10 Best Mixer Grinders In India 2022 || Sujata, Bajaj, Philips & More

Best Mixer Grinders In India

Blenders can make your raw spices into sprinkling masalas, mashes the nuts into butter, whip up a delicious smoothie, and blend delish chutneys – all at a flick of a button. It’s obviously an indispensable part of any Indian kitchen. Given its multitude of uses and the amount you use on an everyday basis, no matter what type of blender you purchase, you will need a new one in a few years. If you’re on the lookout for the best mixer grinders in India 2022, we are here to make the buying decision easier. Scroll to see the 10 best mixer grinders in India and a detailed review of each one of them. 

Price Comparison List:

  1. Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder (900 Watts): Rs.5725/- (Purchase here)
  2. Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder (750 to 1000 Watts): Rs.7790/- (Purchase here)
  3. Preethi Steel Supreme Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.7299/- (Purchase here)
  4. Bajaj Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.3599/- (Purchase here)
  5. Philips Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.7499/- (Purchase here)
  6. Wonderchef Mixer Grinder (400 Watts): Rs.3562/- (Purchase here)
  7. Prestige Delight Plus Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.4499/- (Purchase here)
  8. Borosil Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.4900/- (Purchase here)
  9. Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder (1400 Watts): Rs.23,999/- (Purchase here)
  10. Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder (600 Watts): Rs.1990/- (Purchase here)

#1 Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder (Winner) – 900 Watts

Sujata Mixer Grinder

I will go out and say this one’s the best mixer grinder you can purchase on the market. I am using it currently and also have a few other people who have bought the same product – everyone’s loving the machine. There’s a reason why most factories, juice shops, restaurant owners, etc. prefer the Sujata brand for commercial purposes. The durability is unmatchable and so is the efficiency. Below, find the complete review of the product. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Sujata Dynamic Mixer Grinder comes in white color with an elegant look and the company’s name and other branding details are mentioned in black. It comes in a big cardboard box and all the components are safely packed inside to ensure no damage during transportation and delivery. There’s a mixer machine in an elongated form and three jars packed. The jars are all of the different sizes – there’s a small, medium, and big ones. There’s also a purple button that’s used to quickly whip up – mainly used for smoothies or cold coffee. The entire machine is stainless steel and will not rust over time. The price of the product can vary. I got it for ~ Rs.5750/-, and the price will fluctuate between Rs.5600/- to Rs.5800/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

Sujata has been a pioneering name in juicer mixers and grinders for over 38 years. They are a proud “Make in India” company with all their facilities and R&D done in the country itself. With the immense success of their juicers – both commercially and residentially – the company has now made its way into fans. The motors are all developed in the state-of-the-art-facility and have been infused with research corresponding to the needs of the Indian market. 

The sleek and upright machine can be put anywhere in the kitchen. It doesn’t take up much space on your countertop and also doesn’t get dirty. The three jars can be all used for different purposes. The big, dome jar is for wet grinding and the other two are for wet grinding. Although, I have used all three with swapping uses and they both work well. I have used the big one to blend 1 kg masoor dal and it does the job in just about 2 to 5 minutes. You do have to use the spoon to mix the dal – but that’s only when the quantity is quite large, otherwise, it grinds the dry products to a fine powder quite evenly. 

“There are so many pros to this blender that I don’t even know where to start. First, the jar and mixer fit perfectly. My older one always had problems and if there was even a slight disbalance the rubbers got damaged. This one has a good hold and the mixer, in itself, also has a good foothold on the bottom. I have been using it for more than two months and used it for almost everything – from smoothies to purees to dry grinding. We are a 6-member family and use the mixer on an everyday basis. The job gets done in minutes and it’s super-easy to clean as well. I love that the jars are all steel and not plastic. I somehow have this innate belief that plastic ones will get broken due to high speed. But if that’s not you, go for it! Till now, I have had no complaints. It’s a bit noisy though – but gets the job done quite fast, so you don’t have to bother about the sound. All in all, it’s worth every penny.” 

