151 Narcissist Quotes About Karma, Manipulation, & Abuse

Narcissist Quotes

Narcissism is a personality disorder that is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and a need for constant attention and admiration. People with this disorder often have difficulty forming meaningful relationships and may exploit others to achieve their own goals. It is important to note that not everyone who displays some narcissistic traits necessarily has a full-blown personality disorder. These 151 narcissist quotes below will help you further understand these individuals:

Narcissist Quotes Short

Narcissist Quotes Short

#1 “The narcissist measures and judges but will not tolerate being measured or judged.”

#2 “Ignoring a narcissist is critical. It’s a skill that will save your life.”

#3 “Nobody ruins a special occasion like a narcissist who isn’t the center of attention.”

#4 “No one can throw a bigger tantrum than a narcissist whose losing control of someone else’s mind.”

#5 “Narcissists are stuck on a pattern of repeat. It did not start with you. It will not end with you.”

#6 “If someone is mistreating you and tells you they haven’t done anything “wrong”, listen to them. They are telling you they are going to continue.”

#7 “Narcissist: a more polite term for a self-serving, manipulative, evil asshole with no soul.”

#8 “A narcissist will watch you cry with a straight face.”

#9 “The best test to see if someone is a narcissist, say no to them and watch their response.”

#10 “Narcissists tell lies about you because they are afraid you will tell the truth about them.”

#11 “Marrying a narcissist is like a 3 ring circus. First, there’s the engagement ring. Then there’s the wedding ring. Then there’s the suffering.” ~ (narcissist quotes short)

#12 “The narcissist can turn even your favorite place on Earth into a prison cell. Just by their presence.”

#13 “Your raging little tantrums remind me of a 2-year-old spoiled brat who has no control of himself. And you call yourself an adult?”

#14 “They never tell the whole story..just the part that makes you look bad.”

#15 “The narcissist doesn’t deserve my silence, that’s why I talk about it to educate others.”

#16 “Realising that the narcissist is batshit crazy is your closure.”

#17 “If I deny everything, it means it didn’t happen. (How a narcissist thinks)”

#18 “When a narcissist has lost control over you, they try to control how others see you.”

#19 “Narcissists have the cunning ability to dishonor you while simultaneously claiming that they love you.”

#20 “Anyone who lacks remorse is dangerous.” ~ (narcissist quotes for him)

#21 “Some people really are so delusional that they think it’s disrespectful when you don’t just sit back and allow them to continue to disrespect you.”

#22 “It’s better to have loved and lost than to live with a narcissistic psycho for the rest of your life.”

#23 “When a sociopath or psychopath says,” You are crazy”, what they really mean is “You figured me out.”

#24 “A narcissist wants you to give up everything to be their nothing.”

#25 “To anger an honest person, lie to them. To anger a narcissist, tell them the truth.”

#26 “You will never get the truth out of a narcissist. The closest you will ever come is a story that either makes them the victim or the hero, but never the villain.”

#27 “Narcissists rewrite history to escape accountability. You are not crazy.”

#28 “You know you are dealing with a narcissist when the behavior they use behind closed doors has no resemblance to the behavior they use in public.”

#29 “No one can ruin a special occasion like a narcissist who is not the center of attention.”

#30 “A narcissist will punish you with silence so you can learn to blame yourself.”~ (narcissist relationship quotes)

Quotes About Narcissists

Quotes About Narcissists

#31 “Narcissists are so terrified of sitting still for a minute, lest all of those feelings catch up with them. Shame. Abandonment. Fears. Insecurities. Envy. Jealousy. Possessiveness. Anger. Rage. emptiness. They never realize that all these things they’re using to fill them up won’t work. That hole of theirs is on the inside. They don’t have the ability to look inside and fix what is fundamentally skewed about their view of the world and their position in it.”

#32 “Love will not gaslight you into giving up your hopes, dreams, family, friends, home, finances, self-respect, happiness, education, career. A narcissist will.”

#33 “Narcissists are triggered by the smallest things. They have childish, nasty, and out-of-proportion reactions to things that normal people just don’t get upset about.”

