This Bride Aced The Saree Reception Look We Have Only Seen In Celebrity Weddings!

I distinctly remember the time when I was around 7-8 years old and saw my mother wrapping herself in those nine yards of sheer elegance, day-dreaming about the time when I would be old enough to carry those whenever I want! 

And as I have grown, so has my urge to wear a saree but along with that, there’s one more thing that has shot up like crazy, which is the designs and styles that surround Indian wear. Even though saree maintains its stature, it somehow seems a bit too basic to carry at your wedding functions! But all of that changed – thanks to Anushka Sharma!

When Anushka stepped out in an elegant Benarasi saree for her reception, she broke this imaginary loop in bride-to-be’s mind that sarees aren’t meant to be in one of their wedding outfits. And as a saree-lover, I absolutely love her for that! 

Soon enough we spotted a lot of brides-to-be embracing this trend. But no one quite did it like this breath-taking bride – Bhavna Nanda!

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Bhavna is, without a doubt, one of the most elegant brides we have ever seen. Her reception look was so surreal that we were instantly floored by it. 

She opted for a regal half-half saree for her reception, which was an aesthetically pleasing color-mix of golden and maroon. Her ensemble was paired with a minimalistic gold set consisting of a necklace and a set of earrings. The star of the ensemble is definitely her sexy blouse design with sequins and a round back cut – absolutely stunning!


On top of her flawless outfit choice is the makeup done by Sonal (IG: @makeupbysonal). She gave Bhavna a perfect bridal makeover with smokey eyes, blushed cheeks, red lips and a classic sleek floral bun! What further made us swoon is how superbly Video Tailor team (IG: @videotailor) captured the whole reception and gave the couple memories they will cherish forever!

Look at these two! Their chemistry is undeniably vibing out of the pictures. Check out couple’s IG account: @adibhaforever

If you love her reception picture, stay tuned! We will be posting her wedding next and you don’t want to miss it. Prepared to be mesmerized by this bride even more.

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