Healthier Dalgona Coffee Recipes That Fits Into Your Bridal Diet

Internet’s new favorite drink and quarantine’s caffeine fix – today’s blog is all about diving deeper into the world of Dalgona coffee and looking at it from a bride-to-be’s point of view. Dalgona coffee is practically everywhere – on every influencer’s feed, blogger’s story and once in a while, someone from our friend list will be whipping it up at home and showing the same off on their social media!

As a bride, you have got to be quite mindful of what you put inside your body. And the Internet can be an easy distraction while practicing the same. It’s almost impossible to not give in to the urge of what’s trending on social media. Especially when something pops up in these times of uncertainty and has our favorite, ‘coffee’, in it. 

Now, most of us need caffeine to function properly. Being at home, coffee is the only way to maintain our sanity and be productive. As hopping to our favorite cafe isn’t an option anymore, Dalgona coffee has really satisfied our urge to have barista-style coffee in the comforts of our own home.  

What is Dalgona coffee anyways? 

It’s an easy DIY whipped up coffee, made by stirring instant coffee, sugar, and water together till it becomes frothy and then pouring it over a glass of chilled milk. The beverage was made popular in South Korea and went viral on TikTok amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, it has been made in India for ages and is served as phenti hui or beaten up coffee in many Southern regions of the country.  

Now coming back to the point and discussing whether this photogenic mixture is good to be a part of your bridal diet or not. A short and sweet answer is YES! As compared to your regular coffee drinks which have lots of syrups and sweeteners added to them, Dalgona coffee is definitely healthier to have. (If you are a black, no-sugar coffee drinker, we have got nothing on you!)

Just be mindful of the amount of sugar you are putting in there. With equal amounts of coffee and sugar in the recipe, the calories can amount to 197. Reducing the amount of sugar can easily bring down this number. Here’s an easy recipe of Dalgona coffee made by Delhi baker and food blogger, Shivesh Bhatia 


Or you can try these healthier versions of Dalgona coffee instead: 

# Substitute Honey For Sugar

Honey is much healthier than raw sugar. It has a lower GI value, which means it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels as quickly. Even though its caloric and sugar amount is the same, it’s not empty calories as raw sugar. Consume it wisely though! Here’s a blogger who made Dalgona coffee with honey and it turned out to be just as creamy and delicious. 


# Try it with matcha powder 

Big fan of matcha latte? Well, your Dalgona coffee can be easily made into Dalgona Matcha. Matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than green tea and 9 times beta-carotene than spinach. Plus it’s 100% natural and has been used by Japanese since ages. No wonders they have such great skin and are practically ageless. Brides-to-be, try the matcha version of Dalgona coffee once in a while!Here’s how a NYC based Vegan blogger, @veggiekins did it. Link: 

# Spice it with ginger or cinnamon powder

This simple addition to your Dalgona coffee gives it a spicy taste and plugs in some health benefits. Ginger powder has thermogenic agents that burn fat and boosts metabolism. Cinnamon also does the same and is great for anyone trying to lose weight.  

# Add some cocoa powder 

With a simple inclusion of cocoa powder in equal quantities with coffee powder adds a nice chocolatey taste to your Dalgona coffee. Cocoa powder has a range of benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, improves blood flow and aids in weight loss. Moreover, it helps in fighting depression symptoms – a mental health booster we all need right now!   

Naturally, you can also swap out dairy milk for any other variety of milk that’s available. 

Try out these healthier Dalgona coffee recipes and tag us while posting it on your social media! We will love to give you a shoutout on our page.

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