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(There’s another product on Amazon where one jar is of plastic. The one we have listed has stainless steel jars)

#2 Atomberg MG1 Mixer-Grinder (750 to 1000 W)

Best Mixer Grinders In India 2022

The brainchild of IIT-Bombay graduates, Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das, Atomberg entered the market in 2012 and have created revolutionary ceiling fans that can be controlled with your phone apps and consume ⅓ less electricity than common induction motors. After reigning over the ceiling fans arena, they have now entered into the mixer-grinder motors by offering unique technology into this product that also consumes less power (~485 Watts) for the same capacity as 900 Watts or 1000 Watts mixer-grinder. With every feature, you will be further impressed by this new entry into the market. Read on for a complete review. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Atomberg MG1 Mixer-Grinder comes in a stylish black color and has 3 jars – small, medium, and large sizes. While the body and caps are plastic, the jar is made of stainless steel. The product also comes with a chopper that can be used to finely chopped vegetables or fruits. Besides black, you have an option to choose from a red wine color as well. The knob comes with LED lighting and has 3 levels along with a slow level. There’s also a pulse knob on the bottom for quick, high-speed blending and mixing. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The mixer grinder comes with an inverter motor technology so it saves power without compromising the powerful and quick mixing. Despite the higher-end pricing, you can save consistently on your electricity bill – because the mixer-grinder is something that you will be using on a regular basis. There’s also a 2-year warranty offered with the product. 

Another impressive and unique feature of the mixer-grinder is the slow mode technology because as the company says and we stan, ‘not everything needs to be mashed and finely-powder, some foods need to retain the texture’. Like salsa, pesto, or coconut chutney. 

It has smart LED light settings. This means that the orange light will turn blue when the jar is fixed properly on the mixer. In a rare scenario or extended usage, the LED light on the knob will turn red indicating of overheating. The aesthetics are just modish for a sophisticated kitchen setting. 

This is also probably the only mixer-grinder in India that comes with a chopper. It’s possible because of the slow grinding feature that doesn’t crush everything that goes inside the jar. Because of the slow grinding, the result is finely chopped vegetables and not pureed ones. Doesn’t this make the cooking process so much easier? 

Here’s what one of the reviewers says, “This product is so awesome. My mother is so happy with the product and it tick-marks literally all the aspects you’d need in a mixer-grinder. I came across this product while searching for the best mixer grinders in India, and while we generally tend to stray towards known brands like Sujata mixer grinder or Philips mixer grinder, a new brand can make you a little skeptical. But this one is impressive, and not disappointing at all. The blending is quick, it takes less time, very less noise compared to the earlies Bosch one we used, and we absolutely love the slow feature and the chopping function. It’s also working amazingly for over 3 months – just like when it was new.”

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#3 Preethi 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Preethi 750 W Mixer Grinder

Preethi is the largest selling mixer-grinder brand in India and it held the record for multiple years of its operation. The company was established in 1978 and used to sell mixer-grinders only before moving on to juicers and then, to cooking stoves. As of now, the company has a strong presence in middle-class Indian families with its strong brand name and durable quality. In fact, word-of-mouth has been the key reason for its sales and is the number one driver behind its massive growth throughout the company’s establishment. If you’re looking for a mixer-grinder with a juicer in India, then the Preethi 750 Watts mixer-grinder with a juicer is one of the best options. Find a complete review of the product below: 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Preethi 750 Watts mixer-grinder comes in a steel body and has a triangular-shaped, compact mixer. It comes with three jars – all with a sturdy, steel body and plastic cap. The juicer jar comes in a plastic body though and has a good capacity of 1.5 liters. There’s also a whipper blade and stirrer with the product to make the usage easier. The wire attached to the mixer is of a good length so you can easily run it anywhere in the kitchen without any worries. It comes in two colors: silver and black. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Preethi 750 Watts mixer-grinder comes with turbo vent technology. This technology not just grinds and purees the food well, but also produces low heat so as to preserve the freshness of the food while grinding. Often the taste of the food changes when you blend the food in the mixer-grinder, this technology helps in that sense and keeps the flavors fresh and intact. Besides the vent technology, there’s also an advanced ventilation system in the mixer so as to keep the mixer body cool and prevent the machine from overheating. 

The compact and sleek size allows the product to be placed anywhere in the kitchen and the elegant aesthetic goes quite well with the modern & sophisticated kitchen design. All three jars are designed to be used for different purposes. While the bigger one is better suited for wet grinding, the smaller one gives you a good dry grinding experience. 

One of the cons of the product is a higher noise, but we admire how the manufacturers have clearly mentioned the same on the product instead of claiming a lower noise and then providing a different experience. The price point is also a little high. But this Preethi mixer grinder is definitely one of the best mixer grinders 750 Watts in India. 

