Taurus Man Early Dating: Traits + Tips For Next Stage

Taurus Man Early Dating

Taurus man early dating experience looks like stability, fun, compassion, and sensuality. These Venus-ruled signs love materialistic pleasures and invigorating experiences, so the early dating stages with a Taurus man will be replete with incredible dates, adventurous activities, dancing, music, meaningful touches, and lazy walks in the park that will make you long for more! The Taurus man early dating stages can also remind you of old-fashion courting with gestures like opening doors for you, bringing flowers, and coming to the door to pick you up among the common things that will woo you over. If you’re currently dating a Taurus man, here’s more insight into the early dating stages with what to expect in the future and how to get him to commit!

Taurus Man Early Dating: What To Expect

#1 They Show Feelings, Don’t Express It

You know some men don’t act on their words, Taureans are the opposite. When a Taurus man is serious about you, he will express it through his actions, though he might not be able to express them verbally! But I think actions are always louder than words and that’s exactly what you will get during the early stages of dating a Taurus man. If he tries to stay in touch, wishes you Good Morning every day, arranges dates, and just generally tries to get to spend more time with you, then it’s likely he is totally interested in you and wants to take this relationship to the next step. 

#2 They Are In It For The Long Haul

Taurus men do have casual relationships, but if they aren’t serious about you, you will know it. There will be nothing romantic about your early dating stages and he might as well drop you hints that he doesn’t see a future with you. These zodiacs are honest and will rarely play you! So, if they are showing affection, interest, and care toward you, then they are in it for the long haul. A Taurus man is known to be a serial monogamist. He loves the stability and sensuality a romantic partner brings to his life and he will put all the effort into the relationship when he thinks you’re the one! 

#3 They Are Romantic

The combination of the Earth sign combined with the ruling planet of romance and affection makes them passionate about tangible sensations and sensuality. They know how to keep the spark alive in a relationship. Flowers, fine food, hand-holding, and snuggles all go a long way when it comes to dating a Taurus man. Another thing that they like about their partner and are also ready to give themselves is total presence. Don’t look at your phone or be distracted when you’re in the early stages of dating a Taurus man and want to move on to the next stage. Instead, be engaging and present because he sure as hell is totally present at the moment and wants to get to know more & more about you. 

#4 They Are Also Jealous

Don’t worry, Taurus aren’t crazy jealous individuals (looking at you Scorpios), but they also aren’t mellow or easy-going about you spending time with someone of the opposite sex (like Geminis). They are that perfect amount of jealousy where they’d need some reassurance from time to time. They can also become suspicious of someone who catches their partner’s eye, so don’t talk too much about any other male friend or colleague in front of them. These signs value security and stability, and jealousy is just a way to ensure they will have that from their relationship as well! 

#5 They Make A Routine With Their Partners

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. Their symbol – a bull – is also synonymous with someone who consistently moves in one direction. Taureans, in general, favor routine and like to do things methodically in their life. You will realize their love for routine in the first few days of meeting them. If you’re someone who loves to do things randomly, you might want to buck up when you’re dating a Taurus man. One of the attributes that will make a Taurus man fall in love with you quickly is when you chime in and start making these routine plans with him! It can be as simple as sending the same Good Night text every day! 

#6 They Feel Calm To Have Around

Taurus men, or anyone with a Taurus zodiac sign, exude calmness and are comforting to be around. It’s likely that you started dating a Taurus man after being attracted to their cool and calm attitude toward life and whatever it’s capable of throwing at them! These men are also very engaging in conversations and don’t look at the phone while they’re talking. Instead, they would be the ones who’d be holding your hand or looking into your eyes while you’re talking. They are also empathetic and help you see the good in every situation. 

#7 They Have A Small Circle Of Family & Friends

Taurus men are trustworthy, reliable, and calm and though they do have a lot of friends and family, they only trust only a few of them among their wide circle. Because of their honest, loyal, and soft nature, people are attracted to them naturally and they have a wider social circle. But they only prefer to spend time with their closest friends and family when they have a chance. For them, a cozy, indulgent evening is all about having their nearest & dearest around. During the early stages of dating a Taurus man, he might tell you about the ones he trusts the most and can also start to slowly introduce them to you! 

