65 Self Love Poems & Quotes To Appreciate Yourself

Self Love Poems

These self-love poems help you appreciate yourself and remind you to put your well-being and happiness first. Self-love is the foundation of a healthy, happy life. When we love ourselves, we are better able to care for ourselves and make positive choices that benefit us. We are also better able to form healthy relationships with others, as self-love helps us to set boundaries and communicate effectively. It is important to remember that self-love is not about being arrogant or egotistical, but rather about having a healthy level of self-respect and self-worth. Find 51 poems and captions that concisely puts these self-love feelings into beautiful words.

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Poems on Self Love

Poems on Self Love

#1 “I am sorry, but this is my time

The time I choose to be selfish.

The time that I need to turn within

To tend and nurture –

To bear white flags across the battlefield

That I have allowed my body to become.

I have turned away (inwards)

Not because I have any less love

For the world around me,

But because I am focusing on finding

More love for myself.” ~ Becca Lee

(Helping women’s self-growth through her words is flourished Instagram poet Becca Lee. She teaches us to love ourselves selfishly and irrevocably because that’s the only way to succeed in this personal journey of self-growth. Let this beautiful self-love quote be a reminder to be headstrong on your path and let no one demotivate you.) 


#2 “The tallest peaks 

I have ever seen

belonged to mountains

that made me

How I used to curse

those steep slopes

that taught me

to touch stars.” ~ Jody Lynn

(Sometimes the struggles we face seem like a hurdle in our path when they’re actually the peaks that help us become who we are, make us wise, and give us the strength to reach where we eventually want to! It’s time to consider those hurdles as blessings in disguise) 


#3 “For years

So many things

Have held you back:

“I am too much of this”

And “I am not enough of that” but 

All along, you have learning

To trust


And be, 

To unfold and emerge

From your cocoon



(We’ve all been around people that have made us feel lower of ourselves, or that we’re probably too much. Little did we know that this self-worth and confidence comes from inside and somewhere along the journey, we lost ourselves in the opinions of those people. It’s time to find ourselves again and let us define our true worth)


#4 “Who told you that your shyness

doesn’t make you strong?

Who told you that the way you are 

is limited and wrong?

Inside you lies a silent strength

that rests behind your eyes. 

It can notice people bluffing

and can see between two lies. 

Your quiet is a shield with which

you guard a loyal heart 

and in a world full of false-heartedness

the way you guard it is an art. 

Shyness doesn’t mean that you

don’t live your life out loud;

It means that you have the strength

and for that, I hope you are proud.” ~ Jessy Humann

(People often judge various characteristics of people, and one of the most misunderstood ones is shyness. Shyness is often misjudged, as it is often confused with introversion or social anxiety. People who are shy may be seen as aloof, unfriendly, or unapproachable, when in reality they may just feel nervous or anxious in social situations. These people often find a need to change themselves, but this self-love poem helps you to embrace who you’re rather than changing to fit into people’s perception of what’s normal.)


#5 “I am still dancing in the wild

Long after you have left

Swinging my hips

Catching my breath

I rejoice at my freedom

And my love for myself.”

(This one of the self-love poems is all about letting go of relationships that don’t add to your life or your purpose but rather take you away from it. Leaving a relationship that doesn’t serve you can be a difficult decision, but it is often necessary for your own well-being and happiness. So, rejoice in the freedom and take your time to move on.)


#6 “He is a storm,

and storms devastate,

but every time he hurts you, 

you hold your breath

and bear the hurricane;

repeating to yourself 

One more chance

One more breath

just one more, 

and you will fix him. 

Until one day you can’t 

hold your breath anymore,

and you are

half a stormy evening, 

one tear-stained night, 

two minutes

and five seconds

away from breaking down, 

And you realize,

you cannot fix anyone, 

not until you fix yourself.”

