Sabyasachi’s Intimate Fine Jewellery & Sling Bag Launch Is So Dreamy!

There’s absolutely no one who isn’t fascinated by Sabyasachi’s majestic charm. He is an iconic designer, whose work will live on for generations. His outfits always create a stir in the wedding world, and around a few years back, for the first time, he designed something other than clothes – Jewellery! Again, absolutely GORG and everyone was raving about it in no time. I guess that’s when the audience realised he has a MIDAS touch. Anything he’ll design will leave everyone mesmerised.

The next thing he launched was bags and belts. And soon, we spotted brides wearing it frequently. Now, keeping in mind the Covid-19 situations, he has launched his Intimate fine jewellery and Sling collection.

The fine jewellery launch includes four kinds of necklace sets, each consisting of a pendant necklace and earrings. All are engraved with his signature Bengal Tiger motif. For a change he also mentioned the prices in the caption, so we will be including it along with the images. Check it out:

#1 Sabyasachi Bengal Tiger Intimate Fine Jewellery With Corals, Turquoise and Pearls

Necklace priced at INR 1,45,500; Earrings priced at INR 1,65,500

#2 Sabyasachi Bengal Tiger Intimate Fine Jewellery With Pearls

Necklace priced at INR 1,27,500; Earrings priced at INR 1,54,500

#3 Sabyasachi Bengal Tiger Intimate Fine Jewellery With Zambian Emeralds

Zambian Emeralds are high-grade gemstones popular all over the world. They are deep green in color with a touch of blue.

Necklace priced at IINR 1,68,500; Earrings priced at INR 1,96,500

#4 Sabyasachi Bengal Tiger Intimate Fine Jewellery With VVS Diamonds

VVS is one of the clarity grades for diamonds. There are 5 grades for clarity of a diamond, VVS is the second one, and has almost no visible flaws. The only grade above it is FL & IF – these are extremely rare & valuable diamonds. Any jewellery made with them will cost a lot more than the one made with VVS diamond.

Necklace priced at INR 1,99,500; Earrings priced at INR 2,49,500

For all jewellery related queries, you can email their team at, or contact the retail stores directly.

Ph: +91 90827 45220 +91 98193 11987

So this was the intimate fine jewellery launch and next he introduced the sling bag collection in three colors:

1. Mustard Tan

Sabyasachi Sling Bags

2. Bengal Black

Sabyasachi Sling Bags

3. Mangrove Green

Sabyasachi Sling Bags

All the bags are priced at Rs.49,500/-.

The pre-orders for the sling bags start from October 12th and the deliveries will begin by December 1st.

In bags, Sabyasachi has also previously launched clutches, potlis and tote bags. He also has a men’s footwear collection for those who don’t know – we are crazy Sabya fans here!

Personally, I love his intimate fine jewellery launch. It’s just perfectly in line with the micro-weddings trend. And like all his collection, it oozes elegance, royalty and glamour – something we adore in brides always. All the women pictured here are dressed in splendid Sabyasachi sarees, our favorite line of all his collection.

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