“Preethi is a renowned name in the Indian mixer-grinder market for a reason. I bought this mixer-grinder after careful review and consideration and I can tell you it’s one of the best mixer-grinders in India 2022. It’s sturdy, sleek, and strong. The small jar is so powerful it can dry-grind any raw masala in just a few minutes. Not just the mixer but the juicer is also good and works well with both vegetables and fruits. All in all – very pleased with the purchase,” writes one of the reviews. 

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#4 Bajaj 750 W Mixer Grinder 

Bajaj Mixer Grinder

Among the best mixer grinders 750 Watts in India, another renowned name is the Bajaj 750 W mixer grinder. Established in 1938, the Bajaj conglomerate has successfully established itself in motor, electrical, and financial spaces. With a strong brand name and durable products, they have made a strong reputation in the Indian market and their mixer-grinder is one of the best ones to purchase in India. Below, we’re reviewing their affordable yet strongly made Bajaj mixer-grinder. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Bajaj 750 Watts Mixer-Grinder comes in an elegant copper and black color. This is the only available color online, but I think you can get more options if you purchase the machine offline. However, we think that black is a good color to invest in because it has a very modish appeal and also doesn’t get dirty or carry stains. The machine comes with 3 stainless steel jars with a plastic cap. There’s a 2-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the motor. It’s quite comfortably priced at ~ Rs.3,600/-.  

Benefits & How It Compares To Others:

The Bajaj mixer-grinder comes with three jars and has a multi-tasker blade in each to support the smooth and comfortable cooking experience for all. To support the overheating of the product from time to time, the mixer is designed with a 1% copper motor to support higher operating temperatures. When you use the product for a longer time at higher speeds, overheating often happens which can damage and loosen the parts over time. This unique feature in this mixer grinder under 5000 definitely supports the durability of the product. On the highest setting, the motor runs at 18 RPM and 750 Watts to support the smooth grinding of even the toughest of dry ingredients. 

In the biggest jar which is often used for liquids, the jar also has buckle clips, so no need to hold the cap while mixing something. You can easily leave the smoothie or any chutney to grind while you do other tasks in the kitchen. The steel jars are also often more sturdy than plastic ones – which is a great plus. While not all plastic jars break easily (it depends on the quality of the plastic the maker uses), steel is often more durable and doesn’t crack as easily under high pressure. What’s more phenomenal about the product is the convenient pricing. Most of the best mixer grinders 750 Watts in India are priced above 4000, but this one has very affordable pricing without compromising the quality of the product. 

“After using Philips for a while, I decided to go for the Bajaj mixer grinder brand in India because of their economic price range and good reviews. After using it for over 4 months, I can vouch for the performance and quality. No matter what the cooking task is, this mixer-grinder will get the job accomplished in seconds. It looks aesthetically good and goes well with the contemporary touch of the modern home. It’s surely worth buying and if you’re thinking about owning a new mixer-grinder, this is a great one to purchase,” writes one of the reviewers. 

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Another great Bajaj mixer grinder is Herculo 1000 W Mixer Grinder. Buy here
#5 Philips 750 W Mixer Grinder With Juicer

Philips Mixer Grinder

The Philips mixer grinder is another widely-searched and purchased in India. Philips is more than 130-years old and was started in Eindhoven and is currently headquartered in Amsterdam. It operated in over 100 countries and established itself in India in 1930 in 2014, it was named number 12 on the most trusted brands in India list. One of their best-selling products in the Indian market is the mixer grinders. The one that has the best reviews is their 750 Watt mixer grinder in India which also has a juicer. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Philips 750 W mixer grinder comes with a nylon base mixer base and a sleek black color. It’s accompanied by four jars. Two of them are made of steel and are meant for everyday food processing. Another jar is a juicer and is a great pulp extractor when you want a clean juice without any pulp and less wastage. The more horizontal less vertical jar is a multipurpose jar that has various attachments for many uses like kneading, grating, chopping, and slicing. The knob button has 3 controls and on the other side, there is a pulse control for a quick pureeing. Inside, you will also find a user manual that dictates all the uses of the product. The entire product is priced at ~ Rs.7499/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

What we love about this mixer-grinder is how versatile it is and can be used for multiple uses. Despite being priced a little on the higher side, you will find a good use for it in your everyday kitchen purposes. Be it kneading the atta for roti or for baking purposes, finely chopping vegetables for cooking, slicing them for salad, grinding tough spices, whipping up a smoothie, pulping out a juice, or preparing a batter, you can find it useful for many tasks. The product comes with a few attachments to serve different purposes. It’s just a matter of time before you get used to changing and getting hold of the attachments for an easier cooking experience. 