(Self-love isn’t always about finding love for yourself, sometimes it’s also about looking for your flaws and fixing them. This poem about self love tells us that it isn’t healthy to fix someone else, and it’s also not healthy to help someone else when you have your own problems & issues to deal with.)


#7 “Perhaps the light that made her beautiful 

was not from her eyes,

nor from her smile, 

but from the way

that no matter the darkness

that swirled around her, 

within her, 

she still found the courage to shine.”

(It can be difficult to find the courage to shine and be your authentic self, especially if you have faced challenges or criticism in the past. However, it is important to remember that you are unique and valuable and that you have something special to offer the world. When you’re struggling, these self love poems will help you.)


#8 “If someone does not want me 

it is not the end of the world 

but if I do not want me 

the world is nothing but endings.”

(This short poem about self-love clearly tells us that you need to want yourself before anyone else so you can live a life that’s more authentic and fulfilling. When you love and accept yourself, you are able to build healthy relationships with others, set healthy boundaries, and pursue your goals and dreams with confidence.)


#9 “Fall in love with taking care 

of yourself. Fall in love with 

the path of deep healing. Fall in love 

with becoming the best 

a version of yourself but with 

patience, with compassion, and 

respect for your own journey.”

(The journey of self-love is continuous and just like other pathways, it will be met with its own roadblocks and bumps. Therefore, embark on this fulfilling path with kindness and compassion, and know that it’s worth developing this self-acceptance.)


#10 “The real glow-up is when you 

stop worrying about what people think about you,

and just keep growing, evolving 

and focusing on you.”

(It is important to remember that other people’s opinions are just that – their own opinions. They are not necessarily a reflection of who you are as a person or of your worth. It is also important to remember that it is not your responsibility to please everyone or to try to meet the expectations of others. It is okay to be true to yourself and to live a life that is authentic and fulfilling to you.)


#11 “Self-love doesn’t mean that 

everyone will treat you 

the way you deserve to 

be treated. It means that 

you won’t let them 

change the way you see 

yourself; nor will you 

stick around for them 

to destroy you.”

(Sometimes those closes to you will misjudge you and mistreat you. This one of the self-love poems tells you that just because you know your self-worth, doesn’t mean someone else will too. But those who don’t see it also don’t deserve you in their life. So, bid goodbye to them.)


#12 “I do not want to have you

to fill the empty parts of me

I want to be full on my own

I want to be so complete

I could light a whole city 

And then

I want to have you

cause the two us combined 

could set it on fire.” ~ (Rupi Kaur)

(Rupi Kaur‘s self-love poems are some of the best ones to look upto during those tough times. Here, it tells us why we need to feel complete with ourselves before going in a relationship. Only when we find the best in ourselves can we explore the best parts of someone else and together become one amazing person.)


#13 “When you love yourself,

you realize that you belong 

to something greater.”

(Self-love not only helps you feel better about yourself but it also helps you connect to your life’s purpose, the higher power, and the existence of your being.)


#14 “I knew I was lacking love for myself 

when I expected people to recognize my hurting 

and make it a priority to save me.

I needed to save me.” 

(This one of the self love poems tells us that it’s important to recognize your power to take care of yourself and make positive changes in your life. It is not always possible to rely on others to solve your problems or to make you happy, and it is important to recognize that you have the strength and resources within yourself to cope with challenges and to create a fulfilling life.)


Short Self Love Poems & Quotes

Short Self-Love Poems & Quotes

#15 “I thought becoming myself

was improving each part

piece by piece

but it was finding

a hidden wholeness

seeing the fractures 

as the design.”

(These self love poems tell you that self love is not about being perfect or about never making mistakes. In fact, self-love involves recognizing that you are not perfect and that you are worthy and deserving of love and acceptance just as you are, flaws and all.)


#16 “I will not apologize

for choosing myself

this time.

Self-love is the chapter 

that I have always wanted 

to write.”