#8 They Are Hard-Working & Ambitious

Taurus signifies the head of a bull, which means they are ambitious and perseverant. The bull sign also means they love worldly pleasures and thoroughly enjoy spending their time in serene, bucolic environments. Though they know that worldly luxuries need money and success, and they aren’t afraid to put hard work into what will lead them there. Taurus man early dating conversations will lean towards their career goals and how they plan to financially secure their future. Sometimes, their slow and steady nature is mistaken for being lazy. But this sign is just methodical in their approach, and totally fits into the analogy of “slow and steady wins the race”. 

Taurus Man Early Dating: Positive Sides

Early Stages Of Dating A Taurus Man

#1 Calm & Patient 

Taurus is one of the most calm of all the zodiac signs. They are patient, understanding, and it takes a lot of provoking before they lose their cool. During Taurus man early dating stages, you’d love to be around them and will be quick to share your problems. After all, who doesn’t want someone comforting and present to listen to their problems and offer a kind word or two? 

The Taureans are also naturally self-assured and aren’t muffled by the opinion of others. Their assuredness paves the way for bestowing on someone the same self-confidence that they have! Further, their practical approach to life helps you understand a fresh, realist perspective on the situation and possibly see the best strategy to deal with your current problems. Their patient attitude coupled with a controlled temperament also allows you to handle any relationship conflicts with maturity! 

#2 Sensual

An Earth sign couples with the ruling planet Venus makes this zodiac sign one of the most sensual of all the zodiacs! They place great importance on earthly pleasures and anything that pleases their senses of touch, taste, and smell. If you’re trying to make a Tausu man fall in love with you, we’d recommend enjoying activities like massages, hiking in the nature, wine tasting, and picking retreats that are luxurious and quaint to make him go crazy about you. 

Taurus’ sensuality also comes as a plus point in the bedroom. Paired with their inherent attribute of taking things slowly, Taureans are big on foreplay! They believe in long, slow deep kisses, lots of fondling, and taking their own time with each step before moving to the next stages. More so, he will make sure you’re feeling good the whole time. 

#3 Loves Stability

Taurus men are lovers of routine, stability, and security. They are also a fixed sign and know what they want. During Taurus man early dating stages, you will realize he has an open and honest answer to everything you will ask and will be quite sure of what he wants from the future. Because of their craving for security in life, they also don’t date anyone casually. Even if they are, they won’t be putting in as much effort as they’d usually do! So if your Taurus man is putting effort into your relationship, it’s likely they are serious about you and see a long-term relationship in the future. 

Besides stability in terms of people in their life, a Taurus man in love also likes to build a routine with their partner. It isn’t a hardcore routine, but something as simple as enjoying the same cuisine for Sunday brunches, a Good night text every day, or wanting to spend every Saturday night together! 

#4 Passionate About Goals 

Taurus man loves earthly pleasures and all things fine and refined. Their love for 5-star retreats, expensive perfumes, and rich clothes will be clear in the first few meetings itself. But they aren’t just daydreaming about this stuff, they are also working hard for them. Taureans are often mistaken for being lazy because of their slow-paced nature. But they are master planners and strategic which sometimes makes them slow at action; though their mind is working at a fast pace! 

Taurus man early dating stages will have a lot of conversations about their future goals and what they’re doing to achieve them. Being a fixed Earth sign, these zodiacs are dependable, hardworking, and stubborn. They excel at their workplace because of their reliable and easy-going nature and are able to quickly climb up the corporate ladder. 

Taurus Man Early Dating: Negative Sides

Dating A Taurus Man

#1 Tend To Go Overboard With Materialistic Tendencies

Taurus is self-indulgent in nature and tends to be very attached to materialistic things in life. Though this might not become clear during the Taurus man early dating stages, you will slowly learn their tendencies to gravitate towards the finer things in life and a dislike for mediocre tastes. They are hard-working and wouldn’t mind putting in the work to enjoy these materialistic pleasures, but they can sometimes be too focused on earning money just for these things rather than improving life, in general. They also tend to connect their happiness to these worldly possessions! 

