Price-Range Of High-End Designer Lehengas – Sabyasachi to Anita Dongre (Few Prices Included)

Your lehenga is like the star of your bridal look. That’s pretty obvious. Probably why your Instagram saves and Pinterest boards are stocked with lehenga inspiration. We hope you’re following our social media accounts for latest trends (Instagram:, Pinterest: @wedbook08) Anyways, we think you’d have come across many high-end designer lehengas while browsing and wondered how much they cost. 

There’s just something about a Rimple & Harpreet Lehenga or a Manish Malhotra Lehenga, it’s hard to not picture yourself wearing them, looking all surreal and dreamy. The mesmerising designs and our craziness is probably why they’re able to charge such a hefty price for it. Just like their lehengas, even the prices will make your heart skip a beat (in completely different ways). If you’ve always wondered how much does a high-end designer lehenga cost, this is the blog for you! We have included some lehenga prices as well. Keep scrolling. 

High-End Designer Lehenga Prices

1. Sabyasachi:

Ahh! Sabyasachi’s designer bridal lehenga are probably the real heart-throb of women. The name has itself become synonymous to bring a bride. He is the undisputed ruler of the bridal lehenga realm. Even if girls can’t afford Sabyasachi, they buy a copy that somehow relates to his designs. His popularity has soared to new heights now that he has dressed all 3 Bollywood leading ladies on their big day. I must say, all of this recognition, for all the right reasons. The way he has brought traditional Indian handlooms and the color red back to bridal couture – solely on his own – is commendable. We absolutely admire his work and roots. Having said that, here comes the burning question. 

How much does a Sabyasachi lehenga cost? 

Sabyasachi lehengas are usually priced between Rs.4 lakhs and can go up to Rs.10-12 lakhs. Some of them can go as high as Rs.18 lakhs (that’s the price of Priyanka Chopra’s wedding lehenga btw, Anushka’s is priced at Rs.8,75,000/- and Deepika’s is Rs.12,00,000/-) Mind you, both are priced really high also because of the women who wore them. The general price range is what we mentioned above. Light lehengas like Alia Bhatt’s lime green Sabyasachi lehenga can be priced at Rs.3,00,000/-. And you can get a gorgeous piece in between 3-5 lakhs. 

Prepare to pay more if you choose a lehenga that has a lot of work on it. Btw, you can buy a Sabyasachi saree at around 1-2 lakhs, lower for simpler ones. To check out the prices of some of the most popular Sabyasachi sarees, click here! Here are the prices of two Sabyasachi bridal lehengas. 

White & red Combination Lehenga Price: Rs.2,87,000/-
Sabyasachi Bridal Lehanga

2020 Bridal Lehenga Price: Rs.3,95,000/-
Sabyasachi Bridal Lehanga
Sabyasachi Bridal Lehanga

For more Sabyasachi lehenga prices, check out this post

2. Manish Malhotra: 

Manish Malhotra’s designer lehengas are dazzling and something unique. We have rarely come across a bride who has worn the same Manish Malhotra lehenga we’ve seen before (happens with Sabya all the time). Plus he is a celeb-favorite designer. Almost all celebrities dress up in his creation quite frequently. And we have to say he always keeps his lehenga designs on the trendy/ stylish side than traditional. From the blouse designs to the styling, he has always experimented with his dresses and they have caught on almost all the time. He was the one who first popped up the idea of pantsuits and we see them quite frequently on brides/ bridesmaids now. But the main point is…

How much does a Manish Malhotra lehenga cost?

The price range of Manish Malhotra lehengas is anywhere between 3-4 lakhs to around 10 lakhs or higher. Pretty much the same as Sabyasachi’s lehengas. The designer hasn’t revealed the prices of his heavier bridal lehengas online, but they can easily go as high as 13-15 lakhs. You can buy some of his lehengas (non-bridal) from his site

Manish Malhotra Bridal Lehenga Price
Manish Malhotra Bridal Lehenga Price
Manish Malhotra Bridal Lehenga Price
Manish Malhotra Bridal Lehenga Price
Manish Malhotra Bridal Lehenga Price

3. Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla:

One of Ambani’s favorite designers, this list isn’t complete without Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s name. They started their partnership about 30 years ago and have always been known to design lehengas they feel good about it so they can offer the best quality to their customers. One of the designers’ main associations is with the chikankari work. Most of their lehenga designs boast of this traditional embroidery. From Deepika’s reception lehenga to Sonam’s mehendi look to Isha’s wedding lehenga – all were made with intricate chikankari style. They are also great at blending colors, so anyone looking for a multicolored outfit, they are the one for you!

