BFF Engaged? Here are 10 Gifts She’ll Absolutely Love!

Your BFF’s special time has come. She just said YES and now, you want to surprise her with something that makes this moment of joy a little more memorable for both of you. But selecting a perfect gift is tough. How to choose something for your BFF that shows her your love, care, and excitement for her, adding onto how meaningful and useful it makes her Bridehood

Racking your brains already, well, you don’t have to – because we have already done that for you ladies. Here’s a list of 10 things that will easily put you on the list of ‘best bridesmaid ever’: 

1. Bachelorette Party or better, a Trip

Before she kicks her wedding shenanigans, throw her a memorable bachelorette party with all her favorite girls under one roof. A surprise bridal shower can work too. Spice it with a naughty cake and mischievous games. You can also arrange for a surprise vacation. The perfect time would be in the midst of all wedding revelries, so the trip can be a perfect stress-buster for her. Even if you can arrange for a nearby weekend getaway, it will surely make memories that will last for a lifetime. 

2. Bridal Goodies

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If your friend is a sucker for relishing in the moments with super-cute stuff then a shirt or a mug that lets her bridal status out would be perfect for her. And we know the perfect place you can get them. Here is a collage of all cutesy stuff that your BFF will love to cherish as a bride-to-be!

3. Saree

Every girl loves sarees! She has dreamt of draping herself in one since she has seen her mother getting all ready in that 6 yards of pure gorgeousness. Gifting your BFF a saree will surely make. Another brownie point of choosing a saree is that it comes in all budgets and we always love a gift that takes price range into consideration.

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4. A little something to add to her makeup or skincare kit

Doesn’t matter if your friend is a makeup junkie or not. She is going to become one, now that she feels an urge to be prim and proper at all times. Or you can gift her a skincare item like a hydrating moisturizer or body butter. She will love to use them as a part of her bridal beauty regimen.

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5. Gym Membership

Well, brides need to tone up. And it is hard for her to stay on track, obviously because so much is going on. It’s best that she has a gym membership so she has a fixed routine. At the end of the day, you will have a big role in how she looks and feels on her big day. Trust us, she will not be done thanking you later!

6. Prepaid Date Night

A thoughtful gift that both your friend and her betrothed can enjoy. Every couple enjoys some quality time with each other especially during their courtship period when they can relish in their relationship moments together before the responsibility kicks in. Prepaid date night in a nice hotel with a romantic setup is definitely something your friend will be damn excited about. 

7. Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is not easy. If you don’t want your BFF to turn into a crazy anxious filled human through the process, a wedding planner is one of the most practical gifts on this list. It’s something she can put to use completely through her time from ‘Yes’ to ‘I do’. With a wedding planner, she will be able to track her wedding shopping, exercise regimen, list her favorite vendors, make sure she doesn’t miss any salon sessions, etc. You can even customize a few things in the planner like some checklists, hashtags or a cute cutout. 

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8. Bridesmaid Shoot

Brides-to-be needs any reason to get clicked. There is no best way to capture your girl gang’s unique chemistry than a bridesmaid shoot. To save up some money, get a good friend of yours who is a budding photographer (we all know one!) and bookmark some poses from Instagram or Pinterest. You can even turn this shoot into an awesome pajama party night!

9. Scrapbook

There’s nothing that says how much you love and cherish the other person than a personalized gift. The effort that goes into it is worth the smile and joviality you see on another person’s face when they receive it. Scrapbook really captures all the precious moments that you have spent with your BFF. For a seed idea, you can print out some of your best pictures, write some fun memories behind each one of them and make it into a photo album. 

10. Jewelry

Gift her a little piece of jewelry that she can use not just now but after she is hitched. It can be anything from a pair of chandbali earrings to a simple maang tikka. You can also go for floral jewelry, it’s really trending right now. She can even pair them up with one of her wedding outfits – which will be just perfect.  

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