10 Best BCAA Supplements In India || Best Brands With Price

Best BCAA Supplements In India

BCAA are branched-chain amino acids and constitute three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAA’s have become a common supplement in those following a fitness or bodybuilding journey because of their ability to reduce muscle breakdown, induce muscle recovery, and promote muscle growth. They are unique because they are metabolized directly in the muscles instead of the liver, making them readily available for energy production during exercise. If you’re on your fitness or bodybuilding journey, here are some of the best BCAA supplements in India to consider:

Price Comparison Table For Best BCAA In India:

  1. Fast&Up BCAA Basics (5 grams): Rs.779/- for 45 servings (Buy Here)
  2. Optimum Nutrition BCAA (5 grams): Rs.1189/- for 30 servings (Buy Here)
  3. Nutrafirst Natural BCAA Supplement (2 grams): Rs.739/- for 40 servings (Buy Here)
  4. Scivation XTend BCAA’s (7 grams): Rs.2243/- for 30 servings (Buy Here)
  5. Muscle Asylum BCAA Powder (3 grams): Rs.595/- for 50 servings (Buy Here)
  6. Carbamide Forte BCAA Pro Supplement (7 grams): Rs.850/- for 15 servings (Buy Here)
  7. Nirvasa BCAA Advanced Powder (4 grams): Rs.759/- for 30 servings (Buy Here)
  8. Man Matters BCAA Powder For Men (5 grams): Rs.849/- for 37 servings (Buy Here)
  9. MuscleXP Instantized BCAA (6 grams): Rs.799/- for 44 servings (Buy Here)
  10. Cultsport BCAA Powder (6 grams): Rs.1069/- for 30 servings (Buy Here)

10 Best BCAA In India

#1 Fast&Up BCAA Basics

Best BCAA Supplements In India

Fast&Up is an Indian healthcare brand that started in 2015 to provide quality nutrition to all those who want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. They were the first ones to commercialize the use of effervescent tablets in India (effervescent tablets absorb better and faster than other mediums) over tablets and capsules. The nutrition brand has always focused on providing high-class nutrition combined with the best pricing in the market. One of their recent achievements is creating a unique blend of plant and whey protein, which is unique worldwide! Below, find a complete review of their BCAA powder ranked as one of the best BCAA supplements in India. 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Fast&Up BCAA comes in its standard orange and blue packaging box with a measuring spoon inside and a silver foil seal on the top. Each box gives you 45 servings, and each serving provides you approximately 7 grams of BCAA in the ideal ratio of 2:1:1. This one of the BCAA supplements in India comes in 4 flavors: blueberry, cola, orange, and watermelon, and it’s a completely vegetarian product. The price of the supplement at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.779/-, which makes it one of the cheapest BCAA brands in India! 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Fast&Up BCAA is a high-quality and banned substances-free supplement that comes in a granular form to ensure faster absorption – no matter when or how you chose to take it! The powder also dissolves easily so you can just mix it in water or any other of your healthy drinks or juices. Each serving gives you 5 grams of instantized BCAA in the appropriate ratio of 2:1:1. It also doesn’t have any added sugar and just flavoring to enhance the taste without adding any extra calories. 

Fast&Up has really made nutrition easier and affordable. While this one is a basic BCAA product so those who are on a budget don’t have to compromise their health, anyone who can shell out more should definitely try their BCAA Advanced which also contains other amino acids for faster recovery and protein synthesis in the body alongside electrolytes to replenish hydration levels! You can also try their effervescent EAA tablets in delicious flavors as an alternative to BCAA too! 

“I absolutely love the Fast&Up BCAA in India. It has had a massive effect on my workout potential and recovery. I don’t feel as sore in the morning and can also go on for a longer time. Besides being effective, it also dissolves easily into the water and tastes amazing. Overall, I’d highly recommend this product and think it’s a great supplement to try for anyone who wants to stay lean and healthy,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#2 Optimum Nutrition BCAA

