Taurus Man In Love: Signs, Traits, Best & Worst Matches

Taurus Man In Love

A zodiac sign reveals more about the basic traits of someone than you’d know! From their inherent emotional aspects to a general outlook on life, a zodiac sign can give you a gist of some of the major aspects of the person. And if you have a Taurus man in love in your life, this blog, done in collaboration with astrologer Kritikka Mathur, provides some juicy details of what you can expect from him – both good and bad. 

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Good Traits


Taureans are beaming with confidence because they put their actions where their mouth is. Like their celestial animal representative, Taureans aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and charge in the direction of their goals. They aren’t just career goals, but commitment towards a person as well. “Taureans are consistent in efforts and know what their goals are! They love stability and consistency, hence, ready to put in the effort as well,” says Krritika. Anchored by the Earth, they are grounded though, and their confidence is seldom overconfidence. 

Another aspect of their personality is honesty, which forms the basis of their confidence. Their honesty may be the reason why your first date can feel like a job interview. Sometimes, that can feel a bit odd, but Taureans’ inherent need for clarity means they will need to know if you’re a good match from the first meeting itself. Honestly conveying your feelings and thoughts is the best thing to do if you’re wanting to be in a relationship with a Taurus man. 

Good Manager Of Resources:

When you’re with a Taurean man, you can feel extra secure about the financial resources. A Taurean male is practical, stoic, and tenaciously plods along towards his goals, working very hard to attain success and security. Financial security is his top priority so any investments and expenditures will be done keeping the same in mind. “A Taurus man in love will make you feel safe, financially. He is someone who appreciates materialistic security and thus, he wouldn’t take any rash risk on finances. He is also good at saving money and appreciates assets and goods,” says Krritika. However, just because he is mindful of his resources doesn’t mean he is frugal. The Earth element of the Taurus sign means they value sensual pleasures, including beautiful places and things. Expect them to splurge on things that make them happy. They believe they deserve to be spoiled. 

Besides materialistic resources, Taureans are also good managers of emotional resources. A Taurus man in love is a thoughtful communicator who’d be honest and truthful at all times, but not when he’s himself figuring out how he feels. If he isn’t sure how he is feeling or what he wants to say, don’t push him for a response. Instead, handle the situation with patience and we promise he will reciprocate with the same patience when you’re going through any sensitive transition. 


Taurus men have a sort of mellow softness that no other man can give you. We’re talking about the hot kind of masculinity mixed with a soft touch that isn’t femininely overbearing but rather thoughtful and sweet. These signs are down-to-Earth and incredibly patient. Being ruled by Venus, which is all about harmony and union. They never push any agenda onto you. And will most likely follow through with your plans, unless it hampers their value system or when their famed stubbornness kicks in. Expect them to take you on dates devoured in utter sensuality and beautiful surroundings. “Taureans value sensuality and sensory pleasures as they are governed by Earth elements like massages and sweet scents,” says Krritika. 

Bad Traits

Lacks Adaptability:

Taurus’ sign – a bull – is a portrayal of their stubborn nature. They will not change when it’s necessary or logical. In fact, they will only do so when and if they find a good reason to! This means they will see your point of view when they are ready and many times, conveniently weasel out of seeing the other side of the argument. However, they can be convinced after many, many good points and logical arguments. And when they do, the sweetest part is they aren’t afraid to apologize or acknowledge their mistakes. 

Taurus is also someone who is afraid of change, so any changes in your life, in general, will not be a very happy transition. “Unforeseen change is always a challenge for Taureans as they are conservative and love stability. Because they are an Earth sign, a Taurus man finds gratification in his set ways and any change can be a shock to him,” says Krritika Mathur. A Taurus man can justify his set ways in the form of dedicated nature and not resistance to change. Sometimes, this trait of theirs makes them end up in unwanted situations because they’d rather suffer than go through a transition.

Too Relaxed:

The spring season marks the onset of the Taurean season. The spring is the season of new beginnings but also a time to slow down, embrace mindfulness, and seek pleasure in the simple moments of life. This urge to take it easy goes hand-in-hand with the energy of a Taurean. Ruled by Venus, an enchanting planet that governs love, beauty, and money, and the Earth element, which is associated with reveling in things that are aesthetically appealing, sensual, and comfortingly luxurious, these signs would happily spend their days soaking in a bathing tub luxuriating with essential oils. When not controlled, Taureans can take their pleasure-seeking ways too far. Such hedonistic inclinations never look good on anyone anyway and a Taurean needs to keep them in check from time to time. 

The laid-back approach can also lead to problems later in the relationship. Taureans like to take things slow which can eventually translate into every decision and activity taking a lot of time, which can become exhausting after a while. And if you’re married to a routine-loving, stability-craving Taurean, expect to Netflix and chill almost every day! They aren’t big on changing their usual routine, which means you will be planning most dates and adventures for the relationship, ending up feeling like doing most of the work in the relationship. 