A Taurus man also tends to go overboard with his spending capabilities just to surround himself with nice and worldly things – which he probably doesn’t even need. He also likes to spoil their loved ones with these sumptuous things and experiences, but a majority of his spending is all about boosting his ego and making him feel good rather than anything else. 

#2 Needs Their Space

Many characteristic traits of a Taurus man make them crave their own space and spend some time privately! They love to laze around and de-stress, which makes them crave their personal space and time. These zodiacs are also not emotionally expressive and tend to hold a lot in their heart, which makes some private time a necessity to help them have the sanity to deal with the real world. They are quite concerned with how they look and like to spend time being physically fit, which can include exercise and TLC time. 

Another reason why Taureans love their own private space is because of their fixed character as a zodiac sign. They love stability and their comfort zone is a reminder of that stability in their life. When you’re in Taurus man early dating stages, expect him to invite you to his own place rather than staying at yours and keeping some nights of me-time in the relationship rather than spending all of them together! 

#3 Resistant To Change

Taurus men are very resistant to change and are unbelievably set in their own ways. These are the zodiacs that would rather suffer where they are rather than give even an ounce of thought to changing. This fixed sign sees this stubbornness as dedication and is known to linger in unhealthy workplaces, career paths, and relationships longer than usual just to prove their point. 

Taurus also has a knack for turning a blind eye to other people’s opinions. They’re masters at ignoring what others think or feel about them. While this gives them a certain self-assuredness which is good in many situations, it also makes them inflexible to change as some of those opinions can be helpful to them. If you ever get into a fight with a Taurus man and his bull instincts come out, expect him to stick to his point no matter how much logic you pour into the conversation. 

#4 They Can Be Emotionally Unavailable

Taureans are affectionate about the people they love and they care about them from the bottom of their hearts, but they’d very rarely be able to express the love they have for them and even when the words come out, it will be just a fraction of what they are feeling inside. Because they aren’t able to verbally express their feelings, it can make their partner feel that they are emotionally unavailable. Taureans are also good at keeping a poker face so you won’t be able to tell what’s going on inside their heart. 

Taureans are also one of the zodiac signs who hate showing their vulnerable side to others. They bottle things up and when something keeps bothering them, they will have a huge blowout suddenly which might shock others around them. The key with Taureans is to win their trust and get them to open up to you slowly. It might seem like a struggle, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Taurus Man Dating: How To Get To Next Stage?

How To Date A Taurus Man

If you’re wondering what to do when dating a Taurus man so he goes head over heels for you, here are some things to help you to get to the next stage with a Taurus man! 

#1 Value Sensuality

As you may know that Taureans are all about experiences that invigorate their senses. Scented candles during a romantic date, soft fragrances, touching his hands during a conversation, relaxing massages, etc. are all some of the ways to show affection and care during the Taurus man early dating stages. 

#2 Create A Routine

Building a routine gives Taurus stability and security, which they crave in all sections of their life. During Taurus man early dating stages, try and create some sort of routine with him. It can be as small as sending a Good Morning text at about the same time every day! These small routine things also give a sign that you are reliable and can help him move on to the next stage of your relationship. 

#3 Offer Assurance

Taurus men aren’t crazy jealous but they are possessive about their partners and do need some assurance to feel safe and secure in the relationship. He doesn’t like to be left hanging. So if you’re also dating some other guy or still have any sort of communication with your ex, it’s important that you cut it off to show your loyalty. Also, don’t play games with them like making them chase you or jealous as they will run off in the other direction if they ever feel they aren’t the priority. 

#4 Be Present

Taurus men like to be fully present with whosoever they’re dating and during the early stages of dating a Taurus man, you will find him intently listening to all that you have to say. He never takes out his phone or becomes distracted, and he expects the same from his romantic partner. If you’re dating a Taurus man and want to make him obsessed with you, be fully present during your conversations and see how quickly he opens up to you! 

#5 Focus On Physical Looks

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. So when you’re dating a Taurus man, put on your best clothes, do your best makeup, and just be well-groomed. A Taurus man himself likes to look at his best, no matter where he is! Even at home, you will find him in his best pajamas and smelling like heaven. So when you make that extra effort to look good, he will notice and will actually look forward to seeing you on your next date!  