The mixer comes with a non-slip base and air vent on the bottom. Overheating is common in mixer grinders because of the heavy voltage use. It’s best to choose a product that supports the overheating and the damage it can inflict on the device. This Philips mixer grinder comes with an air vent and an overheat protector on the bottom to keep the product protected from any overheating and hence, ensure durability. It does make some noise though, but that’s only when you’re using it for tough grinding. 

“Sleek looks and good performance,” writes one of the reviewers. Further adding to the performance, he wrote, “The product is just excellent. It’s easy to understand the uses, not noisy (except for the food processor jar), and good value for money. Everything is done in a jiffy, no matter what you’re using the product for – kneading to mixing to mashing. I bought it from Amazon and the product was delivered in perfect condition. No tampering or issues in the last few months. Really happy!”

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#6 Wonderchef Nutriblend Mixer Grinder With Juicer & Chopper (400 Watt)

Best Mixer Grinders In India Under 5000

Co-founded by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Wonderchef is a 700-crore company specializing in cookware and kitchen appliances that range from cooktops, chimneys, pans, and bakeware, flasks, mixer grinder, and much more. One of their impressive innovations is the inverted Nutriblend mixer grinder curated for pragmatic customers who need functionality and speed in their life. The inverted blenders are quite popular abroad and if that aesthetic dazzles you, then this is one of the best mixer grinders in India for you! Scroll to see the full review of this amazing machine. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Wonderchef Nutriblend Mixer Grinder comes with a vertical and sleek grinding machine in black, white, and red colors. The jars are polycarbonate and not steel or plastic, as is the case with most other mixer grinders in India. People often think of steel jars as being more durable than others. It’s true to some level, but when made thoughtfully, even jars made of other materials can last for a long time. The product come with 4 jars in total – a small one for dry grinding, a big one for wet mixing, a juicer, and a chopper attachment for quick vegetable & fruit chopping. You also receive a user manual and an online recipe book by Sanjeev Kapoor along with the product. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Wonderchef mixer grinder offers a distinctive inverted design with a functional machine for a useful and aesthetic mixer grinder in your kitchen. The speed is 20,000 RPM which is incredibly high and almost twice as high as other regular mixer grinders. This means your dry masalas will turn into smooth powder within a few minutes. The surgical blades grind the hardest of ingredients and don’t degrade or rust over time. 

The jars are made of polycarbonate which is a stronger material than plastic and is quite strong and tough. Another great benefit of transparent polycarbonate is its visibility so you don’t need to keep opening the jar to see how much of the grinding is already done! You also don’t have to keep your hand on the lid during operation. The complete hands-free operation keeps the lid securely in place with no chance of food splattering out. 

The product comes with a 2-years warranty and has great after-sales service. Wonderchef services in over 12,000 pin codes in India, so any problems with the product will be met with a prompt response from the team. 

Here’s what one of the reviewers write, “I bought this product after the recommendation from a close family member. She got it for a higher price from an offline seller, and I got an amazing deal online. She has been using the product for 3 years and it’s still working like new. I loved the mixer grinder too. It’s handy, easy to use, and very stylish. The chopper is such a useful addition as in Indian kitchens we need to chop vegetables for every meal. I highly recommend this product.”

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#7 Prestige Delight Plus Mixer Grinder (750 Watt)

Best Mixer Grinder Brands In India

Established in 1955, Prestige is another common household name – our mothers and their mothers are all quite well aware of it! Their pressure cookers and cooking stoves are the most popular, but other products have fared well in the market too. One of them is the mixer grinder, various versions of the same are available in the online and offline market. A popular and affordable one is their delight plus mixer grinder in 750 Watts range. Find a complete review of the product below. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Prestige delight plus mixer grinder comes in yellow & black color. Although this is the only available color online, I think you can get it in blue from offline vendors. The mixer has a knob with 3 different pulse settings. You also have three stainless steel jars along with a juicer jar with the product – making it a total of 4 jars. The three jars all have different sizes for different purposes of cooking. There’s a small, medium, and a large jars. The juicer jar is also big for a convenient experience. It comes with a user manual to make sure you understand the uses & functions of the product well. It’s comfortably priced ~ Rs.4300/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Prestige 750 W mixer grinder is one of the best mixer grinders in India under 5000. The wattage lies in a powerful range so the job of grinding and mashing is done in just a few minutes. What supports the RPM is the stainless steel and super-efficient blades in each jar for quick cooking. The big jar also has dome shape lid to provide some extra space for ingredients to move about so the machine delivers better grinding results. The tops of all jars are made of polycarbonate – a much stronger and sturdy material than plastic. 