Price range of Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla’s designer lehengas: 

Designer lehengas by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla start from 2.5 lakhs and can go upto 10 lakhs for bridal wear. Like Manish Malhotra, they haven’t released the prices of their heavy lehengas online. Some of the lighter ones are available to shop on

Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Lehenga
Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla Lehenga

4. Rimple and Harpreet:

Designers that are giving a tough competition to Sabyasachi are definitely Rimple & Harpreet. It’s a complex process to make a traditional lehenga look edgy and stylish, and this husband-wife designer duo does just that. And oh, aren’t their bridal lehengas just pleasing to the eyes. Brides are totally loving them as well. Now, we think we spot as many brides in a RAH lehengas as in Sabyasachi. Their label was established in the year 2000 and they finally got the recognition they deserved when they designed Deepika’s lehengas in Padmaavat. And their slant rising curve took an exponential turn from there. They are unstoppable now and we’d surely recommend checking their store while shopping for your wedding. Or shop from home, they are very responsive on WhatsApp, so you can put in your queries through the contact listed on their Instagram. 

What are the prices of Rimple and Harpreet Narula lehengas?

RAH designer bridal lehengas start from around 3 lakhs and can go up to 9 lakhs. Very rarely will the lehengas cross the maximum limit. And the best part is you don’t have to splurge a lot to have the lehenga of your dreams, you can get a fashionable yet sophisticated bridal lehenga in 3-5 lakhs easily! Also, their shararas are quite popular as well and perfect for a mehendi or sangeet night. They cost even lower and you can get a good set in around 1-2 lakhs. 

Here are some prices of RAH lehengas:

Pink Bridal Lehenga: Around 3-4 lakhs
Rimple and Harpreet BridalLehenga Price

Golden Rimple & Harpreet Lehenga Price: Around 9 lakhs
Rimple and Harpreet BridalLehenga Price

5. Falguni Shane Peacock India:

Talk about glam, edgy and stunning monochrome lehengas and our mind automatically goes to Falguni Shane Peacock’s designer lehengas. Their designs have been adored by both Indian & International celebs alive. Be it Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, or Kim Kardashian – all have basked in the beauty of FSP’s couture. And you know what the best part about them is, their bridal couture is priced lower than all the other designers that we have listed till now. Are you excited for the next section, coz we are!

Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga Prices:

The price range of Falguni Shane Peacock designer bridal lehengas is between 3-6 lakhs. Most of the pieces will fall within this range. Some can go up, but those will be a select few. We bet you can get your favorite one within this range – the one you’ve bookmarked. That’s a pretty good price range for brides who feel spending anything more than 5 lakhs on a designer lehenga isn’t worth it. 

Multicolor Mehendi FSP Lehenga Price: Rs.4,25,000/-
Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga Price
Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga Price

Parineeti Chopra’s Lehenga: Rs.4,80,000/-
Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga Price

6. Tarun Tahiliani: 

The next addition to this list is Tarun Tahiliani. I’d have to say I’ve grown to love this designer. I wasn’t as crazy about his couture earlier but his latest collection, including the one he launched in 2020 had me gawking at his designs in no time. The way he has combined traditional Indian craftsmanship with modern designs is commendable. Each lehenga has a story of its own – built with Indian textiles and artisanship that has been appreciated for years. Another phenomenal part of the designer’s lehengas is how each piece is unique in its own way. So if you’re a bride who would like to stand out from the crowd, look no further than Tarun Tahiliani’s creations to awe you!

How much does a Tarun Tahiliani lehenga cost?

Tarun Tahiliani’s lehengas start from around a lakh, most of the bridal lehengas will fall between 4-5 lakhs while a select few can go up to 7-8 lakhs, especially the ones that have recently launched. The good news is some of the bridal lehengas from his old collections are priced at 3-4 lakhs. 

And yet a convenient part of the designer’s couture as he lists all of his designer lehengas, sarees, suits, and other pieces of his collection on his site – . Because you know how it feels when you’ve saved a lehenga, imagining yourself in it and when the price is leaked by the designer, it’s way out of your range and it becomes difficult to break that attachment now. For Tarun Tahiliani lehengas, you can get attached to only the ones that are priced within your budget. Just to let you know, all the other designers listed below also do the same thing. (YAY!)