#34 “Narcissists don’t lack empathy in the way we typically believe. They lack compassion, remorse, and regret.”~ (quotes about narcissists)

#35 “The narcissists purposely don’t give us what they know we want, need, or desire. They play a childish game of “keep away” so that we are always begging them to give us what we want or need.”

#36 “A narcissist will hold hate, contempt, and disdain for you, not because you’ve ever done anything to them, but because you have asserted your rights, have set boundaries and will no longer allow the disrespect and abuse, and because you recognized the abuse and exposed them, or have spoken about the situation.”

#37 “Narcissists attack those that threaten them the most. The ones that refuse to play their twisted game. The ones they can’t control. The ones that see through them and know what they are made of. The ones who stand up against their abuse and disrespect. The ones who call out or report their insidious behavior. The ones who blow a hole in their make-believe world. The ones who know that they are nothing but a piece of shit.” 

#38 “If someone tells you that they are being abused by a narcissist or a sociopath and your first reaction is to think that they’re lying to you because the alleged abuser is such a nice, great person. Think again. Superficial charm is one of the top criteria for both disorders.”~ (quotes about narcissists)

#39 “Apparently, you have become this horrible evil person because you have decided to no longer take their shit.”

#40 “Narcissists will use their insecurities to justify their bullying behaviors. They will use rage, yelling, mocking, and even threats for something even as simple as disagreeing with them, having different opinions, or standing up for yourself.”

#41 “You don’t attract narcissists because something is wrong with you. You attract them because you’re loving, kind, caring, forgiving, and want to help others.”

#42 “What you fear about me could be true, it could also be as fake as that narcissist that told you.”

#43 “How to starve a narcissist: No emotions, short responses, minimal interaction, no contact.”

#44 “No. narcissists don’t change. They even get worse, as they age.” ~ (aging narcissist quotes)

#45 “As the narcissist ages, the inner ugliness will manifest itself on the outside for all the world to see.”~ (aging narcissist quotes)

#46 “A narcissist has to have a problem with you in order to justify things that they do to you.”

#47 “Narcissistic personalities are psychologically delusional. They manufacture their own reality. They detest the truth, especially when it’s pointed out to them. It emerges them and activates their volcanic rage.”

#48 “Narcs can’t have an adult discussion about an issue, so when you try to they see it as you starting an argument.”

#49 “A normal person can’t just turn love off – but a narcissist can turn it off as easily as they turned it on because showing love is a tool they use to manipulate and fool people.”

#50 “One of the favorite mind games a narcissist loves to play, is making you defend your provoked reaction, to a situation that they intentionally exposed you to.”

#51 “A narcissist will never say they are sorry for hurting you. They will never admit they are wrong. Instead, they search for ways they are right for hurting you. They twist their perception and they gaslight. They will nurse the drama and the turmoil because that’s all they know how to do. If you respond to them they will always want more. More drama. More suffering. More pain. This is because a narcissist will never get better or heal. But you can heal and you can move on and life will be so much better once you do.”

Manipulation Narcissist Quotes

Manipulation Narcissist Quotes

#51 “Remember that the sociopath wears a mask of sanity. It is easier for them to make YOU out to be crazy – than it is for you to expose the reality of who THEY are.”~ (Karma Narcissist Quotes)

#52 “Manipulative people don’t understand the concept of boundaries. They are relentless in their pursuit of what they want, and they have no regard for who gets hurt along the way.”

#53 “Narcissists attack the things you value most because those are the things you will defend most passionately. And make no mistake, it’s intentional.”

#54 “The manner of a narcissist’s speech is argumentative, competitive, sarcastic, and demanding. They will frequently interrupt, talk over a person, withhold key information, bully, and interrogate. Many times the verbal assault will be so rapid that the victim doesn’t have the time or energy to fight point by point. This is precisely what they want.”

#55 “Narcissists are masters of deflection and twisting away from the point. Discussing things with them is like wrestling with an oiled python.”

#56 “Relationship with a narcissist is a nutshell: You will go from being the perfect love of their life to nothing you do is ever good enough. You will give everything and they will take it all and give you less and less in return. You will end up depleted emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and probably financially and then get blamed for it.”

#57 “Survivors of psychological abuse wonder why the abuser chronically ruins vacations, holidays, and other special life moments. The most common issue centers around a lack of healthy attachment. Toxic people cannot sustain closeness, have limited cooperation skills, and allow their changing moods to ruin what should be good opportunities to create good memories.”