For motor, the company has relied on pure copper winding motor. A copper winding motor has very high conductivity and carries the current well. With proper ventilation and engineering systems, the machine is protected against overheating. Given the stainless steel and good materials, the machine is also very easy to clean as well as use. The jar locking mechanism is ergonomically designed so you don’t damage the product in case the jar and mixers aren’t well locked. And obviously, since it’s Prestige, you don’t have to worry about the customer service as their offices are well scattered throughout India. 

“It’s an amazing product and quite worth the money you spent. I received the delivery fast and all the components are well-packed inside. After 2 weeks of usage, I can say it works well and takes just a few minutes to do the job. Even though the market price and the offline price is higher, the cost on Amazon is low. A 5-years warranty is also a good deal. It’s definitely a delight to use this mixer and you can purchase it without any second thoughts,” writes one of the reviewers on Amazon. 

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#8 Borosil 750 W Mixer-Grinder 

Best Mixer Grinder In India

Borosil is a leading glassware company. They have a strong market hold in India, the USA, and The Netherlands. Their glass jars and cookware are quite popular in Indian offline and online stores. Given their quest for innovation (they also have another branch where they manufacture and sell solar panels), they came up with their appliance range that includes mixer grinders, microwave ovens, toasters, egg boilers, sandwich makers, induction cooktops, and much more. Whilst Borosil might not be the first mixer grinder brand in India to come to your mind when you’re looking for mixer grinders, we definitely recommend you consider them in your quest to find one of the best mixer grinders in India 2022. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Borosil 750 W mixer grinder comes in white & red colors, but I think other options like blue might be available offline. The mixer has a strong body and a sleek design. It comes with a total of 4 jars – 3 are stainless steel (1.5 L, 1 L, and 0.4 L) and have three different sizes. One of them is a juicer which has a capacity of 1.5 L and has a fruit filter. Alongside these common components, there’s also 2 sided spatula to scrape the content from the sides of the jars. The cord is a good 1.5 meters long for convenience in usage. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Borosil 750 W mixer grinder is definitely one of the best mixer grinders running with 750 W in India. We have reasons to support the same. First, the quality of the product can be guaranteed. Borosil is one of the leading companies in glassware so they’re well aware of the product technologies. I have tiffins from Borosil that are more than 15 years old and are still so strong. To prove their knowledge in yet another innovation, Borosil used aluminum base below the jars instead of the usual plastic ones in their mixer grinders. Aluminum one will last longer and will also sustain the mixing power of the motor better. 

The motor comes with 3-speed options and a pulse function. The pulse function is just for when you need that quick whip-up for a smoothie or cold coffee. I use it for the latter and got to say love the frothy texture that comes with it. Besides the amazing features, you also get 2-year warranty on both the product and the motor. The mixer grinder also comes with a spatula for easier scraping off the products in the jars. 

“Such a simple and fabulous mixer grinder in India. Everything came in perfect condition. The components look strong yet they’re all compact. The design is amazing as well. One thing I love is the vacuum rubber base so the mixer stays in place even during heavy grinding. The juicer works well as well. I have only used it for 1 week and have high hopes for the product in the future. Thanks Borosil & Amazon.”

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#9 Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder (1400 Watt)

Best Mixer Grinders In India

A company that was started more than 110 years back prides itself on it’s innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly products. After making a strong name in the US & Canadian markets, they have recently entered the Asian market and launched their products in China & India. The former is also where all their products are manufactured. In India, they have launched their mixer grinder with intelligent features like an auto-braking system where the blade automatically stops if the lid is disturbed. There are much more things that I admire about this product and I’ll be detailing them all in the next section.  

