Ritu + Avinash’s Intimate Backyard Wedding Will Leave You Inspired!

Covid-19 has given couples a whole another perspective to plan their wedding. We used to believe what’s an Indian wedding without a 1000 guests, and a small wedding was still at least 200 guests. And now weddings are held with 50 guests ONLY. Unbelievable, but real! We are cherishing this though. Intimate weddings have a lot of upsides like having more time to relish in with your loved ones, savoring each & every moment, saving chunks of money etc. Couples are also choosing interesting venues to stay safe, like temples, gardens, cafes or backyards. 

The utterly gorgeous South Indian wedding we will be featuring today took place at the backyard of the bride’s ancestral home. And it’s filled with amazing decor, outfit and photo inspiration. The stunning couple, Ritu and Avi have known each other since they were in school. They started dating then and their relationship just blossomed over time. “I’ve wanted to marry him since I was 13,” says bride Ritu Alva. 

The epic love story: 

Ritu and Avinash studied in the same school and preschool. They started dating when they were 13. Both of them were extremely shy and would talk only through MSN messenger and friend’s birthday parties. Avinash got into a strict boarding school after 10th grade so they communicated only through letters, which Ritu would patiently wait for to arrive every Thursday. The love birds got back together during college but again had to do a one-year of long distance relationship as Ritu moved abroad for her Masters. 

Here’s a picture of them in their 8th grade:

Their marriage date was fixed in December 2020. But Avi’s father was critically ill so they preponed their marriage and expedited the wedding planning. The ceremony was held at the bride’s ancestral home. “It was the home my grandparents built, the home my dad grew up in, the home my mother prays in, the home my sister and I were raised in,” – Ritu talking about her perfect wedding venue. Avi’s dad passed away 6 days after marriage, and the couple felt so fortunate that he could witness and bless the couple on their big day. Let’s dig into their beautiful pictures. 






Outfits: Mehendi – Anushree Reddy Design, Var Puja and Muhurtham – Angadi Galleria, Masks: Aditi Lal Couture // Photography: Roma Ganesh Photography, Light Bucket Productions // Makeup: Anurita Chandrappa

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