Best BCAA Supplements In India

Optimum Nutrition is part of the Ireland-based Glanbia global nutrition group and was acquired by the conglomerate in 2008. Originally, ON company was formed in 1986 in Illinois where it still maintains an office to date! The most popular supplement of ON is their whey protein, which acquires a major market share in US, UK, and India, where the products are also manufactured! Their products are known to have high-quality ingredients and their innovation is at par with many major nutrition supplements in the world. Find below a complete review of their BCAA powder, ranked as the best BCAA amino acid supplement in India and one of the best BCAA brands in the world! 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Optimum Nutrition BCAA supplements in India come in a black can with a green accent and flavor highlighted on the top. Each can provide you with 30 servings and you just need 1 scoop to get the mentioned amount of BCAA’s. Each serving provides you with 5 grams of BCAA in an approximate ratio of 2:1:1. Inside the product packaging you will find the measuring scoop and the powder is sealed from the top so you can be assured of an unused product. The price for one can of this best BCAA powder in India is Rs.1189/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The ON Nutrition BCAA comes with 5 grams of BCAA of which 2.5 grams is L-leucine, 1.27 grams is L-isoleucine, and 1.27 grams is L-Valine. This ensures a proper ratio, which is as important as the supplement you choose itself. The ideal ratio ensures you get more leucine, the key amino acid for anabolic effects on muscle growth and repair. But also provides isoleucine and valine that works in synergy with the former for muscle building and recovery.

Besides, the ON BCAA also doesn’t have any added sugars and has > 5 grams of carbohydrates. For building proteins, you need to ensure you get all the macros in some amounts though, which happens through diet and anymore through supplements can hamper your workout goals! Similarly, refined sugar is bad for your workout regimen as well as it builds fat rather than build muscles. Therefore, in your quest for best BCAA supplements in India, we’d definitely recommend choosing one that doesn’t contain any other macros besides the EAA. 

“I really love the mixability and effectiveness of ON Nutrition supplement. I can feel the positive effects in just under a week and I think I skipped a day in the middle. As someone who also suffers from knee popping during leg workouts, this has really helped with that as well. It has also improved my capacity to lift weights. This is definitely a game-changer if you want to build lean muscle mass and I would surely recommend it!” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#3 Nutrafirst Natural BCAA Supplement

Best BCAA Supplements In India

Nutrafirst is a Gurgaon-based nutrition supplement brand rooted in traditional Indian medicinal practices but coupled with modernistic needs for a holistic approach to the health industry. They first started in 2019 and after surviving the wave of Covid-19, they have become a well-known nutrition brand in India. With many products under their radar, from protein to fish oil to ayurvedic potent extracts and of course, the BCAA, the company is looking to expand further in the coming years. Here, find the review of their affordable BCAA available in India!

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Nutrafirst Natural BCAA supplement comes in a black can packaging with golden and green accents. It comes in the mix-fruit flavor and that’s the only flavor they have in their BCAA supplement as of today. Each box of this one of the best BCAA supplements in India gives you 2 grams of BCAA in the appropriate ratio. You get 40 servings with each container with each scoop measuring 40 grams and the price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.739/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Nutrafirst Natural best BCAA in India stands out for a lot of reasons. It’s a high-quality supplement that’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and certified by both GMP and FSSAI. Besides BCAA in the desired ratio, it also contains of a potent blend of 10 ayurvedic ingredients with two powerful ones, ashwagandha and Shatavari, known for increasing muscle mass and aiding in fat loss. The rest of the herbs are added to increase your immunity, boost your energy levels, and supporting digestive health & detox. 

This top 5 BCAA in India is also priced economically for those who are on a budget but still want to stay lean and build muscle mass. It’s one of the cheapest on the list and ranks alongside the Fast&Up BCAA supplement! Plus, we also love how they have bulk rates when you purchase more than one container. There are packs of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, and each one is more competitively priced than the other. It’s best for those who want to include BCAA regularly in their diet. 

“Been lifting for over 4 years and this is the best BCAA supplement I have purchased to date. I am still amazed at how effective it is because you can feel the energy just boosting in your body. For me, BCAA supplements work better when I take them before the workout and this has made exercise much more enjoyable. This is a good product. Oh, and it mixes well too, just a couple of shakes and tastes really yummy!!!” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon.   