(There is a balance between choosing yourself and giving. But when you know the former is needed, it’s not healthy to feel guilty about it. Choose yourself unapologetically, because you know it’s necessary)


#17 “My body is my autobiography. 

each stretch mark tells a story

of growth and becoming. 

my skin is a silent conversation 

of how much I have accomplished.”

(These poems on self love aren’t just about accepting who you’re on the inside but also accepting how you look on the outside. Self-love is also about body acceptance and treating yourself with kindness and respect, and about recognizing that you are worthy and deserving of love and happiness, just as you are.)


#18 “Keep letting go

of all these things that

hurt to hold on to

Let it all fall through your fingers

Until you feel free.”

(Letting go is a big part of cultivating self-love as it helps you free of things that no longer serve you or that are holding you back. It can be freeing and also allows for new opportunities and growth.)


#19 “I am throwing away

all of my masks now

to wear only my soul. 

I think it’s about time 

to get back home.”

(Throwing away the ideas of you to please people and accepting yourself for who you’re is all this one of the self love poems is all about!)


#20 “Self-love will root your foundation even when all the leaves shed.”

(Self-love can be a strong foundation when everything else seems to be falling apart or changing. This short self-love poem tells you how this important trait can help you weather the storms of life with resilience.)


#21 “You must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served.”

(A necessary step of practicing self-love is leaving/ distancing yourself from people & situations who don’t value or respect you.)


#22 “Be Brave:

we grow wings 

when we do things

that terrify us.”

(This Rupi Kaur self love poem teaches us an important part of the journey, which is to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. It can help you learn more about yourself, and it can be a powerful way to build confidence and self-esteem.)


#23 “Young woman, 

if you are heartbroken, 

still leave your heart open, 

so pain can find an exit.”

(While it’s okay to take some time of your own after a break-up to heal, it’s also important to remember to leave your heart open so you can have the right person to help you deal with any sort of pain or trauma.)


#24 “Start healing 

your heart 

and you will look beautiful.”

(Healing your heart is the first step to your emotional well-being and this short self-love quote succinctly expresses it.)


#25 “I am teaching myself resilience, 

I am teaching myself strength, 

But hardest of all. 

I am teaching myself that my softness 

will never be a sign of weakness.”

(People often consider soft qualities like compassion and kindness a weakness, when they are a sign of strength and resilience instead. They are powerful tools for building strong relationships and creating positive change.)


#26 “You carry 

so much love in your heart, 

give some to yourself.”

(This one of the short self love poems tells you to save the love in your heart for yourself first before giving it out to someone else. Only when you prioritize you well-being can you be there for someone else.)


#27 “it’s easy to love

the nice things about ourselves 

but true self-love is 

embracing the difficult parts 

that live

 in all of us.” ~ Rupi Kaur

(This one of the Rupi Kaur self-love poems tells us that self-love involves caring for and valuing oneself, and this includes being able to accept both the positive and negative aspects of oneself. When we are able to accept all parts of ourselves, including our flaws and weaknesses, we are able to be more compassionate and understanding towards ourselves.)


#28 “The hardest step 

we all must take

is to blindly trust

in who we are.”

(Among these short self love poems, this one is our favorite. It tells us to give in to ourselves without any hesitations or qualms because that’s the best way to discover self-love)


Deep Self Love Poems 

Deep Self Love Poems 

#29 “Knowing your power is what creates humility. 

Not knowing your power is what creates insecurity.”

(Having a deep understanding of one’s ability and limitations helps you define who you are, what you want from this life, and what doesn’t serve your purpose, ultimately leading to humility and less insecurity towards people or situations.)


#30 “The moon taught me

there is beauty in darkness too,

that even when I don’t feel whole, 

I am enough.”

(This one of the self love poems is beautiful in itself. It tells us that self-love isn’t about being perfect, but rather finding beauty in both your perfections and imperfections.)


#31 “When all is said and done

The thing that matters in the end, 

As if above everything else

You learned to call yourself a friend. 