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Hamilton Beach mixer grinder and juicer is a 1400 Watt superpower of a machine that comes with a mixer machine and 3 jars – one of them is a juicer. The mixer machine comes with a digital screen to select the type of cooking you’ll be doing and has 10-speed options in the knob unlike the usual three. Jars are all made of stainless steel and have double interlocking to hold the lid in place with every spin. You get a 5-years product warranty which is inclusive of the motor when you purchase this product. The price is a bit higher than other mixer-grinders in India and stands at ~ Rs.21,000/-. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

The Hamiton Beach mixer grinder has a very elegant and modish look. It’s digital controlling system is unique and none of the other mixer grinders in India offers the same. With the digital controls, you can choose from 13 program settings – ranging from dry grinding to wet hard and wet soft to cold blending and hot soup. Once you select the setting, you just have to turn the knob to the desired speed and let the machine do the magic. With the double-interlock mechanism, you can be assured of the lid staying in place and no spillage issues as well. Jar handles also have knuckle guards to provide the user with optimum comfort during usage. 

The company makes a lot of impressive claims for running the mixer grinder as well. Jar and lid locks will stand a minimum of 6000 uses and the handle remains intact for at least 48,000 cycles. Given the sturdy and powerful look of the mixer grinder, you will not doubt the durability of the product. Because of their belief in the product, the company is offering 5 years of warranty on not just the motor, but also the entire product. 

“This is one of the best mixer grinders in India and one of the best home appliance brands worldwide. It looks classy and works even better. I bought it through a recommendation and I am so glad I did. It has made my life so much easier. The quality of the product is also excellent and it will last you for ages. Trust me this isn’t cheap plastic or cheap metal. I was surprised to see even the connection gear at the bottom of the mixer is made of metal. This product is made to last. Coming to usage, the blending and grinding are so smooth and easy. No more pulp comes into my mouth. Grinding garam masala is so easy. I just select dry hard mode and select the fine texture and it’s done in a minute or so. No more stopping pulse after 30 seconds. There’s no spilling too! The company has gained a loyal customers. Can’t wait for them to launch more products in the Indian market,” writes one happy user.

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#10 Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder 600 W

Best Mixer Grinders In India

Ending the list with one of the best mixer grinders in India under 3000. The Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder 600 W is an inverted mixer grinder and comes with two jars. The company itself is one of the leading producers of mixing motors-related products including commercial grinders and flour mills. With more than 25 years of experience, their R&D department has curated products to please the consumers and facilitate their convenience. If you’re looking for an affordable mixer grinder under 3000 in India, then this one is one of the best to purchase in the market. 

Physical Features & Attributes:

The Cookwell mixer grinder comes in the inverted design and has 3 variations – all priced below 3000 though. One has 2 jars and 1 blade, the other has 3 jars and 2 blades, and the priciest one at ~ Rs.2500/- has 5 jars and 3 blades. You also have three color options to choose from, namely black, red, and silver. The silver one has a sleeker and clean appearance as compared to the other two colors. All the variations have 600 Watts of voltage though – making it easier for you to grind the toughest of dry ingredients as well. 

Benefits & How It Compares To Others: 

Besides the price point, there are many other advantages of this economical mixer grinder. It comes in a very compact and sleek design. So, for those who have busy lives or have a small space for the mixer grinder, this can be a great investment. It also has very sturdy jars and provides you with the assurance of the durability of the product. We often have the tendency to relate the price of the product to quality, and there are some products that negate this usual thought process. The Cookwell mixer grinder brand in India is one of them and will impress you with its powerful and durable attributes. 

The motor of the product is also quite powerful and people have been raving about the noiseless attribute of the machine. With more than 9,500 reviews on Amazon, the product is rated at 4-star+ and that says a lot about this mixer grinder brand’s efficiency. Even the smallest of the gradient of products has two jars – one for wet mixing and the other one for dry mixing, so you can be assured of accomplishing the daily tasks even with the smaller-side range of products. 

“Small packet, big bang. It’s such a powerful and compact blender. Best for small families and busy people. I also loved the outstanding customer service when I faced blade issues after 4 months, 5-stars to the team!” writes one of the reviewers. Another reviewer also praised their sales service, “Purchased this item in 2019 and in 2020 the blades needed a little sharpening. I searched the local market but it wasn’t available. At the same time, the company approached me for feedback and I told them about the issue. They sent me the blades and other spare parts for a nominal price. I’d like to say with the electronic products the servicing is what we require and love Cookwell’s customer service team and their helpful & prompt response. Just buy it without any doubt.”

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Mixer-Grinder Buying Guide

Here’s all you need to consider before buying a mixer grinder

#1 Consider The Size

Storage is an important consideration when you choose a mixer grinder. Some mixer grinder brands in India create compact blenders and products and others create full-size units and plans. Some brands create both versions as well and are priced differently. If you have only a small designated space for the product, choose a mixer grinder that has a compact design and a minimum number of attachments. Inverted mixer grinders like Wonderchef and Cookwell will be better suited for this kind of preference. 