Signs A Taurus Man Is In Love With You

Taurus Man In Love

# He Gets Jealous

Mild jealousy is completely normal and healthy in relationships. A surefire sign of a Taurus man in love is he gets jealous of your attention and time. The jealousy is not manipulative or controlling, like our fellow Scorpions, but rather just a need for reassurance from time to time. When a Taurus man says he loves you he needs to know you’re theirs and theirs only. However, sometimes, their possessiveness can go far and that’s when you’d need to tug their practical nerves and tell them to introspect and draw a boundary. There’s a fine line between being lovingly possessive and controllingly obsessive. Let them know when it’s time to keep a check on this element of their nature. 

# He Is Showing His Love Through Action

A Taurean man is reliable, mature, and responsible. They show their love through acts, and not words. They hold their promises to the highest standards and follow through with them. This is a positive flip-side of their stubborn nature where they don’t back down from their values and commitments. They can’t stand dishonesty and it’s always best to be truthful with them, even when it’s inconvenient. 

# He Has Taken His Sweet Time

When a Taurus man chooses you it will be after months of deliberation. He is slow and steady, so if they are the first ones to make a move, it means they have taken their time to analyze the way how the other person is acting. When a Taurus man says he is in love with you, this means he is seriously into you and he knows you feel the same towards him. The next step of the relationship, engagement, will also come slow and steady because he wants a relationship with lasting value. 

#  He Is Brutally Honest With You

We used the term “brutally” because brutally honesty isn’t fun at times, but it’s necessary especially when you’re building a lasting relationship with someone. Taureans are someone who’d value an unflattering comment over a hollow compliment. Plus, they’d hold a grudge against someone who lies even if they lied to impress them. If they are honest with you and want you to reciprocate with the same raw honesty, then chances are, the Taurus man is in love with you and is serious about the relationship. 

Q & A:

What Are The Signs A Taurus Man Is Sexually Attracted To You?

There are many signs that a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you. Given their need for sensual pleasures, he will touch you constantly, and it doesn’t have to be anything sexual. He will hug you a lot, hold your hand, stand close to you so your body part softly grazes his, and will softly touch your hair and put it behind your ear. 

Another sign a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you is when they are flirty, stares at you with eyes full of desires, and is attentive to your needs. A Taurus man in love and sexually attracted to you is a dream come true. You will experience your needs met both emotionally and physically, and he will be like a man you have never come across. A further sign of a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you is when they act territorial. Taurus man in love is jealous and incredibly possessive. He might not like you getting close to another guy and might even make rude comments about him. 

How Does A Taurus Man In Love Test A Woman?

A Taurus man in love tests a woman in many ways. But the top three among them are honesty, supportive nature, and trust. From your first date itself, he will dig deep and ask you a lot of questions and encourage you to ask a lot of questions as well. Taurus man is big on commitment and seldom wants a fling. So if they’re dating someone, they’d want to know from the start if the other person is right for them. Thus, they’d expect you to answer the questions truthfully and honestly. Truth is big in Taurean’s dictionary even if the truth hurts. They aren’t someone who tolerates lying or cheating. They want someone who is loyal and dependable, so they can see themselves with them in the long run. Don’t even try to impress a Taurean with white lies, they will see right through it. 

Taureans in love also test a woman by their supportive nature. These zodiac signs are hard-working and pursue their goals relentlessly. So, they want a partner who’d support them in their career. To test you, they will create fake situations of late work and being busy and see if you’re supportive of him. Patience is what impresses a Taurean man the most – besides trust, which is also big on their list. A Taurus man in love will see what kind of relationship you have with other men in your life. They are jealous and territorial, which can sometimes turn into utter possessiveness and controlling nature. Call him out if their jealousy goes overboard. You might even need to prepare for the possibility that he isn’t ready for the relationship. 

Can A Married Taurus Man Fall In Love With Another Woman?

Forget about a married Taurus man falling in love with another woman, even a committed Taurus man or a dating Taurus man will not fall in love with another woman. Taurus is one zodiac sign which is least likely to cheat of all. Taurus love stability and are hopeless romantics once they commit to a person. Expect endearing gifts on birthdays and anniversaries and revel in an old-school love with your Taurus man. They’re also major home-birds and love to build a happy and cozy home with their partner. Besides all these aspects, there’s one more reason why a Taurus man when in love will not cheat. They’re too lazy. They’d rather give their energy to one person than spend more by cheating on someone else. Their laid-back approach can work in your favor too! 

Do Taurus Man Fall In Love Easily?

Relationships are a huge priority for a Taurus man. These signs want a safe and happy home quickly in their lives, for which they need a partner who can build their dream life with them. This can make them vulnerable to falling in love quickly. Taurus men do test you initially and will take their sweet time before the commitment is made, but once they get a green signal, they quickly fall in love and expect them to last. 

How Do You Make A Taurus Man Addicted To You?