Here are a few prices of his designer lehenga:

Price: Rs.3,84,900/-
Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga Price

Bridal Lehenga Price: Rs.5,49,000/-
Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga Price

Ivory Lehenga Price: Rs.5,49,000/-
Tarun Tahiliani Lehenga Price

7. Anita Dongre

A versatile designer who has made her presence clear in all domains is Anita Dongre. Whether it’s luxury pret, bridal, bridesmaid, daily Indian wear, and all kinds of Western wear, including footwear, bags, and jewelry (even scrunchies). She has single-handedly created well-known brands in almost all clothing domains that exist in India. Both Global Desi and AND are an extension to her company – House of Anita Dongre. Another commendable part of her work is she collaborated through NGOs to hire women in villages to work for her so they can make a living. Primarily, she deals with hand block printing, gota patti, and embroidered lehengas and she has finessed her art to perfection. There’s no one who makes lightweight printed bridal lehengas better than her. And if you’ve gazed at her designer couture and wondered how much it costs, here’s the answer. 

Anita Dongre’s lehengas start from around 50,000 – 1 lakh. These are simple printed lehengas. Bridal lehengas can cost around 3-5 lakhs and some with elaborate work all over them can go as high as 7 lakhs.

Benaisha Kharas Wedding Lehenga Price: Rs.6,45,000/-
Anita Dongre Pink Lehenga

Anita Dongre Ivory Lehenga Cost: Rs.99,000/-
Anita Dongre Ivory Lehenga

Pastel Pink Bridal Lehenga: Rs.3,45,000/-
Anita Dongre Pink Lehenga

8. Abhinav Mishra:

Mirror work = Abhinav Mishra. We think someone who has picked up just one type of textile craftsmanship and nailed it down to perfection is Abhinav Mishra. He is a magician with this particular art. You know how designers test the water is every style so as to increase their profits, not Mishra. He has forever stayed true to his roots and probably that’s why he is respected in the wedding world so much. Coming back to the main point of this article…

What are the prices of Abhinav Mishra lehengas?

Most Abhinav Mishra lehengas lie within the range of 1 lakh – 2.5 lakhs. You can get pretty decent designer lehengas or anarkalis even below a lakh. How cool is that! Some go above 2.5 lakhs, but that’s very rare. Again, he lists all his couture on his website (, so you can gape at them anytime you want!

Abhinav Mishra
Abhinav Mishra Lehenga
Abhinav Mishra Lehanga

9. Anushree Reddy: 

Another high-end designer brides dote on is Anushree Reddy. Romantic pastels, statement pinks, warm lavender, statement pinks, and calm ivories are her statement colors. A self-made designer, who launched her brand in 2010 in Hyderabad. Her gorgeous designs soon became the talk of the town and reached the elite class. From there, it didn’t take a lot of time for her to become popular all over India. “I think like a consumer and I design like a consumer,” said the designer in an interview with Her designs have graced brides time and again, we have listed prices of some recent ones.  

Price Range of Anushree Reddy Lehengas: 

Most Anushree Reddy lehengas fall in the range of 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs. Some might even fall in the range of 1-2 lakhs but none will go above 4 lakhs. She also sells her lehengas on her own website and via other online portals like Aza Fashions, Ogaan India, and Aashni & Co

Niharika Konidela Engagement Lehenga- 2,79,000/-
Niharika Konidela Engagement Lehenga

Anushree Reddy White Lehenga – 2,59,000/-
Anushree Reddy White Lehenga

Green Lehenga Price – 2,59,000/-
Anushree Reddy Green lehenga

10. Astha Narang:

Last but not the least, the designer whose lehengas scream chic and feminine is Astha Narang. And if you’re a fan of sequin work, there’s no one who does it better than her. She created her label in 2013, which is the newest among all the other designers and yet was able to cut through the strong competition & make a permanent place for herself in the heart of brides. Her idea of a perfect bride is simple, “A bride can let go of the stress by being herself. She really needs to be comfortable and loves what she is wearing and how she is looking. No matter what she is wearing but her smile and the glow make her look perfect.” she said in an interview with 360 News Mania.

How much does an Astha Narang lehenga cost?