Full-size mixer grinders will often need a permanent space on your countertop or constant moving from kitchen to storage. Also, look for the number of attachments and accessories that come with the blender. Some higher models have different jars like juicers and choppers which makes the cooking convenient but can also take up a significant amount of storage space.  

#2 Think About Speed & Power

The next thing to take into account is the speed and wattage of the mixer grinder. In India, maximum consumers are well aware of the common wattage divisions in a mixer grinder, which are around 500 W, 750 W, and 1000 W. Some have a wattage above 1000 Watts like the Hamilton Beach mixer grinder. In general, the stronger the motor, the higher and quicker efficiency a mixer grinder will have. If you have a lot of dry grinding to do at home, we’d definitely recommend you to go for a blender with higher wattage. However, if that will be occasional use of this home appliance, then you can even stick to a 750 W or a 500 W blender for the purpose. 

#3 Weigh The Price

Price is a huge factor whenever you’re purchasing anything. Most blenders are priced around Rs.5,000, some are surprisingly higher, like the Hamilton Beach one which is priced at Rs.20,000/-, and some of the best mixer grinders in India are under 5000 like the Wonderchef Nutriblender and the Cookwell mixer grinder. It’s not necessary that the low-priced products are bad. Some companies design affordable products so they can reach a number of people. Similarly, those at a higher price will often have unmatched features and attachments, justifying the hefty cost. 

While checking for the price, also take into account the long-term costs to incur with the electrical appliance, which is mainly the electricity bill. It all depends on how much you’re using the product though! If you’re using a 1000 Watts mixer grinder quite frequently, then you might see a bit increment in your electricity bill. However, if the mixer grinder in your home is only used sometimes – let’s say for dry grinding and occasional pureeing, then you don’t have to worry as much about the incurring costs due to the purchase. However, if you want to accomplish both, opt for Atomberg MG1 Mixer grinder which delivers the performance of a 1000 Watt grinder by consuming the electricity of a 500 Watt mixer grinder. 

#4 Check Rotations Per Minute

RPM is basically an abbreviation for rotations for a minute. You will often find this picture listed in the product details as it’s an important one to consider when you’re looking for the best mixer grinders in India. RPM is basically how many rotations the mixer blade gives every minute. The more the RPM, the more quickly the blade will rotate every minute. Anywhere between 17,000 to 22,000 RPM is considered good enough for home-usage. Depending on the RPM and the wattage, a mixer grinder’s strength and quickness can be easily determined. In general, the higher the RPM, the more quickly the food will be ground or mashed inside. 

#5 Look For Extra Features

Extra product features can sometimes justify the price. For example, the Philips 750 W mixer grinder comes with a multi-purpose jar that can do a variety of things – like kneading flour for roti or baking, chopping fresh produce, and grating for salads. It also has a juicer jar. This multitude of uses can make the higher price justified for this product. Choppers also come with Wonderchef and Atomeberg mixer grinder. Some appliances on this best mixer grinder list also come with a digital screen to control the settings like the Hamilton Beach one which gives a very modern and unique appeal. 

Another feature to look for is overload protection. Mixer grinders – especially the ones with higher RPM – can easily get heated up. When the appliance isn’t corroborated to handle this overload, the inner parts of the motor can get damaged. A mixer grinder equipped with overload protection – like the Atomberg one where you’ll see the red light during overheating or the Sujata mixer grinder where the air vents prevent the overheating – protects you from unwanted overload situations and prolongs the life of your unit. 

While we are used to the sound of the mixer grinder, some people are looking for lesser noise in this common home appliance. If you’re one of them, then look for mixer grinders that are designed to reduce the level of noise during operation. 

Other features to consider are jar count and hands-free operation where the jars have a locking mechanism on the lid and with the mixer so you don’t have to hold the lid during operation.  

#6 See The Number Of Attachments

The number of jars and attachments is an important thing to consider when you’re buying a mixer grinder. Most mixer grinders come with at least 3 jars. Some can come with 2 and are just meant for quick, everyday use. When there are 3 jars, the smaller one is meant for dry grinding and the bigger one for wet grinding. Most highly-priced mixer grinders often come with juicers and choppers as well. Juicer is also a useful attachment for those buying grinders for healthy meals. Choppers, again, are something that all Indian households can find use from. Other things that are often accompanied by the mixer grinder are scrapers, kneading blades, cookbooks, etc. 