For in a world that’s full of people

Seeking their world in someone else, 

What a beautiful thing it is

To have learned to love yourself.”

(One of the major benefits of practicing self-love will be its benefits in helping you with feelings of loneliness. Feeling alone and dejected is something we all go through on a regular basis. This positive short self-love poem tells us how having love for yourself can help you fight these feelings of loneliness and can provide a sense of inner strength and comfort.) 


#32 “If I cannot

find a home 

under this skin

under these bones

If I cannot exist 

within myself

then where do I belong?”

(This deep short self-love poem tells you the importance of loving yourself in this world where people are busy finding home outside of themselves rather than inside of them.)


#33 “Self-love is not a destination. 

It is a habit, a lifelong


that only you can do, 

it is a choice you have to 

make for yourself.”

(Self-love is a continuous process and that’s what this one of the self-love poems tells you. It isn’t always easy and takes practice and commitment to developing. The more you actively engage in self-love, the more it becomes ingrained in your daily routine and the more it becomes a natural and automatic response.)


#34 “I have been letting go 

of heavy things 

and I have been healing 

a spirit, and tending to a soul, and 

listening to a heart, and I have started to exhale, and to breathe in…and to 

breathe. in. a life. 

and I have been letting go of 

so, so many heavy things.”

(This particular one of the self-love poems concentrates on releasing heavy things like resentment or revenge as it can create a sense of lightness and freedom that allows you to focus on self-care and self-love. This can help to promote feelings of well-being and inner peace, making it easier to nurture and support yourself.)


#35 “I want to be defined by the things that I love 

not the things I hate 

not the things I am afraid of 

or the things that haunt me 

in the middle of the night 

I just think that 

you are what you love.”

(When we focus on things that are positive and nourishing, they shape our lives and our sense of identity. The idea behind this poem about self-love is to focus on the things you love rather than what you hate so we are able to better align ourselves with who we are.)


#36 “And some days I forget

what is to be gentle with myself –

how to look at myself with kind eyes

and speak to myself with soft words. 

Forget that I am my home

and a temple worthy of worship.”

(It’s okay to have those bad days, but it’s also important to be gentle with yourself on those days. Instead of being overly critical or harsh with yourself, try to speak to yourself with the same kindness and understanding you would offer to a friend. Recognize that everyone has off days and that it’s okay to not be perfect.)


#37 “Plant your own garden 

and decorate your own soul

instead of waiting for someone

to bring your flowers.”

(This one of the self love poems tells you to be your own hero. You are the in charge of your life and responsible for your own well-being and happiness. You should feel self-sufficient, resilient, and take the initiative to make positive changes in your life, rather than waiting for someone else to rescue you or solve your problems for you.)


#38 “to heal

you have to

get to the root

of the wound 

and kiss it all the way up.”

(It’s challenging to get to the root of your struggles and emotions, but it’s also important to face them – which is the idea behind the next one of our self love poems.)

#39 “Keep taking time 

for yourself

until you are you


(It’s okay to go off the grid, not go to that important party, and take a few days off work when you feel lost and just want some time to get yourself back up again! Quality time with yourself is the most important one – as what this one of the self love poems also expresses.) 


#40 “To fall in love with 

yourself is the first 

secret to happiness.”

(The real happiness comes from loving yourself before someone else. When you practice self-love, you develop a positive and healthy relationship with yourself, which will last longer than anything else.)


#41 “In a world that so easily 

throws us off kilter, 

choosing to root back into 

what you are here to do, 

who you are here to be, and 

what truly matters to you, 

over & over, it’s a gift.”

(Life comes with its own ups and downs. It’s the latter where the true merits of self-love comes in. When you’re able to cope with the bumps on the road much better and know that this life and your existence is greater than the problem you’re facing at the moment – just what this one of the self love poems also expresses.)


#42 “Learn to love yourself first 

instead of loving this idea

of other people loving you.”

