Ring Vocabulary! Engagement Ring Styles You Need To Know About

Choosing an engagement ring is the first step towards starting your forever. Naturally, it has to be perfect! To help, we have narrowed down the latest trends and styles of rings so you can pick the one that feels the most like you. Because if you won’t know have good knowledge about the varied styles of engagement ring, then how will you drop hints for your partner in the future?

Let’s start with the most common diamond cuts that brides-to-be opt for:

Round Cut

Oval Cut

Cushion Cut

Princess Cut

Emerald Cut

Deepika Padukone’s engagement ring is an emerald-cut diamond as well!

Pear Shaped

Radiant Cut

Another kind of engagement ring that has gained popularity recently is this 3 stone diamond ring like the one that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex wears.


Or this stunning 3 diamond radiant cut engagement ring! 

A perfect way to enhance your solitaire ring is to get a halo setting around it. In this setting, the center diamond is basically surrounded by a collection of round-pavé or micro-pavé diamonds. Here is a perfect depiction of halo-setting on a round-cut diamond ring. 

If you want your engagement ring to look a little bigger, it’s better to go for double halo which can increase the appearance of the solitaire to around half a carat. 

Another trick to save up on the cost is to go for white gold instead of platinum for other parts of the ring. 

Furthermore, if you want to ditch the diamond stone completely, go for this pretty pink engagement stone – MORGANITE

You must have stumbled across it somewhere. It’s trending and is giving a very good competition to diamonds to becoming a girl’s best friend. With its bling, durability, and gorgeousness, the morganite engagement ring has become a new favorite of girls. And it’s about 10 times cheaper than the traditional diamond ring.

Just look at this beauty. 

Although if you are having a hard time ditching diamonds completely and don’t want to spend so much on a diamond ring, then go for a ring like this. 

The diamonds in the middle are actually small diamonds stacked around a single halo setting. Since it’s not a solitaire, it will cost less but when seen from a distance it will give you a look of solitaire diamond. 

This kind of diamond ring can come under Rs.1,00,000, while solitaires generally start from Rs,2,00,000. 

We will just end it here before it gets too complicated. There are so many types of rings available in the market today. This article just serves as a headstart to your ring shopping. We hope you find the one that suits your style and personality the best!

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