#7 What’s The Warranty?

Warranty is yet another aspect to consider when you’re buying electrical appliances. An electrical appliance comes with a warranty for the motor and the product itself. You will find that some of the best mixer grinders in India come with a warranty of 2 to 5 years. The motor warranty often exceeds the product warranty. Under the warranty period, any damage that occurs will be covered by the company. However, on parts other than the motor, there can be some conditions for a free replacement. Do read the warranty policy carefully before purchasing. 

#8 Check Reviews For After-Sales Service

Customer service after sales is really important for a mixer grinder or any other electrical appliance for that matter! If you face any problem, you’d want the technician to look into the problem as soon as possible. A mixer grinder is something that’s used on a regular basis and any stoppage can cause issues in normal-day cooking. A good way to find out about the after-sales service of the company is to go through the reviews on Amazon and online retail websites. It’s always better to invest in an appliance where the technician is prompt and will listen and solve your queries. 

#9 Material Used

Stainless steel is the most common material used in most jars and mixer machines. Plastic and polycarbonate (a material stronger than plastic) can also be used for any of the following. A general tendency is to believe that steel is sturdier and stronger than plastic, but that’s not always the case. It all depends on the quality of the material used. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good brand that’d most probably be using good material for their appliances. Again, go through the reviews and see some videos to get an idea of how tough the material is – because that, in turn, signifies durability. 

#10 Safety Concerns 

Some of the common safety elements to consider include an anti-skid base, overload protection, a circuit breaker, and a shockproof body. The best mixer grinder brands in India always make sure of these features. They put a rubber or any other strong material base on the bottom so the mixie doesn’t move or vibrate from the ground when it’s is usage. They are also equipped with air vents or an automatic switch-off button when the motor is overheated. Overheating protection in a mixer grinder also signifies the company’s assurance of a durable product as overheating can damage the interiors consistently and sometimes, permanently. 


What are the different types of mixer grinders?

Hand-held blender, mixer, grinders (for dry grinding), mixer and grinder, mixers and grinders with a juicer, and mixer-grinder-juicer with other functions like that of a chopper or a kneading tools are some of the different types of mixer-grinders available in the market. 

What are some of the best mixer grinder brands in India?

Sujata, Philips, Preethi, and Bajaj are some of the best mixer grinder brands in India. Newly-launched good brands in the market include Hamilton Beach & Atomberg.

What are the best mixer grinders in India 750 Watts?

Here are some of the best mixer grinders in India 750 Watts:

  1. Atomberg MG1 Mixer Grinder (750 to 1000 Watts): Rs.7790/- (Purchase here)
  2. Preethi Steel Supreme Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.7299/- (Purchase here)
  3. Bajaj Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.3599/- (Purchase here)
  4. Philips Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.7499/- (Purchase here)
  5. Prestige Delight Plus Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.4499/- (Purchase here)
  6. Borosil Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.4900/- (Purchase here)
What are the best mixer grinders in India under 5000?

Here are some of the best mixer grinders in India under 5000:

  1. Bajaj Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.3599/- (Purchase here)
  2. Wonderchef Mixer Grinder (400 Watts): Rs.3562/- (Purchase here)
  3. Prestige Delight Plus Mixer Grinder (750 Watts): Rs.4499/- (Purchase here)
  4. Cookwell Bullet Mixer Grinder (600 Watts): Rs.1990/- (Purchase here)

How to thoroughly clean a mixer grinder?

Here’s a video to easily clean a mixer grinder:

Conclusion & Winner 

The winner is the Sujata Dynamix 1000 W mixer grinder. As mentioned, I’m currently using this mixer grinder and it lives up to its strong brand name. Sujata’s mixer motors are often installed in a commercial setting because of their strength and durability. And it’s powerful grinding and ease of use is something I can vouch for! Another product that impressed me (although I haven’t used it) is the Preethi 750 W mixer grinder with a juicer.

If you’re looking for a mixer grinder with a juicer in India, this is a good one to invest in! I also want to give the credits to Atomberg Mixer Grinder. It’s a new brand, but I really admire the features – especially the innovative slow mode technology where you can do granular grinding like the one required for salsa, low power usage despite the higher watts, and a modish LED screen. If you want to try a new mixer grinder brand, this looks quite promising. 

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