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#4 Scivation XTend BCAA’s

Best BCAA In The World

The Xtend company, also known as Scivation, is a sports nutrition brand that specializes in producing supplements to support athletic performance, recovery, and overall fitness. Xtend is known for its flagship product, Xtend BCAA, which is a popular choice among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Founded in 2004 in North Carolina, USA, the company was acquired in 2017 by Nutrabolt, a leading sports nutrition company with several brands under its name. XTend BCAA is one of the best BCAA supplements in India because the company was primarily built to sell these branched-chain amino acid supplements and spent a lot on R&D and testing before entering the market. Find a review of the Scivation XTend best BCAA amino acid supplement in India below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Scivation XTend comes in a white container with a few colored accents. It comes in many flavors like strawberry kiwi, grape, orange, and watermelon. The strawberry-kiwi flavor is the most popular among them all. Each container of this best BCAA available in India gives you 7 grams of BCAA in a desired 2:1:1 ratio and comes with other special ingredients like L-glutamine and L-citrulline. You will receive 30 servings in each container, and the cost of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.2243/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Scivation XTend BCAA’s are a trustable brand because they don’t just have a strong presence in India, but many other evolved markets like that of the USA and is one of the best BCAA brands in the world. Their award-winning formula contains 7 grams of branched-chain amino acids, goal-based performance ingredients, and hydrating electrolytes to help you get the maximum out of your workout and support quick recovery. It has the highest amount of BCAA when compared to others on this list and is best for those who want to refuel, repair, and recover like nothing else in the market. 

Besides the branched-chain amino acids, the supplement also contains L-glutamine and citrulline malate. L-glutamine is another amino acid (one of the 20 amino acids and categorized as non-essential) known to support bodybuilding by reducing muscle breakdown, promoting muscle anabolism, improving immunity, and enhancing glycogen storage. Besides, L-glutamine is also research-backed to support weight loss by cutting down fat stored in the body. 

Citrulline Malate is an amino acid compound where Citrulline is a type of non-essential amino acid, which means the body makes it naturally and is not solely dependent on dietary intake. Citrulline is converted to L-arginine in the body and the compound in itself is known to improve blood flow and circulation, allowing for enhanced nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscles. This can result in increased endurance, reduced muscle fatigue, and improved exercise performance. 

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#5 Muscle Asylum BCAA Powder

Top 5 BCAA In India

Founded in 2019, Muscle Asylum has quickly garnered attention as one of the best nutrition supplements in India, especially for those looking to improve their workout performance and build muscles. Some of their best-rated products include whey protein, creatine monohydrate, and BCAA supplements. Below, we have included a complete review of their BCAA powder in India.  

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Muscle Asylum BCAA Powder comes in blue and white packaging and is the cheapest one of the BCAA supplements in India. It comes in 4 exciting flavors: blue razz, fruit punch, litchi candy, and orange mango. Each container offers 50 servings and every serving has about 6 grams of powder. The price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.595/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Muscle Asylum BCAA powder is made with premium-quality ingredients and I think it’s the effectiveness of the product that has led the company to become one of the best in the market in just under 4 years of establishment. Their BCAA comes from a vegan fermented source and is completely natural, safe, and free of any contaminants. Because of the premium quality and excellent source, the powder supplement mixes almost instantly and tastes delicious. It’s more like an effervescent tablet that will only taste delicious and doesn’t require any effort to mix!

Besides the branched-chain amino acids, the Muscle Asylum best BCAA in India also comes with a nootropics matrix consisting of L-tyrosine, Taurine, and L-theanine. Nootropics, also known as “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers,” are substances or supplements that are taken to enhance cognitive function, memory, focus, creativity, and overall mental performance. This best amino acid tablet in India also contains Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. While B6 keeps our muscles strong by helping them absorb sufficient amino acids, B12 produces RBCs that deliver oxygen to the muscles and help them recover faster. All in all, the Muscle Asylum BCAA brand in India makes sure you get everything you need to enhance your workout efficiency. 

“It really does the job. I take a bottle with me to work every day which is a smoothie that includes this supplement. I work out for an hour in the morning before leaving for work and it’s quite intensive. It tastes amazing and only adds to the flavor of my smoothie. More so, it helps with soreness and muscle recovery too. I am sure of this because I have seen some positive changes in just 2 weeks. It’s economical price is surely a plus! Great product all around,” writes a reviewer on Amazon. 