#6 Appreciate Him

A Taurus man is very caring towards his loved ones. He will be the one to show up first when you call him in need. He will be the one to send you some hot soup when you’re sick. And he will be the one who will take your problems as his own and make sure you get out of it. Though, he does need something in return. A few words of appreciation or a thank you note for all the kind gestures. This gives him confidence and makes him feel closer to you, which is exactly what you’d need in a Taurus man early dating phase. 

#7 Be Incredibly Romantic 

Taurus zodiac signs are hopelessly romantic. They love bringing flowers for their lady, holding their hands, and sending them chocolates at work just because! Inside the cool exterior, they are also expecting some sweet gestures from their romantic interest. So try and be romantic with him. Think of asking for a romantic walk on the beach after work or asking him to come home for date night for a home-cooked meal. There’s nothing that will win his heart like these sweet romantic gestures. 

What Are The Best Zodiac Matches Of A Taurus Man?

Here are the best zodiac matches for a Taurus Man:

#1 Virgo 

Taurus Man and Virgo Woman are amazing partners and become the best of friends through their relationship. They both have a pragmatic approach which makes taking the major decisions in their life easy. They also love stability, reliability, and loyalty in relationships, and are more than happy to give the same to each other. Their bond will be an instant hit and if the Taurus man early dating experience is with a Virgo woman, he will surely move faster in the relationship than he otherwise would. If they decide to get married, they will have a blissful marriage with great camaraderie and solidarity in life. 

#2 Capricorn 

Taurus and Capricorn form a strong and harmonious partnership as well. Both are Earth signs and have good compatibility with their inherent traits of practicality, ambition, and valuing tradition. Capricorn woman’s ability to manage everything – from career goals to family life – with ease is also something that attracts a Taurus man – who likes someone who is independent in herself and has some balance in her life. Capricorn women, on the other hand, like Taurus man’s caring nature and strong character. Besides the emotional bond, these two will also have a good sexual rapport, making them just perfect for each other in every sense.  

#3 Cancer 

Taurus males and Cancer females will share a great bond with each other! They have traits that complement each other. Even the bad traits are complementary and only enhance their relationship, like their jealousy. Both the signs are quite possessive about their partners and understanding the emotion, they both are incredible at drawing boundaries with other people so as to build loyalty and trust in the relationship. Similarly, both are very slow at committing to relationships and believe in showing their love rather than expressing it. They will have a beautiful partnership built on mutual trust, understanding, and attraction. 

What Are The Worst Zodiac Matches Of A Taurus Man?

Here are the three worst zodiac matches for a Taurus man:

#1 Aquarius

Aquarius values their freedom and independence which can clash with the Taurus man’s desire for security and stability. The Aquarius is also unpredictable and that doesn’t fit well with the Taurus man’s possessive and conservative nature. Taurus and Aquarius will also have problems while dealing with setting a stable routine because the latter can see it as boring and tedious. Further, Aquarius is the exploring kind and Taurus will have a hard time understanding their thought process and inherent traits. They are also both fixed signs and their stubbornness will be another hurdle to the success of their relationship! All in all, it will be an unusual match that will require much understanding and patience on both sides. 

#2 Sagittarius

A Taurus man and a Sagittarius woman are two different individuals. He is the stay-at-home kind, cozying up around his nearest & dearest, while she loves to be out and about and doesn’t like to be told what to do and what not to do. Communication is another big area where this match can fail. Taurus is stubborn in arguments and Sagittarius puts their foot in their mouth, which can very easily annoy the former more as he is someone who needs diplomacy at the time and not brutally honest answers! This match just makes zero sense for most astrologers and zodiac sign experts and seldom moves toward fruition. 

#3 Gemini

Geminis are typically incompatible with Earth signs, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo, who tend to be more pragmatic, stable, and grounded. They are known for their conservative nature which is completely opposite of who a Gemini is – relaxed, open-minded, and a free bird! A Gemini woman has an out-of-box thinking style and is very understanding of other people’s opinions, but only when they are understanding of theirs! Taurus are known for their rigid perspectives and approaches, which can lead to some serious fights between the two. Their pair can likely become toxic if they continue in the relationship, and there are lesser chances of thriving when they do enter a long-term partnership. 

