13 Intimate Wedding Decor Elements You Can Buy Off Amazon

Covid-19 is breaking new case records daily. If you’re a couple planning your wedding, that does put you in a tough spot. Ensuring yours and your family’s safety in these unprecedented times becomes the top priority, doesn’t it? 

Minimalism is the key here. The less people involved, the more social distancing protocols can be followed and less the risk of transmission. One aspect of a wedding that requires a lot of outside people & things taking part is wedding decor. Yes, you can sanitise all the materials, but with wedding shenanigans unfolding in full swing, some things are bound to get missed. And that one mistake is sometimes all it takes. 

To minimise the risk, we suggest you resort to minimal and DIY wedding decor ideas. This will reduce the risk of contact. Making your hunt for DIY intimate wedding decor elements easier, we’ve listed 13 affordable products that you can buy off Amazon right away. 

Intimate Wedding Decor Elements You Can Buy Off Amazon

1. Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights can make almost anything look magical. These tiny string lights, with varied bulb sizes can set a whimsical, fairy-tale mood for your big day. You can use them for your wedding decor in a number of ways. Use it as a cascading decor above your dinner table or on the walls or the entrance. You can even decorate a tree or the sides of the floor with it. Needless to say, the options are endless, just play with your creativity and let fairy lights do the rest of the magic. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @atisutoevents

Purchase here: Option 1/ Option 2

2. Decorative Umbrellas

Another decor element that has caught on recently is umbrellas. Mainly used in mehendi decor, they can easily make a part of your reception or sangeet decor in other colors as well. Moreover, they’re so easy to put. You can tie them onto a ceiling or just put them on the dulhan’s seating as a shade. Their peppy vibe surely turns around any decor vibe in a second.

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @himanshu_jangid_photography

Buy here.  

3. Marigold Garlands

The affordable and easily-available marigold flowers can give you a breathtakingly beautiful decor. They can be used in so many ways for your decor – draped along the pillars, hanging on the walls, backstage decor, quirky props, rangolis etc. – the options are endless. You would be able to find so many ideas on Pinterest. Follow us: @wedbook08. You can get these artificial marigold garlands, so you don’t have to change the decor daily. And they can be reused later for other occasions as well. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Intimate Wedding Decor
Intimate Wedding Decor

Get fake marigold garlands here

4. Artificial White Wisteria Hanging Decor

Wisteria hangings are another common decor element in Indian weddings. They are mainly used as suspended garlands over stages, mandap or wedding entrance. Installation is quite easy and since they aren’t easily reached, it’s possible to keep them intact for different wedding functions. You can buy them in bulk on Amazon. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @anjandpri

Purchase here

5. Sanitiser Stations

It’s more like a necessity than a decor element. But we had to include because it’s too important to ignore. Sanitiser stations should be installed at various locations at the wedding venue like at the entrance, near the dining area and dancing stage etc. Make sure your wedding planners politely ask all the guests to keep sanitising their hands. You can also give a small sanitiser to the guests as a wedding favor as they arrive. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @withlovenilma

Get sanitiser in bulk here

6. Battery Operated Wine Bottle Fairy Lights

To create this winsome decor, you need fairy lights that are operated through a battery and don’t need to get plugged in. We’ve linked them below. Wine bottles can be sourced from your nearest pub or alcohol store. They’ve a ton of them and wouldn’t mind giving you a few for free or a menial price. This is such an easy-peasy DIY, all you need is to put the lights into the bottle and set them up as a centerpiece or at a decorative corner. It’s our personal favorite from the list. 

Intimate Wedding Decor Via Pinterest

Buy them here

7. Photo Booth Props

Now-a-days, weddings, or any occasion for that matter, are more about taking some good pictures. You need something for the gram, right? That’s where the idea of photo booths popped up. No wedding event is now complete without a designated photo booth and the same goes for your intimate wedding. Below is a link of some adorable photo booth props to purchase. Your guests will love it!

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @sliceoflifepictures

Purchase here

8. Bride-To-Be Balloon:

An amazing prop for your bachelorette party, but also for your mehendi. A bride-to-be balloon is such a personalised and unique signage to make the main girl feel extra special on her day. A great way to jazz up the venue arena without a lot of hassle. This one’s a must-have for your home wedding decor. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @penguinlove2019

Get it here

9. Better Together Wall Hanging Or Love Quote Wall Hanging

A sentimental and stylish intimate wedding decor idea. Weddings are all about two people celebrating their love, so why not put up some mushy love quotes to articulate that even further? We are all for this element being included as your intimate wedding decor setup. Here are two affordable love quote signs which we found on Amazon. Get your hands on it before it goes out of stock!

Intimate Wedding Decor
Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @delhivelvet

Get here: Option 1/ Option 2

10. Chalkboard Decor

Another great way to add a personal touch to your wedding decor is chalkboard signs. They can be used to layout a schedule, food menu, personal details of the bride/ groom or a relationship timeline. The best part is they offer a blank slate, so put your creative goggles on and create something unique for your wedding day! Check out this wedding sign ideas for more inspo. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Intimate Wedding DecorVia @withlovenilma

Buy it here

11. Brass Bowls

Another easy & trouble-free decoration idea for your intimate wedding can be these decorative brass bowls. All you have to do is fill them up with flowers and set them in a corner or a table. They look regal and amps up the venue vibe immediately. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @ranipinklove

Purchase here

12. Geometric Terrarium or Pickle Jars For Centerpieces

Terrariums as centerpieces are a huge trend right now. They look cute, edgy and the floral charm just adds to create a stunning aura. You can source or rent a lot of them from a box factory. They have tons of these in production and rarely would they say no to the idea. Or you can use pickle jars as centerpieces. Since there would be around 10-20 tables for an intimate wedding, you can collect them from your neighbors and create a rustic, DIY wedding decor element. 

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via Pinterest

Intimate Wedding Decor
Via @withlove.noor

Purchase terrarium here & pickle jars here

13. Canvas Shopping Bag As Eco-Friendly Guest Favors

It’s time that we start taking care of our planet in any way possible. As a start, these canvas shopping bags make for amazing wedding favors and are an eco-friendly option to plastic shopping bags. Do it as your part to take care of our Mother Earth. Additionally, you can also use eco-friendly paper plates, a link for which is also included below. 

Intimate Wedding Decor

Purchase here

Do you have any more wedding elements in mind? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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