#58 “If you haven’t experienced narcissistic personality disorder or if you are not a professional, there is no way anybody can understand how bad it is. In fact, a colleague of mine, a psychotherapist, explained to me that narcissists are even a threat to a professional because of transference and counter-transference. If you ever have been close to a narcissist, you will know that there are many times, when you feel that you are going insane.”

#59 “Narcissists train you not to ask anything from them. Every time you need something from them, it becomes a big ordeal or results in some kind of drama. Narcissists purposely make things difficult so you could learn not to rely on them.”~ (Karma Narcissist Quotes)

#60 “Never defend yourself from a narcissist. They already know you’re right! They just want you to go crazy trying to prove it.”

#61 “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and lack of empathy for others. But behind the mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”

#62 “Narcissists project their own character defects onto their victims. They do this by accusing the victim of the exact actions they themselves engage in….but deny.”

#63 “Standing up for yourself does not mean you are starting trouble. Don’t allow narcissists to manipulate you into believing you are argumentative. You have a right to express yourself without always being shut down.”

#64 “The Narcissist Flip: Narcissists like to pretend they are cool, calm, & collected, that is…until you call them on their shit. Then you see their true selves, angry, envious, and insecure, claiming you’re the one who is unbalanced + full of it.”

#65 “In return for their “love”, the narcissist expects you to give up on your own life, needs, and aspirations. Plus, you are meant to be grateful for having them in your life.”~ (Toxic Narcissist Quotes)

#66 “Don’t bother correcting a narcissist. They either already know you are right but won’t ever admit it, or they are delusional enough to believe they are always right, even when they are wrong. Either way, there is no resolution.”

#67 “Narcissists play dumb when they’re caught. You should never feel compelled to explain the basic principles of common courtesy to an adult.”

#68 “Narcissists are triggered by the smallest things. They have childish, nasty, and out-of-proportion reactions to things that normal people just don’t get upset about.”

#69 “Narcissists think they rule the roost. They think of themselves as dictators who get to say what happens and when. And if someone else has an opinion on what they do, the narcissists will unleash a barrage of hateful words at the person.”

#70 “A narcissist creates complex stories that are complete lies. One day you will see the mask fall (that means see the truth), and they will make you feel crazy by denying what you have (gaslighting). They may even blame you for doing whatever you are accusing them of doing (projection). Whispers of lies you shouldn’t know, no you are in trouble. They will do anything to protect their lives of lies and running you is a sick controlling game. They will turn your friends and family against you (flying monkeys) by telling them lies about how unstable you are. When you are moving on, they pull you back in (hoovering). Don’t be fooled, this is not real.”

#71 “What is a narcissist’s biggest fear? A narcissist’s biggest fear is exposure. Some narcissists will do anything to protect their reputations. They don’t want anyone to know who they really are. They don’t want people to know how abusive they are behind closed doors. Some people will go to any lengths to not let the public know what they are truly capable of. So please be careful who you expose, some toxic people can be extremely dangerous. Their fake reputation is their life.”~ (Toxic Narcissist Quotes)

Karma Narcissist Quotes

Karma Narcissist Quotes

#72 “Love does not suck you dry and defeat you. Unless you are in a relationship with a narcissist then that is all it does. It doesn’t get better. The only “cure” is to leave. There are no words, no actions, and no amount of time that will make it better. The only revenge is to move and be happy.”

#73 “One person’s toxic narcissist ex is now another person’s toxic narcissist. They haven’t changed.”

#74 “Be prepared when you stop playing the narcissist’s games, all hell will break loose, get your shield ready. Get a great support network ready. Don’t let them impact you. You will be better without them.”

#75 “Victims talk about their pain. Narcissists talk about the victim.”

#76 “The problem for narcissists is that, eventually, the trail of human damage they leave in their wake tends to catch up with them.”

#77 “Narcissists rewrite history to escape accountability. You are not crazy.”

