Cake Pizza: Innovative (& Awesome!) Wedding Dessert Idea You’ll Love!

If there’s one thing wedding guests are excitedly looking forward to, it’s the dessert table. Think about how many weddings you’ve attended to treat your delectable taste buds. Of course, you want to shower your blessings on the couple and take part in their big day merriment, but isn’t having something sweet the best way to celebrate any occasion. 

And it’s hard to disagree with the fact that an Indian wedding dessert table is anything short of spectacular. On one side you can see the traditional desserts like halwa, gulab jamun and on the other side, a complete western experience featuring macaroons, pies is waiting for you. Taking that up a notch, the big fat Indian weddings have also come up with amazing fusion dessert ideas like chocolate gujiya, pistachio and boondi cheesecake, shrikhand parfait etc. (no we aren’t making these names up😐)

Anyways, we spotted a super-innovative and picturesque wedding dessert idea that will make your wedding memorable for anyone who attends. CAKE PIZZA! Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. A beautiful culmination of two most sorted out food items all over the world. One look and you would want to put it on your wedding dessert table. 

Plus the talented baker – Raj (@cakes.n.sprinles), whose magical hands created them, was generous enough to put a video and show us how it’s done. She is based in the UK so whoever is planning a wedding in the country, what are you waiting for? Book her services now! For our dear brides in India, you can show this video to your baker, and she/ he would be able to recreate it. 

Innovative Wedding Dessert Idea


Just how magnificent are these? She has made them in many different color palettes. Check them out!

Innovative Wedding Dessert Idea
Innovative Wedding Dessert Idea


A dessert so pretty, you’ll think twice before putting in your mouth. Isn’t this a dream wedding dessert idea? Describe your reaction in one word after seeing this for the first time. Comment below!

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