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#6 Carbamide Forte BCAA

Top 10 BCAA In India

Carbamide Forte is a well-known brand in India, popular for its dietary supplements and health products to support overall wellness but also target any specific areas of concern. The company is a homegrown brand and comes under a Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Novus Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. Over the years, they have received positive public feedback for the efficacy of their products and economical prices (which almost remains the same to date despite the demand!). Below, find a review of the Carbamide Forte branched-chain amino acids, one of the best BCAA supplements in India. 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Carbamide Forte supplement comes in a black container with a singular-color accent, which is a common color branding of many of their products. The product comes with a measuring scoop and sealed packaging to ensure you get a new container! Each serving gives you 15 grams of BCAA and every container gives about 15 servings. It comes in two flavors at the moment: orange and green apple. The price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.850/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Carbamide Forte BCAA comes with a 2:1:1 proportion of BCAA with leucine at the highest. If you’re wondering why every brand is emphasizing this proportion, it’s because this is the best proportion to improve muscle soreness, promote muscle anabolism, and lessen fatigue. Most people think that since leucine is a great AA for muscle anabolism, we will skew the ratio to 4:1:1 and it will have more effects. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Research proved that between the groups getting leucine and a 2:1:1 ratio, the latter had a much better protein synthesis than just the leucine group. 

Besides the appropriate ratio, the Carbamide Forte BCAA also contains an amino-acid blend of L-glutamine and L-citrulline. While the former helps by improving the protein synthesis rate between cells, the latter increases the oxygen in the muscle tissue for better recovery and repair. There’s also an electrolyte blend in the BCAA which is great for both pre-workout and post-workout because it helps with recovering electrolytes that often reduce because of sweating during exercise. Electrolytes are especially important for those who sweat a lot and if you’re one of them, this can be the best choice for you among the best BCAA supplements in India.

“I just tried this for the first time after workout and I am so less shaky than I usually am after workouts. I also don’t feel as fatigued as I usually do after an intense gym session. Another thing I love about this bcaa brand in India is the taste! It’s yum! And this is coming from someone who is very, very picky about the taste – especially those of health supplements. I will continue drinking this and see how it goes,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon.  

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#7 Nirvasa BCAA Advanced Powder

Best BCAA Brand In India

Nirvasa Healthcare is a 4-year-old Indian brand offering a one-stop solution for concerns like weight management, hair health, women’s wellness, diabetes care, etc. Here, you can get consultation for any of the mentioned issues, get treatment from verified doctors, and get continuous support throughout your wellness journey. Besides the personalized consultation, the company has also started selling nutrition supplements for those who want to skip through the process. One of their products receiving much popularity is the BCAA which is currently one of the best BCAA supplements in India. Find a complete review of the product below:

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Nirvasa BCAA powder comes in black packaging with orange accents. It comes with a measuring scoop and a sealed foil on the top. Each serving is 7 grams and gives you 4 grams of BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio. It also contains L-glutamine, taurine, potassium, and sodium in each serving. You get about 30 servings per container and the price of the product at the time of upload of this article is Rs.759/-, which is quite economical to give this best BCAA in India a try! 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Nirvassa BCAA Advanced powder comes with a potent formulation of branched-chain amino acids that perfect muscles from the outside whilst keeping you active and energetic on the outside. This one of the top 10 BCAA supplements in India is perfect for both men & women and can be taken 30 to 45 minutes before the workout or within 30 minutes of exercising. It comes in a delicious blueberry flavor and you can save more money on the product by buying packs of 6 or 5 which reduces the price of each serving considerably. 

Besides the BCAA, this amino acid supplement also contains potassium and sodium, which helps boost the electrolyte balance of the body and supports proper hydration. It also has taurine, known to improve muscle fatigue so the recovery starts earlier and there’s no muscle breakdown after the exercise. It also has L-glutamine, which you’d know by now is a common ingredient in the BCAA supplements in India because of its ability to rebuild and repair muscle mass and also improve protein metabolism. 

