Covid-19: Here’s Why We Think You Should Postpone Your Wedding To Winters!

Disclaimer: This blog is meant to spread positivity but in a realistic way! We don’t want to sugarcoat things for you. Considering how bleak the situation is, we figured that’s the best way to guide our dear brides-to-be so they make an informed decision for themselves. 

Covid-19 pandemic is grappling the world day by day, mile by mile just as you read this blog. No country in the whole world has been spared by it. In India, it called for a 21-day nationwide lockdown. A harsh but necessary measure considering how distressing it has been for some of the developed nations abroad. 

And we know a lot of people are hoping that it’s just till 14th April and then the world will be the same again. Sorry to say, but that won’t be the case. (someone had to say it!) Here’s why: 

  • A 21-day lockdown might slow the spread but it can’t contain it entirely. 
  • Many people in India (including the educated population) are still running from the quarantine or hiding their travel history.
  • It takes just one person to start the spread again. 
  • Even if everything goes as planned and India is able to eliminate all internal infections, it’s just a matter of time before someone from abroad will export the virus and it starts all over again.

So how will it all end? 

Well, there are a lot of predictions made on how this pandemic will end or the strain will become less virulent:

  • Seasonality can help. According to researchers, most flu viruses are seasonal and lose their infectiousness in high temperatures and high humidity. 
  • Containment happens via lockdown and isolation until a treatment or vaccine becomes available. 
  • Majority of the human race catches the virus and develops what’s called ‘herd immunity’, then the virus won’t have enough people to infect and spread.
    This is the strategy that the US seems to be using now. FYI, this method comes with a dire cost of losing lives, burdened healthcare and people suffering intensely.  
  • The virus mutates to become non-infectious to humans. This is how the SARS pandemic eventually ended. 

Please note, that all these points are not 100% proven. But they have been quoted by the brightest minds in the world, including Bill Gates. You will find some strong arguments against each of these points. Yet, these are all the scenarios we can lean on as of now. 

What does this mean for couples getting married? 

This basically means that your summer wedding might not work out. Even in the best of situations and no government sanctions, we believe that it’s in the best interest of you, your family and society as a whole to postpone your wedding. We know it’s easier said than done. But the way the situation is evolving each day, we would want our advice to be trusted and realistic. 

What do we do if we don’t want to postpone our wedding?

It’s understandable that you have been desperately waiting for this day and wanting to start your lives together. We feel you! We really do. 🙁 Don’t get disheartened, no one could have ever predicted this! Moreover, no one or nothing should come in between your special day. If you still want to get married, here are two things you can do. 

  • Have a court marriage and move in together. 
  • Have a small ceremony with just your immediate family (10-12 members) at your home. 

That’s what RCB girl, @deeghose did. She put off her Bali wedding and had a small ceremony with just 11 people at her nani’s home. She will still have another wedding and all the celebrations after all of this is done and dusted. Here’s a look at the beautiful video of their intimate wedding ceremony. 

We stan this arrangement! At this point of time, it’s best that you opt for any of the above and have a larger than life celebration after all this is over! Think about it, even if you decide to have it, there will be a sense of fear and doubt in those attending the wedding! Let all of this come to an end. That’s when the real fun will come out. 

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What about all the booking arrangements we have made?

Well, everybody is aware of the situation and many of them would give a full refund back or would be more than happy to continue with your postponed date. When it comes to advance payments, vendors might hesitate as their business is in rough patch too. Be gracious and polite, if you don’t want to continue with them later, ask them to take their time for refunding the payment. 

All in all, we know a lot of people would like to hold on to their wedding dates, some because of emotional reasons, other because of superstitious or monetary reasons. Everyone has to reach a compromise here. Just be informed with your decision and act according to how the statistics in the world are looking! 

What do I do right now?

Well, first off, relax and breathe. We know it’s a lot to take in. Right at this moment, all you can do is make full use of this quarantine time, by doing things you always wanted to do and never had time. Keep bookmarking your favorite inspiration from our blog and social media so that when the time comes, you won’t have to struggle with any more decisions. 

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