(These self love poems all teaches you to love yourself before looking for love in other places. This is because when you love yourself, you have a strong sense of self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-respect. When you have these things, you’re more likely to attract healthy, loving relationships with others because you have a clear sense of what you want and what you deserve.)


Positive Self Love Poems

Positive Self Love Poems

#43 “This journey, this’s not

Meant to have you question who you are. 

But instead, help you align who

You have been with you who you are meant to be.

I hope you know that only you know what that means.

No one can tell you who you are, 

Except for you.”


#44 “Every day, 

You are growing

Into the best 

A version of yourself,

The best “you” the 

World has seen

Treasure too, every 

‘You’ there is, 

In the in-between.”


#45 “I am still learning

How to go back and reread 

My own chapters

Without feeling like I 

Want to set all of my pages

On fire.” ~ E.V. Rogina


#46 “In a world such as this,

I no longer look at women and wonder 

What wisdom they carry;

I look at them and wonder

Why they seem to have been blessed

With prettier faces

Rounder curves

More flawless skin

While I am left with such an unnoticeable, unattractive exterior, 

Perhaps in a world such as this

It is hard to remember

That our bodies are not storefront windows,

We don’t have to present them perfectly

To catch people’s eyes.

My body tells stories 

Of all the adventures I have taken it on –

Freckles from the days in the Sun 

Pimples from the night when I ate too much chocolate.

My eyes are ordinary but I use them to explore incredible places. 

My body will never

Gain the approval of this world

But today I am grateful for it

And for how it gives me a chance to be alive.”


#47 “I was hurt but not anymore,

I am better than I was before.

Yet, I let countless tears slip,

Now there’s a smile on my lips.

I was drowning in sorrow,

Terrified of facing tomorrow,

But, now I am not lying when I say I am okay.

Screw the past, I am alive today.

I am finally starting to see, 

This happiness was always inside me. 

And though recognizing it was tough, 

The love I have for myself has always been enough.

I am letting the pain god, 

As long as I have me, I will be fine, I know.”


#48 “When you can’t breathe and the walls are crashing down around you, sit quietly, talk slow and soft. Tell yourself the things you would tell someone you love.”


#49 “Be mindful of your thoughts, actions, habits, and those that 

you spend your valuable time those 

become your story, your reality. 

You may realise in the end that this may not be 

who you wanted to be all along, and 

that’s okay. 

You have the power of manifestations in your 

everyday life just by being more mindful of the 

person you are becoming, what aligns with 

your deepest desires and those that you attract. 

The simple act of being present, being mindful, 

can manifest a beautiful mindset.”


#50 “Your entire life can really 

change in a year. You just gotta 

love yourself enough to know 

you deserve more, be brave 

enough to demand more and be 

disciplined enough to actually 

work for more.”


#51 “No more discarding my unfinished parts, 

erasing, hiding, painting over my unsavory. 

I found the courage to accept, and integrate my differences. 

I treasure the best of me and am refining the rest. 

My full portrait is emerging. 

I am a masterpiece in the making. 


#52 “When things change 

inside you, 

Things change 

around you.”


#53 “I am not a woman who is 

trying to impress. 

I am a woman who is trying to


The focus is different.”


#54 “Sometimes your soulmate 

is yourself. Sometimes 

you have to be the love of 

your life until you 

discover that type of love 

in someone else.”


#55 “You have got to be willing to be 

misunderstood by some. You are 

here to serve a purpose greater 

than people’s opinion of you.”


Mary Angelou Self Love Quotes

Mary Angelou Self Love Quotes

#56 “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never how amazing you can be!”


#57 “A woman with harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”


#58 “I have learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back.”


#59 “My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.”


#60 “Don’t run yourself down, darling. There are plenty of people in the world who would do that for you.”


#61 “Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.”


#62 “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”


#63 “Let nothing dim the light that shines from within.”


#64 “Stand up straight and realize who you are. That you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight.” 


#65 “Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it.”

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