12 Bridal Mehndi Designs That Etch A Special Part Of The Bride’s Journey

You may have painted your hands with henna several times before but at your wedding, it will be extra special. Everyone’s eyeing Dulhan’s mehndi design and no wedding album is ever complete without a spectacular photo of bridal mehndi. 

Here are some ways in which these brides made sure that their bridal henna stood out from the rest and booked a special place in their wedding memories. 

Picturising the epic bridal entry under phoolon ki chaadar

Reminiscing the magical proposal

Living the splendid Varmala moment

Recreating your wonderful love story

The king and the queen creating their own kingdom

Personalizing with some gorgeous portraits

Even the little details matter

When your partner loves his burger and fries a little too much!

 When your love is nothing short of a fairytale


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