Megha & Tushar’s Lockdown Wedding At Home With Only 30 People

One of the wisest quotes we have read is,”If a man does not master his circumstances then he is bound to be mastered by them”. At times, life imposes things on us which we were least expecting. Such has been the scenario for people from all walks of life since Covid-19. These unprecedented changes of events certainly made us lose control and hope over the situation. But we have slowly regained control over time, and learning to live through this because that’s the only way to get through this! 

With the relaxation of government rules, there was a sense of relief for the wedding industry. Many couples have embraced the possibility and chose to opt for an intimate wedding in the comforts of their own home amidst #covid-19. Such was the gorgeous home wedding of Megha & Tusshar, which was a culmination of a series of unexpected consequences. 

Meet the stunning couple!

The couple’s story started with a typical arranged marriage meeting. Both of them found each other when they were least expecting love in their lives. Adding on to that, they were also quite skeptical about getting married. But the minute they had a conversation with each other, it was something special. They soon realised all they needed to break those walls was to find the perfect person! 

And these apprehensive souls were now eagerly waiting to tie the knot & start their lives with each other. They planned their wedding in the shortest time – a destination wedding with 300 people in ITC Mughal Agra on 13th April. 

Just a month before the lockdown happened which paused the couple’s plans to get married indefinitely. The feelings of disappointment and dejection started pouring in. They figured the only way out of this was to have an intimate wedding with just their close friends & family at home. So as soon as the government lifted some of the restrictions, wedding planning started again. 

“We took a week to organize everything & with an overly enthusiastic group of family and friends, it all felt like a piece of cake. Going down from 300 people to just 30 was hard to come to terms with in the beginning but then we realized it’s the wedding that matters the most and our families and close friends will be there with us.”, said bride Megha. 

The couple planned just 2 events, both on the same day – Haldi and Wedding Ceremony!


The decor for both the ceremonies was done by the family members. They literally cut the flowers from trees around the house to create backdrops. The idea was to limit external interference so as to keep everyone around safe. For the haldi, Megha wore a simple bright yellow kurti with white leggings. With bare makeup and her wavy tresses, she looked every bit of her gorgeous self! 


The bride has her own clothing brand that believes in keeping the heritage alive. As it was an intimate wedding setup, something that used to take place during earlier times, Megha drew her outfit inspiration from the same setting. She chose her mother’s vintage tissue saree as her attire and paired it up with minimal jewelry & a tight bun!

Bride: Megha Khanna (@officialmkrl), Makeup: @gomitchopra, Photography: @gautamkhullarphotography

A word of advice from Megha, “For all the upcoming brides wanting to get married at this time we would just like to say be brave and be loving. It all just works out in the end.”

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