#78 “Narcissists only give gifts, information or affection as a way of creating a sense of obligation in their victims.”~ (Narcissist Abuse Quotes)

#79 “You gotta understand that some people never really grow. They never learn their lesson. They never recognize their mistakes, they never acknowledge their faults, and they never admit they were in the wrong. You will never receive an apology from them, and you will never see their behavior change.”

#80 “Dear narcissist, you might feel hundreds of people into believing that you’re something which in reality you aren’t, but I will always be that one person who figured you out and knows who you are under all that bullshit.”

#81 “The narcissist will throw in your face at what they have done for you but never say one word of all what you have done for them.”

#82 “Narcissists are delusional. They are able to rationalize all of their bad behaviors and feel no guilt for all of the horrible things they do to their victims. They convince themselves those people deserved it, and that they had every right to do what they did. They live in a make-believe world of their own making.”

#83 “Narcissists don’t learn from mistakes. They don’t admit to being wrong. They don’t apologize. They don’t change their ways. And they will never become a better person. They will, however, learn how to lie more efficiently and convincingly, how to deceive more covertly, and how to deny or cover up their wrongdoings, so as not to be discovered”

#84 “And when you finally heal, you will realize they had nothing to offer you from day one. Just lies and bullshit. It was you that had everything they wanted.”

#85 “Dear narcissists, when you do something wrong or hurt someone and you suffer the consequences, you still are not a victim. Sincerely, everyone you hurt.”

#86 “They don’t discard you for someone better. They discard you for someone who can’t see their bullshit.”

#87 “Narcissists have zero compassion for what they have done to you. And firmly believe they are the victim that you have treated them terribly.”~ (Narcissist Abuse Quotes)

#88 “Closure With A Narc: You will never be given closure to a relationship with a narcissist. It’s a power play to keep you hanging on and hoping for change. A narcissist doesn’t change for the better. They move on to new supplies and intentionally leave you guessing. You will never get a chance to prove your love or speak your mind. Narcissists aren’t interested in healthy closure. They don’t want to hear how they hurt you. They know they hurt you – they don’t care. Yes, it’s wrong, yes, you deserve to be heard. Yes, they hurt you. The only closure you can count on has to come from yourself. You close the door and never look back.”

#89 “Look behind the narcissist, at the trail upon the trail of destruction that they leave behind. Yet they insist that they are not a bad person.”

Toxic Narcissist Quotes

Toxic Narcissist Quotes

#90 “Narcissists are incapable of introspection. Narcissist maintains their delusion of superiority by constantly dodging reality. They refuse to take a good look at themselves because the feedback would not flatter them, and narcissists must always appear good, even to themselves. They are incapable of looking inward and learning from experience, and instead opt to live in a state of denial. If you think your silence will send a malignant narcissist into deep thought about the relationship and their part in it, think again. The only thing the narcissist will be doing is stewing in hatred for you and pity for themselves.”

#91 “A narcissist has no regard for anyone’s feelings but their own. They feel free to say and spew whatever negativity or poison they want, no matter how it affects your feelings. Narcissists feel “entitled” to hurt others.”

#92 “If you humiliate the narcissist in any way, even accidentally, you will unleash decades-old rage, and the narcissist will not stop until they feel you have been completely destroyed.”~ (Manipulation Narcissist Quotes)

#93 “I know what you are…it took a while to understand that you are a sadistic bully, you are beyond help. My mistake was trying to “fix” you, trying to love you better. You are not a broken person, you are an evil being. All the love in the world can never fill the bottomless pit inside of you.”

#94 “Emotion for a narcissist equates to fuel. They want to hear you getting irritated. They want to get you annoyed. They want your voice to rise and see the tears of frustration welling in your eyes. When they see this, it makes them feel so powerful.”

#95 “The monster you saw after he didn’t get what he wanted after you disagreed with him after you had to tell him “no”, is the real deal. The mask he puts back on to apologize with is the fake.”

#96 “Narcissism does not diminish with age. As the narcissist’s age, their looks fade, their mental capacity decreases, and their aspirations are not realized. Those factors will worsen their narcissistic behavior.” ~ (aging narcissist quotes)

#97 “Have you ever been at the grocery store and you’re just putting things into your cart and then at check-out you see your total and are shocked at how much it is? You think, “How could it be that much? I didn’t think all these little things could add up so fast!” Well, that’s what it’s like living with a narcissist. There are so many “little things” that add up, and one day you wake up shocked at how much the relationship is costing you.”

