10+ Larger Than Life Wedding Cakes To Celebrate Your Special Day!

A big fat Indian wedding is defined by the grandiose and showy elements added to it! From the bride’s OTT details to magnificent decor elements and majestic wedding venues. It’s all about fully indulging yourself and mark the beginning of your beautiful journey as splendidly as possible. And when we say that, there is one more element that has entered the realm of these grandiose Indian weddings – its the wedding CAKE!

Wedding cakes have softly and subtly made their way into the Indian wedding industry and we are so thankful they did! First of all because who doesn’t love cakes! Most of us even attend weddings only for food. And second, they are so alluring, it’s hard to take our eyes off it. 

So, for all you couples tying the knot and would love to have a showy cake at their wedding, here are 10+ wedding cakes to take some inspiration from. 

1. A wedding cake that’s a wonderful reminder of your beautiful journey!

Via Instagram

2. An extravagant cake hanging amidst the ceremony! Those crystals though!

Via: @kritids, @cakedesigncompany, @design_aqua_studio

3. This sequin cake is lighting up the entire arrangements, Literally!

Via: @laurendahlhauser, @sweetheatheranne

4. Sonam & Anand’s 7-tier cake!

Via: @poojadhingra

5. Because a fairytale story needs a castle cake!

Via @eclairsbakery

6. Cake on Cake on Cake! Love this wide and multi-tier cake!

Via @eclairsbakery

7. Redefining extravagance! Foral decorated cakes amidst sparkler setting!

Via @pamelamansourmehanna, @eliesaab, @bilalaibrahim
@tamarakalaawi, @ramzi.mattar

8. This gold and champagne cake with Intricate Details looks just WOW!


9. Heavenly cake surrounded by such beautiful decorations!

Via Instagram

10. When even the cake matches the bride! After all, it’s HER special day!

Via Instagram

11. And their monkey love was flashed on this gorgeous cake too!


12. Is that what floral dreams are made of? We guess so! 

Via Instagram

13. An unbelievable cake to start your happily ever after!

Via @shadesphotograpphyindia

14. An all-white cake that looks every bit of royal (and delicious!)

Via @shadesphotographyindia

15. An unbelievably large wedding cake made and set so beautifully!

Via @ruslan_arslanbekov

It’s hard to decide whether we want to look at them forever or cut them to ring in the celebrations! What do you think about these huge cakes? 

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