What Do Taurus Men Like In A Woman?

Early Dating Taurus Man

A Taurus man likes a woman who is patient, kind, trustworthy, and independent. Though they do like their partners to rely on them from time to time and share their problems, they also want them to have a certain emotional maturity to take charge of handling those difficult situations and working towards the solution. Taureans also appreciate women who take care of their appearances and generally spend some time keeping themselves looking neat and stylish. These zodiacs also want a woman who has a life of their own as they love their private time too. Lastly, they need a partner who understands and shares their love for worldly pleasures. Someone who can appreciate the smell of a good fragrance, the significance of good artwork, and the importance of a cozy, comfortable time at home. 

What Are The Do’s & Don’ts While Dating A Taurus Man?

Do’s of dating a Taurus man include engaging his senses, appreciating his efforts, showing gratitude towards his gestures, being patient as he tries to emotionally express himself, embracing stability and routine, and being loyal towards him. You can also ask him for his advice and guidance on any concerning matter as Taureans like imparting their knowledge and being helpful to other people. Another thing to keep in mind when dating a Taurus man is to be properly groomed. For Taureans, appearance matters, especially when during the Taurus man early dating stages when physical attraction is at its prime stage and can play an integral role in moving a relationship forward. Also, pamper your Taurus man. Plan a surprise wine tasting, give him a relaxing massage, or prepare a home-cooked meal. These little gestures will go a long way to speed things up with your Taurus man! 

Don’ts of dating a Taurus man include building trust by slowly sharing him with your life problems but trying to maintain your independence and emotional stability. You also shouldn’t try to make a Taurus man jealous because they will immediately snap and run in the other direction. Another don’t of the early stages of dating a Taurus man is to learn to tame his stubbornness by using logic to make your points and not losing your cool. Never tell him he is wrong or he needs to change. At least, not directly. Use rational statements and then give him some privacy to think about it. 

Are Taurus Men Easy To Date?

Dating a Taurus man is easy, but getting them to accept to date is difficult. Taurus men are loyal and honest, and they rarely do casual relationships. So it might take him a while to choose a partner or accept a date, but when he does, he will be 100% into the relationship and would put effort to make you feel special. They are also very easy-going and reliable but can be slow-paced. These zodiacs will take their sweet time at every stage of the relationship before going to the next one. You will have to be patient with them as they process their feelings and emotions, though a gentle nudge or two can help to take the relationship to the next level. All in all, dating a Taurus man will be like dating a fine wine, it will just get better and better with time. 

Are Taurus Men Romantic?

Taurus men are often seen as romantic partners due to their inherent nature and they are considered to be the most romantic zodiacs alongside Pisces, Libra, and Leo. They possess a deep appreciation for beauty and seek to create an enchanting atmosphere in their relationships. You will see this romantic during the early stages of dating a Taurus man through thoughtful gestures and expressions of affection. These zodiac signs take pleasure in pampering their partners with heartfelt surprises, whether it’s planning special dates, giving meaningful gifts, or going the extra mile to fulfill their loved ones’ desires. Their sensuality plays a significant role in their romantic nature as well. They value physical touch, enjoy creating a sensual ambiance, and are passionate about expressing their love. Taurus men strive to establish stability and security in their relationships, providing a solid foundation for romance to flourish. Overall, they are known for their unwavering devotion and dedication, making them genuinely romantic partners.

Taurus Man Early Dating: Conclusion 

Early Stages Of Dating A Taurus Man

In conclusion, dating a Taurus man can be a rewarding experience when approached with consideration and understanding. These zodiac signs are loyal, reliable, honest, hard-working, and romantic. In relationships, they desire effort, allegiance, patience, and emotional stability from their partner. Though the initial phases of the relationship with a Taurus man can be slow, rest assured, when he does commit, he has weighed in all the negatives and positives and does see a bright future with you. Once he commits, he will give in to his everything before giving up. He will be the man of your dreams and the one who’d make your heart flutter with his continued heartfelt gestures. By sticking to the do’s and don’ts during the Taurus man early dating stages, you can set the stage for a long-lasting and fulfilling partnership. 

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