These High-School Sweethearts Got Married After Double Surprise Proposals!

Juhi and Alok met each other when they were 13, and their story hasn’t been anything less than a fairytale come true. From best friends to a committed relationship, LDR through college to moving in together while pursuing their Masters in US, their love story concluded with beautiful surprise proposal’s’ and a gorgeous Mumbai wedding! 

Here’s their love story in groom’s own words!

“We were 13 when we met, but I still remember what Juhi was wearing when I first spoke to her–brown pants and a beige top! We went to the same school and I had a crush on her, but I didn’t have the guts to talk to her–she was way out of my league. But somehow we started chatting and I got her number–I scored! That night, we spoke until 3 AM!

We spent every night on the phone talking until one of us fell asleep and became inseparable. I’d wait for her every day after school and walk with her to tuitions. When friends teased us, I’d say ‘We’re just best friends’. But my heart thumped every time I saw her call. I just wanted to hold her hand and call her mine. So, on New Years I asked her out. When she said yes, I was on top of the world!

She’s been my person since the 9th grade. From giggling in tuitions to helping each other find our dream careers, we grew up together. We went to different colleges, but always found time to surprise each other–she once made a painting of my favorite superheroes and I turned her room into a winter wonderland because she loved snow!

Eventually, we went to the US for our Masters and when we both got jobs in Boston, we moved in!

We learnt to adult together– we paid bills, split the chores and even fought over doing the dishes! But the feeling of falling asleep next to her and waking up to her cuddled up in my arms made doing the dirty dishes worth it!

So before we moved back to Bombay, I took her to our favorite rooftop spot and popped the question–I wanted to live with her for the rest of my life. She burst into happy tears! I thought I nailed it–But I was in for a surprise!

After a month, we were in Paris, when one day, she wore a beautiful red dress and forced me to dress up because it was only right for ‘the city of love’. When we reached the Eiffel Tower, she got down on her knees. I was like, ‘Get up, what are you doing?’, but when she popped out a ring, I blushed like a 13 year old boy again! And then I saw that she was holding the ring box upside down– I couldn’t stop laughing. I never thought I’d be on the other side, but damn, I felt like the luckiest man!

We got married in January this year. Right now, being locked down with her feels like an extended honeymoon. We cook, laze around in bed and rewatch Friends. We’re exactly like Chandler and Monica–we started off as best friends, fell in love and ended up with her proposing to me. It’s been 12 years, and she still manages to keep me on my toes; I never know what’s coming next. But I wouldn’t have it any other way– she’s my home and biggest adventure all at once.”

What a heart-melting story! Here are some pictures from their proposal:

Juhi and Alok had 6-day long wedding revelries planned, so they didn’t rush through any of the functions and could really soak in each moment of their wedding! The couple had a blast at their wedding, as you will see in the pictures. Let’s dig right into them!







Bride: @juhi_shah25, Wedding Lehenga: @roopkalamumbai, Reception Lehenga: @nadinedhody, Photography: @_wedding_art_, Makeup: @mehak_dawar_makeup

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