She is the most affordable designer of all, but her designer lehengas are as beautiful as any of them on the list. They start from around Rs.35,000  and can go up to around 1.5 lakhs. Some might be priced somewhere around 1.75 lakhs, but you can find a charming non-bridal lehenga in a range below that as well. 

She lists her lehengas on her website and from online stores,, and  

Pink Bridal Lehenga Price: Rs.1,60,000/-
Astha Narang Bridal lehenga

Silk Mehndi Green lehenga Rs.70,400/-
Astha Narang Mehendi Green Lehenga

Dark Blue Lehenga: Rs.47,000/- and Light Blue: Rs.48,000/-
Astha Narang Lehengas

We asked in our Instagram stories, what other designers would you guys like us to add and these 4 were the most requested ones, so here you go: 

11. Akanksha Gajria:

‘.. from the bottom of my colorful heart’ is her tagline and her designs reflect that. The aesthetically pleasing blend of colors along with blingy mirror-work makes her label a perfect option for our millennial brides & intimate weddings. The fabulous outfits are also apt for the sister of the bride or groom!

Price range of Akanksha Gajria outfits:

Most of the lehenga by Akanksha Gajaria are priced between 1-2 lakhs. Some simpler ones can also go below 1 lakh but none will go above 2 lakhs. Her sharara sets are also a superb choice for your intimate mehendi or haldi ceremony. They are priced at around 60k to 70k. You can purchase her designer lehengas online at Aza Fashions

Akanksha Gajaria
Akanksha Gajaria
Akanksha Gajaria
Akanksha Gajaria

12. Neeta Lulla:

Who can forget Aishwarya’s revered looks in Devdas and Jodhaa Akbar? Neeta Lulla is the artist behind those stunning creations. She also designed Aishwarya’s wedding day saree. Her most notable textile technique is Paithani and the ancient work is featured in most of her designs. She has been in the industry for over 35 years and has worked in almost 300 films!

How much does a Neeta Lulla lehenga cost?

Neeta Lulla’s designer lehengas are priced above 2 lakhs. She sells all of her outfits online, except bridal wear. You can check the prices of non-bridal lehengas here. You can see most of them are between 2 to 4 lakhs, so we can guess that proper bridal lehengas are quite expensive and can cost around 4-5 lakhs or something. 

Neeta Lulla
Neeta Lulla
Neeta Lulla

13. Anamika Khanna:

The woman who flawlessly blended traditional Indian textiles with western silhouettes, Anamika Khanna is one of the most popular and celebrated fashion designers in the country. She is also a favorite of B’wood’s style queen Sonam Kapoor, who has donned her outfits multiple times.  Dhoti pants, long jackets, cape dupattas are her signature creations that have now become mainstream in Indian outfits. Her individualistic style is the reason why she became the first Indian woman to showcase her collection at the Paris Fashion Week! 

How much does an Anamika Khanna lehenga cost?

While sifting through India’s best designers for bridal lehengas, Anamika Khanna’s name is sure to pop up. Her lehengas are priced between 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs. All heavy bridal lehengas can be expected to cost at the higher end of the range. She doesn’t reveal the exact prices online or sell her lehengas through any portals. However, you can find her non-bridal range like sarees, sharara sets and pants-jacket sets on Aza Fashions, Aashni & Co. etc. 

Deepika Padukone Saree Price: Rs.1,26,000/- 

Deepika Padukone Anamika Khanna Saree

Brides in Anamika Khanna Lehenga

Anamika Khanna
Anamika Khanna
Anamika Khanna
Anamika Khanna

14. Asiana Couture/ Payal Keyal Official:

The last addition to this list is Asiana Couture and Payal Keyal Official. They have successfully lodged themselves in the bride’s mind as one of the best Chandni Chowk shops to shop at. Even though we feel their designs aren’t as unique as all the designers mentioned above, they are the go-to store for brides who like to play safe and want simple & gorgeous outfits for their wedding.  

How much does an Asiana Couture/ Payal Keyal lehenga cost?

Asiana Couture/ Payal Keyal designer lehengas are all priced between 2-4 lakhs. Almost none of the outfits will go above 4.5 lakhs. This is what a bride who recently visited the store told us. So these are the latest prices if you are planning to go and shop there. One of their trending designs is the monochrome red lehengas, have a look!

Payal Keyal Lehenga
Payal Keyal Lehenga
Payal Keyal Lehenga

 Which designer would you like to add to this list? Comment down below!

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