#98 “Narcissists will always be a group of pathetic losers who support them. These people are weak-minded manipulated idiots.”

#99 “There is no true healthy communication and problem solving with narcissists. Narcissists run from confrontation because they don’t want to take responsibility for their part in anything. They gaslight, and manipulate the conversation. They bring the focus back on you, by bringing up what they did wrong in the past. They get mad at you, for getting mad at the,. Anything to take the focus off of them, and avoid taking responsibility.”

#100 “A narcissist will blame you for so many things that you never said, did, or even thought, and do so with such conviction that you end up questioning every aspect of your identity,”

#101 “A narcissist will only pretend to change when you walk away. It’s a trick. Don’t go back.”

#102 “Narcissists don’t argue to resolve conflict. They argue to create more conflict.”

#103 “Let me get this straight. I caught you lying. You denied it. I proved it beyond any doubt…and now you are mad at me??”

#104 “Narcissist filter: What they accuse others of is actually an unconscious admission of their own character.”~ (Manipulation Narcissist Quotes)

#105 “Be Careful: The narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths will use the most beautiful parts of you against you. When they can no longer control you, they prey on your empathy. They will do things so you feel sorry for them. It’s a trap. They are finding another way in, so they can take control again. Remember with them it’s all about the game and winning. They are always looking for methods to win or get one up. Everything is manipulation. There will never be any real interaction or communication, that will result in fairness and real resolution. That is not the way their mind functions. Don’t play their games.” 

#106 “Understanding A Narcissist: They want to see you falling apart, so they will do shit on purpose to destroy you even more. People like that find strength in other people’s weakness, it distracts them from the horrible way they feel about themselves on the inside.”

#107 “Please understand this, narcissists are severely emotionally stunted, underdeveloped adults. Regardless of however high mentally functioning they appear to be, they have the emotional intelligence of an angry, irritated young child.”

#108 “Narcissists are not sick. They are evil. They are selfish. They are liars. They manipulate you to serve their interests. They do not deserve a second chance, and they will never change. Sounds harsh? Good. Because the way they will destroy your life is even harsher. Get out.”

#109 “The only way you will get along with a narcissist is if you become their ultimate source of supply. That means giving up yourself, your wants, your needs, your hopes, and everything that makes you who you are, to try to fill the endless void in the heart of a narcissist. This is not a one-time job, this is a lifetime job, that no matter how much you try, will never be good enough. A selfless endeavor that does not benefit anyone. It enables the narcissist, and it ultimately destroys you.”

#110 “Things that narcissists hate: boundaries, being ignored, being questioned about their behavior, seeing a victim engage in happy & healthy relationships, not having control & power, becoming irrelevant, being wrong.”

#111 “To hurt someone deeply and then treat them as if they hurt you is a form of mental illness.”

#112 “Narcissists are masters of illusion, they play the poor abused victim while in truth they are wreaking havoc by torturing, mistreating and abusing those that they fooled into loving them.”~ (Manipulation Narcissist Quotes)

Narcissist Abuse Quotes

Narcissist Abuse Quotes

#113 “Narcissists often pause their abuse with intermittent periods of seeing kindness and warmth. This causes you to become trauma bonded to them, constantly trying to make them happy. Then, when they turn abusive again, you may believe you deserve it.”

#114 “No need to defend yourself to a narcissist, they just want your reaction to send you further around the twist. Instead, give them no response. Remove yourself from the drama. Life will become much calmer. Leave them to themselves, their very own karma.”

#115 “The narcissist hides behind victimization in order to shame you into feeling and believing that they suffer more than you do. They will imply you don’t care enough for them. They gain control by making the real victim feel guilty.”

#116 “Narcissists will destroy your life and erode your self-esteem and do it with such stealth as to make you feel that you are the one letting them down.”

#117 “Narcissists are subtle in the way they abuse. Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on the abuse because it’s the little things that add up.”