“As an avid fitness enthusiast, I can swear by this product. It’s one of the best BCAA amino acid supplements I have tried so far and trust me, I have tried many of them. The blueberry flavor is super good and it almost tastes like a refreshing summer drink when I have it on its own mixed with water and ice! I would suggest this for anyone who is looking for some good BCAAs in the market,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#8 Man Matters BCAA Powder

Best BCAA Supplements In India

Founded in 2019, Man Matters is a one-stop holistic wellness platform where professional consultations and personalized treatments are provided for all men-related problems ranging from hair health, and muscle building, to sexual health and sleep disorders. Their empathetic attitude combined with quality products has made them one of the most popular brands in the Indian market today. Find below a complete review of their BCAA powder, known to be one of the best BCAA supplements in India. 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Man Matters BCAA powder comes in a black container with green accents to nod to its red guava flavor. The supplement only comes in red guava flavor as of now as it’s one of the newly-launched BCAA in the Indian market. Each container offers 37 servings and each serving (measuring scoop) is approximately 6.75 grams. The price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.849/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Man Matters BCAA is a straightforward product with just BCAA’s in appropriate ratios along with glutamine, added flavor, permitted sweetener, thickening agent, and a binding agent. All the ingredients are safe and don’t cause any spike in blood sugar levels or hamper the recovery or repair process in any way! The product is 100% Vegan and hence, caters to people with all dietary restrictions. It’s also GMO-free, preservative-free, gluten-free, and also has no added sugar! 

This BCAA for muscle growth in India also has an amazing mixability and you can mix it in your favorite smoothie or juice, or just add it to the shaker bottle with water to consume before or after the workout. Besides branched-chain amino acids that help with muscle repair, recovery, and synthesis, the supplement also contains 4.2 grams of glutamine, an abundant amino acid in the body whose demand is increased during intensive workouts and thus, a supplement ensures there’s enough glutamine for protein synthesis in muscles and energy production to sustain the stamina. 

“This is a good supplement to be used as a recovery beverage. Low carb, low sugar, and a good amount of amino acids! It’s great for building muscles and also has a good flavor. I wouldn’t say it’s great but it’s at least palatable and refreshing. The packaging was good too, with no spillage issues whatsoever. It’s also priced nicely and gives ample servings in one container,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#9 MuscleXP Instantized BCAA 6000

Best Amino Acid Tablets In India

As the name itself suggests, this Indian brand is all about helping you build muscles and providing you with no-bullshit supplements that support you in your journey of body-building! Their products, mainly protein powders and BCAAs, are scientifically advanced, safe, offer better absorption, and are easy to consume daily. Founded in 2017, the company guarantees the best of products to its consumers and keeps investing in R&D to help them deliver better in the future. Find a complete review of their Instantized BCAA 6000 below!  

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

MuscleXP (the best BCAA supplements in India) powder comes in a black container with colored accents. It comes in a tangy orange flavor and provides 6 mg of BCAA with every serving. The measuring scoop is approximately 9 grams and you get 44 servings in each container. The price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.799/-, but you can get a superb deal when you purchase 2 containers which are priced as a bulk deal at Rs.999/-, making each container cost 300 lesser than when you purchase just one! 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The MuscleXP Instantized BCAA contains 6 grams of 2:1:1 BCAA matrix with 3 grams of L-leucine and 1.5 grams each of L-isoleucine and L-valine. Besides a good amount of BCAAs required for muscle growth and recovery, the supplement also contains Vitamin C, a known vitamin that helps in cell regrowth and tissue development. A good amount of Vitamin C ensures your muscle synthesis stays on point and is retained after the workout. This best BCAA powder in India also contains L-alanine and taurine. Both of them are known to boost athletic performance by reducing muscle fatigue and improving strength. 

We also love that they offer a package deal. I think supplements are something that we take on a continuous basis and while one product for trial at a higher price can be managed, we can save considerably when we buy it in bulk. Even though the MuscleXP product is priced at 799, it’s just 499 when you purchase two containers instead of one. Two containers mean 88 servings and it will last you for around 3 months easily. 

“I’ve noticed a marked difference in my endurance and power when I take this supplement before my strength training. One of my leg day workouts is frog jumps which I am never able to sustain. However, I drank this before my leg day and I was able to do the workout as recommended by my trainer. I also love the taste of this BCAA. It’s almost like drinking an orange soda and it just makes taking it more enjoyable!” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon.   

