This Couple’s Intimate Sikh Wedding Is #Relationship Goals!

Payal and Sanjyot’s wedding was all about serene vibes and taking in the presence of love all around. The calmness that the pictures radiate is so unreal. Shouldn’t all wedding ceremonies be like that? Don’t get us wrong, we are all into dancing, drinking and living life to the fullest kind of part of weddings too! But the ceremony when two people are officially tying the knot, that segment of wedding should feel so surreal that you revel in this precious moment of two souls becoming one forever. 

And that’s what this couple’s intimate Sikh wedding ceremony was all about. Here are some pictures that the bride shared with us. 

For her big day, Payal opted for a golden based Rimple and Harpreet lehenga. Featuring some intricate motifs of floral bouquets and peacocks on a floral encrusted ground, her bridal lehenga was the perfect choice for her nuptials. She added the glam to her look with a traditional Kundan set along with a simple red choora. For her makeup, she went for a classic nude matte look!

It’s time for the beautiful Anand Karaj!

This bridal hands shot of Payal went viral like crazy. Just look at those stunning minute details – the king and queen mehendi figures, heart shaped kaliras, gorgeous nail art and of course, the star of it all – that radiant princess cut engagement ring!

The groom himself looked quite handsome pairing with his bride superbly in an off-white kurta with a peach pink turban and a multi-stringed green pearl necklace. 

Here comes their lovely couple portraits. 

Find a man who looks at you the way Sanjyot looks at Payal. 

The kiss of love, laughter and happily ever after. 

Bride: @payal_kapoorGroom: @sanjyot.keer
Shot by @recall_pictures, Makeup: Shradha Luthra from @dollyyouup_bys
Outfit: @rimpleandharpreetKaliras: @kalirasbymrinalinichandra

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