#118 “People would always say, “I would never let anyone treat me like that.” They don’t realize abuse is not always physical or outright verbal. Some abuse is more insidious and starts out slow, with continuous small indiscretions, until they program you to accept their bad behavior. It’s punishing you with emotional distance and making you feel unworthy, it’s slowly ignoring your wants and needs, making you feel unloved or unimportant. It’s a progressive manipulation, where you ultimately find yourself, wondering how you ever got into that position.”

#119 “Pathological narcissists get away with their abuse because those who haven’t experienced it cannot wrap their heads around the possibility such cruelty exists. Because the truth sounds insane. That’s because it is.”

#120 “A narcissist isn’t horrible and abusive 100% of the time. If they were, it would be easy to recognize the abuse, prove it to other people, and make a clean break with the support of your friends and community. They are horrible and abusive 80% of the time. What do they do with the other 20%? They try and convince you the 80% isn’t happening.”~ (Female Narcissist Quotes)

#121 “Eventually, a narcissist will treat you like you are his or her arch-enemy. Why? Because to the narcissist, everything is a war. They dwell in a psychologically inflamed, triggered, paranoid state, filled with constantly imagined slights. Fighting battles that don’t even exist outside of their chaotic minds. Because a narcissist’s intentions towards others are so exploitative and morally bankrupt, they suspect everyone else must be secretly corrupt too.”

#122 “Narcissistic abuse: I think the only ones who could understand this type of abuse is other people who have gone through it. Because if it didn’t happen to me, I would have never accurately understood it. It feels earth-shattering when the mask comes off, and they are so cold, so cruel, almost gruesome at times. It is so difficult to accept that none of it was real. You feel traumatized and really shaken up. It’s like waking up from a bad dream to a nightmare. Especially if you dealt with a covert narcissist, who appeared to be so good and humble, even kind and compassionate, only to find the devil at the other end of the mask. It’s so difficult getting used to the depth of their cruelty, and their ice-cold hearts. The shock doesn’t wear off easily. At least it didn’t for me.”

#123 “The narcissist cannot save you from the narcissist. During an abusive relationship, we develop a dependency on the narcissist. We develop a pattern of going to the narcissist to comfort us from the same pain they caused. This is extremely toxic. The narcissist cannot save you from the toxicity, damage, and repetitive cycle of abuse. They cannot fix what they have broken. Only you can.”

#124 “Recovering from narcissistic abuse includes grief. We didn’t lose a great partner. But we are grieving what we thought it would be, the time lost, the energy spend, and our hurt heart.”

#125 “Nobody gets angrier than a narcissist being accused of something they definitely did.”

#126 “Narcissists often pause their abuse with intermittent periods of seeming kindness and warmth. This causes you to become trauma-bonded to them, constantly trying to make them happy. Then, when they turn abusive again, you may believe you deserve it.”

#127 “The narcissist will throw in your face all he has done for you but never say one word of all you have ever done for him, EVER!”

#128 “A narcissist hits you with shame, false promises, accusations, isolation, manipulation, control, slander, games, silence, the past, the mask, betrayal, gaslighting, lies, abandonment, insecurities, criticism, then they claim they did nothing to you.”

#129 “They never want to discuss what triggered you. Just how you reacted.”

#130 “The narcissist paints a picture of themselves as being the victim or innocent in all aspects. They will be offended by the truth. But what is done in the dark will come to light. Time has a way of showing people’s true colors.”

#131 “To my narcissist, you looked at me as a tool and used me as just that. You didn’t care for me: all you wanted from me was the adoration and attention that you crave. I just want you to know that you didn’t break me. My spirit may have been hurt, but since leaving you behind, it has once again bloomed and flourished. In spite of all your attempts to degrade and destroy me, you failed. I stand here today in defiance of you and everything you did to me.”~ (Female Narcissist Quotes)

#132 “A narcissist thinks they have the right to mistreat and hurt you, but you don’t have the right to react or stand up for yourself. They are allowed to criticize, voice all their opinions, and be rude, cruel, and insensitive, but how dare you point out their bad behaviors, or say anything back to them? Their behaviors suddenly become all your fault and you are “crazy”, “a drama queen” and a “horrible” person for standing up for yourself and not accepting and tolerating their crap. They never blame themselves or see their own horrific behavior.”