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#10 Cultsport BCAA Powder 

Best BCAA In India

Cultsport is the fitness apparel and supplement brand of health & nutrition startup CultFit. Launched in 2019, the brand has gained popularity for its quality workout equipment, effective supplements, and a wide range of products to fulfill all the needs of those in the fitness circle. One of its best-rated products among all and listed in many lists of best BCAA supplements in India is the Cultsport BCAA powder. Find a complete review of the product below: 

Physical Attributes & Quantitative Measurements:

The Cultsport BCAA powder comes in black container with shades of blue-green branding on the packaging. All the details of the product including the ingredients, serving size, nutrition information, instructions to use, caution, etc. are all mentioned on the packaging. You will get 30 servings in the container with each serving measuring 10 grams and providing you 6 grams of BCAA. The product comes in watermelon flavor and the price of the product at the time of the upload of this article is Rs.1016/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

Cultsport BCAA powder contains 6 grams of BCAA with 3 grams of leucine and 1.5 grams each of isoleucine and valine. The amount of BCAA is enough to get into the anabolic state where the amount of protein synthesis is less than the muscle breakdown. It’s also a good amount to be taken alongside your whey or vegan protein in India as it just enhances the muscle repair and growth of these supplements. The supplement also comes with 1000 mg of glutamine which further boosts the muscle recovery and endurance you’re looking for!

This supplement also contains sodium, which keeps your muscles hydrated and also maintains the electrolyte balance necessary to move nutrients to your body and your muscles so as to give them all that they need for repair and growth. This product is also soy-free, GMO-free, and completely vegan. More so, it’s also vegan and dope-free, which means it’s free of any steroids and can be used by bodybuilders or athletes participating in any competition or generally looking for steroid-free supplements. 

“I just tried it for the first time and I am already impressed. It prevented me from getting shaky after workout as I usually do and I don’t feel as tired later or the day after! That’s amazing because it also doesn’t have any caffeine and still manages to keep me alert & awake. It also blends so well and you just need to put a scoop and shake just 4 to 5 times before drinking it. The flavor is also good and doesn’t taste like a supplement at all! Hoping to see great results with this one,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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best bcaa india

What Does A BCAA Do?

BCAA or branched-chain amino acids consist of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Essential amino acids are a group of nine amino acids that cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained through the diet. Each of these nine amino acids serves special function in the body, and three of them in particular are said to have a massive effect on muscle protein synthesis, muscle repair, muscle endurance, and muscle preservation during calorie deficits, and those three are isoleucine, leucine, and valine – the BCAA’s or the branched-chain amino acids! For people on their fitness journeys who are looking to build muscle, build lean mass, and lose fat, BCAA’s can be an amazing supplement to be added to their diet. Although, it’s important to note that BCAA alone can’t get the desired results. They have to be combined with the right exercise, a diet rich in macros, and any other supplements required for the results! 

What’s The Best Time To Take A BCAA Supplement?

Studies are yet to determine what’s the best time to take a BCAAA supplement. One small study, for example, with just 15 young men demonstrated BCAA before workout can have higher positive changes in muscle size and reduced muscle soreness after exercise than those who the supplement post the exercise. However, another study comparing BCAA (as a part of the protein powder) before and after workout showed same improvements in endurance and body composition. Here are some of the best times to take the BCAA supplements in India:

#1 Before Workout

Some people living an active lifestyle prefer taking their BCAAs before the workout as it provides them with the essential amino acids that can be used as energy during exercise. This helps them to train for longer without feeling tired or shaky and also reduces muscle breakdown. Some BCAA supplements in India also have electrolytes which can provide necessary hydration during the workout!

Take BCAA 15 to 30 minutes before the workout for maximum benefits. 

#2 After Workout

Some people prefer taking BCAA supplements after the workout to reduce muscle soreness, decrease muscle breakdown, and elevate muscle protein synthesis. Taking BCAAs along with a post-workout meal or protein shake can enhance their effectiveness.

Take BCAA supplements right after the workout or at least 15 minutes after the workout is finished. 

#3 During The Workout 

BCAAs during workout are also common and is especially taken by those who perform longer sessions of a workout like cyclists or swimmers. BCAAs during workout gives sustained energy during the exercise session, reduces muscle breakdown, and also helps to get into the anabolic state faster after the workout session is over. 

#4 Between Meals

Some people also like to divide their BCAA supplements and take it twice or thrice a day. This is particularly useful for those on a calorie-restricted diet or fasting when maintaning muscle mass is a priority! 

