Luckiest Hindu Marriage Auspicious Dates in 2021! *Save Now*

We’re back with best auspicious dates to get married in 2021. 2020 is almost over! Phew. It has been a roller-coaster ride. With Coronavirus scare escalating in the start of the year, to 2 months of complete lockdown and now, people getting used to the new normal – the last 6 months have tested patience & self-control of individuals all around the country. If you were a couple supposed to get married in the lockdown, you know how stressful wedding postponement and re-planning has been. Couples and families are struggling between an intimate wedding celebration or postponing it to next year. Although even the latter doesn’t assure a big-fat Indian wedding, it does give you a ray of hope.

For couples who have decided to push their wedding to 2021 or those who will be getting married in 2021, here is a list of most auspicious wedding dates in 2021. 

Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2021

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2021

Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2021

18th January 2021 – Monday

20th January 2021 – Wednesday

24th January 2021 – Sunday

31st January 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in February 2021

7th February 2021 – Sunday

14th February 2021 Sunday & Valentine’s Day! 💖

15th February 2021 – Monday 

16h February 2021 – Tuesday

24th February 2021 – Sunday

28th February 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in March 2021

3rd March 2021 – Wednesday

4th March 2021 – Thursday

14th March 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in April 2021

16th April 2021 – Friday 

22nd April 2021 – Thursday

25th April 2021 – Sunday

26th April 2021 – Monday

27th April 2021 – Tuesday

28th April 2021 – Wednesday

29th April 2021 – Thursday

30th April 2021 – Friday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in May 2021

1st May 2021 – Saturday

2nd May 2021 – Sunday

7th May 2021 – Friday

8th May 2021 – Saturday

9th May 2021 – Sunday

14th May 2021 – Friday

21st May 2021 – Friday

22nd May 2021 – Saturday

23th May 2021- Sunday

24th May 2021 – Monday

26th May 2021 – Wednesday

28th May 2021 – Friday

29th May 2021 – Saturday 

30th May 2021 – Sunday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in June 2021

3rd June 2021 – Thursday

4th June 2021 – Friday 

5th June 2021 – Saturday

16th June 2021 – Wednesday

19th June 2021- Saturday

20th June 2021 – Sunday

22nd June 2021 – Tuesday

23rd June 2021 – Wednesday

24th June 2021 – Thursday 

Auspicious Wedding Dates in July 2021

1st July 2021 – Thursday

2nd July 2021 – Friday

7th July 2021 – Wednesday

13th July 2021 – Tuesday

15th July 2021 – Thursday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in November 2021

15th November 2021 – Monday

16th November 2021 – Tuesday

20th November 2021 – Saturday

21st November 2021 – Sunday

28th November 2021 – Sunday

29th November 2021 – Monday

30th November 2021 – Tuesday

Auspicious Wedding Dates in December 2021

1st December 2021 – Wednesday

2nd December 2021 – Thursday

6th December 2021 – Monday

7th December 2021 – Tuesday

11th December 2021 – Saturday

13th December 2021 – Monday

What is the best month to get married in 2021?

It really depends on the couple and more detailed insight into their kundalis, if you are a firm believer in astrology. Some couples prefer a winter wedding, other summers, while a few want to get married during the spring season. We say you take into account the wants of your family members, and yourself, to come to a final date. 


Will Covid-19 be over and weddings will be safe in 2021?

Well, that’s a tricky question. All the world leaders and scientists are actively working on building a vaccine or a treatment for the disease. That’s the only way COVID ends, well that, and if the virus mutates to become less virulent. We can’t say if Covid-19 would be over by 2021, but we do think people will become more used to protect themselves and will be more equipped with safety techniques. So in those terms, weddings can be safer. There’s a high probability that those getting married in winters of 2021 will have a COVID-free wedding. 

How to ensure safety while getting married amidst Covid-19?

There have been lots of safety measures & precautions put into place by the couple for the safety of their guests. Wedding planners, decorators, caterers and makeup artists are all making sure to put yours and their safety on top priority. Make sure you do the research & ask all the right questions while booking your vendors. For planners, it’s important that they know the importance of guiding guests to sanitize their hands & wear masks, decorators should ensure all the items used for the arena is disinfected, caterers should ensure proper food practices are followed, according to WHO guidelines and makeup artists should wear shields, clean their brushes after every use and using disposable wands for mascara, lipsticks, liners etc. 

As for guests, you can ask them to do a home quarantine for around 5-6 days (average time for coronavirus symptoms to show) before they attend the wedding ceremony. This way you can ensure everyone’s safety. On the wedding venue, you can greet them with safety kits that have masks, face shields, and sanitizers. Urge them to wear a mask and practice social distancing as much as possible. 

What season is best to get married – Summers or Winters?

It really depends on the preference of the couple. Listing down the pros and cons of both:

Winter Wedding:


  • Feels beautiful and cozy
  • No fear of sweat or irritation while wearing heavy lehengas or makeup
  • Guests can enjoy without bearing the heat
  • If you love velvet lehengas, this is the season for you. 


  • High costs, because most people prefer winter weddings in India
  • Cold is not for everyone and weather can get really bad
  • Your favorite vendor might not be available due to high demand

Summer Wedding:


  • Weather remains clear so you can enjoy outdoor functions with proper shades
  • Sleeveless and backless blouses for the win!
  • Most people are more free during the summers because of vacations. 


  • Sweat can ruin your makeup easily. 
  • Extra costs for cooling.
  • Heavy lehengas feel like a burden during summers. 

Which month is the luckiest month to get married?

All the dates listed above are the luckiest dates to get married. The one most suitable for you will be decided by your pandit, depending on your kundali. There’s no such universal date that works for everybody. 

Can you get married during your birth month or birthday?

According to astrology, it’s not considered appropriate to get married during your birthday month. Sun remains in the house during your birthday month. It is the ruler of planets and can make a person egoistic. Marriage requires a certain calmness in a person’s mind – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And that’s why even priests won’t recommend a date within your birth month. However, if that doesn’t concern you, and you’re quite keen on getting married within your birthday month, happily go for it. 

Can I get married during the off-season?

Of course, you can. It’s a great idea to cut down on cost and your favorite vendors would be available as well. In India, the off-season is generally in the months of August, September, and October. There are no auspicious dates during these months and that’s why most couples don’t prefer to get married during these three months. Again, if that doesn’t bother you, we’d say go for it. OR another nice idea would be to get married during lockdown with 50 guests on an auspicious marriage date and then have a big party (once Covid-19 is done & dusted) during these months, It’ll save you lots of money. However, if you’re Tamil, the off-season is only between mid-July to mid-August, rest months all have wedding dates, with only a few in January and December. So you can plan accordingly. 

Rest assured, many couples have adopted the #loveisnotcancelled idea and we see so many beautiful intimate weddings with a happy and stress-free couple. In fact, they have added their own creativity to it and we see brides wearing such innovative masks perfectly coordinated with their lehenga. Anyways, if you aren’t that couple, we hope these 2021 auspicious dates for marriage helped you in taking the first step to your wedding! 

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