When Should You Take Off Your Engagement Ring?

take off engagement ring

Once your fiance proposes to you with a pristine rock and you accept the proposal, chances are you never want to take off your engagement ring. Why would you? The beautiful ring deserves all the staring, flaunting, and praises; more so than any other piece of jewelry you own. Yet, you’re probably wondering how to keep it shining for years to come.

We’re glad you asked! Besides regular cleaning – at home or at the jewelers, there are certain activities when you should take the ring off. These regular activities can wear your valuable jewelry over time and dull its shine – which we’re certain you want to preserve. So that leaves us with an interesting question, when should you take off the engagement ring?

Should You Take Off Your Engagement Ring During Shower?

The most asked question for a newly engaged woman is this, ‘can I shower with my engagement ring?’. Your gut feeling might be already telling you ‘no’, and it’s absolutely correct. There are two big reasons why showering with an engagement is a big NO.

First, the slippery skin can suddenly slide your ring off the finger, make it fall down the drain, and be lost forever. Second, mild cleansers and exfoliators can dull and damage the diamond. The effects are not instant but happen over time. Leave the ring somewhere safe when you go for a bath; it’s just not worth the extra risk and wears.

What About At A Pool Or Beach?

Whether you’re going to a beach or a pool, leave your ring at home. There are far too many horror stories of a diamond ring getting lost in one of these places. Even if your ring fits snug and proper, it could easily slip off the finger and get lost to never be found.

There’s science backing our advice too. Swimming (especially in cold water) can cause body temperature to drop, and actually, shrink your finger in size. It’s scary yet true. This makes it easier for the ring to just wiggle off your finger and conduct a dark, lost-in-the-waves disappearing act.

Saltwater is also a diamond’s foe and so are chlorine and other bleaching chemicals. The former can create a film while the latter can erode the metals and discolor them. For instance, the rhodium in white gold wedding rings will turn yellow in chlorine.

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring To The Gym?

Well, to wear or not wear an engagement ring to your working out session depends on a few factors. First, if you sweat a lot, the ring slipping off your ring is easier. Thin bands have a low surface area which makes the heavy head easily pulled down by the gravitational surface. However, if you’re engaged in slow movement activities, like yoga, this slip-off can become easily noticeable and taken care of. Although, fast-paced movements like running, Zumba, etc. increases the risk of misplacing the bling.

Second, metals like gold and platinum have soft malleability and can easily get bent, chipped, or scratched by free weights. Plus, your finger can get pinched (Ouch!). When the band loses its structural integrity, the prongs become loose and the solitaire can fall out. So, for heart-pounding activities like rock climbing and weight training, leave your symbol of love safe and secure at home.

If it’s stationary cardio or you’re jamming to your favorite playlist, it’s okay to keep your bling on. Chances are you won’t dent or drop it. Even if you do, it will be easier to place it. If not anything, the ring can serve as a nice distraction to make time fly. For our anxious readers though, let the ring rest at home and put it on as a nice reward after your strenuous session.

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Should I Take My Engagement Ring Off While Washing My Hands Or Using Hand Sanitizers?

We hope you’re all following Covid-19 protocols and frequently washing and sanitizing your hands. Not doing that isn’t an option anymore. Typically, hand washing doesn’t damage your ring. The same can’t be said about hand sanitizers though. Hand-washing can make your hands slippery, but that’s just for a few seconds and can be taken care of! If you’re particular about removing your love token while cleaning your hands, do it at a safe location and not in public restrooms.

Hand sanitizers, on the other hand, have harsh chemicals that can break down the brilliance of metals and gems over time. The worst part? Once that glistening shine is gone, there’s no bringing it back. Of course, that’s not to say you should stop using hand sanitizers, especially in the middle of a worsening pandemic. The best option is to remove your ring, place it in your pocket, apply a generous dose of sanitizer, let it dry, and put your ring back on!

When I’m Cooking or Cleaning?

This goes without saying, but remove your ring while handling raw or ground meat. After all, you don’t want your symbol of eternal love to become bacteria-ridden. More so, take off your engagement ring when you’re indulging in a kitchen activity that’s hands-on, like kneading dough or making fresh burgers. Let the bling shine on your finger when the cooking activity is a simple one, like making a smoothie, preparing cereal, or heating up a can of soup

During cleaning, we often protect our hands from harsh chemicals by wearing gloves, so your ring deserves the same protection as well. Here’s a mantra to remember: what makes your glass doors shiny will make your diamonds dull. So, either securely store away your engagement ring or wear gloves! Take the same precaution during other housework activities like gardening, moving furniture, etc.

During Travel?

If you’re traveling to a place that’s relatively unsafe or underdeveloped, you might feel safest leaving your priceless stone at home. While the choice remains up to your judgment, some couples do travel with their wedding jewelry and leave it safe at the hotel during local excursions.

What Are Some Other Everyday Activities When I Should Take Off My Engagement Ring?

Another everyday activity when it’s advisable to remove your engagement ring is during self-care and grooming activities like applying creams, lotions, makeup, etc.

The product build-up, as a result, is one of the biggest culprits of diamond dullness. Even hair sprays and perfumes can cause the buildup of grime, weakening the natural sheen of your ring. To protect your rock and prevent it from a cloudy layer of film, wait until you’re done with your beauty routine (including the hair) before putting your bling back on.

Can I Sleep With My Engagement Ring?

If you can cuddle and float off to dreamland with your beloved ring is a common question with many controversial answers. Some experts suggest that it’s okay to wear your engagement ring to sleep as it’s bad luck to take it off frequently. Also, it’s quite harmless. Others argue that the ring can get caught in your hair or the bedding which can loosen the setting or stone over time. This makes sense. If you’re a big tosser and turner, the wise decision is to part ways with your ring while catching your ZZZ’s.

While the decision remains up to you, we’d suggest taking your ring for inspection every 3 to 4 months just to make sure all precious stones are secure and tight and that there’s no damage to any part of the ring.

When Should I Take Off A Wedding Band?

Some women prefer to wear ONLY a wedding band, and not a diamond ring. Then, there are others who sport both. Wedding bands can be made with a variety of materials, like platinum, silver, white gold, etc. So, they require the same care as a diamond ring. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, soaps, wearing any places where it can slip off, and to the gym when there’s a risk of denting.

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Quick Engagement Ring Cleaning At-Home:

To keep your beloved treasure looking new, a professional ‘deep cleaning’ about twice a year is irreplaceable. The jeweler you purchased your ring from will offer this as a customary service or discounted service – where they inspect, clean, tighten the ring to make it look all new. But, a DIY, at-home procedure is a great quick-fix to keep your ring at its sparkliest.

P.S.: Don’t use any harsh cleansers, soaps, or undue pressure while cleaning the ring. Proceed with caution – that’s the first ‘undeclared’ step.

Step 1: Soak your ring in the warm soapy solution for about 15 minutes. This softens any dirt, food, lotions, etc. stuck in the ring.

Step 2: Close the drain, because we know you’re likely doing the procedure over a sink. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to loosen the debris.

Step 3: With the drain still closed, wash your ring under running water upside down. Let the water flow freely so any contaminants get rinsed off.

Step 4: Gently dry your ring using a micro-fiber cloth as it doesn’t leave any microscopic scratches or fuzz on the diamond.

It’s okay to feel clueless about incorporating this expensive piece of jewelry into your everyday life. The caring will take some time to get used to, but it will keep your ring as brilliant as when you first put it on. One final piece of advice from us for your gorgeous sparkler is to insure it. Because taking it off does increase the risk of losing it. So be safe and insure your ring to up the peace of mind as well.

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