#133 “Breaking up with a narcissist. It’s a dark journey that will throw you into spells of depression, rage, and loneliness. It will unravel your deepest insecurities, leaving you with a lingering emptiness that haunts your every breath. But ultimately, it will heal you. You will become stronger than you could ever imagine. You will understand who you are truly meant to be.”

#134 “Narcissists always see themselves as victims no matter how horribly they’ve treated someone else. To them, the problem is not their lying, cheating, stealing, and abuse. The problem is that you started to notice those things.”

#135 “Arguing with a narcissist is like getting arrested. Everything you say can and will be used against you.”

Parenting Narcissist Quotes

Parenting Narcissist Quotes

#136 “The narcissistic family system is topsy-turvy. Provoking behavior is not seen as the problematic crazy-making behavior that it truly is – whereas standing up for yourself, or becoming distressed by the narcissist’s crazy-making behavior is viewed as the behavior of a troubled person who can’t let things go.”

#137 “Both narcissists and empaths suffered from early childhood trauma. The empaths took that pain and became more compassionate, not wanting others to suffer the same fate they did, while the narcissist got angry and decided to take their anger out on the world. Vowing to put themselves first. Empaths were strong enough not to let trauma destroy their goodness, while narcissists were weak and let the trauma overcome them.”

#138 “Narcissists make terrible parents. They lack the basic empathy and selfless nature that loving parenting requires. They have no problem meeting their own needs first before their children’s needs and feel completely justified in their actions, narcissists create valid resentment in their children and later on in life, wonder why they have no authentic relationship with their adult children. Chronic selfishness and parenting do not go together.”

#139 “The adult children of narcissists who realize that their parent(s) is a narcissist often make a decision not to have contact with that parent. This seems very harsh to those who do not understand narcissism but makes perfect sense when you consider that those with malignant narcissism do not change, and further contact with them simply gives them an opportunity to continue manipulating and abusing their children.”

#141 “You are portrayed to family members in the most negative light possible. The narcissist goes out of their way to destroy your credibility by telling anyone who will listen how bad you are. This serves two purposes. It proactively aligns people on their side should you try to seek outside support, and it unifies a choir of people to echo and reinforce their strategy to make you believe you are bad and worthless.”

#142 “The narcissistic parent has no conscience and no feelings for others, especially their own children. The only thing that matters is their own selfish ego: coercing, manipulating, causing chaos, and damaging lives everywhere they go.”~ (Narcissistic Quotes)

#143 “Nobody plays the parental alienation card quicker than the abusive parent who’s lost control over the survivor’s mind.”

#144 “Narcissistic parents tend to be so self-absorbed, they equip their children with very few [to no] life skills. No emotional coping skills, no “common sense” skills, and no interpersonal relationship skills. They teach their children that you either control or be controlled, and that appearances are much more important than reality.”

#145 “Narcissists have secret lives. They lie effortlessly. They are two-faced appearing with a perfect public image that most people believe. In the shadows, when no one is looking, they do tremendous damage to families, including their children.”

#146 “Narcissist Father: He knew what he was doing. He just didn’t care who got hurt. Even if it meant his own child would be used to hurt someone. Revenge was more on his mind, not what was best for his child.”

#147 “Narcissists learned their behavior as young children. Something in their environment caused them to shut off all emotion. As they get older, they take out all of those negative buried feelings of anyone and everyone. They will try for a minute to grab onto a better mother-like figure, but old habits and truths are difficult to hide. Ultimately, their lives will end isolated, hated, and alone.”

#148 “The narcissistic father is incapable of really loving his children like a normal father. He loves them because they are his possession and a symbol of his achievements. The child is used as a narcissistic supply when daddy needs a boost of ego by looking like a great dad. He will try hard to look like the #1 ad and he will feed off his children loving and needing him!”

#149 “Manipulative narcissists will confuse their children about who is to blame for the abuse and who is the better parent.”~ (Parent Narcissist Quotes)

#150 “If he is a mama’s boy, you will never be the number one female in his life. Narcissistic moms can be emotionally incestuous with their sons, giving them power and making them feel special and significant. She will make you feel like you stole her boyfriend and he will always put her needs before yours.”

#151 “Many narcissists are oblivious to the damage resulting from what their children are exposed to because they are far too self-absorbed and unconscious to know or care.”

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