No More Lockdown On Weddings: Here Are Government Rules To Get Married!

The global pandemic has changed the way we live. Although a temporary change, the crisis has affected all facets of our life in some way or the other. From dining at our favorite restaurants to socializing freely and working at homes, all people from different walks of life are experiencing the variations. We are sure it will be over soon, but till then we will have to learn to live with Covid-19 in our lives. 

Government Rules - Wedding

Right now, all we can do is wait and see what government restrictions will subside and what remains. And for those of you getting married, there is a certain kind of apprehension built around the rules that the central government will impose on wedding ceremonies. Good news is that the weddings are definitely allowed under Lockdown 4.0 albeit these conditions are met!

  • Only 50 wedding guests must be allowed. 
  • The guests have to practice social distancing at all times. 
  • You have to seek permission from your district magistrate before going forward. 

Please note that these are just the general rules of marriage by the central governments. State governments have rights to enforce their own set of rules & restrictions. We request you to have a look at them before proceeding with other wedding arrangements. 

It’s understandable that you might feel like your dreams of having a big fat Indian wedding has been put on hold. But look at the brighter side. Now you can really enjoy your special day with people who you love the most, no more cranky relatives to deal with & most of all the amount of money you’ll save is crazy! You can have a big reception party after you have an intimate wedding once these restrictions are lifted. 

Here is a couple who had an intimate wedding recently and loved it: Bride Chaitali Got Married Wearing Her Mom’s Saree & Her Nani’s Vintage Jewellery!

Government Rules - Wedding

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