This Bride Wore The Monochrome Red Lehenga Better Than Priyanka Chopra!

When the leading ladies of Bollywood walked down the aisle, they set wedding trends that would be replicated for years to come. Anushka got married almost 3 years ago and her pastel pink lehenga with intricate embroidery has been donned by so many brides ever since. The same goes for the highlight of Deepika’s wedding. Her ‘sada saubhagyavati bhavah’ over the head dupatta has been re-designed and sold by multiple sellers all over the country. It’s still in high demand and brides are seen carrying it with such charm, we can’t take our eyes off it!

And then came Priyanka Chopra’s wedding where she wore a gorgeous monochrome all-red lehenga look that swept brides-to-be off their feet. She marked the start of a trend that only small-scale designers took inspiration from, but even ace wedding designers included in their collection. We have seen some amazing all-red lehengas in Anushree Reddy, Astha Narang, Ashwin Thiyagarajan, and Payal Kayal’s couture line. They are as mesmerizing as the Sabyasachi one!

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But whenever we think about any original design getting replicated – it’s hard to imagine it being as noteworthy as the primary one! It’s true for most cases that it isn’t. Although with the right kind of improvisations and styling, you will fall in love with the freshness of the new design that preserves the originality while subtly whipping up the glam quotient. 

Such was the case with Somi Jain’s wedding reception look that has won the hearts of Instagrammers in no time!

In recent times, we have spotted many brides in a monochrome red lehenga but none of them slayed in it like her. In our opinion, she looked better than Priyanka Chopra herself.


Somi opted for a scintillating Payal Keyal outfit for her wedding reception. The slight shimmer in her lehenga beautifully entailed with her embroidery is sure worth gawking at! She styled her outfit with a puffy ponytail hairstyle, that is the new rage among brides-to-be, dewy & natural makeup along with a nude lip! Furthermore, a glistening pair of a diamond set with green emeralds enhanced her whole look.

Phenomenal, isn’t she? What do you think about her whole styling choices? Let us know in the comments down below!

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