Here are some ways to make a Taurus man addicted to you:

  • Compliment Him: Taurus men need a lot of reassurance even though they will not admit it because of their stubbornness. Shower him with compliments (but with honesty). You can get specific, like instead of saying you like his outfit, you can say the T-shirt’s color compliments him. Expect to receive a few endearing compliments in return as well. 
  • Don’t Play Games: White lies, making them jealous, playing too hard to get, and so all of these games for some other zodiac signs who like this drama in their life like Leos or Scorpios. A Taurus man value honesty and straightforwardness. Instead, be upfront with your intentions and see how a Taurus man becomes addicted to you. 
  • Stay Calm & Elegant: A Taurus man values simplicity and authenticity. When a Taurus man falls in love, he expects his woman to stay calm and straightforward. He does not appreciate or will reciprocate big emotional displays. He expects to have an emotional reaction to things for they are and value the same in their partner. So if you want to make a Taurus man addicted to you, try to maintain a relaxed attitude. 
  • Look Your Best: Taurus is governed by Venus which is the ruler of beauty and aesthetic pleasures. This is where that Pinterest saves of double eyeliner and picture-perfect nail designs will come in handy. A Taurus man will become obsessed with you fast once you please all his senses.  
  • Great Work Ethic: Taureans are relentless and hard-working and they’d expect their woman to have the same ethic. We aren’t saying that you should work long hours to make a Taurus man addicted to you, but have a great work ethic and show passion towards your career.
How Is A Taurus Man In The Bed?

Taurus men are a woman’s dream come true in bed. These men are all about sensuality. So think of scented candles, high thread-count bedsheets, and romantic music playing in the background. They love tons of foreplay, and if you live with them, expect them to touch you and show their attraction towards you throughout the day. This is also one of the signs a Tauras man is sexually attracted to you. They will try to touch you sensually or take you to places that are beautiful and arouses the senses. If you want to turn on a Taurus man, a few rose petals, sexy lingerie, and put-you-in-the-mood music should do the trick. 

Taurus has an intense desire to satisfy his woman, and his inherent appeal to take things nice and slow ensures you feel good the whole time. Though, Taurus’ need for consistency and routine also comes in here where they would want to stick to some signature moves and positions every time. That doesn’t mean the Taurus man isn’t interested in you, it just means he likes things predictable and not adventurous. So, if you want to try something new, then you should be the one to bring it up. 

What’s The Perfect Gift For A Taurus Man?

By now, you know Tauran men are grounded, simple, and practical beings who do value sensual pleasures. Based on these aspects and what your man is like, pick a thoughtful gift for him. This can range anything from a piece of workout equipment, a soft blanket, a lush bathroom robe, luxuriating massage, a luxury watch, or a beer tasting set. 

Best Matches For A Taurus Man

Aquarius Woman & Taurus Man In Love:

A Taurus man in love with an Aquarius woman can make a good match. “Taurus is strong-willed which matches the humorous, airy personality of the Aquarius woman, who are all about genuineness and originality, which further pleases the honesty-seeking nature of Taureans,” says Krritika. They also find each other attractive, more in terms of the same ideas and values than physical looks. The two also long for similar stability in lives which makes them overturn some conflicting traits, like strong opinions. “Both have a practical outlook and love to live abundantly which makes them an ideal match to spend their lives together,” adds Krritika. 

Virgo Woman & Taurus Man In Love:  

Both Taurus and Virgo are Earth signs which alone gives them a strong foundation to work on. A Taurus man in love with a Virgo woman comes naturally as their personalities fit like two peas in a pod. “Even though both are opinionated, the two value each other’s opinions, and these strong POVs become a basis of deep conversations, as Taurus like Virgo’s intellect and Virgo likes Taurus’ consistency and determination,” says Krritika. Virgo is ruled by the planet of Mercury, which is also known as the messenger of Gods. This planet signifies effective communication in day-to-day life. While she paves the way for smooth communication, his compassion and romance make them form a strong emotional bond. All in all, a Taurus man in love with a Virgo woman is an excellent combination and these two will have a blissful life together. 

Worst Matches For A Taurus Man

Taurus Man In Love With A Sagittarius Woman:

“Sagittarius is a rule breaker and Taureans love their rules and routine, hence their compatibility is often hard,” says Krritika. They have contrasting personalities which don’t go along very well. Chances are they will not hit it off from the start, so falling in love isn’t even an option. They might get attracted to each other in the beginning because of the opposing personalities which can drive curiosity, but as they get to know each other, they will know that while he loves a safe routine-oriented approach to life, she loves adventure, exploration, and has a constant curiosity which can’t be tamed.

Taurus Man In Love With An Aries Woman:

There are many reasons why a Taurus man won’t last with an Aries woman. The former has a grounded, fixed personality and the latter has an extroverted and restless personality which can itself seem like a bit turn-off for each other from the start. Arians are governed by the planet Mars, which denotes vitality, aspiration, and action, but also anger and aggression. This can be unsettling for a Taurus man who likes a woman with a relaxed and calm personality, just like them. “Further, Taurus’s possessiveness can threaten Arian’s adventurous nature which can further drive them away,” says Krritika. 


Taurus Man In Love

A Taurus man in love is compassionate, loving, and extremely attentive to their women, for both emotional and sexual needs. They are kind, and honest, and will want to pursue a long-term relationship once they let down their walls and are reassured that the other person wants the same things as them and have pure intentions. Their possessiveness, need for assurance, stubbornness and laziness can sometimes cause problems in relationships. But once you’re past that stage, you will have the best life with your Taurean man. 

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