1 Remove some gunk from your dishes

While most dishwashers don’t require you to remove anything from the dishes before you put them inside the racks, it’s recommended to remove the big gunks from the dishes like solid food items or bones, etc. These bigger chunks can clog the hoses, and drains, damage the filter, or damage the pump. 

#2 Clean The Filter When You Can

The stuck-on food on the dishes goes into your filter and gets stuck there. The filter is like the one you have in your washing machine which catches the lint and dirt in your clothes. Just like you have to clean that filter manually so the wash cycle remains smooth and running, you also have to clean the filter in your dishwashing appliance. A telltale sign of the dishwasher needing a filter check is when the wash performance decreases and the dishes don’t come out as clean as they were before. 

When this happens, you need to take out the filter which is generally installed under the bottom rack. If you are unsure how to take out the filter, look at the user manual and see how you can safely remove the filter from the appliance. Else, ask for the filter removal demo when the customer service agent arrives at your home for installation. Once removed, rinse the filter under running water until it’s free from debris. It’s also okay to use soft sponges and warm soapy water for stubborn food bits, but we’d not recommend using any abrasive cleaner or brushes as it can damage the filter. If you find any physical damage in the filter like holes, then immediately arrange for a replacement, otherwise, this damage can also cause damage to the pump impeller and motor seals.

#3 Clean The Door Seal

Besides the filter, other places where the food particles can get stuck in the dishwasher are the door and tub. To clean, use a rag and white vinegar to clean the seal. Any buildup can compromise the efficiency of the machine. Any mold growth, odors, and door not sealing properly mean the door needs cleaning. Again, avoid using any harsh cleaners or abrasives on the door as well. It can damage the sealing. Use a soft cloth and some soap, if necessary. 

#4 Take Care Of Hard-Water Residue:

If you live in an area that has hard water, the inside of the dishwasher can develop mineral films and discoloration. The hard water residue can leave water stains on your dishes and the inside of the appliance, which can look like a cloudy film. You will also notice that rack rails and wheels move with a bit of resistance. To remove them, our recommendation is to use a citric-acid-based dishwasher and remove the film gently. Another way to prevent the effects of hard water on your appliance is to use a regeneration salt in the water-softening system so that spotting and clouding are prevented. This prevents mineral buildup in the dishwasher. 

#5 Inspect The Spray Arms

Spray arms are an important part of a dishwasher. They spray the dishes with water that facilitates appropriate cleaning. If your dishwasher isn’t cleaning properly, it’s best to check the dishwasher’s spray arms for cleanliness and any sort of obstruction. If you see any sort of obstruction, clean the spray with a toothpick or pipe cleaner. You want to be gentle while doing this so you don’t deform the hole as it can affect the spray pattern and in turn, how efficiently the dishwasher does its job. Some dishwashers also allow you to remove the spray arms to clean them, make sure you see the instructions on how to safely remove them for cleaning so you don’t cause any damage. 

#6 Protect The Racks

If the plastic coating on the racks wears off, repair it as soon as you can. Contact customer service for repair. Once the plastic paint wears off, the racks can corrode and allow small shards of rusty metal to enter the pump, which can reduce the efficiency and length of the dishwasher. Once the rust spreads, it’s also very difficult to stop the rust from spreading and it will cost more to repair it. So, it’s better to repair the plastic coating as soon as you find the damage. 

#7 Don’t Overload The Washer

Just like with any other big appliance in your kitchen, like your washing machine, you shouldn’t overload the dishwasher as well. Overloading an electrical appliance can compromise its efficiency and cause damage to the appliance. Overloading the appliance for a long time can also lower the life span of the machine. Mechanical parts start wearing out and the internal damage soon outweighs the performance. You also don’t want to run partial loads for the same reason. 

#8 Only Wash Dishes In Your Appliance

Dishwashers are meant to wash dishes only. Don’t believe anything else you see on the internet. Some people are recommending washing their car parts or candlestick holders inside the washes and that’s simply not a good idea. The greasy car parts and the wax from the candlestick can embed into the crevices of the washer and can be very difficult to clean, compromising the efficiency and durability of the washer. 

How often should you run a dishwasher?

It’s recommended to wash the dishwasher at least once a week. It can be a short cycle as well. You also don’t have to use the dishwasher every day and it’s only recommended to use the appliance when it’s completely full and not run with partial coverage.

Conclusion & Winner:

Clearly, the best dishwasher in India can be a useful investment for your kitchen in terms of both saving time and saving resources. You can pick one depending on your needs and budget, but the best one from the list, when compared to others on the basis of performance and reviews, is surely Bosch 13 Place Settings Dishwasher with more than 2,200 reviews and 4.4/5  ratings. Bosch is renowned throughout the world for its reliable, smooth-running, and quiet dishwashing machines, and you can’t go wrong choosing them for your home as well.

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