What Are The Benefits Of BCAA?

Here are top 6 benefits of BCAA:

#1 Boosts Muscle Growth & Repair

BCAAs play a crucial role in muscle protein synthesis, which is the process of building and repairing muscle tissue. They have been proven to have significant improvement in muscle strength, muscle function, and muscle mass. However, some studies have also demonstrated that these improvements are maximised when all 9 essential amino acids are in good proportion in the body. Therefore, try to get the other EAA either through protein powder, a amino acid supplement, or through your diet! 

#2 Decreases Muscle Soreness

BCAAs supply an alternate source of energy to muscles and thus can prevent their breakdown during exercise. These supplements also reduces DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness which happens 12 to 24 hours after a workout sessions). DOMS is usually a result of small tears in connective tissues supporting the muscles and besides strenghtening the muscles, the branched-chain amino acids also strengthens these tissues to reduce soreness. 

#3 Helps Boost Liver Health

BCAA supplementation can also have a positive impact on liver health and has been proven by scientific studies to help people with liver diseases like cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy, and liver cancer. In patients with liver surgery, it also reduces the risk of complications and duration of hospital stays. 

#4 Increases Exercise Performance

BCAAs can potentially improve exercise performance and endurance. They serve as an energy source during workouts, helping to delay fatigue and improve stamina. This can be particularly beneficial during prolonged or high-intensity exercise sessions.

#5 Helps With Muscle Preservation During Caloric Deficits

When following a calorie-restricted diet or during periods of fasting, BCAAs can help prevent muscle breakdown. By providing an alternative source of energy, they can help preserve muscle mass and prevent catabolism.

#6 Accelerates Weight Loss

If you’re attempting to lose weight by losing fat and building muscle, then a supplement with branched-chain amino acids can help you well. It’s proven that BCAA helps develop lean body mass and decreases body fat more effectively than just whey protein. Another small animal study proved that long-term leucine supplementation attenuates body fat gain without affecting the protein status. 

Best BCAA Powder India

Is It Okay To Take BCAA every day?

Yes, it is generally safe to take BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) every day, especially if you engage in regular physical activity or have specific fitness goals. BCAAs are considered to be dietary supplements and are generally well-tolerated by most individuals. If you’re on a restrictive diet and looking to build immunity without reducing muscle mass, then BCAA supplementation is definitely recommended. However, if you’re someone who consumes a lot of protein in their diet, then BCAA supplementation on days when you aren’t engaging in active workout sessions can be skipped! Ultimately, the decision to take BCAAs every day should be based on your individual needs, goals, and dietary habits.

Is BCAA Better Than Whey Protein?

It’s hard to say that BCAA are better than whey protein as both of them serve their own purpose. BCAAs are lower in caloric content, are more readily available in concentrated form, and can work faster. Whey protein, on the other hand, have all the essential amino acids, provides complete nutrition for muscle synthesis, and is best for those on a restricted diet who aren’t able to get their protein from the dietary intake. Many folks use both BCAA and whey to make them work in complementary way and see better results! 

What Are Some Natural Sources For BCAA?

Here are some natural foods with high BCAA content to try besides the best BCAA supplements in India:

  1. Chicken Breast: 5.9 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  2. Turkey Breast: 4.6 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  3. Lean Beef: 5.5 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  4. Salmon: 4.9 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  5. Tuna: 5.2 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  6. Cottage Cheese: 2.7 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  7. Greek Yogurt: 2.2 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  8. Eggs: 1.2 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  9. Lentils (Boiled/ Cooked): 1.6 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 
  10. Chickpeas: 1.4 grams of BCAAs in 100 grams 

Does BCAA increase Muscle Size?

Yes, BCAA increases muscle size and that’s the primary reason why people leading an active lifestyle take it! A 2017 study proved that men who drank their BCAA’s immediately after a workout had more muscle protein synthesis than those who consumed a placebo drink. Another study showed that the BCAA matrix activates a certain pathway in the body which leads to accelerated muscle synthesis and reduced muscle breakdown. However, it’s important to note that a boost of BCAAs might increase muscle size, but you do need all the essential amino acids to sustain muscle mass and increase it over time. Following a good diet with required macros alongside necessary supplements will give you the desired results faster. 

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